Floods, Plague and War

Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseI intend to post about the war in Ukraine in the next few days. Unfortunately, my town, Ballina in Australia, was flooded all last week and I had no phone or internet until Saturday. The worst floods on record, thanks to global warming. A town called Lismore about 30 minutes from here was devastated by flooding, 3.5 meters (11 feet) above the previous record.

But that pales in comparison to the war in Ukraine, with whole families being killed by missiles. It is understandable then, that some of my readers were upset about the title of the March 2 New Moon post, “A Promise of Happiness.”

I gave it that title because the new moon was conjunct Jupiter and sextile Uranus. I did mention that Mercury conjunct Saturn adds a sense of seriousness with the potential for pessimism to outweigh the optimism of Jupiter. And that Mars conjunct Pluto could lead to outbursts of rage, rape, and war.

I generally interpret moon phases at the personal level and not for world events (mundane astrology). I have been writing them for over 10 years, often about themes of love, happiness and optimism. But this is the first time I have received angry comments due to war.

There have, in fact, been many wars over the last 10 years that have killed many people. The ongoing civil war in Yemen has killed 380,000. The war in Syria has killed 600,000. And there are countless other wars over the last 10 years that killed so many. I guess the Ukraine war is different because it is in Europe.

Talk of world war III and conscription on social media has my kids worried. To them, it might feel like the Apocalypse has arrived after living through the pandemic and now record flooding. They have missed so much school, another 2 weeks because of these floods.

But there is reason for optimism. The recent Jupiter new moon sextile Uranus has coincided with the ending of many restrictions that were imposed due to the pandemic. Air travel is opening up and there is more work available.

There will always be war, natural disasters, and suffering somewhere in the world. And Mars conjunct Pluto will always bring out the worst in murderers and dictators. But that is only in a minority of cases. Most people in the world are still quite nice.

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  1. Well said!!! Forget about haters and hyper-sensitive people.. As you correctly put, previously, the worst refugee situation after WWII was the Syrian Civil War, now is Ukraine, but it’s just because they’re right by the corner, and can travel freely, not just because of being an European country but also because they can travel freely within the EU.. Anyways.. the sun is shining in many places while there is conflict in Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, and now Ukraine..that’s life, and there will be always kool aid for those unfulfilled.. Blessings Jamie!

  2. Completely agree with your perspective. So many are up in arms over Ukraine, and not only does it seem closer to home, but the media has been all over it
    Meanwhile, wars in less relatable regions continue, along with human trafficking and sexual slavery. I would love to see similar focus on those areas, too

    • I agree. I’ve followed you for many years and value your input, but if anybody sensibly really follows exacts on astrology globally or anyway else, then that’s on them. It’s a guidance & certain energies follow moons, but what people may not realize…. maybe Putin felt that energy & decided to make power moves…

  3. Hopefully all the haters in this world will realize they are wasting their life hating. Life is way to short not to live it to the fullest, enjoying every minute.

    • I don’t think people meant to be haters I think most people are in pain watching the news and simply were looking for you to make “ sense of it all”. None of us were expecting to see such sweet aspects when there is so much pain and suffering in the world. I myself would love to see your thoughts on Ukraine and Russia. But, I also respect you not wanting to frighten people.

      • Maybe the sweet aspects represent what Putin isn’t doing that he’s done before. Chemical weapons, novichok, polonium…

    • Well then do not ignore reality as living in a fantasy world won’t save you! There is no savior riding in like a knight in shining armor to save you as you have to save yourself as academics and religious establishment archetypes do not care about you as they are protecting their money from lawsuits, and they got private jets on standby to get out the country if war comes home!

      Big oil lies religious/academic lies all for money fame and power in the east and west news media outlets as it’s all about control now as China is 1984 and the west is brave new world here. As a hater of satanism and religious Catholics willing to do nothing and say nothing being willfully blind and walking in blindly here thinking the rapture or the false messiah Mabus will save them in Israel with that third temple being built here as none of the above will save you. Get your head out of a$$ and think for yourself as I did here debunking guys like Sam Harris and Steven Andersen being like the Westburo Baptist church and many gay women leaders too using the bible as a reason to shame/help people rejecting materialism and wealth here.

      I’m sorry if I triggered you here but I’m so tired of all the false optimism aka raypoz $hit here as this is why I hate religious/secular totalitarianism/collectivism here as communists/Nazis once atheist and religious extremists being like ISIS and the Koushan group (isis-k) in denial are why I value my solitude and my anti-social ways here as I can’t stand the authoritarian Disney world Hollywood mindsets of the republicans right now in the USA or the far left socialists for Sam Harris and Bari Weiss here wanting the bitcoin return of what leads to another bigger global economic meltdown by the early 2030s here after they are done mad maxing the fiat economy here as I glare over as I read books on this topic here.

  4. Jamie, just ignore those angry people. They’re probably the same ones who insist the COVID hoax was real and that the climate changing – as it always has – is due to human action, or inaction. Nonsense of course, ask the poor old frozen dinosaur.

    Now, people are slipping into the same mass psychosis about the (awful, terrible) events in Ukraine as they did re COVID, unable to see it’s all theater, carefully planned & staged by the same bunch of elites & globalists who want nothing less than total World control. The bad guys are winning.

    Anyway, still bucketing down in Sydney with 200mm (that’s about 8 inches) expected today; almost had to wade through the park on my early morning! walk. Cheers! Ian

  5. Maybe stop prophesies of tragedy then. Predicting tragedy is black magic

  6. “The worst floods on record, thanks to global warming.”

    Seriously, are you really buying into that narrative?

      • You can believe your eyes and it may have been the worst floor on record (no one was doubting that I believe) but is it actually science when part of the scientist community isn’t allowed a say in it?
        There is quite a number of reputable independent scientists who are counterarguing the theory and some very insightful people are claiming that this narrative is being used to instill certain regulation that ultimately benefit the super rich and actually widen the gap between the rich and the poor furthermore.

        Just a thought. Thank you for being open minded. I love your articles

        • I don’t like POLLUTION. The word should be pollution not global warming. Al Gore changed the word pollution to global warming so he could be elected President and the media grasped onto it.

      • Science J,is from Humans.


        They know jack squat about the unseen,

        the unfelt,unheard and the mysterious.

        Science focuses on the material.

        You’ve had a few chances in regards to C.

        Instill in your children,to lose fear,

        as well as yourself.

        Earth is the insidious playground for the mind.

        Death,pain,suffering is a given ticket.

        A non event.

        Spirit(our true nature)goes on.

  7. I remember wondering why you’d chosen such an optimistic title when the contents seemed a tad grim, but I chalked it up to your softening the blow 🙂 I am sorry to hear about your situation on the East coast of Australia, and touched by the story of your kids’ concern of potential conscription after their experience of the last few years. For what its worth I enjoy reading you. Good work!

  8. Blessings to you, Jaime, and to your children & family. It hurts my heart that your children are so frightened.
    I always enjoy your posts and explanations of the planets’ aspects and transits.
    Looking forward to your thoughts of world events.
    Thankful you’re safe and unharmed by the flooding.

  9. “I guess the Ukraine war is different because it is in Europe”. Totally agree.
    I’m só sorry for the floods. Sending my prayers

    • Marta hello..wake up..different bcs the nuclear power plant if bombed WILL affect the planet. NOT an ethnicity issue.

  10. Global warming is a hoax. Now the globalists refer to it as climate change since the earth is cooling. These changes are normal but are being used to manipulate the world and create a carbon tax to further restrict and control people. Australia is in real trouble. The US is in real trouble. Ukraine is the globalists crime playground. There are numerous US funded bioweapon labs there. Putin doesn’t want to join the WEF Great Reset so that’s why all the media is having a frenzy trying to get everyone all emotionally involved. Why is Biden funding Ukraine and also funding Russia? So the war goes on…who’s benefiting from war?

    • Well said Sue – you obviously stopped watching MSM a while ago and every point you make is valid. But remember, in many countries, over 90% of the population is vaxxed, so there’s not much hope for us..

      Anyway, I’ll bow out of this discussion now as I respect Jamie’s blog and I’m sure he doesn’t want it to turn into ZH 🙂

  11. The people who push Global Warming are also promoting everything be made in China, a place where there are no environmental laws or human rights. Dirty air is what will kill us and these same elites are causing it and all they can do is sell or buy carbon credits- in reality they do not care about the environment, they just want your money and we keep voting them back in office because they also own the news media!

  12. Jamie, you are right. Let’s keep focusing on the nice people and goodness that prevails everywhere. XOXO Chrissy

  13. ‘Nuclear war caused ice age wake up’

    You may be correct, but which Ice Age, there have been many over the Ages?

    Our current civilisation that commenced, allegedly, with the Sumarians, is just the latest of countless, over the Ages.

    Yes, nuclear wars have been recorded in ancient Hindu scripts, so nothing new under the Sun.

    And I’m totally awake, but thanks for asking.

  14. No one wants this war. At least now we can recognize that. In the 20th century humans were still too blind to realize that they were United with every one else on the planet. Now maybe they can be just as opposed to the wars that happen in non European non white countries.

    • ‘No one wants this war’

      If that were true James, there wouldn’t be one. Nope, there are truly evil people who love war, for many reasons, think vast wealth but more importantly, control – over – people..

  15. You are almost always on point, in my opinion Jamie… And that’s just it – a single reader’s opinion. We are a multitude and will always personalise something that everyone reads as personally as you wrote it. So perhaps projecting and trying to find a reason is truly the humanness we all are i.e. flaws and all… I truly value your articles and look forward to reading them. The astrological world is a richer place thanks you your work and Heartspace. Please keep writing from the heart. And stay safe and stay blessed. Warmest regards always…

  16. What about the millions of people in Afghanistan? They are starving or freezing to death,President Biden is withholding billions of dollars that rightfully belong to the people of Afghanistan. We in the so called west are somewhat selective re; our outrage on war. Most wars this century have been in countries where peoples skin tone is not white? Jamie covered most of them, once again no one mentioned Palestinians, or the people of Afghanistan. Are white folk just plain racist
    PS Whilst we all lament the people from Ukraine ( rightfully so) What about the refugees (mostly from the middle east) being left to die at the borders of Belarus and Poland?

  17. Well said ! Thank you for getting the word out to people , I feel better listening & reading your words Thank You 😊 I Appreciate You Astrology King ❤️

  18. Perhaps the outspoken concern per current situation is due to the Ukraine nuclear plant’s vulnerability & disastrous outcome should it be breached. Having a nuclear explosion affecting the planet completely different than the white/black/yellow/brown claim.

  19. Keep on Trucking, Jamie. Detractors should put up their own Website.

  20. The mark of the beast(vax)

    Is there a second chance?

    Honestly,i dunno.

    I would though suggest,

    fasting,repentance and aligning with your heart.

    The time is now.

  21. Keep doing what you’re doing! You write so wonderfully. If we need hope its certainly now. Praying that Jupiter will ultimately prevail. You and your work are so appreciated.

  22. Wow. Very surprised with a lot comments here and general lack of respect. So much so this is the first time I have chosen to post. I am sure there are other sites dedicated to ‘debating’ contentious issues.

  23. The war in Ukraine is different from the other wars we’ve seen since WW2 for many reasons. Firstly it is on European soil where 750 million people live (almost twice the population of entire middle east, not including people who are culturally European who live elsewhere), it is over european soil where boarders have been contested many times and is an issue where basically no one wins (culturally separating people in the name of military bases), and it involves the same players that we’ve seen in those ‘great’ wars. An ex super power Russia, a begrudgingly “united europe” and everything in between from USA to China to India. There hasn’t been a war like this since ww2, I’m sure many people only care about it because they see white people dying but that doesn’t change the facts.

    Acting as though this war is just like the others, rather than a very real nuclear threat or a possible start to ww3 is engaging in Russian stoked whataboutism. And whataboutism has been Russia’s MO for dealing with social backlash since the cold war, there is so much evidence yet people are still falling for it..

  24. You don’t have to apologize to me. Jesus rose people from the dead and they crucified him. There will always be an asshole in the crowd.

  25. The “science” is BS, Jamie. It is driven by grant money.

    AstroMeteorologist Theodore White has been dead on for the last 15 years:


    The Sun is what drives changes in climate. Which is why the climate is always changing in accordance with Grand Solar Maximums & Minimums.

  26. Dear Jamie, worst floods ever… I hope you and your family are okay?! I feel with you. I have been living in Australia for one year and I´ve gotten a little idea about those floods… a friend of mine has been deeply affected this time, he lost everything. As many people do at the moment in the Ukraine. I haven´t read evrey reply, but those haters are unfortunately quite common in times of so called social mediaand the namelessness of the internet. Let mey say some words to the actual war (I am from Germany) This war is different, because it´s about oil. And gas. And billion-dollar-business. Big difference to the wars in Rwanda, Ex-Yugoslavia, Syria and especially the other wars Putin has initiated in Caucasus and Chechenya. Now the politicians realise that they helped creating a monster who formerly was the chief of the KGB, the russian secret service, well-known for his cruelty. This monster is a criminal and murderer. He was responsible for the killing of his political counterparties, in his name people have been killid in Great Britain and Germany. And non of the politicians around the world has done anything against it – because of power and big money. Now some of them start realising what happened. And waht could happen: some serious experts think that Putin will not stop after occupying the Ukraine. He is on the way back to some kind of Russian Empire, comparable with that one which existed before WWII started.
    And it is different, because there are still people around (those aged 80 and older) who survived WWII. Like my father. He has been expelled – by Russians in 1944, when was 5 years old. He fled with his mother and his younger brother on food over 800 km. And survived all the cruelty which seems to be normal in wars all over the world. So there is another difference in form of the nuclear weapons. In case Putin starts his cruise missiles they need around 20 minutes to Germany. The United States – and also Australia – are far away. Many people in Europe are really frightened considerating this. Not me. Because I can´t change it anyway. And you were right posting about a promise of happiness. It is never a good idea to go into anxiety. Hope is the last thing which dies. Perhaps there is some kind of astrological signal how this monster called Putin might be stopped. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  27. Thank you for the informative comments, everyone. I see good arguments as to why this war in Ukraine does pose a bigger threat to the world. Putin for one, his oil and gas and weapons of mass destruction. I wish there was an accurate birth time for him. I am also having trouble finding a working horoscope for Russia.

    • When you are in a world entanglement not everyone’s best borschst is the country chart. The 7 trillion question Jamie: Are the belligerents using the Age of Aquarius chart, specifically, the two progressed oppositions, angular, Moon opp Saturn, and Moon opp Ascendant? And are they just mudslinging thru the motions to destroy a lot of surplus weapons and other post dated infrastructure?


  28. @Jamie – I think i’ve found something for you . I’ve sent you a dm message on Instagram . I Hope it ‘s useful .

  29. Like your Astrology site. Hope the weather gets better for your area. The Ukraine thing, I looked at the Ukraine Live Cam on Youtube last night and the Live Cam showed 5 different cities and it didn’t show any destruction. Also, sites in the US are reporting that some of the Ukraine “body bags” shown were moving, meaning they are using Crisis Actors to play dead. There is a video of it. Real Raw News is reporting that Putin is cleaning up Bio-Labs and Human Trafficking in the notorious Ukraine area.

    I go to Steve Pieczenik’s twitter page when I want a CLUE as to what is really going on. And yes the states are in the process of DECERTIFYING the Electoral College Votes for the 2020 Election. And Election laws are being changed and I know this for sure as it is happening in my own state.

    There are also Cathy O’Brien’s at trance-formation.com and David Shurter at DavidShurter.com sites. Yes they are for Real. Shurter has an archives on his page that talks about his Satanic abuse and the abuse by a Satanic Judge.

    There is also Real Raw News website. I don’t know if it is feeding US real info or not, but some of it has to be true. That site said Justice Sotomayor was arrested by the US Military and all I know is that she did not attend the Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address last week and usually the Supreme Court Justices show up for that.

    • Putin now is also making this territory free from Nazis and fascists who 8 years had been making genocide terrible torture and murder of the civilian population of Donbass

  30. i think the Mars /Pluto conjunction trumps the Pisces energy….also to take in consideration is Putin is a Libra and has had Pluto squaring his Sun ….yes the conflict in Syria involved refugee crisis.. but didn’t involve the possibility of nuclear mishap….the number of nuclear energy plants in Ukraine is insane ….of great importance is President of Ukraine’s basic chart….he has mars zero degrees Leo….

  31. The over site of the title must be due to the astrologers own Mercury rx natal. I will always offer resolution and forgiveness if it is genuinely and intentionally asked.

  32. The biggest threat to the world over the past 30 years is the USA’s militant empire building.

    The current war in the Ukraine is a direct result of the US using NATO to threaten Russia by surrounding it with US friendly regimes that are hostile to Russia.

    All this is about is oil, gas, and therefore money, power, and control.

  33. We appreciate your optimism! Sending healing vibes to you and your family as you navigate this tragedy. Be well!

  34. I don’t want to read another take on the war. Seriously the media and social media are full of people peddling their opinions and or politics, it’s like smoke and mirrors there are no good guys countries anymore everything is for gain and for profit. Repeat on middleastern policy and again with a poor country. Everyone hyped it up and when the war happened no one sent armies or protected their sky. You gotta wonder. So no, I’ve had enough, I come here and if I see something personal and perhaps good that can happen then that’s what I want to focus on. Not doom gloom and fear. It’s been two years of absolute crap, it’s time we stop rolling in it and put some light out in the world, something different and positive.

  35. Ukraine is the main crime thiefs collective playground. There are 30 numerous over dangerous US funded bioweapon labs there. Their president Zelenski ruled by bandit nazi fashits and he is narcomaniac living under drugs all time. ” Ukraine appeared within its current borders through the efforts of the leaders of the USSR: Lenin annexed Donbass, Stalin annexed Western Ukraine, Khrushchev annexed Crimea. “It was the policy of the Bolsheviks that created Ukraine. It can be called that – Ukraine named after Lenin, who literally squeezed Donbass in there”. They cut Russian territories and then “Ukraine fell under external control, brought to the level of a colony with a puppet regime” Putin now is making this territory free from Nazis and fascists who 8 years had been making genocide terrible torture and murder of the civilian population of Donbass/ Don[t be blind in this question/ Working horoscopes of Russia 1) 6/07/0862 19,35 Novgorod 2) 25/12/1991 19,35 Moscow Hope for understanding…

  36. Jamie, this is one hella tough crowd that’s been attracted here. And rather ill informed on what a sentient intelligent HUMAN BEING is supposed to look like at that.
    I appreciate the fact that you are so fair minded in not censoring anyone’s opinion, however shallow or misguided it may be.
    Blame it on brain flukes?
    Much respect to you for your site Jamie, and thank you for all your hard work amidst the stresses of the flooding, and the extremes we are all facing right now.
    I hope you are feeling well my friend, and really interested in your take on the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune conjunction?
    I have to admit, I will be more than happy when this Pissces ‘season’ is coming to an end.
    The only really good thing that will emerge from it may be… the Ides of March, and the total demise of the Devil’s Own. Vlad Putin.

    • Thank you Stargazer. I do actually delete some comments and ban repeat offenders. But usually only for verbal abuse and personal attacks, not for their ideas or opinions.

  37. Hi Jamie, looks like you stirred up a hornets nest here! I would like to thank you for Astrology King! You work very hard to provide a truly informative website which I enjoy and have utilized in my life effectively for some years now. I am sorry you had to deal with negative feedback and haters who just want an argument regardless. Your content is free and people should be thankful that you are willing to put all the time in that you do to make it accessible to all. Best wishes to you and your family and thanks!

  38. First Covid,Now Russion/Ukraine conflict,
    even Japanese encephalitis in Oz.

    Clutching at straws much.

    Start in your own backyard and stand up to the abuse of power and greed.


    The Governments,
    The Elite,
    The majority of Police,
    who have become dehumanized.
    The puppeteers and followers,
    And the citizens,who inflict,
    mental and physical injury to others.

    Have them in your sights,
    they WILL be made accountable.

  39. Karen, your reply is the best one and most accurate. Thank you for bringing some objective perspective to the discussion who clearly went in the wrong direction.

  40. Well said Jamie. No point in discussing with those who are following cult of conspiracy theories…

  41. Sorry about the flooding. To retort about global warming… most don’t realize we’re technically in an ice age. The fact there’s an entire continent under ice is why. But, as geologic history is expansive, we are catalysts to the warming at an exponential rate. It is going to rise, but if you saw a basic graph since the industrial revolution compared to previous ice ages… there’s no point in arguing that we, as humans, have no effects. The only reason we have seasons is bc of ocean currents that start around Antarctica. So, whatever science articles you’re following up upon, I’ll gladly discuss. There’s many things in science up for debate. Whether the globe is warming up exponentially and glaciers melting isn’t one that’s very disputable in proper data.

  42. I really like your astrology reports. I think the world is going through a difficult situation. but I have hope in peace, and in jupiter neptune.

  43. As time serves me right.
    We have until Jan 2024 to Christ/mas ‘Eve’ 2024.

    Go by Max date.

    There is ‘wiggle’ room.

    There is a power trip at play,sorry.

    Time frame is in accordance.

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