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left-elbowGreetings everyone, especially all you newcomers since I last posted a status update. Astrology King has grown a lot over the last year with the monthly and yearly horoscopes ranking high on the search engines. The amount of comments lately has really stunned me and this is the main reason for posting this update.

For those who don’t yet know me so well, you can read my biography. I have a number of ongoing health concerns so every now and again I do get behind with my work. I’m in the middle of one of those forced breaks from work due to some minor surgery last Friday.

I am not going to get behind on writing horoscopes this time. Instead, I won’t be answering as many comments I have been lately. I actual really enjoy the discussions here so will try my best to catch up once the April horoscopes have been posted.

The image above is of my left elbow. My hand and fingers had lost strength over the last two years and the muscle between my thumb and index finger had wasted away. The medical term is ulnar nerve entrapment, a similar conditions to carpal tunnel syndrome. It was probably caused by resting my left elbow for long periods on the hard arm rest of my computer chair.

Transiting Chiron is opposite my Jupiter. The previous solar eclipse was conjunct my Jupiter. This week’s solar eclipse is opposite my Jupiter. Perhaps this is a repercussion of all the growth my business has enjoyed from working at the computer over the last six month. Asteroid Hygeia was exactly conjunct my Sun on the day of the surgery.

Once again, thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement. Best wishes, Jamie.


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    • Dear Jamie, I’m pressing ads here because I am a pensioner and this is how I like you to be paid….but back to tonight : how is your relationship going ? Also….. how is your health ? “Thanks for your groovy accurate site, Kind Regards, Anne

      • Really good thanks Anne. We are trying to be patient as we save for visas, thank God for Skype. Just had my 5 year checkup and I’m cancer free so I could not be happier. Thank you so much for your support.

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