Full Moon January 2014

Full Moon January 2014 AstrologyThe full moon on Wednesday the 15th of January 2014 beams down some magical but volatile energy for lovers. This full moon lasts for two weeks, and complements the previous new moon at the beginning of the year. The major theme of the new moon on January the 1st, 2014, was intense communications verging on hostility. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto, all made the combative square to an impatient Mars.

The disharmony and controversy from the previous new moon is carried on with the January 15 Full Moon because of two rather challenging aspects. Yet there are some positively magical aspects and fixed star influences which give the potential to bring quarreling partners together, to at least stop from warring, if not finding a peaceful resolution.

The first barrier to peace is Venus retrograde square Mars. Venus retrograde can be a bit slow off the mark when it comes to expressing love and affection. This Venus retrograde cycle in particular does not have too much in the way of harmony to help things along. In fact all the charts during the retrograde cycle are pretty gloomy, with Moon square Saturn at the retrograde station, and Moon square Saturn again when Venus stations direct on January 31st.

Venus square Mars lasts for about five days and it does peak for this January 15 full moon. Venus square Mars brings intense love-hate feelings into relationships, especially intimate relationships. Any irritation at loved ones can rapidly escalate to anger and temper tantrums. Fortunately, this intensity of feeling subsides just as quickly as it builds, once the pressure valve has been released.

“when it is good it is very good, but when it is bad it is terrible”The other difficult aspect to deal with concerns the full moon herself, lining up with Black Moon Lilith, and square Ceres. Moon conjunct Lilith “when it is good it is very good, but when it is bad it is terrible…In unenlightened men this can veer to the misogynistic, as they detest feeling so beholden to the devouring mother.” Moon square Ceres can “turn very easily destroy life instead of saving it, they can love so hard and hug so tightly that they end up squeezing the life out of their loved ones.”

As Marina said with Moon conjunct Lilith, “when it is good it is very good,” and applied constructively at “its best this is sheer priestess and occult ability at the highest level.”  So now we have the potential to brew some love potions and cast love spells to resolve any of those Venus retrograde complicated karmic love relationships, that have not yet reached a state of peace and resolution.

Full Moon January 2014Adding more magic into the mix is the full moon and Lilith lining up with the fixed star Procyon in the Little Doggie. The Moon herself is exactly conjunct this brightest star of Canis Minor. Very promising for budding witches and warlocks is fixed star Procyon with the Moon, giving an interest in the occult. However this annoying theme of discord comes up again because it also gives “quarrels with friends, partners and employers.”

Mercury sextile Uranus should assist in using higher intuition to resolve communication problems. This is also an aspect which favors occult work because Uranus feeds flashes of insight into the Mercury brain. Finally, one more aspect working in favor of compromise is Neptune trine the North Node. This is the communal desire to reach the utopian dream state of karmic equilibrium.

6 thoughts on “Full Moon January 2014

  1. Yes! Thank you Jamie! One aspect which is also plugging into this is that we have Juno Conjunct Neptune which has been trine the North Node, as Marina stated, I tend to feel that this is a sort of healing of the divine feminine, too. Thank you for the Venus Rx Square Mars, too!

  2. Thank you Jamie, this resonates strongly with exactly what I am sensing and feeling, in fact very strongly with me being me and the influential aspects on quite a lot of powerful points/planets in my natal and progressed charts, gratitude for your words encouraging me to remain very aware of my intent and words/attitude, much appreciated.

    As you will no doubt be aware over east Perth has had some horrific bush fires again, the most recent, 55 households lost their homes, Perth,s asc is at 30′ Aries at this full moon and affecting its MC/IC axis the changes that needed to be made over here have been ignored and instead those in power have continued to feed their narcissitic bullshit balloon and keep themselves blinded to the reality, my heart goes out to the families affected, I have been without my own place due to circumstances which doesnt sit well with this Cancerian Sun/merc, howeverI have found security in being at home in myself and have been allowing this to flow out to those affected as sadly this type of disaster to confront and expose those being so cruel to the general populous from their positions of delusional authority, has reached the point where it is the only way. Even over there in the east, you will have been given the impression that WA is booming through the mining etc, this is actually only a boom for the few, the majority are fast slipping in a downward spiral as poverty, homelessness, physical/psychological diseases, begining to result in a lot of deaths, is actually booming at a far more powerful and faster rate. I truly hope the
    genuine sense of community Patriotism is triggered by this full moon, with the Cancer/Capricorn axis being quite simply and genuinely Patriotic to home and homeland at its core.

    Thanks again

  3. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! January 15th was a complete disaster for me! Now I’m facing charges due to self defense, against distant family members! Damn! I wish you would have called me up to warn me! That was one day I would have liked to miss! Too accurate!

    • There is a lot of intense energy around lately, I feel it is subsiding now now. Been keeping a low profile lately. Let’s see what the next new moon has in store for us.

  4. It was indeed very volatile Jamie and Larry, although the explosion didnt occur for me until the 19th, the full moon was square my 26 Libra asc/aries desc, sextile natal mars 26 leo 10th, on the 19th to Celebrate my daughters Uni degree graduation we had lunch, my exhusband an emotional abuser and mind game player was in attendance as was my son and other daughter who has been 9 years severe depression, social phobia and panic disorder due to the abuse he redirected to her when he no longer could yank me around like a trained puppy and yet we all did well tolerating him, considering all that. Afterwards my son found out his sisters psychological health has spiralled dangerously downwards again and due to also having his anger seething underneath due to father issues, directed the rage and anger through violent words not actions, yet I had this sudden steely strength to just stand my ground and extremely point out to him that I acknowledged what he was feeling yet was underserving of that onslaught of blaming and shaming (how cap is that?) as he knows me better than all that he was accusing me of and that I infact deserve to be treated with respect for the strength patience and perserverence shown by me as their mother (how cancer is that? lol!) The passionate non threatening flow had him rooted to the spot (kinda surprised me too) lol I guess my lioness passion (mars in leo 10th) was going to be in the spotlight front and center stage, end of story!

    So Larry my son although an Aries, is very mild mannered and caring and particularly acknowledging in gratitude for the strength of the mother he has usually and yet I needed to give him some home truths even if it hurt to stop him from hurting himself or me any more than needed and I assume yours was more physical, sorry to hear that, yet in reality you obviously needed to keep yourself safe and that was possibly out of character for you too, forgive yourself, see what you can do to heal the situation, you can only offer to meet them half way, the rest is up to them, in my honest opinion.

    • PS my BML is in 10th house Leo too at 15, so is currently being in quincunx with Venus rx who also squaring natal venus in my venus ruled chart, so I too am surprised at my warrior stance, yet not surprising really under these conditions/aspects hey?

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