November 11 2011

November 11 2011 is believed to be important from the numerological point of view and there is stuff floating around the net about crop circles, ascension and the Book of Revelations. There is even a Hollywood movie coming out on that day called 11:11:11. I checked out the astrology for this date and it’s actually rather impressive so I thought it was worth writing about. It will be interesting to see if others think there is some special significance to this date and if that can be linked to the planetary aspects and fixed star influences.

The most significant aspect I believe is Mars opposite Neptune and Chiron. This only occurs about every 160 years but this time it is extra special because Mars is conjunct the Royal fixed star Regulus, which incidentally is entering the sign of Virgo about now. You can see in the chart below that Chiron is also exactly stationary on this day. Mars opposite Neptune and Chiron sounds painful, wounding in a spiritual sense.

November 11 2011 Horoscope

The fixed star Regulus is a potent military star and is Mars-like in nature, associated with violence, people with important roles, downfall and even assassinations, especially with Mars. The planets associated with assassination are Mars, Uranus and Neptune, and they are all in aspect to each other in this chart. The nation of Israel has Mars on Regulus, so does Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron and the late Diana Princess of Wales.

Two more extremely powerful stars are activated by Saturn, which lays between Arcturus and Spica, said to be the two most fortunate stars in the sky. There is a belief that Spica marks the beginning and the end of the zodiac, as represented by the Sphinx at Giza. The head of Virgo and the body of Leo. In Christian astrology, the story of the stars begins with Spica. Edgar Cayce viewed Arcturus as “that which may be called the center of this universe, through which individuals pass and at which period there comes the choice of the individual as to whether it is to return to complete there”.

Another of the Royal stars is also activated by the Mercury Venus conjunction on the fixed star Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion. Itself a military star and associated with a “violent character and is credited with being significant for a violent death”. I had a bit of fun and set this chart for 11:11 am Universal Time (London). Hi Ho we get the Moon on the fixed star Algol, the demon star associated with violence and decapitation. There is a religious/spiritual theme which comes from Chiron with Neptune, as Neptune rules spirituality and Chiron is the healer/teacher. I think if I were a spiritual or religious leader, or any sort of leader I’d be ducking for cover on this day.

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  1. Oh my, this is my b-day! I will be 57. Here is my solar return, can you take a look – can’t be all that bad is it?? There is a grand trine in earth…

    • Looks good to me with that grand trine. Plus you also have Uranus trine your natal Jupiter as the major long term influence. Good changes!

  2. Hi Rachael , November 11, 1954 ..
    Your life path number is a “5”. You are always the center of attention and the “favorite child” of the world around you. A love of change, travel, the unknown, and the unexpected keep you on the move and on the brink of respectability. You would make an excellent entertainer and artist. No humdrum life for you. The “nine to five” route is the last thing you would ever choose. You need time and room to explore the world, for you have adventure in your soul and freedom on your mind. You must keep the feelings of others somewhat in view, for you have a tendency to “love em and leave em” and you can cover in a day what might be a lifetime work for another. Above all, you must be free, you must stay with the changes, go with the flow.

    Fourth Life Period: Age 49-End of Life
    A link, a means for communication. Three is the spark or catalyst that unites opposite points of view. You are the peacemaker or interface here. A happy time full of peace and love is suggested.
    There is a need to learn to be by yourself and on your own, with less dependence on those around you and in group support. Stand on your own feet.

    • Thanks for the numerology, yes I knew I was a 5…
      4th life period, what you say here for that sounds apt, and stand on your own feet, I was widowed 7 yrs ago after being married for 28, and my 3 children are now grown…so I am learning and have been, you are right about that. It is a little scary sometimes, I tend to doubt myself when I am not sure, trying to get over that. And sometimes it is exhilarating, ahhhh freedom hehehe.

  3. Fascinating – it’s also Armistice/Poppy day, lots of religious/military gatherings…what do you make of Ceres’ position in the chart? I think Marina associates her with poppies…

      • You get explanation on your ceres your natal chart…
        Sun Conjunction Ceres
        Although generosity and caregiving may come naturally to you, part if it can be more about you than it perhaps ought. When in doubt, let the needs of the situation decide, not your own internal goals or self-gratification. Give people what they want, not what you think looks great on you.

        Venus Conjunction Ceres
        Taking care of others is often about feeding your own need to do so, and there is much self-satisfaction in seeing that others are satisfied. That makes good deeds easy to do, but it can also skew their direction. Make sure that pleasing and the need to please are all on the same track so the urge isn’t wasted or misdirected.

        Midheaven Conjunction Ceres
        You probably don’t need to advertise your willingness to help, and sometimes you might be better off keeping it under wraps if you actually have some other business to attend to. Leaning on you could become a trend, or even a profession, so make sure you’re up for it and prepared to pull it off.


  4. Yes! That Mars opposite Neptune/Chiron has been mesmerizing my own attention of late – thanks for the info as to the fact it only happens once every 160 years. No wonder I can’t take my eyes off it.

  5. Wonders of Numbers ….Message for the light force 11-11-11

    Numerology 11
    The key word for the life path 11 is fair. The idea is that you will learn a lot in this life. You seek justice and help people from injustice. You also have the experience to motivate other people. Life’s many difficulties are you up to gallant and you are getting stronger by the problem. You have very high standards for yourself.
    Higher ideals

    11 nov 2011 = 11/11/2011 = 2+2+2+0+1+1 = 8 !!!

    21 December 2012 = 21/12/2012 = 2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 11 !!!










    Jesus lived a multiple of 11 years

    The life of our Lord on earth was about 33 years (3 x 11), and then He was “cut off,” and “we see not yet all things put under Him” (Daniel 9:26; Hebrews 2:8).

    Isaiah 11:11 – And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

    Ezekiel 11:11 – This city shall not be your caldron, neither shall ye be the flesh in the midst thereof; but I will judge you in the border of Israel.

    Daniel 11:11 – And the king of the south shall be moved with choler, and shall come forth and fight with him, even with the king of the north: and he shall set forth a great multitude; but the multitude shall be given into his hand.

    Revelation 11:11 – And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

    World War I ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

    11 Israeli athletes were murdered in Munich in 1972, 29 years before the 9/11 terror attacks. 2+9=11. The firefight that took the lives of the last 9 hostages began at 11:00 p.m. The terrible ordeal began on the eleventh day of the XX Olympiad.

    * The 11 dukes of Edom (Gen 36:40-43) who were related to Israel, but different in government and order.

    * The 12 sons of Jacob minus Joseph (“one is not” – Gen 42:13, 32) without whom the other 11 would not have survived.

    * Evil king Jehoiakim (2 Chron 36:5-6) reigned 11 years before Nebuchadrezzar carried him away into captivity.

    * Evil king Zedekiah (Jer 52:1-7) reigned 11 years before Nebuchadrezzar carried him away into captivity.

    * In the 11th year of the Babylonian captivity Ezekiel prophesied of the fall of Tyrus, (Ezek 26:1-5).

    * In the 11th year of the Babylonian captivity Ezekiel prophesied of the fall of Egypt (Ezek 30:20-26).

    In light of the Scriptural meaning of the number 11 let us now examine the number 11 as it applies to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 and 11 March 2004:

    * Madrid, Spain has 11 letters.

    * New York City has 11 letters.

    * The Pentagon has 11 letters.

    * The American attacks occurred on September 11th 2001.

    * The Madrid attacks occurred on March 11th 2004.

    * There were 911 days between the American and Madrid attacks (9 + 1 + 1 = 11).

    * The Madrid attack occurred on the 11th Thursday of the year.

    * September 11th is the 254th day of the year (2 + 5 + 4 = 11).

    * After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.

    * September 11 has 9 letters and 2 numbers (9 + 2 = 11)

    * 11 March 2004 has 5 letters and 6 numbers (5 + 6 = 11).

    * Each building had 110 stories (11 x 10 = 110).

    * The Madrid train attacks left 191 people confirmed dead (1 + 9 + 1 = 11).

    * On September 11, 2002 the names of the 2,801 victims of the World Trade Center attacks were read aloud from Ground Zero (2 + 8 + 0 + 1 = 11).

    * The Twin Towers standing side by side look like the number 11.

    * The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11.

    * Flight 11 had 92 on board (9 + 2 = 11).

    * Flight 11 had 11 crew members.

    * Flight 77 hit the The Pentagon (11 x 7 = 77).

    * Flight 77 had 65 on board (6 + 5 = 11).

    * 911 is the number to call in case of emergency (9 + 1 + 1 = 11).

    * New York was the 11th State added to the Union.

    * Manhattan Island was discovered on September 11, 1609 by Henry Hudson -11 letters.

    * Saudi Arabia has 11 letters.

    * Afghanistan has 11 Letters.

    * The Taliban’s Manual of Afghan Jihad (Holy War) is 11 volumes.

    * The League of Arab States is comprised of 22 Arab nations (2 x 11 = 22).

    * Mohammed, the founder of Islam, died in 632 A.D. (6 + 3 + 2 = 11).
    What are Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in the horoscope of 11/11/2011 for the wedding?
    The moon, the feminine, emotional element nesting in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of Venus home – in this case indicates a strong romance (especially since the moon is in a sextile to Neptune is magical), which can be oriented quite well materially and pragmatists. Jupiter is also in Taurus. Oh dear may, as some think: The largest of the planets in the most stubborn character – can that work? It can, if you do not overdo it with the pleasure of the taste for comfort, the tendency to possess. And finally Saturn. In the balance that is the request for honorable behavior, otherwise it glides quickly in the shame. The other extreme appreciation of this extraordinary marriage between two people who were at least on 11.11.2011 agreed, and their marriage until about forty years

  6. Varuna is conj the Part of Fortune. I don’t know much about Varuna except he is an omnipotent creator God of Hindu pantheon who knows the way of the wind and upholds cosmic law . The conjunction is square Lilith. It sounds ominous for the world.

  7. I was always told through chinese astrology that both 8 and 11 were powerful and caused consideral disruption. I was always told that I never wanted a place of residence to have an 11 infront of it or an 8. This would cause disruption in the home.

    It was true. I got divorces three years later…

  8. I was rather hoping this would be a good time, mars conjuncts my Venus/moon/regulus and trines my NN which Jupiter is transiting (and Transit Pluto trines so grand earth trine)
    I seriously need a break! Or is this just more heartache …

    • In our personal charts I think it will be good, could be intense but I’m positive. I have Mars on Regulus and Saturn will be conjunct my Mercury Venus opposite Saturn. You seem to have good transit, better than mine I would say.

      • Yes Marina has often mentioned some similarities in our charts 🙂 I’m hoping it’s a good break. This weird grand earth trine with Jupiter retroing back and forth across my NN has given then taken away amazing love and work then things just came back albeit in a lesser gifted form, I guess I’ll have to wait til final pass to see what sticks!

        • Mars conjunct Regulus is separating from a conjunction to my natal Pluto at 26 Leo. This is in my 7th house. (Looking through the comments at this time has led me to comment a couple times more myself, Jamie, just to throw it out there…)

  9. Hi,Jamie,
    I am a faith reader of your website and find all your articles indeed enlightening and helpful to my studies to astrology. How great the number 11-11 is as I was born in Nov 11, 1968 and I am eager to see how this coming birthday will affect me in general ?

    • Hi Christina, the main focus looks like being on Mercury communication and thiought patterns. This is because the October 26 new moon iwas conjunct your Mars, and Jupiter is opposite it. Follow this link to find about the fixed star Syrma which is conjunct your Mercury.

  10. I associate the number 11 with demons. In reference to Sepher Yetzirah (“Ten and not Nine, Ten and not Eleven”) where 9 and 11 are considered outside the Tree of Life.

  11. Isn’t the difficulty that a chart ‘reads’ only one configuration decided by place and time? At the same time in a different place, i.e. Sydney for example, there is a different chart.

    • So you get different events and sometimes the effects of events at other locations later? I think in a mundane chart there are places where certain fates will occur and others not – this is in someresepcts a missing link in astrology??? How does the earth/its inhabitants collapse events which are seeded in the heavens into reality at a certain place and time. How does above become below in 3D space time?

      • Yeah there will be differences with AC, MC and Moon, but all the rest will be pretty much the same. That’s why I made a 0 Aries chart.

        • WHich is where Uranis is in the cahrt – so an intiation? Or the revisiting of any intiation started under this degree previously??

  12. Gosh. Pretty much *everything* on this chart is making connections to my natal chart. I’m wondering if I should start – or stop? – worrying!

    • Well it will be difficult for you to stop thinking about it. I have some feelings of, well I don;t know how to describe my feelings because I have some pretty strong synastry with this chart to. I’m hoping for some breakthroughs I guess, releasing blockages and working on healing.

  13. 11.11.11. is connected to : twin flames reuniting as one.

    See “Solomans Songs” in the bible. There is an androgynous child born from 3 DNA.

    Carl Colleman: End of Mayan calendar 18th October 2011: “CO- CREATION”.

    The DNA is being mixed to produce a “new type of human”…one with empaphy and telepathic abilities.
    Otherwise humanity is on course for self destruction.
    Kind Regards Barb

  14. And by the way….if you want to stay up to date on what is happening in the world…if your media is not reporting it…go to

    At this moment they have stories like:
    Chili on status RED alert due to volcanoe.
    Tornadoes hitting Philipines
    Radiation contaminaiting water in Japan….and more stories.

    Jamie/Marina…I did refer your website to the Coming Crisis website…as there seems to be confusion about Comet Elenin on the internet & I thought you might be of help.
    Kind Regards Barb

  15. Well! Marina, Jamie!

    Thank you so much for your valuable insights!

    Time that my pope within -strict and dominant- dies! Having Chiron on 8th house in aquarius, sextile mars and neptune on my 4th house retrograde, it is time for me to go wise, to loose erudism, control, knowledge and the silly belive that I might reach Heaven without being wise (and hating others for not being they way “they should”, under this crazy way to misinterpret and manipulate reality!).

    So! Thank you as always (sign: decapitated and dead pope within). ´ll see yah in the new dawn for me (wiser, much more prudent!).


  16. I don’t believe that 11-11-11 has any significance since the whole numerology formula should include all numerals of the date and not just the abbreviation of 2011.

    just my 2 cents though.

    • I agree. Have always wondered about why the full date is not used.
      That apart, I had a spate of 11.11 coincidence sightings about 29 years ago…

  17. On Nov 8th asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass within 0.8 of lunar distance to Earth. Its 200km across. I don’t know if it wil have any great effect – it has no fancy name ascribed so we haven’t got a meaning for it. However, it does come very close. Does anyone know what its trajectory is once it has passed us (assuming it doesn’t stop off!!!) – or anything else about it? Its a close enough date to 11.11 to have a connection somehow??

  18. thanks for posting the chart in readable format within the article Jamie – I am unable to buy into this kind of collective infection with numerological obsessiveness, however, the chart does look like a recipe for pointed contrasts, reaction and counter-reaction, especially between deeply shared values and authority, inner knowing and perceptions and the spin that the guardians of the ‘status quo’ are putting on the real state of things – so much of an ongoing process at work around these oppositions and setting ground for issues arising now to inflame over the next 2 weeks, coming to a head at the eclipse

    • Yep, the articles are much easier to read with charts like this, should do it more often.

    • Oh Amen to that Rob. Numerical reductions make me rush to the lavatory. WHat happened to organic growth?
      I am reminded of a little phenomena called Beynard cells – these are hexagons which form at a specific temperature (easy to se in oil – you can do this in your own frying pan) – at a critical point of heat, the hexagons will disintegrate into chaos…–Bénard_convection

      but Confucius says – “out of chaos comes opportunity” … so we melt down and see what happens next!
      I love this famous Crop circle at MIlk Hill – which shows a hexagram spiralling… carbon based order in meltdown! And so mote it be!!! All hail the incoming 7th ray!!

      re the maths – well as Jung said – a milion zeros still add up to zero!!

  19. Venus & Mercury will also be at 11 degrees Sag with a 3 degree orb to the north node. And a full moon on the 10th at Scorpio/Taurus 18 degrees!!

    • I think some type of chemical attack on water or food supply. Or another pandemic virus.

      • This full moon comes on my Sun, as my bday is the 11th, with the Sun at 18’50 of Scorpio!

  20. Well, potent indeed…but probably not for what is being ascribed to it. Channeled alot of stuff myself on the 11:11 since 1998, but when this one started grabbing my awareness last year, I felt completely different about it. This chart and your analysis confirm it. It is a wolf in New Age sheep’s clothing. Not sure what will happen, but with Uranus and Neptune both retrograde, it could be a real shocker that messes with everyone’s Piscean Age mindset. Don’t think it’s UFOs on the White House lawn, but heck, it;s Uranus, plus Neptune/Chiron/Mars/Regulus, so who can predict? Gonna pop some corn and watch the show. This one is touching a load of stuff in my chart too…fastening seat belts now.

    • “a wolf in New Age sheep’s clothing.” This is something to beware of for a long time I think.

  21. Speaking of Algol, I wanted to comment on the fact that Algol was rising along with Saturn in the ingress chart for NY,NY in March 2001. Algol conjunct Mars or Saturn multiplies the malevolent effect. And If you check the chart for the first hit, mercury was rising with Algorab which is conjunct Saturn the U.S.’s natal chart.

  22. I was born 1955-01-01:00.40. Since I was 16 or 17 I have been told by various fortune tellers/astrologers/numerologists/cards/etc that my death will occur when I am 55-60, or 56, or in one case via numerology, exactly on 2011-11-11. No clue how or why, but as a skeptic I thought the coincidence of the dates was interesting. I have also dreamed of quite a catastrophy occurring in which there is a lot of death and suffering. I vaguely remember this dream as a child, and occasionally since, particularly repeating after an event such as Christchurch and Japanese Tsunami. I have not had it recently thankfully, but just in case, I want to share it with somebody, and hopefully I will be around on 2011-11-12 to say it was nothing. In essence however, I think there could be a big catastrophy in California on that day causing a Tsunami throughout the Pacific. I hope I am wrong.

    • Drunvalo Mechizadek and the Mayan Elders complete their 13 crystal skull ceremony on 11.11
      It started on the 27th Oct in NY, continues on 9th NOv in LA via Sedona then the finale is in LA on 11.11

      Que sera sera. Why so scared about death? Its only a door.

  23. They are a great reference site. I have just bookmarked them. Usefull as i dont watch the news really. Thanks.

  24. 11/11/11 occurs two times this date for AM and PM. I’d like to see BOTH charts if you have some time.

    • The charts won’t be that different, just moon mainly. There is also the question of the location , endless possibilities!

  25. I am not an astrologist but I know it will mark a shift in conciousness. You mentioned Israel, in Diana Cooper’s book 2032- there are earthquakes predicted for this country. But I personally feel it will be a major change in Syria, which will affect the ewntire region.

  26. my birthday is on 11-10 full moon yeah baby! and i live in california, and i have every intention of enjoying a post birthday 11-11, in my home.(: All in the perspective….the energy is ripe for sure. what will you do?

  27. Greetings… Just found your site and am reading through much interesting material.

    Love this post! Will be back for more…

    PS Most of my immediate famly is ready for whatever may come so will be tuning in for the ride whatever it is.

  28. I have a friend whose birthday is 11:11

    She has lupus..

    Does this configuration on her BD indicate anything ???

    Related to ‘passing away’ on that day’- I read that Steve Jobs last words

    were ‘ OH WOW..OH WOW…OH WOW ”

    He must have glimpsed something astounding…


    • This will depend on other things in your friends chart because the Sun is not making any major aspects in the chart above. Thanks for posting that about Steve, I hadn’t heard that.

    • I think if more people died consciously they would be saying that!!! Way to go Steve!
      I might do his death chart and see what unfolds!

  29. Of more immediate interest perhaps is the monumental sunspot 1339 rotating towards it – 40,000km wide – so earth could just drop inside it comfortably) and double that in length it has just produced a huge X flare which is on its way to Venus and Mercury with a 20% chance of coming our way.
    If it emits another, its on its way here.

    • uberqueenofwands…
      It’s interesting you mention sunspot 1339. I read this site everyday. This particular sunspot HAS released an X2 – with, I’m sure more to come – directed at the earth. Largest sunspot they’ve seen in years.
      I see our sun is consistently “acting up.” Much more to come on this subject. Never seems to be on the news tho.
      When are “they” gonna get it?
      This is definitely newsworthy – to say the least!

      • Indeed! The Flare already ejected is going to hit Venus and Mercury. Any subsequent ones will be directed here, if ejected in the next few days. As you say, this really is news!

    • Looks like a big one! Massive Sunspot 8 Times Larger than the Earth, Poses Threat For Major Solar Storms

      • I think there were a couple of X flares before the London riots. I wonder what the effect of Venus and Mercury will be since they are being charged up!

        • Marina was saying that Mercury was reto opposite Neptune and Chiron for those riots too. Nov 11 we get Mars in that spot.

    • I would be interested in seeing the astrology of when these things strike. Or perhaps when the sunspot first occurs. Both charts would be interesting.

      • I don’t think you can do the horoscope of the sunspot as it formed on a face of the sun we weren’t facing. I don’t know if there is a monitor on it, we tend to get the reports only when they appear on the part which faces us – so not sure how exact the time could be.

  30. There are very strong rumours about some military action innPakistan on this date, can u tell us its effects on Pakistan thanx

    • Uranus is square the Pakistan Mars, and Mars is sextile the Pakistan Mars. Does suggest violence but not a good outcome.

      • as u have suggested some assasinations, military intervention or some possible scenario of Govt setup change in Pakistan?

  31. Clif High’s full warning:

    YU-55 asteroid fly by at 201,700 miles from earth is within the earth-moon system and places our earth-moon barycenter (of orbit) at risk.
    This is the reason that the entrenched elite are taking all of the visible precautions seen these last few weeks.
    The effects on our barycenter are unpredictable.
    But probably *any* effects are NOT good.

    It would seem advisable to prepare for earthquakes and other events of significant personal consequences over the day(s) of November 8 and 9.

    • This page gives a truly astounding look at the world of underground bunkers.
      “There is no way of knowing how many privately owned bunkers there are in the United States…
      A new breed of survivalist is wealthy, educated, and plans to ride out 2012 in style.”

      “Secular Doomsday prophets, extreme construction firms and military contractors, real estate agents, family men: I’ve met them all on this trip, and they’re all doing their best to eliminate chance and mitigate what they feel are realistic risks. And they all have the creeping suspicion that those institutions that are supposed to look out for us and give us the information that we need to do this — government, scientists, and journalists — are taking them for a ride. They feel that they’re being withheld information that is vital to survival, and they’re compensating by doing their own research…”

    • I have Mercury and Venus there too and made some interesting connecting with your generation, learnt a lot of insights.

  32. RE: “There is no way of knowing how many privately owned bunkers there are in the United States… A new breed of survivalist is wealthy, educated, and plans to ride out 2012 in style.”

    This is true; and, certainly ‘our’ (Yeah, right. Not!!) gov’t has stocked such facilities to ensure ‘our’ C.O.G. (Continuity og Gov’t) for said D.C. elites should such transpire… BUT, they have NO Way of knowing what Mother Nature may throw at them/us! E.g., yesterday they was 5.6 Mag. quake in Oklahoma, of all places (not exactly the Pacific’s ‘Ring of Fire’!, although I expect the letter to become edgy, as well by next Summer…too soon for my liking!). And if they can control all of such w/ their H.A.A.R.P. facilities/ilk, that will be a most impressive show indeed. But, methinks it will not be a “Zardoz” future, but more a “Soylent Green” one… unless We the 99% prevail.

    • Anyone can build a bunker if they think they need one. In England during WW2 they were standard, called Anderson shelters.
      Everyone makes choices what to believe and how to act.
      Personally I wouldn’t want to survive a great eart disaster. My 3D body is an illusion. I could go up a level.

  33. I have been seeing 11’s since 9/11/01. Through a lot of quiet thought, I really believe we are in the “end times.” I have tried to talk to my family, but they all think I am nuts. Don’t know what else to do.

  34. George Papandreou seems to be an early victim of Mars on Regulus. Silvio Berlusconi might be next in line for the political knife in the back. Interesting this is in two of the ancient superpower countries.

  35. Oh dear:

    “I can’t stand him. He’s a liar,” Sarkozy said of Netanyahu, according to the website.
    Obama replied, “You’re tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him every day,” CNN

    • Ha ha… cat… pigeons…
      Its about time a bit of truth came out of politics!

      • I think it’s real big. Even though wikileaks is dead it may have had a good influence on journalism.

        • Journalism is far worse than anything wiki leaks could come up with!!!

  36. Very slippery indeed! A stellium in Libra including the Moon, Mercury and Neptune, with Algorab in the middle, about to get the uranus treatment. Ah… see him fizz…!!! Natal Uranus is in Cancer 8 degrees … And a stellium in Aries – Eris, Node, Lilith, Sedna… Perhaps more of a CArdinal than a PM..
    A LIbran velvet glove with a fiery, brutal me first fist in it.

    But the POF in 12th house Scorpio, ( if you subscribe to the asc at 0 Sag…. which will have Neptune squaring it soon) may be his undoing this Scorpio month with Saturn also transiting his Sun and Moon. Mars will transit his MC next year so we won’t expect this troublesome priest to go quietly!

    The shadow of Netanyahu may well be carried by his wife / A bi of a tricky customer with a vile temper! But then she is married to a manipulative man who could sell you anything, a smooth operator with a serious military background. Its his way or the high way.
    This man must be a total mind f***k to be personally involved with. Sarkozy may have a point!

      • defo! i am tempted to go a little Greg Braden (fractal time) and see what echoes around BY. I’m going Holy Land, UFOs over the Dome of the Rock, Cardinal Cross, Cross of St George…
        Help! Stop me someone!!!

        Oh! And I forgot the PLuto aspect of the cross… Jews for Jesus anyone??

  37. I’m dead ‘s November 11, 1111: I am a ghost. Ateporix was my name and I lived in Furke. King and I was on my land dominated proudly. Where you cross the river I left my body in the tomb. I want to honor because I have brought honor to my country that I no longer remember. My soul is hovering in my land, now Italy. I have things pending to be resolved. My wagon is ready to leave for the journey to the gods.

  38. “Mars opposite Neptune and Chiron sounds painful, wounding in a spiritual sense.”

    not very good for marriage…makes you wonder how what kind of life couples marrying today will have. In Feng Shui, today is not an auspicious day for a wedding as it indicates danger (according to a popular Feng Shui Master – Joey Yap) but is good for opening a business or moving house.

  39. On 11-11-11 at 11.00am I was scheduled for a dental appointment about an hour’s drive from home. When I parked at the clinic it was closing because the town’s main water main had burst and all around was flooding. After some food I began my drive home. As I drove I was increasingly overcome by an intense weariness, but the road was narrow, winding, a car was right at my rear, and there was no room to pull over. So I lurched from side to side trying to maintain focus on the left lane. As I came to the bridge that crossed the creek at the edge of town I closed down and impacted headon with an oncoming car (yes,1.11pm). As an Aquarian, with a hostile Scorpio, I wish I’d noted the aspects for now I’ve had to re-invent myself – no car, rare public transport. But, saved, stabilized, ICU, long holiday in hospital, wonderful care. Take note of dates,eg: my DOB is 2-2-1941; my Mum’s was 11-11-1914: both = 10

  40. I was pregnant with a baby girl. She was due November 17 2011. I last felt her move inside me on November 11 2011 around 10:45 pm. I gave birth to a beautiful stillborn baby girl on November 13, 2011.

  41. I’m not too late am I? The traffic was diabolical!
    In Europe we use the 24hr Clock so 00:00 is the 24:00 that never happens and 23:00 = 11 (pm). My parents chose to live where they did, got together ‘Biblically’ (without arguing I hope) in the third week in February and Bish Bash Bosh at 11:23am on 23rd November 1971 I disembarked, already asking ‘WHY?’. Nobody asked me if they could borrow my Birth numbers for these 11-11 oojits and similarly forgot to tell me about it until 2021. I used to trade Financial Derivatives so was aware of the double dose of Fibonacci sequence ‘launchers’. I had my Numerology done and was happy my Life Path came to 7, always the most interesting number to me.

    I’ve been Divining with Pendulums and into Crystal Healing since 2010 and was always interested in Astrology. I had had a bit of a rough trot from end August 2019 and in Spring 2021 felt it was FINALLY lifting. There’s an old joke, “How do you make God laugh?” – Tell him your plans. This was when (what I now know to be Dark Night of the Soul) the dumpings of Happy Horse manure became more frequent and larger in volume but…this time it was my family! Libra mother (3swords), Gemini & Leo sisters (10swords & 5wands) have morphed into creatures I don’t recognise and I had to go no contact. It was simply too damaging. This is when I took up Tarot and hit the ground running with it – Well, nobody else was talking so I had nothing to lose. Admittedly, I’m 1st decan (Magician) Sag 8wands hyper much of the time and my higher vibe may become irritating when other people can’t keep up (lol). Sisters used to point remote controls at me saying… mute… pause! Summer of ’21 is when I noticed that 8wands is the only card with no human / animal form, making it unpolluted (lol) by any species and I began to call it the Concorde card, after the stunning aeroplane. If the only force strong enough to bring them down to earth is Gravity then these wands are going at quite a lick – somewhere between the sonic boom & lightning lol. (The 4 Aces have hands, Moon has animals, Tower has evacuees, Wheel of Fortune has mythological beings and 3swords is…well, the 3swords…hello mother!). All my family’s correspondence cards involve violence and bludgeoning weapons!

    I could kick myself for leaving it so long to look at Synastry charts with my family (Summer 2022 and just in time). I remembered that in the 90s an Astrologer was excited by a pattern in my Natal Chart so had it done again. I have a Seal of Solomon / Star of David created by a Grand Fire Trine & Grand Air Trine Kite. Please rest assured I don’t waft around Leicester Square in SackCloth & Sandals genuflecting and blessing people…not until the weather picks up again anyhoo.

    I’m still embarrassed to admit I almost reached 50 without taking time to investigate personality disorders – someone would tell me, surely…wouldn’t they? It turns out you can’t rely on a rampant Narcissist (true meaning of the term) to Self-Diagnose and pop it on a postcard. This became evident part way through the p/t psychology course I studied in ’21. I realised I no longer had sisters but flying monkeys to an 83 y/o Narc feeling threatened by my Course contents, having successfully deflected inquisitive attention for a lifetime. I’m mentioning this because her Natal chart and mine are spookily interwoven with placements / mirrors, some of which I’m still trying to work out.

    Same 3 planets in 1st pattern
    –Sag sun, Aqua moon, Cap asc
    –Sag/Fire (me) has Grand Air Trine Kite = Moon (conj) NNode in Aquarius / 1st House = Pluto in Libra / 8th House = Saturn in Gemini 4th House forming the Kite’s spine being opp Sun (in 1st degree) conj Neptune in Sag 10th House.

    –Libra sun, Sag moon, Cap asc
    –Libra/Air (mother) has Grand Fire Trine = Moon (in 1st degree) and NNode in Sagittarius 10th House = Pluto (in 1st degree) in Leo 7th House = Saturn (in 1st degree) in Aries (forming spine) by opp to Mercury in Virgo 8th House

    –Sag has Grand Fire Trine = Sun conj Neptune in Sag 10th House = Chiron (r) in Aris 2nd) = SNode in Leo 7th House
    –Libra has Grand Earth Trine = Jupiter in Capricorn 1st House = Venus in Virgo 7th House = Uranus in Taurus 3rd House

    Sag has Air moon & NN and Capricorn rising – also Lilith in Libra 8th House
    Libra has Fire moon & NN and Capricorn rising – also Lilith in Sag 10th House

    I finally managed to convince the irritating Scorpio flying-monkey cousin to shush their nonsense. (This played slightly into the “Gospel in the stars” epic Anyhoo, I hope you’ve enjoyed watching these funniosities unravel in someone else’s chart rather than your own, lol. I’m interested in hearing ideas / thoughts about links between the charts. Best wishes to y’all, Ed

  42. Gosh, I forgot to mention that Libra also has a Seal of Solomon / Star of David. It’s some kind of Cosmic funky for us both to have one and use the same planets in a trine. You know how touchy these Narcs can be – thought I’d best avoid handing her the opportunity to sniff out a sleight. My S-O-S is much tidier though, lol x.

    • interesting offering Ed. Chiron return comes to mind. Asteroid 37117 Narcissus, for where we’re full of ourselves. Mine’s in Aquarius.

      November 29, 2011, 2nd chart of the Trinity, bagged and tagged.

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