New Moon 9 January 2016 Egomania

New Moon January 2016 AstrologyThe New Moon on Saturday 9 January 2016 at 19° Capricorn falls just within Capricorn decan 2. The New Moon astrology is intense and chaotic with the reemergence of Uranus square Pluto. Uncertainty about the future feeds into the aggression and arguments caused by Mercury retrograde throughout this moon phase.

Relationships will be subject to sadness and appointment’s for some. But for those with an open heart and mind, there is a chance of bringing a brighter future that much closer.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. With Sun conjunct Moon, all possibilities are on the table and we can rightly put ourselves in the forefront of new plans for the future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as we search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list on a blank sheet of paper.

However, the impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a new moon means that not all new projects will succeed. The influence of a new moon last for four weeks up to the next new moon, in this case, the February 8 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of a new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the moon lasts from the January 9 new moon until the January 23 full moon.

New Moon January 2016 Astrology

Mercury retrograde has a strong influence on the January 9 new moon. Mercury stationed retrograde on January 5, very tightly square Mars. this sets up an aggressive and argumentative environment for this whole moon phase. The Sun was tightly conjunct Pluto as well, suggesting extreme power struggles. This is also the major aspect of the new moon, and tied into Uranus square Pluto, we get a very impulsive, dominating type of aggression. A battle of wills fought out through a battle of words.

Fixed star Dheneb at 20 ♑ 00 is the closest fixed star to the new moon. It gives a strong goal-directed energy and a militant drive to succeed. A tendency to take control and command will exacerbate the bossy nature of Pluto.

Sun conjunct Pluto provides a surge of power and urge to control. The more sinister side of Pluto will prevail due to the challenging aspect to Uranus. We can expect ruthless behavior including threats, intimidation, stalking and spying. Competitors and enemies will go to extreme lengths to dominate and win. They will use every dirty trick in the book to manipulate things to their favor.

Sun square Uranus adds nervous tension and anxiety because of uncertainty and a feeling of impending change. The urge will be to act impulsively but this brings increased dangers. With Mercury retrograde at the same time, extra care is needed when travelling. Accidents, delays and wrong turns are more likely. With nerves already frayed, we will be extra sensitive to any shocks or surprises. The impersonal and angry side of Uranus will escalate any arguments.

Uranus square Pluto has been the source of the upheaval and chaos in recent years. This major aspect had started to fade away, but Uranus retrograde has tightened the aspect to just over one degree again. Although there are no more exact squares, dramatic and intense change is still likely.

The new moon on Pluto will make us more blinkered and resistant to change. The Uranus Pluto square is best handled by remaining flexible and open-minded. Such a powerful (Pluto) ego (Sun) will try to block the evolution of the soul necessary to transcend the chaos.

Sun trine Jupiter suggests good fortune, happiness and growth. But the orb is wider than that of the Pluto conjunction or Uranus square. This trine is easily pushed over by harder aspects, from harder planets. Given this, Jupiter may in fact, act to exaggerate and inflate the ego. It may also give a ‘no worries’ attitude and make us more complacent about the egomaniacs trying to take control of everyone and everything.

New Moon January 2016 Astrology

Venus conjunct Saturn is one of the more miserable aspects in astrology. At the global level it suggests a breakdown in peace settlements or treaties. At the personal level, it can mean sadness and disappointment in love, even separation. It is harder to feel and to give love and affection, which leads to coldness and distance in relationships.

Given the manipulative and controlling influence of Pluto, plus the aggressive communication from Mercury retrograde, Venus conjunct Saturn could even manifest as domestic violence.  But sometimes Saturn can act like glue and make Venus conjunct Saturn much better. It can indicate soul mates and bring commitment as in marriage.

Venus trine Uranus is nowhere near as strong as the Venus Pluto conjunction, but it does offer a happier alternative to those with an open mind and who can moderate their ego. New and exciting love is a possibility. It will take some effort to break free and open up to new possibilities. Saturn has a firm grip on the past but there is this chance to break free once fear and negativity is overcome.

Saturn trine Uranus is the future and Uranus square Pluto is the past. The future is farther away than the past, but future-oriented people can make the evolutionary leap. Self disciple, patience and modesty will bring the future closer.

If this new moon directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Full Moon December 2015
Next Moon Phase: Full Moon January 2016

New Moon January 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
9 January – 5:30 pm
9 January – 8:30 pm
10 January – 1:30 am
10 January – 7:00 am
10 January – 12:30 pm

47 thoughts on “New Moon 9 January 2016 Egomania

  1. the new moon is trine my natal Saturn in Virgo. Jupiter is also conjunct natal Saturn. Transiting Venus and Saturn are trine my natal sun in Aries.Transiting Uranus is conjunct my sun.I have been looking for a job for while. Do you think this might be it , Jamie ?

  2. Just realized it s a double Saturn trine Sun whammy. wow, Transiting Saturn in Saggitarius trine natal sun in Aries. Plus Sun in Capricorn trine natal Saturn in Virgo. And the new moon is in my tenth house

      • really ? My natal Saturn was hit by the solar eclipse on Sept 13th, with an orb of less than 1 degree.What should I expect : delays, increased responsibilities or a reward ? In other words, will it bring out the qualities or drawbacks of Saturn ?

          • Saturn in conjunct Denebola, not the best placement. But it is sextile natal Uranus in Scorpio,quincux natal Aries Sun and opposite natal Mercury in Pisces.
            Thank God natal Jupiter is tighly conjunct Regulus, 00 degrees Virgo

  3. Hello Jamie:

    Every word is this article is so powerful! My boss’s birthday is the day before, the same day that actually I receive my Venus Return. He is depicted by the picture here… so painfully true…

    Saturn is conjunct my Venus at 11º also. Let’s see. I can’t wait to see how this will evolve.

    Your astrology site is impressive. I am amazed!


  4. Hi, Jamie, I have students performing in NYC in an off Broadway workshop on 1/9. Just reading about this new moon. What do you think the chances of success for this performance would be? I am an Aries, 3/22/61 cancer rising. Thanks Teri

    • The new moon itself does not have a major influence on Aries decan 1 but it is helpful because it brings to and end the previous challenging moon phase. So overall, it is a positive for you. Best of luck!

  5. Hi Jaime, I am so worried about January 9th and the new moon and all that surrounds it. I have an AGM on that very day and feels nervous about it. Any advice?


      • Hi Jamie

        I’m Pisces , would greatly appreciate your feedback if January 9th will be a success for me at the AGM.



          • Hi Jamie

            I’m Pisces , would greatly appreciate your feedback if January 9th will be a success for me at the AGM. I am DECAN2.

            I hope at this time I got right!!!!



            • Yes Sharon, we got there. This is excellent timing with a new moon on that day making a helpful aspect to your decan. Although the new moon itself sounds difficult, it will work well for you, increased personal power and influence.

  6. Hi Jamie, always a pleasure to read your posts! I am deeply concerned about this new moon…It’s once again shaking up my chart!! When would I have a break?!

    The new moon will oppose my natal Venus 19.12 cancer (12th house)….so my guess is that money, emotions and harmony will be strongly hit …Would this new moon increase the intense and chaotic communication that I have now? I am already experiencing aggressive and argumentative environment as well as power struggles… from a very impulsive, dominating person who use words to hurt. Would the new moon increase that or can I expect some change (for good)?

    Mercury has been in opposition in the last days to my natal Venus and I had a very sad time emotionally… should I expect the new moon to keep the lead on what mercury started? because it was also squaring my natal Pluto and my MC ….

    How it can bring a chance of brighter future? Would my Jupiter in Virgo at 17.14 be of help here?

    The new moon in December touched my Neptune at 19.54 Sagittarius (5th House)… would this new moon be related to it? how Neptune will feel the hit?

    I also have Pluto at 19.56 Libra (3rd house)…and my IC and MC are at 22.12 Aries … too far to be touched?

    If the person related to the situation has natal mercury conjunct my MC so mercury transit was squaring it now and the new moon will square it again …. how this would affect matters related to contracts, agreements, and communication …even more when mercury will be retrograde at the time of the new moon?

    As an aside, last year I had a very nasty new moon at the beginning of the year and the year was awful … would this new moon be the same?

    Thanks 🙂 !!!

    • Yes Meli. square Uranus is impersonal and abrupt, especially on top of Mercury retrograde. Your Jupiter is still activated from the September 2015 solar eclipse so will be helping you at least benefit from all this. This new moon supersedes the preceding one, so like a new start and the Neptune issues are behind you now. Pluto but not IC, I tend to stick to one degree orb for lunations except eclipses. No two things are ever the same because of all the ther planets being in different positions.

      • Thank you Jamie ! If the new moon will oppose my natal Venus and also touch my natal Pluto and those natally are making a square …. how I should understand this? Which is stronger the natal aspect that would be activated or the transits and new moon?

        So glad to hear that Jupiter will be helping as I need him!! hope he will bring money that is owed to me.
        If the new moon supersedes the preceding one but the matter that was related to that moon is still going on, should I understand that even if the situation is the same it will be taken completely afresh? or we will rework on it ( mercury retrograde) to resolve it?

        I really hope that this new moon will not bring a so bad year 😉
        Your work is amazing 🙂 always a pleasure to read you
        Happy new year 2016 by the way!!

        • The Venus square Pluto natal aspect is most important because it is being activated and you live with it every day. Remember all these moon phases come under the umbrella of the September eclipses, so all are related in that way. A longer term issue, say over the six months of the eclipse cycle, can be broken up into the new moon cycles like an unfolding story. Plus there will also be new issues with. A new moon should only describe a month ahead, unless it falls on your birthday. Happy new year to you too Meli!

          • Hope you are having a great start of the year Jamie!

            Thank you so much for clarifying that the natal aspect is most important (to be honest it’s not an easy aspect as natal Pluto is very close to IC)…but as you said I live with it every day and it seems that this aspect will be activated again in a couple of months…( in April transiting Uranus will be opposite my natal Pluto and very close to MC and therefore IC) …not sure where this story goes (the first opposition was so hard!)…but I have the feeling that the new moons and full moons are just a starting point in terms of changes.

            I am glad to know that a new moon only describe a month ahead! Would that rule work with full moons? I had a full moon very close to my birthday in August….Neptune was prominent at the time and eclipses have been putting light to things …Moon phases and September eclipses are such a fascinating thing ! To be honest, I am really intrigued as where these moon phases and eclipses are leading my life … the 13 September eclipse touched my natal Jupiter and Juno and the 27 September eclipse touched my natal moon and all these last moons have been somehow touching other planets at similar degrees and all linked like a pearl necklace…like the sequence of a movie… all related to love, friendship, partnerships, emotions, money and houses for me. By the way I am also on the target of the next full moon and Transiting Pluto is right now making a trine to natal Jupiter so I hope that the “good fortune, happiness and growth” of the sun trine Jupiter will increase or be intensified !! but not sure if “Sun conjunct Pluto provides a surge of power and urge to control. The more sinister side of Pluto will prevail due to the challenging aspect to Uranus. We can expect ruthless behavior including threats, intimidation, stalking and spying. Competitors and enemies will go to extreme lengths to dominate and win. They will use every dirty trick in the book to manipulate things to their favor.”….would the trine increase this surge of power and control?

            Is this last aspect (transiting sun conjunt transiting pluto and both trine natal jupiter) good for health and work matters? I am having this aspect now so I was wondering if with the new moon I will benefit from it 🙂


            • The time frames I use are:
              six months for eclipses (up to the next eclipses),
              28 days for new moon (up to the next new moon),
              14 days for full moon (up to the next new moon),
              7 days for quarter moon (up to the next new or full moon).

              The exception is if a moon phase falls on your birthday and stays active for the next whole year in your solar return chart.

  7. I forgot to say that Venus will be transiting my 5th house so the conjunction will be on this house … if the full moon of December was related to that axis 11/5 house .. would this conjunction have something to do with it? If it related to a separation would it be like an end even if it’s a new moon?

    I don’t have good vibes with the new moon … 🙁

    • Houses don’t register with me Meli. All the astrology, both moon and Mercury retrograde look awful this month, I totally agree!

  8. I am supposed to go to the museum with a guy (scorpio) I have some interest in. I am female virgo born sept. 2nd. Would this be a good date or should I reschedule?

  9. I’m going to this huge music conference in LA. It goes from 1/21-/24. I was born on 9/21/78. Is there anything to prepare or any influence you see? Being Virgo Sun/Gemini Moon I feel the Mercury Retrogrades hit me harder since my planets are ruled by Mercury. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Grace, rulerships will have no influence unless you really believe in the rules and regulations of transitional astrology. That is the only way they can work. Both the new moon and Mercury retrograde make the harmonious trine to Virgo decan 3 so you should not need to prepare, all should fall in place.

  10. WOw … lets pray we can bring peace to the world and all this conflict cease even though the stars say otherwise! Love your site and work Jamie keep up the insights much love and blessings for 2016

  11. I always like to see what Gary Goldschneider has to say:

    “Recovery is a central and recurrent theme in the lives of January 5 people. Not ones to be kept down for very long, those born on this day have a surprising capacity for comebacks—gradual or dramatic recoveries from disadvantageous situations, either of a personal or social nature. On the personal side this may mean overcoming illness, catastrophe or just plain bad luck; on the social side regaining lost status or leading a group to restore its standing.”

    And the challenge for January 5, 2016: “Not being ashamed of their spiritual or metaphysical leanings.”

    We are now in the lunar node period called The Way of Grounding: “…they have been granted the ability to manifest some pretty big dreams. Not only are they born with great drive and persistence, but they will learn the art of making things happen. Their great blessing is their inherent belief that anything is possible. They have an abundance of faith which aids them.”

    Okay, Jamie. On January 5, 2016, the transiting North Node will be at 24Vir47 conjunct your Progressed Pluto at 24Vir25. Anything is possible, right? And you have an abundance of faith, right? And I know, I gosh darn do well know for sure that you, for one, are not at all ashamed of your spiritual or metaphysical leanings. Right?

    So, okay. No need for egomania. Just let your light shine.

    • could it be the time zone?
      General: Sagittarius 12/12/83. 7:30 am EST

      Sun: Sagittarius
      Moon: Pisces
      Mercury: Capricorn
      Venus: Scorpio
      Mars: Libra
      Jupiter: Sagittarius
      Uranus: Sagittarius
      Neptune: Sagittarius
      Pluto: Scorpio
      Rising: Sagittarius.

      • Sure is Mike, depends on where in the world plus things do change slightly from year to year. You have to check the exact degree of your Sun which I get to be 19°54′ Sagittarius. So you are Sagittarius Decan 2. When reading your horoscopes, the final days of the transits will apply to you, or final month for longer term transits from the slower planets.

  12. Hi Jamie
    Hoping all is well with you!

    I have a question, I’m Decan 2 birth date March 2, 1966. Tomorrow I get to find out if I get a promotion as credit lead. Do you see me getting this promotion?

    Thank you

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