Fixed Star Aldebaran

Aldebaran at 09°47′ Gemini has an orb of 2°40′
Fixed Star Aldebaran

Taurus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Aldebaran on May 30

Fixed star Aldebaran, Alpha Tauri, is a single star in the left eye of the Bull, Taurus Constellation.

Variable magnitude with an average of 0.86 (0.75 to 0.95). Spectral type K5+ III. [1]

The traditional name Aldebaran derives from the Arabic al Dabarān (الدبران), meaning ‘the follower,’ because it seems to follow the Pleiades. [2]

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07♊5708♊40Hyadum III1°30′

Aldebaran Astrology

Aldebaran has been thought eminently fortunate, portending riches and honor; and was one of the four Royal Stars, or Guardians of the Sky, of Persia, 5000 years ago, when it marked the vernal equinox. [2]

ALDEBARAN. α Tauri. A pale rose star marking the Bull’s South or Left Eye. Its name is from Al Dabaran, the Follower. It formed one of the four Royal Stars or Watchers of the Heavens among the Persians in about 3000 B.C., when, as the Watcher of the East, it marked the Vernal Equinox, the other stars being Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut. Aldebaran is a star of the Solar Spectrum type distant from us about 28 light years and receding at the rate of about 30 miles a second. According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mars, but Alvidas states that it is similar to Mercury, Mars and Jupiter conjoined. It gives honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honors and gain of power and wealth through others, but its benefits seldom prove lasting and there is also danger of violence and sickness. Aldaboram (Agripa 1531).svg  Aldebaran is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is the likeness of God, or of a flying man. Rules carbuncle, ruby, milky thistle, and “matry-silva”. [3]

ALDEBARAN. α Tauri. A giant red star, spectral class K5. This star imparts to its natives popularity, notoriety, honours, eloquence, and tends to make the native argumentive, exaggerative, gives benefits that seldom last. Violence or self destruction possible. [4]

The stars of the Hyades are α-Tau, θ-Tau, γ-Tau, δ-Tau, ζ-Tau, and ε-Tau. As a group they are violent and troublesome, causing storm and tempests both on land and sea. They have always been associated with rain (even in China as well as in Greece and Rome). Edmund Spencer calls them the “Moist Daughters,” and the stars have always had a favorable connotation regarding agriculture. The most prominent star of the Hyades, indeed of the whole constellation of the Bull, is the red Aldebaran (α-Tau). Aldebaran is one of the four “Royal Stars,” or “Guardians of the Sky,” of Persia 5,000 years ago when it marked the vernal equinox. Before the Ram had taken the Bull’s place as the first constellation of the zodiac, the star was called (in Babylonia) I-ku-u, “The Leading Star of Stars.” The star is said to presage individuals who are “restless and riotous, always stirring up popular dissent and revolution.” The star is also said to inflame the minds of the people with furious quarrels, and to be an enemy of quiet and peace, “madly desiring civil and domestic wars.” Maternus writes that Aldebaran “…when aspected by a malefic portends sudden and unexpected involvement in riots and sedition resulting in justly being condemned by the people.” It is noteworthy that at the time of her birth Patty Hearst had Aldebaran culminating in her chart and in opposition to Mars. But this star is also considered to be one of the most eminently fortunate stars in the sky, portending riches and honor (especially in war). Its natives will always seem to be under stress and in a constant state of anxiety but they are successful in making money. Like the Hyades, Aldebaran brings rain, but if the showers do not occur at its heliacal rising the prediction is for a barren year. [5]

Aldebaran is the Right and Bright Eye of the Bull. Called Lampaurus (the beacon) by Ptolemy, the royal fixed star of Mars nature was called Aldebaran by the Arabs, meaning “the one who follows the Pleiades.” If conjunct the Ascendant or Sun, this will point to extraordinary energy. Such a person will be able to be ahead of other people, will gain a leading position, and will be acknowledged, but also will make enemies through whom danger will threaten him or her. Saturn conjunct Aldebaran and linked in an unfavorable manner with other stellar bodies could bring danger and loss through water, e.g., by floods, storms, shipwrecks, drowning. Uranus conjunct Aldebaran gives extraordinary energy and capacity for work, whereby the native gains prestige and appreciation. On the other hand, the opposition of opponents is evoked by it. Dr. Rudolf Steiner. the successful but also highly controversial founder of anthroposophy, has this configuration in his cosmogram. Also the former King Ferdinand of Bulgaria had in his cosmogram Uranus conjunct Aldebaran. This man did play an important part in politics in his time. However, he also had a great many opponents. In world events, the conjunction of Mars or Saturn with this fixed star corresponds to catastrophe by weather conditions, e.g., floods, shipwrecks. Venus connected with Aldebaran is analogous to “power directed wrongly” and abnormalities in love life. This statement has to be seen in context, however. Aldebaran is almost exactly opposite Antares. Frau Dr. Inge Koch-Egenolf, born August 12, 1910, has Antares conjunct MC and Aldebaran conjunct IC. She ascribes to this her chronic sclerotic illness, luck and back luck through domestic animals, as well as a psychological clairvoyance. Reinhold Ebertin (The Influence of Pluto on Human Love Life) cites the cosmogram of an “abnormal man” with Mercury and MC conjunct Aldebaran opposite Venus and Saturn, semisquare Pluto. This is a case of a malformation of the urinary tract and the sexual organs. After several operations, the danger of sterility is indicated. In the same book. a further abnormality is recorded with the Sun, Neptune and Pluto conjunct Aldebaran and corresponding in this case to a congenital paralysis. In addition to this, the left arm is missing altogether, the right one is stunted and hanging down limply and the legs are not properly developed and cannot be used, This man has to rely on his teeth. He paints with brush in mouth and earns a living on the fairground. In the same book is recorded a case of prostrate trouble with Neptune and Pluto conjunct Aldebaran, semisquare Venus. The heavy planets, e.g., Neptune and Pluto, can only be used if other aspects also contribute, as the basic pattern of these planets is present in many natal charts. [6]

The prime star of Taurus is Oculus Tauri (α) or Aldebaran as it is better known. This is one of the four key stars in the heavens, also called Archangel stars, Michael in this case – military commander of the Heavenly Host. It was also called “Watcher of the East,” possibly since it is the bull’s eye, though each of the Archangels is a “Watcher of;” Gabriel (Fomalhaut) of the South, Raphael (Regulus) of the North, Oriel (Antares) of the West. At one time they marked the two Equinoxes and two Solstices. To Ptolemy, Aldebaran was a Mars-type star, and indeed the red giant can be mistaken for that red planet at times, so it is no surprise that it has been much associated with war and military careers, and “The Follower,” as its name translates, can well be taken to imply following in the steps of the celestial general, Michael. The idea put forward by some mundane-minded astronomers, that the name means only the star comes soon after the Pleiades star group, makes little sense since every star follows some other in that manner. In astrological practice, it is not assumed that Aldebaran necessarily promises success in war – unless it is especially well aspected to other items on the horoscope, as opposed to it is the Mars-Jupiter star Antares (in Scorpio), for the inclusion of Jupiter in the Ptolemaic styling of this star actually implies more power than in Aldebaran. Any general launching an attack with one of the pair in the Ascendant for himself should remember that the other fellow has the other star in HIS Ascendant. Many generals have discounted this even after consulting an astrologer! (And have regretted it). Aldebaran has been in the sign Gemini since 1286 AD, just around the height of the Christian Crusades against Islam, an interesting indicator of conflict between two world schools of thought. Antares, for the other side in the conflict, went into religious Sagittarius in 1272 AD and showed its superiority, perhaps, since the Crusaders never did dislodge the Saracens. [7]

Aldebaran rules three inches above the breast. [8]

Constellation Taurus

Ptolemy makes the following observations: “Those stars in Taurus which are in the abscission of the sign resemble in their temperament the influence of Venus, and in some degree that of Saturn . . . the stars in the head (except Aldebaran) resemble Saturn, and, partly, Mercury; and those at the top of the horns are like Mars.” By the Kabalists Taurus is associated with the Hebrew letter Aleph and the 1st Tarot Trump “The Juggler.” In all the ancient Zodiacs, Taurus is the beginning sign and marked the Vernal Equinox from about 4,000 to 1,700 B.C. [3]

The constellation was an object of worship in primitive cultures throughout the ages. To the ancient Egyptians, it was the bull-god Orissi, but according to R. A. Allen in Star Names and Their Meanings, the star was also worshiped by the Babylonians, Chinese, Druids, and some tribes of Amazon Indians. Its stars, according to Tetrabiblos are: “…like Venus along the line where the constellation is cut off [Taurus is represented as the head and fore-part only of a charging bull. These are the stars 5-Tau, 4-Tau, 3-Tau, 0-Tau, and 30-Tau.]: those in the Pleiades have the nature of the Moon and Jupiter; the one in the Hyades that is bright and somewhat reddish called Troch (Aldebaran) has a  ‘temperament’ like that of Mars; the others (in the Hyades) like that of Saturn and moderately like that of Mercury; and those (stars) in the tips of the horns, like that of Mars.” With the exception of El Nath (constellation of the Charioteer), all the named stars in Ptolemy’s catalog of this constellation are in the Hyades and Pleiades. The Bull is now called Taurus (Tau) and traditionally presages the results of the beginnings of large political undertakings. The constellation also portends that which affects wild animals, especially those dangerous to man. [5]

Aldebaran Star, Alpha Tauri

Aldebaran Star, Alpha Tauri []

Fixed Star Aldebaran Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Aldebaran: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. Famous, eminent, and glorious, governs cities and regions. Great prosperity and riches thanks to women, wife is distinguished and very rich, however not long-lived, since Antares quickly sets as it is in the wedding place (DC). Extremely sensual and sexual and subject to passion in enjoyment. [9]

Extraordinary energy. Such a person will be able to be ahead of other people, will gain a leading position, and will be acknowledged, but also will make enemies through whom danger will threaten him or her. [6]

Jeane Dixon 0°37, Queen Victoria 1°17′ (and POF), Will Smith 1°41′, Phil Spector 2°27′

Ascendant and Moon conjunct Aldebaran: A good fellow, but if in conjunction with both the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon it denotes a murderer, especially if the lord of the Ascendant is a masculine planet and the Sun is at the same time afflicted. [3]

Midheaven conjunct Aldebaran: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. [9]

Honor, preferment, good fortune and favors from women. [3]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°51′, Bella Hadid 2°01′, Sarah Paulson 2°26′ (and S.Node).

Descendant conjunct Aldebaran: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities; bountiful resources; well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity around middle age or through marriage or women. [9]

Friedrich Nietzsche 0°34′ (and S.Node)

Imum Coeli conjunct Aldebaran: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity in old age or through savings, investments or pensions, death will be famous and known to all. [9]

Yves Saint Laurent 1°20′, Anton LaVey 1°31′, Heinrich Himmler 1°43′, Pablo Neruda 2°13′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Aldebaran: Poverty. [3]

Nicolaus Copernicus 0°03′, Dwayne Johnson 0°03′, Queen Victoria 0°16′ (and AC), Henry VIII 0°19′ (and Venus), Barbara Hutton 0°28′, Mata Hari 0°42′, Joseph Goebbels 1°26′, Ernesto Miranda 2°02′. 

Sun conjunct Aldebaran: Great energy and perseverance, high material honors but the danger of losing them, danger from quarrels and the law, honor, and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, liable to disease, fevers, and violent death. If in conjunction with both Sun and Mars, great liability to pestilential fevers. [3]

High preferment in all matters dealing with the public, gains may be great, but always lurking in the background, even in the shadow of success is a loss, sometimes a tremendous loss. These also could entail business or financial matters. The price of fame, if any could be high. The native has energy and will persist to the end. Violence is possible.

Extraordinary energy. Such a person will be able to be ahead of other people, will gain a leading position, and will be acknowledged, but also will make enemies through whom danger will threaten him or her. Danger through poison if Neptune is also lined up with this configuration. [4]

Viktor Orbán 0°05′, Louise Michel 0°19′, Brooke Shields 0°44′ John F. Kennedy 0°47′, Riley Keough 0°56′, Clint Eastwood 1°01′, Melissa Etheridge 1°05′, John Hinckley 1°06′, Fromental Halévy 1°06′, Sepp Dietrich 1°11′, Heidi Klum 1°20′, Bob Monkhouse 1°30′, Colleen McCullough 1°32′, Don Ameche 1°37′, Walt Whitman 1°40′, Marilyn Monroe 1°41′, Rudy Giuliani 1°43′, Mel B 1°44′, Patch Adams 1°45′, David Berkowitz 1°53′, Ian Shaw 1°57′, Gregor Strasser 2°00′, Louis-Ferdinand Céline 2°01′.

Moon conjunct Aldebaran: A splendid and illustrious life; great, distinguished and opulent nature. [9]

Favorable for business, honor, and credit, especially if in the 1st or 10th house, but the danger of calamity. Favorable for domestic, public and religious matters; danger of violent death. If at the same time Mars or Saturn is with Antares (opposite) the native is liable to be hanged or killed by a sword thrust. [3]

A good conjunction for business and public preferment, high honors are possible. However, ever present is a disaster of an unknown nature, this may be accidents, losses, violence, something that could affect both the native and their family, or chronic, difficult-to-diagnose or possibly serious illness. [4]

Johannes Kepler 0°13′, Jeff Bridges 0°20′, William Bligh 0°27′, Rutherford B. Hayes 0°31′, Antoine Chanzy 0°36′, Stéphane Mallarmé 0°53′, Dale Winton 1°00′, Benito Mussolini 1°01′ (and Saturn), Alan Oken 1°11′, Princess Helena of the UK 1°20′, Fred Astaire 1°24′, William S. Burroughs 1°32′, Billy Corgan 1°33′, Omar Sharif 1°41′, Julia Gillard 2°01′, Roy Orbison 2°05′, Gwyneth Paltrow 2°09′, Ian Shaw 2°10′, Lord Louis Mountbatten 2°26′.

Sun or Moon, culminating or rising conjunct Aldebaran: Great honor through violence with difficulties and casualties. [3]

Mercury conjunct Aldebaran: Affects the health and domestic affairs, prominence through mercurial matters, material gain, and many learned friends. [3]

The native has leadership qualities that may be developed in a positive or a negative direction. The native may gain popularity, if not popularity, admiration. Domestic and romantic problems are possible, some of a serious nature, some of a peculiar nature. These natives are ingenious, clever and bold. Violence is possible. [4]

Prince William of Cambridge 0°33′, Charles II of England 0°46′, Billy Joel 0°50′, Allen Ginsberg 1°21′ Marilyn Monroe 1°58′.

Venus conjunct Aldebaran: Honor through literature, music or art, creative abilities, favorable for health and marriage. [3]

Natives with this conjunction may enjoy high public preferment, make many gains, even develop the ability to be creative, however, there is a danger of personal losses to the native that will be keenly felt. Self destruction possible. [4]

Power directed wrongly and abnormalities in love life. [6]

Robert Watson-Watt 0°05′, Alexei Navalny 0°43′, Margot Robbie 1°08′, Henry VIII 1°56′ (and POF)

Mars conjunct Aldebaran: Great military preferment but attended by much danger; liable to accidents, fevers, and violent death. If at the same time the Moon is with Antares, especially in an angle, death will come through a stab, blow or fall. [3]

The native can gain honors and there can be the tendency towards dominating situations; violence is possible. Domestic – legal problems possible. [4]

Keith Richards 0°36′, Sean Penn 0°57′, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 1°45′, Linda Goodman 1°51′, Queen Camilla 2°14′, Tom Brady 2°16′, Johhny Weissmuller 2°26′.

Jupiter conjunct Aldebaran: Great ecclesiastical honor and high military preferment. [3]

High public preferment, earned or not can be expected with this conjunction; honors are possible and the native can be recognized as a leader in their career. [4]

This position brings recognition or glory to these individuals that are not earned. They have not rightfully worked to earn it. Unless they have pursued a conscious path with this configuration, all will be lost eventually. Generally, these people use the negative side of this position and become very lazy. The negative side of Jupiter is laziness. [8]

Brooke Shields 0°18′, Honore de Balzac 0°25′, Xi Jinping 0°43′, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 0°46′, Rutherford B. Hayes 0°53′, Chris Brown 0°56′, Fromental Halévy 1°09′.

Saturn conjunct Aldebaran: Great afflictions, strange mind, great wickedness, sarcasm, eloquence, good memory, studious and retiring nature, legal abilities, domestic and material success, losses through mercurial friends. If at the same time the Moon is with Antares, there will be a violent death, probably by hanging. [3]

If linked unfavorably with other stellar bodies could bring danger and loss through water, e.g., by floods, storms, shipwrecks, or drowning. [6]

Jimi Hendrix 0°22′, Billie Eilish 0°26′, Benito Mussolini 0°35′ (and Moon), Albrecht Durer 0°50′, Joe Biden 0°57′, Martin Scorsese 1°13′, Bonnie Parker 1°30′, Princess Aiko 1°51′, Bobby Fischer 2°29′

Uranus conjunct Aldebaran: Scientific, a nature lover, critical, just, domestic and political success, public honors, fond of occultism but may meet with disfavor through it, lingering death. [3]

Extraordinary energy and capacity for work, whereby the native gains prestige and appreciation. On the other hand, the opposition of opponents is evoked by it. [6]

This planet causes considerable disruption in the veins and arteries surrounding this part of the body that leads to and from the heart. There are spasmodic actions in the blood flow from the heart to the arm. This circulatory problem affects the nervous system so that these persons experience palpitations in the heart and tremors through the left arm. This is not necessarily heart failure, but they do feel the lapse of energy in the arm so that they are unable to lift it at times, sometimes not over six inches. This action depends largely on the stress that the person is experiencing in life. Feeling this restriction, many take blood thinners to open up the flow in the arm, and many try surgery to cure the problem. Surgery aggravates the condition as the energy flow would become more difficult, and they then must live with pain pills. [8]

Bob Marley 0°07′, Rudy Giuliani 0°10′, Robert De Niro 0°29′, Mick Jagger 1°12′, John Milton 2°04′,

Neptune conjunct Aldebaran: Connected with science, art, occultism and medium-ship, good intellect, loss through fire, electricity or speculation, but gain through metals, military or scientific instruments, especially if Mars is strong; many journeys, obstacles to domestic happiness, unfavorable for children, danger of accidents and sudden death. [3]

Erwin Rommel 0°13′ (and Pluto), Sepp Dietrich 0°24′ (and Pluto), Gregor Strasser 0°32′ (and Pluto), Robert Watson-Watt 1°07′ (and Pluto), J. Paul Getty 1°12′ (and Pluto), Agatha Christie 1°26′ (and Pluto), Francisco Franco 1°32′ (and Pluto)

Pluto conjunct Aldebaran: This causes the collapse of the blood vessels as the elasticity of the vessels is lost. The use of the arm, therefore, is completely lost. In a previous age, tiny tubes were put in the arm to keep them open, but in our present age, this technology was not available when Pluto was in the sign Gemini; however, it is available now. Although it will be many years in the future before Pluto returns to the sign Gemini, this will be helpful to those who are living in the next age. The fixed stars affected those in prior ages and they will affect those in forthcoming ages. Those who have good aspects to Pluto at this degree will see the spirituality of the problem and attempt to balance out their bodies. Persons with poor aspects will experience a complete breakdown and become incapacitated for they would be on a negative path. Those choosing the higher road would therefore not experience a complete breakdown. [8]

Sepp Dietrich 0°01′ (and Neptune), Gregor Strasser 0°05′ (and Neptune), Erwin Rommel 0°08′ (and Neptune), J. Paul Getty 0°15′ (and Neptune), Agatha Christie 0°22′ (and Neptune), Francisco Franco 0°28′ (and Neptune), Robert Watson-Watt 0°54′ (and Neptune), Rudolf Hess 1°11′, Charles de Gaulle 1°14′, Louis-Ferdinand Celine 1°52′, Jawaharlal Nehru 2°03′, Isaac Newton 2°12′.

North Node conjunct Aldebaran: David Bowie 0°42′, Bob Monkhouse 0°45′, Che Guevara 1°25′, Andy Warhol 1°46′

South Node conjunct Aldebaran: Sarah Paulson 0°07′ (and MC), Friedrich Nietzsche 0°37′ (and DC), Leonardo DiCaprio 0°55′, Pablo Picasso 1°14′, Bruce McLaren 1°51′, Ariana Grande 2°17′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 2°27′

A malefic in the 4th, 7th, 11th or 12th house conjunct Aldebaran plus Moon conjunct Antares: Death by a sudden sword thrust, stab or fall. [3]


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. Can I copy and print this page to use with reference to you? (Aldebaran Star – The Bull’s Eye)
    The Moon makes 12 conjunctions with Aldebaran this year, so I am researching what that might signify.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Jamie. This is for my own research, but I will keep your name and website (and date accessed) on what I print off. There are quite a lot of other astronomical events coming this year, should be an interesting year.
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  3. When you put the idea of a part of fortune together with Aldebaran and say ‘poverty’- does this imply that one is at (or feels) their best when without material belongings? Or is there a different way to interpret that conclusion?

    • Good question and I’m not sure about the answer. Seeing you are the one with this conjunction I would believe what your instincts say about it. Perhaps we will get more comments from others over time.

    • Plus you also have to take into account your whole chart. Other aspects and stars may contradict or over ride this interpretation by Robson.

  4. I do have a few thoughts to offer.
    Since Aldeberan is a royal star in ancient tradition, I would have thought that the Part or Lot of Fortune in conjunction would show good results. The Taurean influence can give a love of possessions and beauty, so the Bull’s eye is not always baleful, it is sometimes calm and contented. Taurus is a strong fighter when aroused but then, it is not often nor easily aroused. Only when that red flag is raised!
    The Part of Fortune itself can bring about good results, even from unknown strangers, if well placed and in good condition, and I am going by observation of this as well as from my schooling. House placement is always a consideration, of course.

  5. What exactly do you mean when you say “Aldebaran … [5000 years ago] … marked the vernal equinox” ?

  6. Hi Jamie

    I’m wondering is this degree for ALDEBARAN on Part Fortune in a composite or synastry chart applicable.


    • I would say so if it were a Davison chart. They seem so much more accurate than other composite chart.

    • Same for any of these major fixed stars. I include the cardinal house cusps, POF and Vertex. Some say only Sun, Moon and planets but not me.

  7. Hello Jamie,
    How about Aldeberan conjunct North Node? What would that be like ?

  8. Aldebaran conjuncts at exact 9 degrees ascendant with moon on the 24th degrees in Gemini. Mercury is in Aquarius 9th house conjuncts both SUN and Mars, all three squares Uranus in Scorpio in the 6th house.

    What can you tell me about his configuration?

  9. Hi Jamie I enjoy your site. what do you make of Black moon Lilith conjunct Antares and opposite Adebaron in Gemini? I have my Natal moon closely conjunct Aldebaran with Ceres 5 degrees 8th house away with Antares in first and it’s feeling like a cutting away of all that has been nurturing, including my capacity to nurture.. any thoughts?

    • All I can offer is that Robson wrote these fixed star interpretations in 1923 London. Perhaps, gay, which was illegal then, or even promiscuous considering the influence of the Church back then.

    • That was written by Vivian E. Robson in 1923 without the aid of astrology software to compare thousands of charts. I will add celebrity examples to all these fixed star conjunctions eventually.

  10. Thank you very much Jamie!
    The star’s I Ching position is in the 16th Hexagram that corresponds to Human Design throat gate 16 at Line 4: “The Leader.” The line has a very positive description! The Sun will exaclty conjunct this as of late tonight!

  11. Would appreciate any thoughts about Sun trine Aldebaran in the natal? Feels like it could be quite positive? Many Thanks, Matt

  12. What would it mean if Juno is conjunct Aldebaran? The person I marry will have high honors and then will fall in disgrace?

  13. I have a natal T square with mercury conjunct aldebaran as a focus planet, square to the moon conjunct pluto and uranus on one side in virgo and saturn retrograde in pisces at the other side.
    Also a
    Mars as a ficus planet forms a Minor t square with chiron in pisces and uranus in virgo…

  14. For those who might be interested, there is a Starlight elixir for Aldebaran, which cites the following aspects of working with the elixir (which Pegasus Products produces by capturing the light from this star): “This star provides a particular blessing, since it soothes the mind that is grieving the loss of a loved one — whether through separation or death. A greater understanding of the process of death through this awareness may bring a sense of peace and calm.Hope and positive energy is transferred in recognition of the connection and the oneness between those who might have passed over and those who are still alive, between those things that you might wish for and those you have, and between that which is desired and that which is no longer needed. Through this essence the entire grieving process is accelerated and assisted, and individuals coming into contact with this compassionate energy find their own inner love and their own inner strength.”

    • Interesting Petrus,Thankyou.

      BUT words and suggestions by words,
      do muddy the waters,
      hence there is NO.
      direct connection.

      IF left without words and suggestions,
      what do we have?

      No connection,
      just a distorted reality,
      we’ve created by attachment to words.

      How do we SEE more,
      when we just SEE.

      How do we LISTEN,
      when we just LISTEN.

      How and What do we SEE,
      without THINKING.

  15. Is Aldebaran always a malefic in the 11th house or only when it is also conjunct with the moon? Thank you. I have it conjunct Jupiter.

  16. Hello! What does that sentence mean exactly: “wife is distinguished and very rich, however not long-lived, since Antares quickly sets as it is in the wedding place (DC)”
    It is written in Moon conjunction with Aldebaran.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Anna. The wedding place means the Descendant (DC) which rules the marriage partner. It was written from a mans perspective. Aldebaran ris directly opposite Antares. So Aldebaran conjunct Ac always gives Antares conjunct DC.

  17. Cobra posted about Aldebaran on his website today 8/6/2023
    Happy Lion’s Gate!

  18. Hi Jamie, I have the sun conjunct aldebaran, both opposing Saturn, how can I interpret this?

    • Hi Edson. The same interpretation applies but you may face more delays and struggles reaching success.

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