New Moon October 27, 2019 – Shock Treatment

New Moon October 2019 AstrologyThe New Moon on Sunday, October 27, 2019, at 4° Scorpio is opposite Uranus. This makes the new moon October 2019 astrology shocking, unpredicatle and erratic. It will make people restless, impulsive and even crazy.

Uranus joins a star that amplifies the spontaneous nature of this planet. It portends accidents, fire, war, and earthquakes. So the October 2019 new moon should be approached with caution, patience, and flexibility. Adapt to sudden change and say sorry if you make a mistake.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. So this is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

New Moon October 2019 Astrology

The October 27 new moon at 04°25′ Scorpio is almost exactly opposite Uranus as shown in the chart below. Such a tiny orb of aspect makes this a very strong new moon. It is also uncomplicated by any other aspects to the new moon which makes it even stronger. Both the new moon and Uranus are on fixed stars which add some astrological influence.

New Moon October 2019 Astrology

New Moon October 2019 Astrology

New Moon opposite Uranus creates spontaneous, erratic and chaotic change. This highly charged electric energy can cause anxiety, impatience, abruptness, impulsiveness, and rebelliousness. Sudden shocks and unexpected encounters may leave you feeling on edge.

Your actions and reactions can also lead to risky or odd behavior, mistakes or accidents. Even if you cope well with change and excitement, someone close to you may become unreliable, crazy or provocative. Someone new may enter your life, cause havoc, then leave just as quickly as they came.

So this could be an especially challenging new moon for relationships. An increased need for personal freedom and greater independence could create distance between partners and even separation. Selfishness and egotism will not help matters but are likely with a new moon opposite Uranus.

The best way to deal with this unpredictable influence is flexibility and a willingness to adapt to changing conditions. Although initially upsetting and you may resist change, it may offer a better way forward if you keep an open mind.

New Moon Stars

Although new moon October 2019 is in the Sign of Scorpio, it gets astrological influence from a star in the Constellation of Virgo, as shown in the image below. Due to the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Sun Signs are almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named.

New Moon October 2019 Astrology

New Moon October 2019 [Stellarium]

The new moon is conjunct fixed star Syrma at 04 ♏ 03. It relates to “the heavy personal responsibility which is implicit in the occult questing and acquisition of spiritual power.” [1] It is a reminder to seek forgiveness for your wrongdoings no matter how spiritually evolved or powerful you think you are.

Uranus is conjunct fixed star Sheratan at 04 ♉ 14. It causes “bodily injuries, unscrupulous defeat, destruction by fire, war or earthquake.” [2] This star in the Horn of the Ram has a violent nature, and “danger is indicated when acting impulsively and in a foolhardy fashion.” [3] This is especially so with Uranus conjunct Sheratan.

The 1st Chinese Lunar Mansion, the Horn (24 ♎ 06 to 04 ♏ 45) is a lucky mansion that is excellent for construction or buying land. It represents agriculture, new generations, growth, and births. All who marry on this day gain great credit and standing and especially favors the marriage of the eldest son of the family. But calamities and epidemics in the family within three years if funerals are planned on this day.

New Moon October 2019 Summary

The October 27 new moon opposite Uranus is extremely powerful and likely to result in sudden shocks, freak accidents, and unexpected encounters. It will make people erratic, impulsive, impatient, agitated, unpredictable and crazy.

Uranus is on a star that acts like Uranus, causing accidents, violence, and earthquakes. Critically, just as with Uranus, it causes danger when acting impulsively. So remember to be patient and think twice before taking risks. If you do make mistakes during this moon phase, fixed star Syrma encourages you to say sorry.

Politicians are likely to make unexpected decisions that could lead to aggressive responses, rebellion, and stock market shocks. They will also have to react to sudden, unforeseen events. Expect this new moon to inflame the rebellion in Hong Kong as well as other hot spots around the globe.

The effects of the October 27 new moon last four weeks up to the November 26 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from October 27 to the November 12 full moon.If the new moon directly affects your Sign you can read about it in your free Monthly Horoscope. Finally, for more details about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

New Moon October 2019 Times and Dates
  • Los Angeles, October 27 at 8:38 pm
  • New York, October 27 at 11:38 pm
  • London, October 28 at 3:38 am
  • Delhi, October 28 at 9:08 am
  • Sydney, October 28 at 2:38 pm
  1. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.73.
  2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.32, 208.

27 thoughts on “New Moon October 27, 2019 – Shock Treatment

  1. I can safely say all full and new moons bring out the crazies. People walk into shopping centers just to cause trouble. They pick out the peeps who lie low. Hard to be nice to people like that, it really reminds me of an apocalypse wrapped in a horror movie. Has anyone noticed how intensly people behave during these times? It’s like death strikes up an army in a soul crushing crusade- give me what I want or else! is what they’re threatening. I’ve literally seen these same crowds grow back into a human a day later like it never happened..scary.

    • Yes, I experienced/observed erratic Behavior around full moon from others and I noticed positive as well as negative changes near new moons. I believe ppl truest nature come out at these times, it becomes harder for them to wear their disguise.

  2. Jamie, could you post the October 21, 2019 3rd quarter moon phase chart, and maybe take a stab at prognosticating the Canadian Federal Election held on that day? I’m split between the Greens and the Peoples party, with a tendency to immediately roll it into the Commune party if I manage to survive the coming population correction.

      • I put up an election result at Mercury Rx. Very surprising outcome. With the clues gathered and cipher broken. I’m wondering tonight if there is any value in the abundant remuneration for these deep state clowns.

  3. it will conjunct my natal jupiter conjunct part of fortune any insight jamie would be helpful

    • Mine too. I read it has great luck attached to it with both sun and moon in scorpio but with uranus opposition sounds like lucky break through terrible shock. But i’m an amateur in this still, so don’t take it as 100% sure word.

  4. Hi Jamie, your post is amazing. All these nuances with fixed stars give a great idea of the energy that we will face.
    Out of curiosity:
    1. In a Brexit context could we see UK Parliament or EU leaders reacting as nobody expects?
    2. If this new moon falls by 1 degree near natal Uranus (so the transiting Uranus is also opposing natal Uranus) and transiting Uranus is just at 3 degrees of natal Jupiter…..could this be a earthquake moon for the person? What will be stronger Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter opposite natal Uranus or the Uranus transit opposite new moon?


  5. Sounds like it has already started… Firefighters, police and bomb disposal vehicles just on the other side of the street, right now.

    Back to astrology, I have Ceres conjunct this New Moon, less than half a degree, and I read somewhere else that this new Moon is the end of the July 2. eclipse phase… any comment ?

    • I was reading Lamia yesterday. A poem by John Keats. He mentions Ceres.

      “Of Ceres’ horn”

      Which earned a Norton Anthology
      footnote; it wants to tell us that “The horn of plenty, overflowing with the products of Ceres, goddess of vegetation”

      Ceres, discovered in 1801, 20 years before this poem was written, is the first of many more discoveries to come from Mars-Jupiter asteroid belt

      This is a good story, about Gauss computing Ceres orbit with only 3 data points.

      I was going to post these ideas on the Saturn-Pluto thread today, Ceres in the Pluto,Sun,Saturn,Mercury stellium Jan 12, 2020.

      • Horn of plenty… now, THAT sounds good ! I even received a $5 donation yesterday. I suppose that was it.
        Gauss calculations sound more appropriate for a thread about Saturn than the Moon’s, I agree 😉

        • Of wealthy lustre was the banquet room/ Fill’d with pervading brilliance and perfume:/ Before each lucid panel fuming stood/ A censer fed with myrrh and spiced wood,/ each by a sacred tripod held aloft,/ Whose slender feet wide-swerv’d upon the soft/ Wool-woofed carpets: fifty wreaths of smoke/ From fifty censers their light voyage took/ To the high roof, still mimick’d as they rose/ Along the mirror’d walls by twin-clouds odorous./ Twelve spheres tables, by silk seats insphered,/ High as the level of a man’s breast rear’d/ On libbard’s paws, upheld the heavy gold/ Of cups and goblets, and the store thrice told/ Of Ceres’ horn, and, in huge vessels, wine/ Come from the gloomy tun with merry shine./ Thus loaded with a feast the tables stood,/ Each shrining in the midst the image of God.

          And Norton Anthology wishes to tell us that Wool-woofed means Woven, and Libbard’s means Leopard’s

          • Thanks for that brillant, poetic intervention, I suppose it doesn’t get better than that… maybe I’ll invest this $5 donation into fruits, as a form of ritual to honor to Ceres and this new moon.

  6. this new moon will conjunct my natal jupiter and part of fortune conjunction any ideas guys what can i expect

    • Jupiter can make a positive difference that depends on your natal chart, I am not a master, however for part of fortune; I can say from my previous full moon conjunct part of fortune – new conjunct part of fortune experiences, or other transits on it that I observe carefully, it has zero influence, I am not even sure that part of fortune has any meaningful manifestations.

    • I’m curious about this too. Moon and Jupiter transits (prog Moon to natal pof, Moon to GC, and Jupiter to natal Venus) occurring in and around 18 Feb 2020.

      Star Capulus conj natal pof

      I’ll let everyone know if anything relevant comes to pass.

        “Yes, there really are cracks in Earth’s magnetic field. One of them opened on Feb. 18th, sparking some of the strangest auroras in years. First, the night sky turned blue over the Lofoten Islands of Norway:”

        “Blue auroras are rare. Auroras are usually green, and sometimes red. Those are the colors produced by oxygen when it is excited by electrons raining down from space. Blue is a sign of nitrogen. Energetic particles striking ionized molecular nitrogen (N2+) at very high altitudes (> 400 km) produces a cold azure glow of the type captured in Steinberg’s photo. Usually the blue is faint, but on Feb. 18th it was strangely intense.”

        “Next, the auroras turned green again. But they were strangely shaped.”

        “‘I couldn’t believe my eyes, ‘ says photographer Markus Varik, a longtime aurora tour guide who previously thought he had seen it all. ‘This strange rippling band formation unfolded overhead. It was so different than the usual aurora arcs. Truly magic! ‘”

  7. The Part of Fortune if not prominent in a chart may not have any obvious affects at all, you’ve right, because you have to quest for and discover the hidden treasures in your Part of Fortune! You have to deliberately go after it and activate it and work with it, to bring it out! You have to alchemize it, and work with it’s energies, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed! And, I’ve found that you can really tell a lot about a person’s talents and soul and true vocation by analyzing their POF!

    • Fascinating. It’s taken a lifetime to brew the thing, and it’s ready to be tapped. You’re all welcome to the party!

  8. speaking of accidents I had a full-on seizure in my work place 4 days ago, knocking over a tall glass display case & shattering glass everywhere – my 6th House is ruled by Scorpio (health & workplace) I seem to be taking a detached view of this incident, ‘cos I asked my boss for a copy of the security cam footage so I could take a professional view of the situation. In past situations I’ve burst into tears & held a lot of fear & guilt in, scared what workmates would think of me.

  9. today accident happened in train in pakistan which caught fire 74 people died in that unfortunate incident jamie . your forecast is always accurate

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