Full Moon November 2015 Guilt and Fear

Full Moon November 2015 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Wednesday November 25, 2015 is at 3 degrees Gemini, in Gemini decan 1. The full moon astrology is fairly gloomy as it activates and highlights the major planetary aspect of late 2015 and all of 2016. Saturn square Neptune is exact less than 24 hours after this full moon. The key to overcoming the guilt, fear and anxiety of this challenging aspect is to get active, both mentally and physically. Positive words and deeds will go a long way to reduce fear, anxiety and guilt.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started during the previous moon phase two weeks ago can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationships imbalances causing disharmony. The influence of a full moon last for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the New Moon on Friday 11 December 2015.

Full Moon November 2015 Astrology

The November 2015 full moon falls at 3°20′ Gemini and lays between the Pleiades in the shoulder of the Bull, and the Hyades in the Face of the Bull, Taurus Constellation. Although not directly in contact with any fixed stars, its location between these two star clusters suggests hardship and sorrow.

This is exactly what the main planetary aspect in the full moon november 2015 astrology chart below suggests. This full moon highlights and activates Saturn square Neptune, the strongest planetary aspect occurring in late 2015 and for all of 2016. Saturn square Neptune can bring some scary experiences with the darker side of life. Disappointment or setbacks now are more likely to extend or deepen periods of grief or depression that we all experience from hardships. Even without hardship being placed upon us, it is likely that psychological fears or paranoia may overwhelm us leading to uncertainty.

This full moon occurs less than one day before Saturn square Neptune. With two more of these fearful aspects to come in 2016, you can see how this full moon really brings it on so strong, right in our faces. We will get a good, perhaps a bad taste of what is in store for us in the year ahead. It may even be felt more personally than the Uranus Pluto squares of recent years

Sun conjunct Saturn is the main link to this major challenging aspect. This means it is time to stand up and be counted. Hard work, discipline and patience are need to attend to our duties and obligations. We may have to take on extra responsibility or act as a mentor or guide. Moon opposite Saturn will increase feelings of guilt about having left things undone, not attended to.

The Moon and Sun square Neptune will obviously further increase our insecurities and feelings of guilt about past deeds and the karmic repercussions of past actions. Neptune will have a weakening effect on our vitality, making it harder to get motivated or enthusiastic about anything, especially hard work. As well as being allergic to work, Neptune also makes us more susceptible to some psychological and health issues.

Just to make sure we thoroughly understand how our fears and phobias impact on our lives, Sun conjunct Mercury and Mercury conjunct Saturn reinforce the serious nature of the full moon through memories and conversations with friends and family. Current news stories will no doubt be full of facts and propaganda about terrorism and mass migration.

Full Moon November 2015 Astrology

Full Moon Positive Words and Deeds

All is not lost, however, with the blue lines from Mars in the chart above offering hope and helping to overcome fear and anxiety. Mercury sextile Mars positive thinking and Mars sextile Saturn positive action gives us an opportunity to transform the fearful energy of this full moon into something more productive. These are not insignificant aspects either, both being under one degree orb, and Mercury sextile Mars at only 0°15′ orb.

Mercury sextile Mars speeds up your mind and reflexes. You will feel driven to succeed at something with your strong sense of purpose and initiative. You can achieve a lot of work in a short amount of time, with the courage and fighting spirit to take on just about anything. Manual labor, business matters and negotiations are favored but you would succeed at anything requiring a little extra effort to get things off the ground.

Mars sextile Saturn regulates your energy and drive to give the determination and endurance to succeed. You can methodically plans out your course of action in the most efficient way. A strong work ethic and attention to detail means you can attack complex and difficult tasks.

Positive words and deeds will go a long way to reduce fear, anxiety and guilt. Take advantage of this productive energy to tidy up those loose ends which are causing so much worry and grief.

If this full moon directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effecst in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon November 2015
Next Moon Phase: New Moon December 2015

Full Moon November 2015 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
November 25 – 2 ;44 pm
November 25 –  5:44 pm
November 25 –  10:44 pm
November 26 –  4:14 am
November 26 –  8:44 am

105 thoughts on “Full Moon November 2015 Guilt and Fear

  1. Hi, My birthday is on the 25th of Nov – would this full mean take on any extra significance for me? My rising is Virgo at 13 degrees? Thanks!

    • Yes it will definitely take on extra significance as it stays active for a whole year in your 2015 solar return chart. Pluto trine your Virgo 13 Ascendant gives you extraordinary power and influence, transformative and recuperative powers.

  2. This full moon is conjunct my natal Venus in Gemini (end of fifth house) with an orb of under 1 degree…how might this affect my love life which has been ambiguous at best as of late?

    • Hi Alison, it should not be that bad because Saturn and Neptune are now at 6 to 7 degrees, so not making a tight aspect to your Venus. Plus the transits have already happened which means you can move on and look forward to happier times.

  3. Dear Jamie,
    What a dark time for mutable signs.
    This full moon is almost On my MC -IC axis (4 Sag – 4 Gemini) and the moon will be close to my Sun 5 degrees Gemini.
    It s already a lot of problems at work and my vitality is drained with Saturn on MC/ in 10th house square Neptune in my 1 St house and opposite natal Sun.
    It is good that you have already underlined that only very tight orbs are really difficult.

    • Well you seem to have a good handle on how things are playing out in your chart Alice. All the best and thanks for the input.

      • Dear Jamie,
        After Saturn entered my 10th house, he will soon conjunct my Neptun 12 degrees Sag which in natal chart is inconjuct my moon-Jupiter conjunction in the third house,it is part of generational yod Neptune sextile Pluto inconjuct Jupiter and the Moon.
        Does this mean i will experience even more disillusionment and disappointments at work?

  4. Thank you for this Jamie! Im a Sun Sagittarius, with a Gemini asc (both first decan.) On top of that, my Saturn return is underway, and Saturn is sitting on my natal sun as I type this! Although im used to Saturn/Sun conjunction energy, as I was born with it, I have noticed a change within myself. I feel older, but not physically. Something within me feels a resurgence of determination to accomplish my goals. This yr and last yr have been absolutely crucial to my development. Though this period has been filled with family issues, internal struggles, feelings of being trapped in circumstances , feelings of…well…everything. ive “felt” more than I think I ever have. Last yr took a toll on my health and i suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, fainted at a resturant, had 700$ stolen from me, and unrelenting chaos after allowing family to rely upon me too much (as ive technically always done.) It sent my life into a spiral of negativity. All the while, Neptune has been squaring both my asc and my sun since it entered Pisces! I felt it strongest when it first happened, as 2012 was a very strange yr for me. Lots of internal shifts. I wasnt as familiar with astrology then as I am now (the irony of that statement is that I 100% experienced this transit unaware of the meaning until I later became more familiar and could in retrospect, analyze. Very neptunian indeed.) also strange being that Neptune sits in my 8th house in nativity, I sort of experienced a resurgence of spiritism, occult and astrology (which ive always had leanings but life circumstance took me away from it.) when neptune entered pisces..it then immediately conjuncted my natal mars at the zeroth degree. Haha! Im looking forward to 2016. Very much so. Im looking forward to my Saturn return, and to being more active in manifesting my dreams. (I do a much better job of helping others accomplish goals than I do the same for myself. Libra moon here.) I can also sense that saturn returning, especially for someone like me, is the catalyst for the next stage of my life and I feel like im fighting, approaching full force. I no longer feel as hindered and arrested as I did when I was younger. Ive always felt that my own life path dictates slow but steady progress and as I age, I will come more into my own successes and achievements. I do fear leaving my 20s. Ive never had an issue contemplating growing older. I seem to move in reverse in that manner. The older I get the more free I feel. Thank you for this amazing website.

    • Edit. I do Not fear leaving my 20s. Ps i also forgot to mention that when neptune entered pisces, I also experienced my progressed sun entering Capricorn. I had an amazing yr, seemingly I went out with a bang. I had an ultra sagittarian life…which I later realized I somehow did not take the time to address things that I needed to. Progressed sun, and neptune aspecting natal sun, etc…caused some sort of unfolding within me. My entire life fell away and i ended up having to stay with someone. I did not address issues with my landlord, hoping they would go away. But my problems only got bigger. Forcing me to leave at the last minute and basically start over from scratch. I try to take the setbacks in stride. Ive realized many things that allow me to better tolerate setbacks and dissappointment.

      • Thanks for you contribution Michael. This is so Saturn: “I did not address issues with my landlord, hoping they would go away. But my problems only got bigger.” I have a strong Saturn too and addressing this part of my nature has made life so much easier, and happier.

  5. Hey Jaime it seems a little bit scaring since that this full moon conjunct my natal sun 29:58 Taurus but what is interesting is that this full moon coinside exactly with my first saturn return 6:54 Sagittarius so what dose this mean

    • Don’t worry Lulya, your Sun is 4 degrees from the full moon and more than that compared to Saturn and Neptune. I advise for people who know their natal charts to stick to one degree orbs for transits and moon phases. I go up to 2 degrees for eclipses though.

  6. All comments are an interesting read, thanks for sharing your stories. I am an aires born in the dark moon. Since childhood i’ve had some very significant premonitions that turned out to be true 2-3days later. This past Sept-Oct, i’ve have experienced the most absurd dreams. It’s confusing because i don’t know if the dreams are from spirit or someone who is powerful in the magical arts. In one instance i signed up for a free angle reading, i never pursued any of the offers that they sent nor did i divulge sensitive information. However i had a vision of a garden where golden fruit hung above me, i felt a presence with me & i was given a number 14. I did some research only to find that Oct 14, was to be an auspicios day. 1wk after having this vision, i received an email from the angel conglomerate to say that they had seen me in a garden with golden fruit, a blue halo above my head & my angel standing next to me. Oct 17, was the day that i would be judged, & that there would be a thunderclap in heaven that day. To save my soul they sent me a magical mantra to say while burning a candle for each verse but i had to send them a payment for the “protection” to take effect. I didn’t follow through with their request, but since then the strangest things have happened, that not only have me questioning the very essense of psychic impressions to wondering if someone is purposely sending telepathic messages & then claiming a couple days later to have contact with angels seeing the almost exact vision i experienced before they contacted me. Its disturbing & a bit depressing to think that i may be a target for exploitve deceptive practices. I am reluctant to share this next incident but given the interest here in astrology & its affects on our personal lives perhaps someone may have an answer. I live on the ocean, in an area that is not often frequented by raccoons, oppossums ect. I was working at my desk at night, when suddenly out of the corner of my eye, i saw a tall shadow that dropped down into a crouching position just outside my slider window overlooking the pool. I rose to take a look & there was a grey fox-pointy nose & busy tail sneaking under the chaise lounge. It was so unusual that i googled it to make sure it was really a fox. I watched him for a bit, returned to my work, then out of the blue there was a loud knock on my slider door. I looked & no one was there & the fox disappeared. I know what i saw & could swear there was a human form crouching low at my window before i got up to take a look & saw the fox instead. There have been no fox sightings in this area in over 20 years. Shapeshifter? A totem spirit? What about the loud knock-whats that about? I would be uber grateful if any one here has some explanations. Thanks & many blessings. Joy

  7. Hi! My birthday is november 27, sagittarius sun, libra asscendant. How will this affect me? kind of scared about this transit…

  8. Hi Jamie, i hope you can shed some light on certain issue for me. My husband has his asc in pisces at 14.50′ degrees. Sun is in aries at 5.32′. Saturn is in gemini 3rd house at 2.13′. Neptune (R) in sagittarius 9th house at 5.09′. Uranus (R) libra 8th house at 16.45′ and pluto (R) in libra 7th house at 0.35 degrees.
    He has been acting very strangely (suspicious, paranoid, making false allegations, creating public scandals) this entire year. He, for the past 8 months (since 15th march) is obsessed with a certain paranoid thought and is behaving like an absolute lunatic alleging all sorts of things publicly.
    From the little info i have gathered, i know he is undergoing neptune square neptune, uranus opposition uranus transit for a while now.
    I am very worried about the impact of this saturn/neptune square, as it might make his erratic behaviour worsen. Is there any chance that with this square, he might be forced to face truth/reality? And this chaos, confusion that has taken over our lives might actually pass? Or is there a strong chance of it becoming worse, as I heard neptune is quite strong this time around in its own sign. Any input will be greatly appreciated! Thank you

    • The worst has passed I would think now that Saturn has moved off his Neptune. Other good indicators of him moving on are Saturn trine Sun transit and Pluto sextile Ascendant transit. Especially the Pluto transit as it is applying.

      • Thank you for the feedback Jamie. I hope that is the case and some sanity is restored in our lives with these positive aspects. A huge fan of your website

  9. Hey Jamie, awesome report. My Sun and Chiron are at 8° Gemini, some words of advice? My father’s health is on my mind and also a new identity for me, thank you so much 🙂

    • Your Sun is about 28 degrees Taurus so Taurus decan 3. Only 5 degrees from the full moon so it will still effect you.

  10. Hello Jamie,
    How does the full moon affect Gemini Decan 1, Gemini Decan 3 and Virgo Decan 1. Dare I ask whether the effects will be positive (blue lines) or otherwise (red lines) for these 3 signs?
    Thank you

    • Not particularly strong for Gemini decan 3 but challenging for both Gemini decan 1 and Virgo decan 1. If any moon phase directly affects your decan I will mention it in your monthly horoscope.

      • Hi Jamie,

        Thank you !! It’s such a pleasure reading your thorough posts. Amazing work!
        I thought I was “safe” with this full moon after all the previous hits to my natal chart but I am a Virgo decan I so your comment make me feel curious and nervous as this full moon doesn’t look great at all ..

        Why Virgo decan 1 will feel it in a challenging way?

        Looking at my chart I do not have any planets near 3 degrees Gemini (11th) or Sagittarius (5th).In fact I only have my sun in Virgo (4.58) and Pallas (5.35) in Taurus ….so I guess I will be hit there somehow… energy level?
        Would my moon in Aries 2.32 (9th) be hit or help at the full moon? (Hopefully help :-))
        If my rising sign is at 5.48 Leo should I be concerned?
        I am travelling on this full moon for business …I will be involved in Sagittarian and Geminis matters …could the purpose of this trip go wrong at the full moon? As Mars is the ruler of my 10th and it seems to be supportive .. would this minimize effect?

        Once again thank you for writing these posts that make me think! 🙂

        • You feel it because of full moon square your Sun, about 2 degrees orb. Also Saturn square you Sun, even though separating by two degree, it is still powerful because of the full moon activation.

          Full Moon sextile natal moon and sextile AC is excellent, basically at the midpoint of your Moon trine AC. No worries!

          • Thanks for clarification!
            My business trip was cancelled at last minute on Monday … I guess this was more related to Venus opposition to Uranus than full moon but I am wondering even more how this full moon would play its cards 🙂

            I feel relief when you say that Full moon sextile natal moon and AC is excellent … I really hope it will bring something good!! I never paid to much attention to my moon trine AC as I found difficult to see how i use this aspect without even knowing …As far as I know (I may be wrong) the AC and 10th house shows career … so I guess that this aspect (trine with moon) is good for me when it comes to career matters …if the Full Moon is falling on my 11 house …should I expect something related to groups, communication, ex lovers, friends…. but then how the Square of Saturn on 5th could show up? ….serious creativity in business?

            Btw which is stronger: the square, the time or the sextile aspect when it comes to this full moon? Could it be related to previous new and full moon as so far all of the have been hitting my chart?

            Oh once again that you for your time and posts that allow me to sail through these new and full moons!

            • Meli, I ignore houses systems because there is no sound basis for the use, they are imaginary human constructs. Moon trine Ac could be the most important influence in your chart, as AC, Moon and Sun are the strongest points in any chart. A square is usually stronger than the soft aspects but it will depend on the orb of the aspects.

  11. Hey Jamie, kind of the same name here, Jason.

    I have only been on Marina’s site, but alias. I do like yours too. Im a Mercury in Pisces so we tend to like to flow in information rather than write it. But I feel like we are finished explaining and writing sometimes. Yea just about, Marina’s beautiful writing on Aquarian Decan 2’s letting break ups roll off our stately feathers, was a mental chin up from her not to let people who take the water bearers gifts for granted. It really helped, because today I am the stately duck, letting a break up roll off my feathers. I had to give up a relationships to a 9 degree Mars Antarian – (exact to the degree like my deceased Virgo Sun Square Moon and Mars mother). I tried to be as Venus exalted in the exalted degree as I could.

    But alas I feel this persons past deeds, are needing karmic re-arrangement. This I do hope for when a quadruple transit of Saturn Conjunct Mars, Saturn Opposite Sun, Neptune Square Sun and Neptune Square Mars happens. It was hard, but have you ever been around a Capricorn Moon, Aries Venus, Sun Aldebaran, Mars Anterian on a good day? (transits wise) Then, no I do not want to experience the challenging ones.

    Yes I have Saturn Square Mars and Neptune Opposite my Victimhood Zosma Mars. But I have a feeling my will is pretty darn humble in Virgo already, and Sun in Aquarius is friends with Neptune so. My transits, and being a Transpersonal myself with Neptune Sextile Sun, is probably is not going to suck for me as much. But yea when I saw that I thought yes I need to away because I was stating before I even noticed it yet. What I found out, and the energies he has abused in past jobs.

    Yes, my Scorpionic intuition knew, the Universe/ God wants to have a word with him. He still has nary a connection to it, more a mere rebellion. Ah that is a Sag Mars can it not be, rebellion, on the concept of god and religion. I did (read him) just now (a term one is heard when under arrest in the states) his Venus in Ariean rights. Those were not too good. I am becoming a amazing astrologer through love and pain. Having Scorpio Moon is great for this, because it hurts so deep you find all the nooks and crannies in a placement.

    Thanks Jamie.

    • Greetings Jason. I have known people with the archangel stars strong in theirs charts, and I’m one too. Very powerful stars and they give strength but intensity and many ups and downs. Good to hear you have gained the confidence in astrology, it makes a big difference.

      • I know you get 1000’s of emails about breakups so thanks for the response, no biggie if none to this one.
        Sometimes its just therapy writing it out.

        Yea I didn’t want to believe it, but he is also a Mercury R, and Combust person. He has 3 depressive signs
        Pisces ASC Cap Moon and Gemini Sun, so he is just a super super complicated person to be around. But My Scorpio Moon likes it -sorta. He thinks it is everyone else, I could be around him for a couple of days a year and a half after he asked me to move in with him. But I told him, about bringing that feeling from the 5th heart chakra with sacredness, and not a Venus In Arien head trip.

        I thought it was meant to be as we both have the same last names. Venus Neptune Trines both ways in Synastry and Composite, but Im rarely in relationships myself as I have SUN URANUS PLUTO signatures all over my chart. Leo ASC, AQSUN, SCPMoon. Uranus in Scorpio, Pluto Trine Sun, Sun Square Uranus,

        That is alot of energy , so many people cannot take my strong truth telling personality. But lucky I have these in my chart repeating, so I did get him to take some detours in life no one else would have stood up to him to do. If he ever acknowledges it, it will be a miracle.

        I have seen people die from Saturn Conjunct Mars, so I hope he just has a brush with responsible will. But Scheat Rising and all this fixed star maddness with a Mercury Retrograde, hmm we will see. All I know is I do not want to become a victim even more with my Zosma Mars. I try to defuse defuse defuse, its alot of calls to a internal fire department. Just wish Hed stop all the worry, Virgo South Node.

        I really let him have it safely via text message. I have no idea if this will make a Mercury Combust person even worse, but my intution is to just let them have it. As they pretty much keep everyone else so far away as to not ever have anything. I heard Pluto in Virgo can do this too. My Mercury Trine Pluto Uranus contacts don’t play around when it comes to sticking up for the underdog though.

  12. I have Saturn on 3°39′, opposing Neptune and Jupiter in natal chart… just wondering how it will effect me?

    • Born in 1971? My brother has this configuration too. May have to do with becoming more self aware about destructive habits, dealing with bad memories and destructive subconscious behaviors. Overcoming fear of success and self-sabotage.

      • Thank you, Jamie! Yes, born in 1971, 3rd decade Cancer. I’ll do my best, at least to try… but all those transits of Uranus, Saturn, now Neptune, then Pluto… for the last few years my life turns upside down. I have to rise from the ashes (like Phoenix) and I only need to gather enough strength. So all you said is helpful and sounds really promising. Thank you!

  13. Hi my birthday is on April 6th 1988 my time on birth 10:20pm soo my sun is Aries my rising sign is Scorpio and my moon is sagg? Thank you x

  14. “With two more of these fearful aspects to come in 2016, you can see how this full moon really brings it on so strong, right in our faces”

    Yes, Jamie – I’m sensing a lot of xenophobia with this aspect w/ Saturn in Sagittarius…especially in the wake of the Paris attacks. They are already closing the doors to Syrian refugees here in The States. Sometimes I really dislike being a Jupiterian nation – people forget what a bigot this planet can be. The Land of Opportunity is slowly degrading into The Land of Prejudicial Jackasses it would seem.

    • Yes I heard that on the news Denise. Here in Australia we are taking 12,000 refugees from the Camps in the countries near Syria. Some backlash since the Paris terror attack but we are generally very welcoming. I read over the Saturn square Neptune post:

      There will be an increase in the frequency and severity of disasters associated with oil, mines, drowning and extreme weather. Also suicide bombings, assassinations and massacres.

      Society will struggle for liberation from tradition or authoritarian rule, which will include religious freedom and the rights of refugees and women.

      The biggest struggle will be for the most basic of human rights as a result of subverted religious fundamentalism.

  15. Hi my natal sun is 3 degrees sagittarius my natal moon is 19 degrees Gemini how will I be effected

    • Nothing to affect your Moon Tanya, But a birthday full moon sure impacts on your Sun, which is your vitality, pride, ego and goals. I wrote about it in your monthly horoscope: The November 25 full moon will extend this period of fear and uncertainty until the December 11 new moon. It could well make you more sensitive to any negativity around you and more emotional than usual.

  16. Hi Jaime, how is this full moon works with the last new moon? The last new moon was all happiness & good fortune and this sounds like the opposition?… So will the “nice” influence of the previous new moon only last 2 weeks?
    Many thanks, Colibri

    • Really good question Colibrie.They are basically opposite in effect. You have to apply this to your own chart. Write down the aspects to your chart from the new moon, and now again for the full moon. It will make more sense then when it applies to you, not just in general.

      For example, a A new moon on your DC means partnerships are the big issue for the next month. The a full moon trine Saturn would means marriage or another form of commitment in the following two weeks. A full moon square Saturn may mean a breakup.

  17. Hi Jamie- how does this full moon affect those who are born under the Taurus sign. I’m born on April 24.1985. I’ve been feeling extremely irrational with my emotions with the this feeling of despair and anxiety.

    • April 24 means your Sun is about 5 degrees Taurus, so read Taurus decan 1 horoscopes. I always mention moon phases if they are relevant for your decan. This full moon does not impact strongly on your Sun, but considering you are feeling things at the emotional level, it sounds like the Moon in your chart is being effected.

  18. Hi Jamie,
    I really enjoy reading your posts… primarily for their positivity, even when the forecast looks not too great.
    So please please tell me that my annus horribilis is nearing to its end, I could really do with some reassurance here
    Born 29 November 1967 00.30 am
    Thank you

    • Thanks Cassiopeia. Sun about 7 Sagittarius I would certainly have talked about this moon phase in your monthly horoscope for Sag decan 1.

      The November 25 full moon will extend this period of fear and uncertainty until the December 11 new moon. It could well make you more sensitive to any negativity around you and more emotional than usual. You may be dealing with some difficult issues involving your home, family or partner this week. Although the December new moon does not directly impact your decan, it is important because it will act to release the grip of Saturn and lighten your load. You should increasingly feel a greater sense of freedom and happiness from then on.

      • Very interesting to hear that someone born the same year as myself is praying for an end to a rough year; I am exactly 5 months older than Cassiopeia to the day, though for me it’s been more like three years. I have Taurus ascendant at 16°49′ and could sure do with some relief, but it sounds like I best not hold my breath.

  19. My Gemini is ruler of my 12 th house. Cancer sun/rising. How will this moon affect me? I have no natal planets in my 12 th

    • That will depend on which decan you are. If a moon phase apples directly to you then it will be mentioned in your monthly horoscope.

  20. Hi Jamie, I’m wondering how much this full moon might impact me. I was born on January 24, 1970 at 11:15 AM. It’s been a so-so year with it’s ups and downs and I was hoping to squeak out quietly. Thanks.

    • This is a better full moon for Aquarius decan 1, As mentioned in your monthly horoscope: This full moon is full of fear and guilt, but this does not apply so strongly to you. Your Saturn transit is giving good karma.

  21. Hi Jamie, after a closer look, I noticed that the full moon will occur as a sextile to my moon in Aries, along with my Jupiter in Leo. Does that take some of the edge off? Thanks

    • Sure will Wendy. Sextile Moon is especially good as a it soothes and balances the emotions which a full moon does focus on.

  22. Hi Jamie,it’s my birthday on the full moon (25.11.52) would appreciate any info.Thanks Bridget

    • Hi Bridget, I wrote about this in your Sagittarius decan 1 monthly horoscope. “It could well make you more sensitive to any negativity around you…”. And of course you will feel it especially strongly being a birthday full moon, and its influence can last much longer as it stays active in your 2015 solar return chart.

  23. Hi Jamie,

    I would be grateful for any information as I was hoping that I was coming out of my Saturn period with started in possibly??February (unsure of month but would love to know) 1992 and yet this has been very strange year for me.
    DOB 24.01.1976 10.13am Many thanks, Astrobear 🙂

    • There is no Saturn “period” that long to worry about. Saturn transits only last a month or so unless extended by retrograde periods. This is a good full moon for Aquarius decan 1 and you have just finished a good Saturn transit: Saturn sextile Sun transit.

      • Thank you Jamie for your reply and your time, most kind of you. Sorry about my username mixup!

  24. Hi sir, i’m Rub from India, will my natal Pluto squaring Venus already cause more problems for me? and what would do advise me to do?

    • This full moon does not impact on Scorpio decan 2. Your Pluto transit means you should try to avoid being too compulsive or obsessive in your love life.

      • Thanks a lot Jamie! I read this to relief earlier. I wish I could “like” this !
        I was a little too worried because my exams were approaching. Its been weird this year..the Pluto transit has caused a lot of problems (inside mostly) this year than the last one.. Maybe because my mars was affected by Saturn Squaring Neptune theme as it’s at 5 degrees Virgo?
        And I’m at my last 7 days of my Pluto Transit now.. 🙂 I’m just doing almost nothing now, just trying to see what I’ve learnt..and “tying loose ends”, is that wise?
        To control really was futile.

        • Yes, sounds like you have a good handle on it Rub. The weakening affect on your Mars should have left you feeling drained so you will need time to recuperate.

  25. Yes you are the Astrology King! I have not come across so much depth before…

    I am a fish born 15 march 1970. I have been working very hard on an application… Should i submit it on the full moon?

  26. hi Jamie
    I read it and it all makes sense, but why is there such chaos, when i desire is love and openness? and to change habits? i try so hard to be understood

    virgo 25.8.70 7.30pm UK

  27. Very nicely done! Spot on astrology explained clearly and succinctly. I’m already experiencing the outer bands (like a hurricane!) of the potential emotional storms this Full Moon intends to offload. Grieving the loss of a family member as well as putting so many aspects of my own biography in order. Thank you, Jamie.

  28. Hi there, this full moon sits on my anti-vertex exact. my vertex being 3 degrees sag. How would you see that playing out?

    • Something to do with destiny encounters. It may depend on what aspects the previous new moon made to your chart. This full moon is conjunct my Vertex at 2 Gemini. How about we compare notes in a week or so?

  29. How do I know how bad this full moon will effect me? What on my chart should I look for?

  30. I’m an Aquarius, I was born on February 3rd. Can you tell me about my November? Thank you!!

  31. Hi Jamie. I am a Virgo born August 29th 1981 at 858 pm. After reading this article it makes sense to me why I’ve experienced such a heavy November. However November and December of the last 3-5 years have been difficult for me. Is this full moon of guilt and fear a common phenomenon at this time of the year?

  32. Just curious how this affects a Gemini directly.

    I was born on June 8th 1987

    Is a Gemini more affected than the other signs?

    Curious how this would also affect a Gemini to Gemini relationship?

    • You should not feel it so strong Veronica as you belong to Gemini decan 2. It is Gemini decan 1 that is going to feel it more strongly than others. Also decan 1 of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. If one Gemini partner was in decan 1 they you would expect them to be having a very difficult time right now.

  33. Just to see if I’m understanding astrology correctly lol… This full moon is forming a t-square to Neptune right?

  34. Funny how this doom and gloom Saturn Neptune square not touching me straight at moment – because I just had Mercury conj my natal Saq Venus and now Sun conj. natal Saq Venus. Saturn had just left my Venus as well in peace. Everything is so clear and easy, even the Full Moon opposed my Venus- still good and fine. I’m Gemini rising with exact ASC conj Rigel and Moon conj. Polaris in Gemini. I would say- one of the calmest and peaceful’s Full Moons this year!

    • Not me.. I am a Taurus but my personality is Scorpio. And the 26th here in middle Canada. I fell apart so bad it was an emotional train wreck of everything that ever was or went wrong in my life. Can you say suicidal.. brain aneurysm uncontrolled tears. And it did take about 2 wks to mend fences after that. I now Feb 18th 19th etc 2016 am feeling pains and aches and extremely sensitive to all others energies including my own. Very up and down and teary. I am an empathic infuitive. But I just realized how the full moon affects me at least 3 days prior and decided to look it up and found you. Spot on!!!. I am not so much guilt this time but really fearful !!! and poor digestion.. eye aches body swelling. Wide awake can not sleep. Shit I’m like the ocean. Lol Do I need to hibernate during these cycles or what?

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