Full Moon 14 November 2016 Adjustments

Full Moon November 2016 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Monday November 14 2016 is at 23 degrees Taurus. The full moon November 2016 astrology shows where you need to make some minor changes in response to new goals you set in the previous two weeks.

The November 2016 full moon represents the karmic adjustments required to keep your loved ones on-side as you move ahead on your new spiritual path. For your spiritual goals to succeed you must respect parent/child relationships and also consider the environmental implications of your plans.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses your attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started since the October 30 new moon can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. A full moon can also be seen as an emotional adjustment, or complement, to the themes of the previous new moon.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony. The influence of a full moon lasts for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the November 29 new moon.

Full Moon November 2016 Astrology

The November 11 full moon at 23°09′ Taurus takes some drilling down to fully understand. There is only one aspect involved and it is a minor one. There are, however, more than enough alignments to dwarf planets, fixed stars and asteroids to get a clear picture of how the full moon energy will affect you.

Sun quincunx Uranus is the main aspect in the full moon November 2016 astrology chart shown below. This suggests erratic changes and general disruption in your life caused by something you started since the October 30 new moon.

Remember the new moon theme was communication and your spiritual development. A new start in any area of life, from following your true calling to meeting your soulmate. Such a new direction or development in your life is bound to leave some people feeling left behind.

This full moon pushes you to double down on your new spiritual path. You will want to express the new you in an eccentric or original way. This is great for your ego and your new goals (Sun) but is going to cause increasing tension within existing relationships and your family (Moon).

Full Moon November 2016 Astrology

Full Moon November 2016 Astrology

The women in your life, especially your mother, may appear overly protective and see your new direction as too risky. If the buildup of tension in such relationships is addressed early then your creative intelligence will kick in to find original solutions.

The full moon changes in response to your new spiritual path should be seen as karmic adjustments more than major life changes. If you rebel against the concerns of your loved ones and act with arrogance, then sudden outbursts and rash actions will cause real drama in your life.

Full Moon November 2016 Other Bodies

Minor Planet Sedna

Listed below are the fixed stars and a minor planet in relation to the full moon. Zaurak and Capulus are only minor stars but they do give a feeling of impending doom. This uneasy feeling is due to the closeness of fixed star Algol, one of the most feared stars of all.

22°37′ Taurus – Full Moon
24°06′ Taurus – Zaurak star
24°26′ Taurus – Capulus star
25°39′ Taurus – Sedna planet
26°24′ Taurus – Algol star

Minor planet Sedna is associated with long-term climate change. It is nearing its closest approach to the Sun in its 11,400 year orbit. The last time Sedna was this close, a sharp rise in temperature over 50 years led to the inundation of low-lying areas of our planet. The alignment with Algol in the coming years adds to the sense of foreboding.

If the November 2016 full moon triggers a deep melancholy it may be your intuition sensing future catastrophic events affecting large portions of humanity.

Dwarf Planets Ceres and Eris

I talked about Eris with Uranus in the October 16 full moon. Dwarf planet Eris is like a higher octave of Uranus so it amplifies the chaotic nature of change. Fixed star Baten Kaitos at 22°11′ Aries is also associated with change but is more linked to emigration or fleeing war zones.

Dwarf planet Ceres with Uranus means those most affected by the changes are mothers, step mothers and grand mothers. The protective maternal instincts of Ceres can also be displayed through single fathers.

So if visions of cataclysmic earth changes don’t put you in a bad moon then a nagging mother or mother in law may do it for you. Ceres is mothering but also nutrition and the environment as the goddess of grain; wheat, corn or rice depending where you live.

There is a strong link in this full moon between the mothering the earth and our children. The fear of cataclysmic disaster etched in our DNA comes through as a neurotic or obsessive urge to protect and nurture. This need to save our children from harm is directly linked to our need to save the environment from harm.

The same primordial mother theme can be seen throughout the full moon November 2016 astrology chart as Virgo. Although Virgo Constellation is not involved, both Ceres and Astraea represent Virgo as goddesses of mothering and justice.

Asteroid Astraea

Asteroid Astraea at 21°46′ Scorpio is under one degree from the Sun. Astrea, the virgin goddess of innocence and purity (Virgo) is closely associated with Justice (Libra).

According to legend, Astraea will one day come back to Earth, bringing with her the return of the utopian Golden Age of which she was the ambassador. [1]

Find Asteroid Astraea in Your Chart

1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. In “Additional objects”, select Astraea.If full moon November 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon October 30 2016
Next Moon Phase: New Moon November 29 2016

Full Moon November 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
14 November – 5:51 am
14 November – 8:51 am
14 November – 1:51 pm
14 November – 7:21 pm
14 November – 11:51 pm

1. Astraea (mythology) – Wikipedia.

27 thoughts on “Full Moon 14 November 2016 Adjustments

  1. Ceres and single fathers.Interesting.I have H10 Ceres conj Juno in Aries at 28 and 29 dgs.Two major relationships in my life have been with solo fathers.I have always likened this conjunction to myself being a solo parent (H10 of public reputation for being “both” parents).Thanks again for yr incredible insight Jamie.

  2. Will this full moon relate to my exam results which are set to come out on 11/18 or does it relate to a different part of my life? 2/16/79 7:55Pm Calif. Thanks, Jamie!

  3. Full Moon on my H11 natal Saturn (rules my 8th)..adjust my spending or else!The Taurus solar eclipse here in 2012 bought me H11 huge gains by way of child support owed to me from my ex..not so sure this time though!

  4. Sun is conjunct natal Uranus and square,natal Mars,in Leo.Mars is trine natal Venus and Venus is trine natal Jupiter.Saturn trine natal Sun

  5. Jamie sweetheart, WHEN WHEN WHEN will things get better for me in all areas of my life PLEASE 13.05.1957

  6. The Uranus, Eris, Ceres conjunction is trine my natal Uranus at 22Leo, I also have Ceres conjunct Vesta in Taurus, only 2 degrees from Natal Venus in Taurus of my Venus ruled chart Asc 26Libra, Desc 26Aries, Sedna 28Aries, I have very strong deep emotions and very high sensitivity to much of this, My Vertex at 28Taurus 8th house, there is much i have learned, yet respect that I am only able to offer that I have learned for my understanding, that the only way out of purgatory and its “ghosts” ie, negative habitually repetitive energy sequences imprinted on the earth energy due to traumatic occurrence or negative thought forms that haunt in the back of our minds due to trauma, caused to suffer or inflicted on others, regardless of who’s fault or is to blame, is of no consequence and matters not, it is personal responsibility to heal any negative imprints on energy with light and love, not fear, that is all they consist of, thus the only way out, is through the mists they create, guided purely by intuition and work with this prophecied timin, where the confusion of the consciousness is manifesting the chaos in the outer world, rather than wasting ones energy fighting against anything, as this only ups the anti and anti, is anti, not anything good comes of it, to have a change of heart is the best change to be having, and be that change, if nothing else. Just an offering believe as you wish, we all have that choice, I respect that.

    • ETA I concur with your matriarchal rule prediction, because as it was in our last election, where voting is compulsory, yet there really wasnt any good options that many of us trusted, an no option to cast a vote of no confidence in any of them and Donald as trump card really doesnt sit well with me considering I dont really have an opinion on it not being American and all, however, I am hearing loud and clear , Elton belting out The Bitch is back, and hoping with all my heart that I am wrong about that and just hearing things, rather than perhaps clairaudient talents lol

    • grrr should read Vertex conjunct Astraea at 26 and 27 Taurus, geez I will be happy when my ability to focus improves again lol!

  7. Mr. Jamie my Ascendant is in Taurus 3rd Decan at 23 Degrees! could you possibly tell me a little about what this means for me Aug 19 1994 Denver Co.

  8. Hi! Jamie
    l would like to know November 14full moon still can affect me? My DOB is Oct 14, 1968. Maymyo, Burma.5:30 p.m. I have been many issues this year and always on the edge. Please….

  9. dear jamie,
    how should people that do not talk to their family or mother interpret the transits or eclipses etc. to their Moon? Should it be about the home we live in then? ( where I live doesn’t really matter to me either though).

  10. Hi Jamie

    I am already facing a lot of stress and severe depression because of my mother’s behaviour. I feel I cannot escape her suffocating, controlling and bullying ways in this life and it is making me very desperate indeed. I spent my entire childhood and youth studying hard so I could escape her abusive and controlling clutches but Life really hates me,I even took up jobs I hated just to be indepdant and was planning to move away, but for the last decade I have been forced to move back in with her as I am struggling to recover from chronic illnesses that have left me housebound and unable to earn in this competitive economy (we don’t have disability pay or any support from government here). I am not sure I can tolerate living with her anymore, I did so only out of utter desperation. I am terribly desperate now and I am close to the point where anything else is better – even exiting this life. My Mars energy cannot bear to be imprisoned and now depression is increasingly self threatening. But I don’t have anyone else who will support me and my body won’t let me hold a job or have any outside social life, my fiancé left me six months ago which was the final straw.

    I truly feel like I am being punished in this Life Jamie, nothing has worked out for me. I wanted to know – am I just destined to have my lifeblood sucked dry because of my mother and emotionally abusive family that I am forced to live with, they revel in how broken I am now emotionally because they could not tolerate my indepdnance as a woman when I was healthy and able to work – should I just stop hoping for anything better and give into this life that seems to be a punishment? And how will the 14th Nov New Moon affect me, will things just get worse? My mother has been the demon in disguise all my Life, her only concern is that I stay alive so she has someone to exert power over. Like a fool I have allowed myself to believe she cares but she always waits for my defences to be down before she goes back on her word and cements my sense of powerlessness. It is very traumatic to have all control taken from me. She controls everything in my Life, I cannot even buy a pencil without her knowing it. I think my Mars has been kept from expressing itself for so long (control over my Life and independance which was always the most important thing in my Life) that now truly the only option seems to be to end it all. I am not sure I have any more left in me to wait for the positive outcome of Spica in my chart. I dread having to live another month of this Life and I understand nothing will change for at least two years.

    What am I supoosed to do this new moon? Keep quiet and behave like a good prisoner hoping for parole and giving into the power hungry warden that is my mom? The more dependant I have become the more satisfied she is. I feel like a chew toy for her, mauled up inside, she was very abusive all my childhood and would beat me up for just going to the park to play, or because I dared to run around happily at home when she was annoyed with other things. I have a lot of trauma around her and I feel I am in hell with this broken body that won’t let me escape or make my own Life.

    My DOB : 23 Feb 1982 New Delhi 8:40 am

    If you are interested, here is her details: 22 April 1957, Lucknow India.

    Even sharing details here makes me scared in case she finds this and screws me over for daring to speak my truth! Please help Jamie I am helplessly trapped and drowning now. God has abandoned me for good. I am so broken every new hit feels like more trauma I can’t handle. Need a break one way or another. Thank you for your help

    • Hi Jamie – my name is terina – it sounds like you could be the victim of malignant narcissist. Google information on malignant narcissists and survivors of malignant narcissists. Reading and a lot of writing helps but I found reading through all the information that is now available about malignant narcissists and finally understanding what was happening made beginning to heal and handle the monster so much easier. Take care and read this info – it saved me and i hope it can help you too.(just google – malignant narcissists or malignant narcissists + mothers).

  11. Conjunct my moon and mars in 10th house. They are on 24.59 degree in taurus. So what will happen Jamie?

  12. Hehheh????… I project that things will have turned full circle by the 30 Nov. new moon, feeling and sensing various pulses in work and business.

    Full moon will see me and a team engrossed in some belated breakthrough and so thankful for what might well be the first of a series of projects.

    Jamie, you mentioned a Saturn opp. Saturn transit this 23 Nov. as a major life turning point for me, a Sag. decan 3, 19 Dec. ’72, 0240 hours. Might this manifest through planned or unexpected people/events?

  13. Hi Jamie, This full moon is close to my Asc 21 Taurus. I have South Node 23 Cancer, N Node 23 Capricorn, Only thing I am working is job applications. 27/9/1972 8:47 pm Sri Lanka. Any thing significant. Thank you

  14. This moon is going be in my 7th house, Also I have sun in taurus, what does this transit means for me

  15. Hello! Why is it that when the eclipses in the same area as this full moon (back in 2012-3) messed up my education. It was then/is now with this full moon is opposite my uranus and square my mars… but why does that affect my education you think when it’s not hitting my mercury (which would be more school/education related, I imagine)? 2/16/79 7:55PM Calif

  16. Hello Jamie! I have Jupiter in Aries at 22 Deg 52′ What does that mean for me with this full moon in Taurus? Born March 12 1964 around 11:30 am Puerto La Cruz Venezuela.

  17. This Full Moon doesnt talk to me at all. And everybody is speaking about it !
    I am on a spiritual path, but I don’t feel as rebellious. No opposite!

    I had an argue between New Moon and now with someone I really care. But she was annoying me for the last 6 months. So the new moon didn’t change anything.

    If you can see something, i would really appreciate.

    24 Nov 1986 – Saumur, France 2:20 pm

  18. Jamie, this full moon is taking place in my 10th house (i have a taurus midheaven) I recently took a test for advancment (first week of nov) and applied for an overseas assignment (end of october) I also have Sun trine moon and Jupiter textile Venus transits at this time, what do you make of this and what can I expect

  19. This is crazy.. Just last night (nov. 9) my deceased grandmother came to me in a dream to tell me to protect myself n my family.. She had her own house boarded up. It’s was very strange.. But after reading this.. Not so strange after all

  20. I’m American, but I was born in England and have always found that English/British astrologers and tarot readers are more accurate for me than American ones, go figure!

  21. Hi Jamie,

    Excellent post and on the spot!

    I have been feeling the “erratic changes and general disruption in your life caused by something you started since the October 30 new moon.” and ” increasing tension within existing relationships and your family”. My natal Uranus is somehow affected by this full moon (21.50 Scorpio – right now the sun is making a conjunction to it and in the last couple of days it made a trine to my natal Venus) … not completely sure what I should expect from it taking into account that natal Uranus is involved! May it count that I received on the 10 Nov some unexpected news from third parties about unexpected availability of money…or maybe is just be Pluto in transit making a trine to natal Jupiter? In any case what worries me somehow is that my Natal Chiron is at 18 degrees Taurus …so not sure if the full moon should bring some healing or cause some pain, what do you think? or is Chiron too far to be activated by the full moon?

    Right now I feel an urgency to take a flight and come back to the place where I feel at home (which ironically is not where I am at the moment – my hometown) …I guess is just the full moon activating my natal Uranus on the 4th house. What I find interesting is that I have noticed that when my Uranus is touched by a planet there is always a change related to trips, houses, money and even my dreams and intuition are strongly activated….although I also wonder if this instead relates to the trine of natal Uranus 4th with natal Venus on the 12th (which is also forming right now a square from Uranus on Transit conjunct MC which also makes an opposition to natal Pluto! …it would seem like my chart is quite active at the moment 😉 …hope it will bring good changes !!

    by the way would you also consider that Saturn at 27 Virgo is making a trine to this full moon and that I could expect some healing in matters related to real estate?

    It’s always a pleasure to read you and I hope this full moon is going to be very good for you 🙂

    P.S: have you wrote/ do you plan to write something about Asteroid Astraea? I’m very curious to know more about it as it interacts with my natal Uranus!

  22. Hi Jaime, I am very impressed with your full moon forecast, it`s so on point!
    I live in New Zealand. Our country experienced an unprecedented string of severe earthquakes. At 12.02 am today, with the largest being magnitude 7.8, as they moved up the country
    Within 30 minutes, over a 100 km distance between the most southern epicenter and the most northern epicenter, our eastern coastline had varying degrees of collapse. Main rail and road routes blocked by land slips and broken up road, stopping all transport. Fortunately, happening at midnight, the death-tole was minimal, only two people died.
    Very erratic and disruptive behavior by mother earth, herself. Thousands of people evacuated due to tsunami warnings.
    The city of Christchurch, where I live, still, was struck by over 10,000 shocks since the massive destruction that happened 6 years ago. We are still under major reconstruction, costing many millions so far!
    We Kiwi`s, have reevaluated our lives, becoming less materialistic, supportive and compassionate mostly.
    I would be most grateful if you are able to give us some more insight to natural disasters, also concerning bad weather patterns around full moons.
    Btw, ironically, my birth date was 22/04/65
    kindest regards, Julz

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