New Moon 17 March 2018 – Sexual Healing

New Moon March 2018 AstrologyThe new moon on March 17, 2018 falls at 27° Pisces Sign in the Tropical Zodiac. The New Moon March 2018 astrology will expose painful wounds because of a close alignment with minor planet Chiron, the Wounded Healer.

The March 2018 new moon makes aspects to Mars and Uranus that form an aspect pattern called a Medium Learning Triangle. A conflict or crisis will add salt to your exposed wound but new discoveries and higher self-awareness will lead to rapid healing.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. This is an excellent time for making a fresh start and turning over a new leaf or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

The effects of the March 17 New Moon will last four weeks up to the April 15 New Moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from March 17 to the March 31 Full Moon.

New Moon March 2018 Astrology

The March 17 new moon at 26°53′ Pisces forms a triangular aspect pattern as shown in the New Moon March 2018 astrology chart below. The blue trine aspect from Mars to Uranus represents a state of harmony. This balanced state is where you would naturally want to stay, feeling comfortable and secure.

The red square aspect from the new moon to Mars represents an irritation or disturbance that unsettles the balanced state. An uncomfortable decision or action must be taken that you would prefer not to have to deal with. A crisis then develops as you are torn between wanting to relax in the blue state, and having to fight for it in the red state.

To solve this problem you must reach past the polarized thinking of the single aspects. The green semi-sextile aspect from the new moon to Uranus provides a third point of view. It represents a state of flux, experimenting and experiencing new ways to find the perfect balance. Instead of putting off dealing with the crisis of the red square, you must view the square as representing an opportunity to resolve the conflict.

Bruno and Louise Huber [1] call the this three-colored aspect pattern a Medium Learning Triangle. It represents a crisis mechanism that results in learning or development. Once this three-phase crisis mechanism is completed, new ground is broken and a state of harmony is achieved. More than one cycle may need to be completed, especially if a new problem arises.

conflictstriving for solutionharmonization

New Moon March 2018 Astrology

New Moon March 2018 Astrology Chart

New Moon Aspects

New Moon square Mars suggests that the crisis involves a challenge from an angry man, your competitors or enemies. Someone may try to assert their power over you, leading to ego conflicts. You may already be irritable and impatience, and likely to react to any provocation or threats with aggression.

This aspect can lead to a buildup of anger, resentment or sexual frustration. Such potentially destructive energies must be channeled constructively so they do not result in conflict, accidents, muscle pain or exhaustion. Exercise, masturbation or hard work will work so long as you don’t over extend yourself and strain something.

New Moon March 2018 is the first moon phase since lunar and solar eclipses that had strong feminist themes. Sun square Mars could bring an increase of sexual assaults or the reporting of earlier acts of sexual violence. Men may feel threatened about possibile allegations being made against them, while some men will feel victimized because of false allegations. There will be a backlash of male anger at recent high-profile allegations of sexual misconduct.

New Moon semi-sextile Uranus suggest that striving for a solution involves gathering information one small step at a time until things start to make sense. Curiosity and inventiveness will help you to make new discoveries or receive flashes of insight. Unexpected meetings and chance encounters will likely be more frequent and enlightening.

Science, the internet and astrology may help resolve a crisis or relieve your frustration. You might have difficulty sticking to a routine and you could be easily distracted. However, it is this tendency to skip from one thing to another that leads to the extra insight and discoveries.

Mars trine Uranus suggests the harmonization will be fun and exciting, more than calm and relaxing. Resolution of the conflict should involve pleasant surprises and stimulating encounters. Extra initiative, inspiration and motivation will bring quick changes that help solve your original relationship drama, sexual frustration or other crisis.

This sexually stimulating aspect brings the chance of an exciting new romance and you will have the courage to make the first move. Experimentation and kinkiness in the bedroom can reinvigorate a troubled sexual relationship. On the other hand, this is also a good time to break away from a relationship which you feel limits your self-expression or freedom. This also applies to jobs or other things holding you back from success and happiness. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to take a risk. Fortune favors the brave.

New Moon with Minor Planet Chiron

New Moon conjunct Chiron means the crisis, anger or conflict resulting from this new moon will expose a very painful wound in your soul. It could be an event from your childhood like bullying, or a physical wound, illness or disability. It could be a broken heart that never healed or the death of a loved one. Your deepest wound could have damaged your self-esteem and lead to depression, feelings of victimization or and inferiority complex.

Chiron is conjunct fixed star Scheat at 29°38′ Pisces. This notorious star is associated with extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning. [2] Scheat is also associated with catastrophes such as floods, shipwreck, mining accidents and airplane accidents. [3]

New moon conjunct Chiron will expose your deepest wound and Mars will bring back the pain due to some crisis or conflict. Mars square Chiron also suggests wounding by war, fire, cuts, weapons, violence and sexual violence or sexual problems like frigidity, impotency and other sexual dysfunctions. However, positive aspects to Uranus will bring unexpected opportunities for learning and development. Rapid change, new discoveries, sexual adventures, insights and higher self-awareness will help heal your pain.
If the New Moon March 2018 astrology chart directly impacts your Horoscope Sign or Decan you can read about it in your free Weekly Horoscope and Monthly Horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Full Moon 1 March 2018
Next Moon Phase: Full Moon 31 March 2018

New Moon March 2018 Times and Dates
    • Los Angeles, March 17 at 6:11 am
    • New York, March 17 at 9:11 am
    • London, March 17 at 1:11 pm
    • Delhi, March 17 at 6:41 pm
    • Sydney, March 18 at 0:11 am
  1. Aspect Pattern Astrology, Bruno and Louise Huber, 2005, p.201.
  2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.206.
  3. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.80.

31 thoughts on “New Moon 17 March 2018 – Sexual Healing

    • this makes an interesting conjunct to my sun and squares my moon natally.. eek? (16/3/78 17:07 (5:07PM)..

      • Well you are already toughened up by having natal Sun square Moon. You will be used to dealing with tests and challenges. Each time you face a drama or hardship you get better and better and dealing with them.

    • I think this is a challenging new moon because of the square to Mars. Squares are stronger than trines. Chiron conjunct the new moon is also more of a negative than a positive.

  1. This new moon is exactly on the day may solar return. It falls in 6th. And Venus falls on my descendand SR conjunct my natal NN 1 degree. Do you have any clues for me this year?

    • This new moon will stay active in your solar return chart for 12 months. You can follow the advice in the article and follow the links for more information. This article applies directly to your and everyone else born on the same day.

  2. There always seems to be some significant Astrology aspects on my birthday I gotta look more into this now ????

  3. Wow, not sure the stripper silhouette has anything to do with sexual healing.

    Isn’t the image of a naked and sadly plastic-surgeried woman performing for an objectifying male gaze while wearing shoes that are nearly impossible to walk in and objectively impossible to run in the complete opposite of sexual healing?

    Are you trying to tell us– your readers– that going forward only extraordinarily creepy and sexist men are welcome on your site?

    Haven’t had the stomach yet to read the post after seeing the image –all seems rather beside the point if you’re choosing to lead with that.

    Hope your message of taking a giant dump on all women-and by extension all humanity-is merely the result of patriarchy’s unexamined brainwashing and colonization of your person, “King”, and not a reflection of what you hope to represent going forward.

    I think a public apology and new image are in order, don’t you?

    • Sexual healing for shy people will involve feeling and looking sexy, dressing up in sexy clothes and posing in front of the mirror.

    • it’s beyonce dumbass and strippers/sex workers, historically, were job occupations that do involve sexual and spiritual healing of clients and of self in order to take it on. Sex workers directly have to face their traumas, whether it be assault or gender trauma within society, every day of their jobs in order to work. They bravely face these uncomfortable topics and you need to face your fear of their unapologetic sexuality instead of being so quick to condemn it.

    • I am a stripper, “exotic entertainer”, whatever you wanna call it. And actually stripper heels aka stilletos are the COMFIEST heels ever. And we have males and females both come into the club’s and they are just as bad as eachother. We are animals at the end of the day.. I am 5’10 making me 6’2 with the heels. I can jog, jump, slam them on the stage, land amazing tricks all in these 7inch heels. While getting paid for them! HA! While other girls wear heels voluntarily.. I can’t imagine.

      You’re coming off extreme feminist, when really femininity is letting the girl do what she likes. If she wants to go to law school GREAT! If she wants to shake her ass, LET HER. No judgement. And sexist PEOPLE are everywhere, we are animals and stubborn, and at the end of the day quite daft .

      Hope this new moon is healing for all.

  4. Truly an unrelated photo. It has absolutely nothing to do with Chiron as the “wounded healer”. Typical “sex sells/attracts” tactic used for marketing purposes. Quite unenlightening.

    • I think you are forgetting that Chiron was the leader of a bunch of drunken rowdy Centaurs. That picture perfectly captures the provocative, kinky and experimental sexual energy expressed by Mars trine Uranus. Isn’t purple a healing color?

  5. Chiron ‘is’ the wounded healer and a striped is sexual healing. Are you people homosexual, or man/woman haters? Don’t worry though, guess who’s getting the healing this new moon? You.

  6. Jamie, I like you, your work is stellar usually but mate, you can not insult women in this way. First of all, sexually healing does NOT occur by a women standing in front of a mirror posing like a stripper or prostitute! She would have deep inner issues or being raped, sexually abused, molested as a kid, or being constantly harrassed by men as she walked out of her home, to school, to work, to anywhere and this inflicts so much inner pain, disgust, shame and self hatred! Chiron, no matter how “pretty” she is or how “unattractive” will not be fixed in her chart by her dressing up in sexy clothes, if anything she will feel even more vulnerable and self hatred! Sexual healing comes from psychotherapy. Inner work, which Chiron as Psychotherapist does well. I think no one heals from the outside, do they? Only inner work does the trick and even then you have to be damn sure your shrink doesn’t want to f*** you too! I am speaking from experience! My best to you, Jamie, but this time, you need to go deeper.

  7. I’m a pretty self actualized feminist oriented woman and a former therapist. I think your views are quite reactionary and narrow…There are so many possibilities here. The picture is not necessarily a stripper or prostitute, though I do think it’s a sexist image in that it’s a more typical sex/marketing type of photo and does not portray the average woman on earth. Sexual healing however CAN include feeling sexy in whatever way that works for a person. It is not restricted to just psychotherapy…Also, all of our experience whether more external or internal is ultimately affecting and reflected in the inner core of our beings so such limited ideas and divisions of external and internal as you propose are not always accurate.

      • Well Jamie, I really like what you have written but that image was disappointing for me – to put it mildly. Women are portrayed as sex objects and we often feel pressure to ‘be’ this way sexually. While some women choose to dress or present this way, in whatever career they have chosen, I resent that this might the best image to portray sexuality, sexual healing or anything to do with what you have said this new moon is about. How about you put up an image of a naked man side on to a lamppost? No? of course not. Ask yourself why that is

          • That is true — and terribly unfair; very few are ever willing to talk about men’s sexual health, except in ridiculously stereotyped ways. For all the trouble women have suffered, men in the U.S. at least, have it incalculably worse bc of the totally needless genital cutting they are forced to endure as helpless infants. So cruel and destructive. And so damaging.

            • Yes, it is is the same here in Australia and for Muslim and Jewish men, that’s a lot of men! Not to mention all the male rape victims and sufferers of domestic violence. I also mentioned in the post the male victims of false allegations. This happens a lot especially in custody battles. I was falsely accused of domestic violence and rape by an ex partner because I chose to fight for kids. An uncle of mine was accused of pedophilia by his son’s girlfriend when they broke up. Now he never leaves the house and is a totally broken man.

  8. Hi Jamie,

    This new moon falls in my 8th im leo ascedant with sun sign aries i have lot of planets in my 9th house including dob is 09041981 and time 13:00 place kota rajasthan india.I came to india for the birth of my son frm the uk my visa expired when i was here and my husband had to go back to the uk im waiting on my visa for the last three months and my son is one yr old now my husband have to keep cmng every month i have lot of planets in 9th and jupiter in 4th could u please tell me how long i have to wait till we be all back together as a family does new moon in my 9th next month help sorting my situation thank you

    • I think that may apply to one of the three aspects of the Triple Goddess. Maiden, mother and crone. Like daughter, mother, grandmother. But I am not sure of any astrological meaning.

  9. The image.put as well. Introducing relativism to a conversation about cultural norms is a way of negating the trigger effect of cultural oppression. This is not a blame Exchange; that creates sides and sides are adversarial by nature and unwilling to listen to each other.
    The feedback is simple. Quite a few people found the image stereotypical, potentially degrading certainly triggering and unnecessary. Perhaps rather than deep psychoanalysis and projection, this could simply be an opportunity for understanding?
    Perhaps in the future you could use fantasy and cultural oppression differently?
    My request is that we hear each other without invalidating each person’s position, and choose healthier images for the sake of a healthier world. One person’s fantasy is another person’s oppression. We can’t change that by blaming each other.
    We can ask for sensitivity and a broader range of fantasy imagery that isn’t quite so stereotypical. Thanks so much.

  10. I’m curious what is transit chiron Square Natal moon in your opinion in a man’s chart

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