New Moon 11 December 2015 – Leap of Faith

New Moon December 2015 AstrologyThe New Moon on Friday December 11, 2015 at 19° Sagittarius falls just within Sagittarius decan 2. The New Moon astrology activates a resurgent Uranus Pluto square, suggesting a final evolutionary leap required to adapt to the massive change and upheaval of recent years. Positive aspects from the new moon to a Mars Uranus opposition gives all the initiative and courage required to make this exciting leap of faith.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. With Sun conjunct Moon, all possibilities are on the table and we can rightly put ourselves in the forefront of new plans for the future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as we search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list on a blank sheet of paper.

However, the impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a new moon means that not all new projects will succeed. The influence of a new moon last for four weeks up to the next new moon, in this case, the new moon on Friday 11 December 2015.  The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of a new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the moon lasts from the December 11 new moon until the December 25 full moon.

New Moon December 2015 Astrology

When interpreting moon phases I usually start at the Moon then work from there. For the New Moon December 2015 astrology chart, I am going to take the opposite approach, starting with the outer planets and working in. This is because of the outer planets being of major importance in this new moon phase.

Saturn square Neptune has the tightest orb of these outer aspects at 1°38′ but it is not the stronger of the two in this case. It is still an important influence and gives a background of guilt and fear to this new moon. The November 25 Full Moon featured this depressing aspect most strongly.

Uranus square Pluto was the major long-term aspect during the last few years. It had faded away with an orb of 7 degrees, but Uranus retrograde lately has brought it back to an orb of influence of just 2°17′ for the December 11 new moon. It won’t get much stronger than this with Uranus turning direct on December 25. We have to do a quick recap on this major aspect because it links into our new moon as you can see in the chart below, through the blue trine aspect to Uranus.

Uranus square Pluto represents some drastic change and upheaval in our lives over recent years that was generally out of our control. Routines and structures changed abruptly, forcing is to evolve rapidly. Combined with Saturn square Neptune we now become more apprehensive and anxious about making the necessary changes to fit into the new dynamic. We are basically afraid of what a very unpredictable future holds for us.

Mars opposite Uranus is very powerful at 0°13′ orb. This is a trigger which activates the rapid change in our lives that is needed to adapt and survive. Although a challenging aspect, it is vital in promoting change because Saturn square Neptune wants us to remain behind. The opposite of evolution is extinction. Mars opposite Uranus increases reaction time but there is a tendency toward impulsive and dangerous action being taken. Increasing restlessness leads to a buildup up of hot energy that wants to express itself though outlandish or shocking actions. The action is usually physical or sexual and can be violent. Anger may come out as insults or other mean and nasty ways based on the fears or paranoia of Saturn square Neptune.

Thankfully, the angry red line representing Mars opposite Uranus is soothed to a large extent by the cool blue lines to our new moon as shown below. This offers us a way to release the aggressive and spontaneous energy in a safe and constructive manner. The dashed blue line is the energetic sextile to Mars, and the solid blue line is the harmonious trine to Uranus.

New Moon December 2015 Astrology

New Moon December 2015 Astrology

Sun sextile Mars urges us to take positive action. It gives us ample confidence, courage, and the initiative to tackle the most difficult of tasks. We can be more assertive without offending, while competing to win. Moon trine Mars gives passion and an accurate intuition. While still acting in a competitive way, it gives a more harmonious and cooperative motivation. Together, a new moon sextile Mars is ideal for taking positive action. We will instinctively know what is best for us based on our strongest desires.

Sun trine Uranus increases the reliability of our intuition. It makes change flow more smoothly and further boosts confidence levels. It open the mind to allow for more possibilities and gives the spark needed to initiative positive change. It reduced the inhibitory effect of Saturn square Neptune and helps us act in a manner that expresses our own unique identity.

The new moon bridges the gap between Mars and Uranus, making it easier to react to rapid change. All new moon’s favor making a new start, and the December 11 new moon certainly does that. The positive aspects to Mars and Uranus reduces the risks involved with reacting spontaneously to changing condition. This new moon gives the initiative and insight to take the final evolutionary leap which is now required, after the years of major changes and upheaval from Uranus square Pluto. New moon December 2015 also gives the self-confidence and courage to put the fear and insecurities of Saturn square Neptune behind us.

Sun square Jupiter suggests that the new moon will test our faith. This makes sense anyhow, as some radical changes are needed to overcome the stagnating effect of the Saturn Neptune square. It will be important not to let the confidence given by the new moon go to our heads. It can give a tendency to overestimate abilities and resources, or waste energy.

Fixed star Sabik at 18°11′ Sagittarius is conjunct the new moon. Although this star can have an unfortunate influence, with the Sun and Moon it is more favorable. It means we can take action based on sincere and honorable intent. It is known for giving moral courage and success in general, although there may be some secret jealousy to deal with and trouble through relatives.

Update December 2: Thanks to Annastacia for pointing out Pluto conjunct Asteroid Pallas Athena – Warrior Queen, creative intelligence, strategic thinking, pattern recognition. father-daughter relationships.

Also, note that December 11 is the same date the 2015 Climate Chance Conference concludes in Paris.

If this new moon directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it effects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

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Next Moon Phase: Full Moon December 2015

New Moon December 2015 Times and Dates
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New York
11 December – 2:29 am
11 December – 5:29 am
11 December – 10:29 am
11 December – 3:59 pm
11 December – 8:29 pm

63 thoughts on “New Moon 11 December 2015 – Leap of Faith

  1. Thanks, Jamie. I re-read this, and thought about — “the opposite of evolution is extinction” — That’s quite profound! I’ll have to bring that up at a creationist meeting. 😉

    I’m pretty sure this New Moon will be a positive sign for me. Mars is close to my Saturn-Neptune point in Libra, a good source of inspiration and concrete results throughout my life. Thanks for the great articles, I read them, but don’t comment on every one. Cheers!

  2. New moon will bring happiness in my life because I am Sagittarius decan 2. My progressing rising sign in leo. My Neptune in Sagittarius. So coming days are good for my soul mission. Great !!!

  3. Hi Jamie, you are great!
    When is the best time to get pregnant according the moon cycle.


    • Never had that question before Alex. This is particular to each individual because everyone’s cycle is different. But you are correct to link it to the moon cycle.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    A new moon and an almost exact hit to my natal Neptune (19.54 Sagittarius, 5 house) which currently squares transiting Jupiter and sextiles my natal Pluto [so when mars will sextile the new moon it will also conjunct my natal Pluto (which was already hit by the new moon of October and squares my natal venus)]… I am really wondering how my natal Neptune would bring it’s energy to all these aspects…What can I expect with this new moon? …. is this new moon related to previous moons or eclipses as transiting Jupiter is still close to the degrees it had at the time of eclipse of September?

    I can feel that this new moon will be important for me as Saturn, sun, mercury and moon will be transiting my 5th house and transiting Uranus is close to my midheaven but not sure how to link this to the Uranus Pluto previous squares … “Uranus square Pluto represents some drastic change and upheaval in our lives over recent years that was generally out of our control.”….in fact the most drastic changes and upheaval in my life in the recent years have been related to work and house/family matters …

    As an aside, the last full moon was quite heavy with some jarring news related to health… I also had some potential important career opportunities …but I am more concerned about the health issues as the Saturn and Neptune aspect will come back again in 2016 … would it be like a second stage of the same news or could it be a completely unrelated matter?

    Always a pleasure to read your posts 🙂 Thanks!

    • Sounds like faith and religion will be issues with the Neptune-Jupiter link, also hopes and dreams for the future. All new moons only have a relationships to the previous eclipses. Try not to get bogged down thinking about what influence houses may have. It is enough to work out what the aspects and transits mean. As for the Saturn-Neptune health issues, check how Mercury retrograde aspects your chart. Jupiter also turns retrograde in January. Thanks as always for your contribution!

      • Thank you Jamie for putting some light on this forthcoming new moon 🙂
        I just found out that my vertex is at 22.13 Sagittarius so I guess it will also be touched by the new moon and may it bring something fated?
        I have also found out that my Neptune is trine a pre-solar natal eclipse (18.17 Leo) and my north node is on Leo at 20.11 ….and once again we come back to the degrees of the eclipse in September …I wonder if this means something! Any thoughts? …an transiting Chiron is just opposing my Juno and by one degree my natal Jupiter ….would this help or hurt? As for Saturn-Neptune.I will have a look at my chart . Thanks 🙂 !!

        • By the way my midheaven is at 22.12 Aries should it also be affected by the new moon? On my natal chart my neptune makes a trine to it 🙂
          I enjoy so much reading your posts that it’s a pleasure to contribute with comments 🙂

          • So is that a grand trine with MC, Neptune and pre-natal solar eclipse? And yes, new moon trine MC will help you career and other professional and personal goals, public profile etc. Though personally I would prefer to see a much tighter orb. I only add an aspect to a new moon in my diary if it is within one degree usually. Contributions like yours are what makes my job so enjoyable, best job ever!

        • Here is the best info I have found on the Vertex: What is the Vertex?, Alice has real hands on experience studying this for a long time. Pre natal lunations have a lot to do with the soul and karma, and yours seem to be very good there. Haven’t researched Juno yet so no help there.

          • Oh what a moon! I have had unexpected new related to a house transaction …so yes it’s a question of faith and hope here …a little hit to dreams and future and some kind of disappointment with a person which mercury conjunct my MC and trine my neptune (and therefore all the grand trine ) and sun trine my neptune and square (3 degree orb) my venus …. I guess that new moon has hit on both of us …hope outcome would be good at the end 🙂

            Yes my MC in Aries (22.12) makes a trine to my Neptune and my vertex in Sagittarius and also a trine to my north node and pre-natal solar eclipse in Leo and my north node and pre-natal solar eclipse make a trine to my vertex and natal neptune. (but it also oppose my natal Pluto and mars and square my venus). If the ruler of my MC (mars at 29.16 libra) is oppose (not a very tight orb) to the MC even though… would that override the grand trine?

            My pre natal eclipse square my chiron (on 10th house Taurus)….is my soul wounded and my neptune healing or asking me to be compassionate with myself? It also square my natal uranus which by the way was hit by the previous new moon in November ….and sextil my natal pluto which was also hit by the new moon in October ….I read somewhere that pre-natal eclipses and post natal eclipses curbs show your life path …this pre-natal eclipse seems to be important but still can’t understand what I should do with it 🙂 !

            As for the Vertex. Thank you for pointing out to Alice’s post. Very interest indeed.
            “The Vertex axis can be likened to a doorway that gives access to other realities. It is usually highly emphasised, with a planet conjunct (orb 8°), in the charts of people who have this ability.”
            “making it at least as important as that of the Ascendant and MC.”
            “If the Vertex axis has a planet or Node conjunct, it often becomes an over-riding force that makes the Vertex and that planet stronger than anything else in the chart, including a planet conjunct the Ascendant or MC.”

            That confirms what I have always felt: my Neptune is important in my chart and probably it explains why I have lively dreams and a strong intuition. Maybe it explains why people sometimes tell me that I have a very strong aura and high vibration energy ?
            The thing is I am not at all neptunian when it comes to escape reality or addictions …. could it be my 4 planets in Virgo a good balance to it?

            “A planet conjunct or in a close to exact aspect to the Vertex tends to give a specific and often intense destiny” Well still guessing what my destiny could be 🙂 !

            Many thanks Jamie for your time, your clarifications and congratulations for your so engaging posts!!

          • Glad you found it helpful. A Virgo stellium would be a good balance yes. I have had a number of surreal experiences with conjunctions to Vertex, especially in synastry.

  5. Hello Jamie, a very compelling read once again. I’m optimistic to a certain point, as the cool blue line of Neptune trine Venus will pretty much create a Grand Trine with my natal Sun at 6 Cancer ’49-and then there’s the New Moon, which is within 2 degrees of being trine my natal Venus at 21 Leo, along with Mars opposition Uranus actually forming reasonably friendly aspects to that same natal Venus. And I see that Pluto is about to form a trine to my Taurus Ascendant But then, the New Moon also forms a square to my natal Uranus and Pluto…so there is a lot going on and a little help deciphering the upshot of this is deeply appreciated 🙂

    • You have a really good handle on the energies flowing through your natal chart at the moment Wendy. You are sure ready to make the most of Pluto trine AC evolving your soul.

  6. ‘suggesting a final evolutionary leap required to adapt to the massive change and upheaval of recent years.’

    Goodness, but thats optimistic – especially given Uranus Pluto is still in square for several more years. There is this ongoing myth/belief in New Age circles that there is some kind of AHA point in evolution where we all collectively get ‘it’.

    • Greetings Marina. Uranus square Pluto is in tightest orb of one degree in early February 206, then gets weaker. The evolutionary leap is personal which is not so new age. We all spiritual evolve to some extent. Science has shown that evolution does occur in leaps, so this should also apply to the evolution of the soul. Evolution is induced by stress, and the Uranus Pluto square is the greatest general stress we have for some time. Pluto rules genetics and Uranus rules rapid change.

  7. Thanks Jamie, I love your intepretation, it seems clear sighted, direct. I am excited for the new sun moon conjunction, though it is in my 3rd house sextile my aquarian sun / vesta 6th, square my natal pluto a 22 degrees virgo (conjunct natal uranus, with current transiting north node there in 1st house). My ascendant is 4 degrees virgo, with jupiter conjunct 2 degrees 12th (10.02.68, 19:37 Canberra).

    In 2016 I return to post grad studies, to research new idea on therapy, (scorpio neptune 3rd trine pisces mars/ chiron 7th, sextile pluto & uranus 1st), after 2014 was difficult year for health (excess medicines, chronic illness). A charismatic influential healer I met very powerfully assisted with positive change. I ceased contact after last years december eclipse, around 18/12/14. I’ve recovered, and very grateful for their influence, and was intend establishing contact again but I sense there may be an alterior motive, life changing aftermath, price for my affection, gratitude? I met them around August 14 2104, a supermoon, and it seems everything was shaken up, upset as a consequence of the catharsis. There’s an undertow; intuition tells me I will deal with this again regardless, so I wish to make my good intentions clear. Since I have secured steps to being confident, thanks to them, I feel “tied”, with regard to my future.

    If I do not make an effort, I will regret it, since my current domestic state, previous faith / commitents prove to be stifling me. Transiting 3rd house saturn square transiting 7th neptune. My natal moon cancer is trine current venus, neptune, but my natal venus capricorn and aries saturn / north node is dealing with current tranist of 5th house pluto and 8th uranus square. A bipartisan TCM healer is helping my maintain change for “constraint”, as is a teacher of spiritual martial arts. They protect me for me now…but I know I have unfinished business with the first shamanic teacher who healed me. You comments will be enlightening, very appreciated.

    • Subject to manipulation by dark forces with Pluto Rx Yod apex to Sun sextile North Node. Be your own guru. Sun on Nashira “causes overcoming by evil, which is turned to success,” trust your own powerful psychism with Pluto on Alkes. A full moon on your moon is time to break emotional dependency. Trust own spirit guides and maternal ancestors to provide protection as you undertake your spiritual calling.

  8. I have a 6th House Saturn at 19Sag27 in a tight square to both my Sun and IC, so this New Moon will impact me strongly. My father principle, Saturn, is in a state of crisis, 6th House, pertaining to belief and faith, Sagittarius. My father is a biochemist who was employed as a research scientist by the CIA when I was a young child. Guess who was offered up to be the subject of government trauma-based mind control experimentation? Natally, I have Pluto 2Vir, Pallas 3Vir, Mercury 4Vir, Venus 5 Vir all in the 3rd House quindecile an 8th House Chiron. It is my Pallas that is in the tightest orb to Chiron, pointing to the father-daughter relationship. It is interesting to me that Pluto is conjunct Pallas with this New Moon.

    I have an earthly father. I also have a father in heaven, a spiritual Father. My earthly father subjected me to trauma in order to deliberately create multiple personality disorder. I have traumatized alters who hid for many years behind internal barriers. Some alters are still frightened, and still in hiding. I cannot know God, my heavenly Father, while cowering behind false beliefs that I cling to as if my life depended on it. How can I entice my alters, my terrified childhood parts, to abandon their false security?

    “We have to face a situation like this as if God sent it to us for a blessing, because once this problem is met through spiritual understanding, we’ll never have it again.” – Joel Goldsmith

      • I always like to think that there is a positive potential as well as a negative potential to every planetary position. I have a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and tend to be a starry-eyed idealist, seeing the good in everything (except my very-Virgo self). I was 54 before I could even begin to see that I had been abused as a child. I am 57 now. It was extremely confusing for me to begin to face this. Everyone in my family, including my children, has denied it and turned their back on me. My intuition told me the exact dates for extreme abuse. I looked up the charts. The astrological evidence makes a stack about a mile high. But who believes astrology? Well, I do. It was astrology that gave me the encouragement to keep listening to my intuition, no matter how ego-shattering that was. My little childhood alters talk to me now, and a nice thing is that they also listen to me. Before, we were completely dissociated. I don’t want to deny what happened to me as a child. It was truly horrific. But I also want to see the purity, the innocence and the oneness of everything–the spiritual reality. This, of course, includes good old Pluto and the CIA. There’s the practical reality and then there’s the spiritual reality. I want to be able to see both clearly and be at peace.

      • No, that would be transiting Chiron on natal Sun. Transiting Sun at a full moon conjunct natal Chiron would expose, or shine a light on the deepest wounds in your soul.

  9. My boyfriend found out this past Full Moon in Nov that he’s being deployed to the Middle East after Obama, et al decided to send 200 specialized troops. Although he didn’t have planets conjunct that full moon– Today’s New Moon is conjunct exactly his Natal Neptune in the 4th house, and this New Moon conjuncts his IC, squares his Asc, and trines his Natal Pluto. For me, the New Moon is conjunct my Neptune by 1 degree, is conjunct my IC and is trine my Natal Moon, Natal Mars, Natal Pluto. He’s leaving tomorrow for what seems like war…. You’re correct that new moons are linked to past eclipses (which is a connection for him because that’s when he went back into active duty) and had to drop out of his medical residency. Any thoughts on what this could all mean- will he be okay? and when will he be likely back in the U.S. (when all those retrogrades in 2016 in April/May/June)?

    • Thanks for the feedback about the link to previous eclipse Lily. IC square AC is not recognized as an aspect as it is so common. The positive aspects to the other planets sounds like a good omen that all will be OK. It might be worth looking at aspects from upcoming eclipses for timing of the return home. Best wishes to both of you.

  10. Hi, I just found out that me and my partner are pregnant and we conceived on this date, 12-11-2015. Any thoughts??

    • Conception horoscopes are very sensitive and relates mainly to deep soul level issues. Congratulations, you should be happy with that.

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