Full Moon December 2015 New Partnerships

Full Moon December 2015 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Friday 25 December 2015 is at 3 degrees Cancer, in Cancer decan 1. The full moon astrology has a strong focus on love and friendship. There are two prominent stars and an aspect pattern which all say the same thing. This is an ideal full moon for strengthening the bonds in an existing relationship or for finding a new romantic partner. Socializing is favored in general, and this is a particularly good moon phase for negotiating peaceful settlements to disputes and for finding common ground in business or legal matters.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started since the December 11 new moon can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationships imbalances causing disharmony. The influence of a full moon last for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the new moon on 9 January 9 2015.

Full Moon December 2015 Astrology

This is a lovely full moon with an emphasis on close relationships and cooperation. Both the fixed star on the full moon and the major aspect pattern share this theme of closeness and friendly communications. There is one aspect to the full moon which is a trine to Neptune, a relatively weak influence so I will focus on the fixed star then the aspect pattern focused on Venus.

Fixed star Tejat Prior, at 3°39′ Cancer lines up closely with our full moon. Although in the Cancer Sign, this star belong to the Gemini Constellation. Since the Greeks fixed the slowly moving constellations at 0° Aries in their Zodiac over 2000 years ago, the stars and their constellations have moved 30°, or a whole Sign forward in relation to our Western, or Tropical zodiac.

It is because of this process called precession, that I use fixed stars for horoscope interpretation, rather than the Signs. The Signs derive their names and meanings from the Constellations anyway. This provides a more logical, factual, specific and accurate interpretation than one based on the broad generalizations of Sun Signs. Stars emit energy, Signs do not.

With the star Tejat Prior being of the nature of Mercury and Venus, the December 2015 full moon promotes open communication, love and kindness. The star gives public appeal and “the ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which win because of their manifest intelligence”.

Socially, this full moon is excellent for making new friends or tightening the bonds in existing relationships. If this full moon is well aspected in your horoscope, you will feel elegant and enjoy increased popularity. This is an ideal time for writing, giving speeches or presentations, sharing ideas and teaching. This full moon suggests success in legal matters and indicates the right time for negotiating peaceful settlements.
Full Moon December 2015 Astrology

Full Moon Minor Grand Trine

You can see in the Full Moon December 2015 astrology chart above that Venus is midway between Mercury and Jupiter, making a symmetrical triangle called a Minor Grand Trine. The blue lines to Venus are expressive sextiles, and the blue line from Mercury to Jupiter is the harmonious trine aspect.

A minor grand trine is more dynamic than the more familiar grand trine, but still suggests talent and skill at expressing and achieving love, understanding and kindness. A minor grand trine represents a work in progress, as the skills have not been fully developed as with the grand trine. The creative expression and intelligence of a minor grand trine is very similar in influence to that of the fixed star Propus.

You could not have a better planet at the focal point of this aspect pattern than Venus, as all minor grand trines strive for love and harmony. Mercury and Jupiter compliment it so well as this brings the talent for creativity and communication, also associated with minor grand trines in general. The brief interpretations for the aspects below show how the planets involved go together so well and match the theme of the fixed star.

Mercury trine Jupiter is the fuel that fires Venus. This aspect is ultimately expressed through Venus via the sextiles. It brings optimism and good news. Research, study and socializing are favored, as is making plans because of your good instinct, future-oriented and positive thinking. This is also the ideal time to clean up and organize anything from your office to your whole life.

Venus sextile Jupiter is excellent for partying and making love. You should feel warm and happy inside and will want to share the good feelings. This is an indicator of good luck and you may receive gifts, money or compliments. You will also be in a generous mood and not greedy at all.

Mercury sextile Venus is a fun-loving and friendly influence making this a great time to relax and unwind. Socializing should be more enjoyable now because of less stress and more harmony in your relationships. You will have a greater ability to express your love and affection meaning your intimate relationships can benefit from closer bonding.

Fixed star Agena at 24°00 Scorpio has a big influence on Venus. Being a lovely Venus-Jupiter star it again fits so well with the themes of love and friendships indicated so far for this full moon. It gives enough  energy and enthusiasm to let you make sacrifices for your lover or for your cause, without damaging yourself or your situation. With Venus in particular, Agena gives a pronounced sensuality with strong passions, and a tendency to form rash friendships with women.

Even though there is no aspect linking the full moon to Venus, because of the similarities of the aspect pattern and fixed star, it is fair to say that much of the energy of this full moon will be expressed through Venus, in a loving in compassionate manner.

The December 11 new moon suggested a final evolutionary leap required to adapt to the massive change and upheaval of recent years. Fitting the December 25 full moon into this dynamic allows for bridges to be mended and harmony to be found in whatever new situation you find yourself in. If relationships ended then this full moon is ideal for making new friends or finding a new romantic partner. Taking time out to relax sounds nice but the energetic nature of the minor grand trine is more suited to social interaction.

If this full moon directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

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Full Moon October 2015 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
25 December – 3:11 am
25 December – 6:11 am
25 December – 11:11 am
25 December – 4:41 pm
25 December – 9:11 pm

43 thoughts on “Full Moon December 2015 New Partnerships

  1. the grand trine aspect looks amazing. Jupiter is conjunct natal saturn 21 degrees Virgo and Venus is conjunct natal Uranus, 23 degrees Scorpio

  2. Tejat prior its a 3 degree Cancer known as propus too,but hasn’t that description,
    fits for Propus at 19° Cancer maybe?

  3. Thank you Jamie ,my sun its a 3° degree Cancer… And that description was too good to be true!!! I will wait for your article.I like very much all your site,and the clear way you write,its a pleasure!!

  4. Thanks Jamie! It will be an intense new moon for me. My Mars is at 3º Cancer, Venus at 22º Virgo, North node at 22º Scorpio.
    And Pluto is almost on top of my descendent (15º Capricorn).

  5. mars will be conjunct my natal Uranus in my natal 8th house;Jupiter will be conjunct my Moon in my natal 7th; the full moon is a few degrees off my natal mars in cancer… hope this bodes well 🙂

  6. not really affecting me being 0Cancer Sun, but my 10th house Uranus at 22Leo keeps being pinged this last year, it getting to be a bit of a sore point, even though transit Uranus no longer opposite my just under15 Libra moon in 12th. it is still being stomped on by the square from Pluto, hoping my Venus ruled blueprint chart and I may be able to work with that minor trine to cool things off a little and help the bruises heal…anyway enough self pity lol! sounds like a couple of you have potentially a good promise with this, so I send high hopes for love and joy this festive season, go get em!

  7. 3 Cancer is exactly my 12th house Saturn (ruler of my 7th house and sq. Pluto, trine Uranus). Will these projected effects of this particular full moon be positive enough when conjunct Saturn? My relationship life—eh, so up and down.

  8. This FM is going to conjunct my natal North Node in Cancer in house V. Venus is going to make a conjunction to my natal Jupiter and natal Moon both in Scorpio in my natal IX house; Jupiter is transitting my VII house.
    The Sun will be in conjunction to my natal Venus and Mercury and South Node the three in Capricorn.
    So, I think relationships and lover will be really important this time to me.

  9. Hey Jaime, this full moon will be conjunct my natal venus could it help me fixing things with my partner
    and I have a request please would you write about the coming eclipses during 2016 at the beginning of the year coz I know eclipses are important timers and I use them to plan for the coming year

  10. I believe that this full moon in Cancer will reveal the physical metamorphosis that I’ve “agreed” to undergo in order to “jump start” a mass awakening in human consciousness. After all, seeing is believing, right?! And I believe, even though I’m not well versed in all of the dynamics of astrology, that my natal chart points to this very occurrence, as does my own intuition. Without offering a personal astrology report, perhaps you could just take a look at both my chart as well as the full moon chart and offer your opinion… After all our gifts are meant to be shared with the masses, yes? 07-31-69 5:49pm Kansas City, Missouri

    • I can’t look at individual charts sorry. I would have so many request if I did and end up doing nothing else.

  11. I completely understand! Things will unfold as they will… Saturnalia in full swing should pair up nicely with the cosmic energies to help bring about the changes we all want to see in this World.

  12. I dont want to be a burden with my ignorance but i was born Dec1 1976 and i am getting nowhere in life but ill and alone , i wish i knew astrology or better yet just some inspirational words or maybe comforting because i feel as though im deteriorating. (M.Garner

    • Hi Melinda, Sagittarius decan 1 has just has a horrible run because of in late November. Things start improving late December then January looks great.

  13. Hi Jamie,

    I like when you explain the different aspects and fixed stars involved at the time of the full moon 🙂 …it’s amazing how astrology can give so many detail. I have been thinking about this new full moon and I have the feeling it will again have some impact on my chart!!

    I do not have a planet in Cancer at 3 degrees but I do have Ceres in Cancer at 7.44, my moon in Aries at 2.32, my Sun in Virgo at 4.58, Pallas at 5.35 Taurus and a pre-natal lunar eclipse at 2.56 Piscis ….as for the aspects Ceres sextile Sun and Mercury, opposes P. fortune and square lilith 16.08 Libra (not very concerned about the last one)…I am trying to figure out how this full moon will work for me …I guess my moon, the pre-natal eclipse and maybe my sun will get some direct impact and Ceres, Pallas and P.fortune not sure ….the full moon falls on my 12th house ….strategical and nurturing emotions ?? To be honest I am lost in translation with this full moon but somehow I feel I am living a chain of new/full moons that aim to shake up all my chart between eclipses…the last moon trined my pre-natal solar eclipse and this one I suspect could trigger the effect of my pre-natal lunar eclipse..any thoughts?

    By the way that’s so true: ” Projects you started since the 11 December new moon need to be fine-tuned or completed” !! That moon touched my Neptune and vertex among other things …. well I experienced a very neptunian situation as someone was very vague, evasive, trying to hide information and at the end it has shows a very disappointed aspects of the personality. Now I am trying to put some clarity and boundaries to the situation and yes it is related to love and friendship in my case.

    As an aside, the person in question has a moon at 3 degrees cancer and Mars over my Ceres and Juno over my sun….so I guess the moon will hit!

    I really hope it will bring closeness and friendly communications!
    I really need that ” success in legal matters and indicates the right time for negotiating peaceful settlements”!

    Thank you for all these post that help me to sail among moons 🙂
    May I also take the opportunity to wish you a great Christmas break !!

    • You already have a really good handle on this moon phase. The only thing I would add is your natal Sun quincunx Moon aspect. This full moon square Moon means your feelings and intuition are being tested, but your Sun conscious self will be stronger. Time to research this natal aspect from a rational perspective. Sun quincunx Moon I have not written about but it is one of the most challenging and ignored of all aspects in astrology.

      • Thank you Jamie. It has been a very complex full moon and still trying to find solutions…yes my feelings and intuition have been strongly tested although I don’t understand how my sun conscious self will be stronger… I am confronted to still give a chance to a friendship that I do appreciate and my intuition get good vibes despite the fact that right now the person is not acting at all as a friend …how my sun conscious self can help when I am asked to keep a friendship going on when this friendship is not been supportive and nurturing when I need it the most and the person has the key to help?

        I am even more concerned as mercury retrograde in January seems so complicated and I have the feeling that the war of words has already started…would the 27 be a good day to talk and find solutions? how mercury square aspect would play?


        • I’m noticing similar things in my life and with many others. The main reason is Mercury square Mars which remains under one degree orb from December 26 to January 7.

          • Good to know that other people are going through similar things 🙂 .. quite exhausting to be honest!
            Out of curiosity if in a communication matter Mars is the ruler of one person and Mercury of the other person and the current aspect is a square should this be stronger than if none of the ruler were involved? ….

            P.s: the conversation was better today than on 21st ….could it be related to the fact that Uranus square mercury was still close in terms of orb (so it was more aggresive and shocking than the one under mercury square mars)?


  14. Hi Jamie,
    I was born 02.03.80 and my life seems stagnant for almost 8 yrs now. Love seems to elude me again and again. I find myself lost. Every astrologer I’ve been to seems to say that it is a great time for good things to happen but I don’t see it. It’s beginning to make me lose faith and become cynical, which is not me.
    Hope you can throw some light on what might be going on? I’m praying for a miracle.

  15. I have sun at 3° aquarius and I got stood up during this cancer full moon in what I thought was a great budding relationship. I guess the two times we made out I bonded with him and I was an emotional wreck and cried for three days when he did not respond. We are now friends after an awkward period and some challenging talks. I see now the relationship was never realistic. I have still been worried eversince. I have had two more full mpons at 3° since withput too much drama but theres a lunar eclipse at 3° libra tomorrow, so…. I am keeping my fingers crossed. What do these mean for me? I have been on a rough road for the last five years and hope some of the lessons are learned, karma repaid, understanding understood etc. My life finally seems tp be taking off and I wonder if these endings all come with new beginnings!

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