Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal and Transit

Venus Conjunct Jupiter NatalVenus conjunct Jupiter natal mirrors what this alignment looks like in the sky, beautiful and adorable. When the two best-looking planets come together they are the most attractive and popular of sights. Your popularity comes not only from your physical attractiveness but also from your genuinely warm and friendly nature. Your presence encourages others to display the same warmth and affection that you naturally exude.

This is one of the most non-threatening planetary aspects. You dislike conflict to such an extent that you have the ability to facilitate peace by being an example of generosity and harmony. It is not that you are particularly proactive about resolving disputes, as that would involve unpleasant arguments and bargaining.

Your dislike of aggression or threatening situations means you prefer to be around other agreeable people and live in beautiful surroundings. You are by no means a nit-picking clean freak, but simply enjoy beauty in all its forms. You may have a talent for art, music or poetry, or may manifest these qualities as the pure enjoyment of beauty, amusement, and relaxation.

This conjunction is a good omen for your social life and your love life because you attract nice things. As Venus rules money as well as love, it is likely that you will not have to struggle like most others, to attain a life of comfort or even luxury. Yet you are also very generous and may not have the strong desire and determination to make the rich list.

Dependent on other challenging aspects to this conjunction, or the alignment of fixed stars, there can be some negatives to this very positive aspect. Self-control and extravagance may be a problem, leading to addiction or greed. You could find it difficult to get motivated and prefer to be content with the blessing that your good karma brings this life.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Transit

Venus conjunct Jupiter transit portends love and money, harmony, and happiness. You do not have to strive, struggle, or work hard. This is a time to enjoy the benefits of the good karma accrued from your previous good deeds and hard work. Beautiful things are attracted to you.

It is your inner harmony, warmth, and friendliness that is so attractive. Ideally, this time should be spent out and about, engaging with as many people as possible. In this way, you will expose yourself to the greatest number of opportunities for growth and happiness.

Relationships of all kinds are a major focus of this conjunction. Your increased physical and inner beauty makes you more popular in social settings. In one-to-one situations, you should notice more interest, especially from your partner or potential partners. This is one of the best transits for falling in love. It is more likely now that any new romance will turn out to be the perfect match.

You should take advantage of any financial offers as there is a heightened probability of increasing your wealth. Investments should turn a profit, especially in works of art, jewelry, and other luxury items. This is a very lucky transit so you may even be the beneficiary of a sudden and unexpected windfall.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Celebrities

Jennifer Jason Leigh 0°01′, Sébastien Grosjean 0°03′, Halsey 0°05′, Tom Waits 0°06′, Julie Newmar 0°07′, Kenneth Williams 0°10′, Henry Winkler 0°13′, Michael Hutchence 0°17′, Trent Reznor 0°37′, Jane Birkin 0°47′, Agnetha Fältskog 0°48′, Eric Burdon 0°48′, Patty Duke 0°49′, Jerry Lewis 0°50′, John Belushi 0°53′, Matthew McConaughey 0°55′, Roman Polanski 0°58′, Barry Gibb 0°59′, Steven Spielberg 1°01′, Uri Geller 1°31′, Ritchie Valens 1°38, Jeff Bridges 1°40′, Liz Greene 1°45′, Stephen Fry 1°46′, Garth Brooks 1°59′.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Dates

April 30, 2022
March 2, 2023
May 23, 2024
August 12, 2025
June 9, 2026
August 25, 2027
November 9, 2028
September 7, 2029

171 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal and Transit

  1. When the power of love overcomes the love of power and when more and more adults care about others’ children all over the world we will have a chance.

    • Exactly, Jana. This will only happen when the truth is revealed of the corrupt system that creates conflict, division, chaos, pain and suffering on a global scale. There are many people engaged, at this time, in exposing these social parasites for what they truly are and the damage they inflict on humanity.
      Jordan Maxwell, G. Edward Griffin, Aaron Russo, Jon Rappaport, David Icke, Charlotte Iserbyt, Sibel Edmonds, Dr. Dahlia Wasif John DeCamp, are just a few who dare to speak “truth to power”, and, let us not forget the thousands of other loving souls who have forfeited their precious lives in telling the truth about the Mafia that controls the world; My son being one of them.

    • So true… beautiful……so simple!!! thank you for sharing that thought

  2. Natal Uranus 22 Leo, north node 29 Leo, BML 15 Leo all in 10th house… My progress chart is aspected also, including progress Sun currently at 22Leo… i have a venus ruled chart as well good omen, I sure hope so, my cape of invisibility (1st house neptune) doeznt always hold when 10th house involved and I am still completing Pluto square 14Libra moon… Breathing deeply…

  3. Hi Jamie, Thanks for this post it was very interesting as I have a Venus/Jupiter/Sun conjunction in my chart. My Sun is at 21 Leo, Jupiter at 20 and my Venus at 18 exactly conjunct my IC which is also at 18.

    So, I have this transiting Venus Jupiter Conjunction on my natal Venus Jupiter Conjunction!

    What can I say about this? Well I have recently come to a whole new understand of the IC point and what it means. I have experienced a rapid exponential growth of my life the last few years, and this has not always been pleasant , especially with all those Uranus/Pluto squares which really tore my life apart and re-formed it. I can now say that life is certainly bountiful but I am being made to work very hard for it. In fact a lot of exciting things are happening in my life with this transit… a lot of opportunities and a lot of social/work connections.

    In terms of Love….I also recently met an Aries on the 15th of May completely unexpectedly and he is head over heels for me but despite all these good astrological omens I am not sure about this relationship as he is very full on and we are very different. I did a composite on and it didn’t look very good, even though I kept fiddling with his birth time (unknown) – we have a scary sandwich in the chart between Jupiter (0 degrees) – Pluto (24 degrees) – Saturn (14 degrees) all stacked in a line near each other! it doesnt matter what time I put in, there is no escaping how much those three worry me. Perhaps I am just picking on that because I feel uneasy . Anyway – thanks!

    Love and Peace to All

  4. The second (nasty:)) conjunction falls right on my natal Venus, Juno, Sun, MC conjunction (of course, all on Regulus)… And Venus will retrograde between my natal South Node conjunct Psyche (14 Leo) and “the party” on my MC… Go figure! I’m so done with lessons in love, I need some good news!

  5. Thinking of getting married during the stellium… any thoughts, good or bad and how do I read about it in my chart?

  6. Am seriously reaching out. Does anybody understand a solar return? Does it really matter that much?

    • Firstly, I always relocate and precess solar returns. They do add meaning to your transits but I believe transits always come first.

  7. Allie, as long as Venus and Mercury are direct, why not? Just run a short term transit report for the day on for you and your partner. Make sure there are no sucky long-term transits exact that week that would ruin the day for you guys. Generally, the astral sky will be constantly nasty or laid back ad-infinitum. It’s how the transits hit you directly that makes the difference. Check solar arc and secondary progressions too. As always, proximity between the orbs make the transits strong or weak.

  8. Thank you Jamie. So if I have the first Venus Jupiter conjunction stamped on my solar return on July 2, does that stay fortuitous for the year? More dates and a good year for a nip tuck around the eyes?

    • George,

      I have been buying solar return reports the past few years to test their accuracy. They are only $5 I think at cafe I agree with Jamie that transits trump a solar return.

      For example, my birthday in 2013 fell on the Grand Sextile of 2013. My SR sun and moon were sextile. Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury in Cancer made a Grand Trine with Saturn and NN in Scorpio and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Pluto in Cap made it a kite. It even coincided with my Venus Return. Transiting Pluto was trine my natal Venus and transiting Uranus was trine my natal Sun. It should have been one of the best years of my life right?

      Well, that same year, transiting Saturn made a square to my natal sun and an opposition to my natal moon. It was kind of one of the worst years of my life. With Saturn transiting my natal 2nd house, I didn’t have the resources to do anything I wanted. I was unemployed and spent most of the year sitting in a small room watching tv and reading about astrology on the Internet. I tried to exercise and get some writing done but I was too depressed to do much of anything. The weather was bad and I couldn’t afford a gym membership so I gained a bunch of weight, like 30 pounds. My smartphone and computer got a virus (Apple products that synced together) and I didn’t have the money to replace both the phone and computer so I was cut off from almost everyone I know.

      That being said, if your transits are friendly, I don’t know your birth time or place so I don’t know your moon or ascendant positions, but the Venus conjunct Jupiter on 7/2 was not quite in a square to Saturn in Scorpio yet and still in a strong trine to Uranus in Aries and sextile to Mercury in Gemini so it sounds like a lot of surprisingly great news to me. The sun was trine Neptune so that would make you more creative, empathetic, or spiritual. The only problem might be your moon in Cap getting caught up in the Uranus-Pluto square. You might be moving or doing work on your home. Depending on the orb, Pluto might also be in opposition to your sun so lots of transformation.

      Hope this helps.

    • Should be George. The second one is right on my natal Mars and there is already some positive movement in my love life.

  9. Hi. Fate of Aries For this conjunction of Venus Jupiter and moon in 5 bhava. Will results in. Pregrency of wife in this period

    • No, Venus square Jupiter means you may be excessive or a little lazy, but this is the easiest of all square aspects because it involves the two most beneficial planets.

  10. Oh ok that makes me feel better about it! Except for the lazy part lol lazy in love or just like in general lol? I guess it would depend on the houses? Thanks!

  11. thanks, jamie. i’ve been researching this for a while… jupiter and mars will conjunct my natal venus (13 12′ Virgo in 8th house) along with the Pluto trine…all on my birthday this Oct 16. Should I throw a party, buy a lottery ticket, look for my soul mate or all of the above? Sorta kidding, but not really. Trying not to get too excited, but it’s kind of a once in a lifetime thing wouldn’t you say?

    • I should also mention i have saturn at 20 25′ gemini in my 6th…so unfortunately this will square my saturn. might need to hold off on the party, huh?

  12. This Venus Rx and Uranus conj Jupiter sounds harsh for me. I have 2nd house natal Sun at 3 Virgo (4 planets in Virgo all within the first 15 degrees) opposite 8th house natal Saturn at 1 Pisces. Money slowed to a trickle three weeks ago, came in one burst on July 18/19 then on July 20 totally dried up no matter what I do to generate income or interest/notice. I have already revamped and revised and restructured. I have so much to give and have it ready to give, but it as though no one hears or sees me and therefore does not know I have anything of value. I have built up so much public relations, marketing and social media to advertise and offer. Even FREE things are not moving. I wonder about stopping doing anything that has to do with business for 6 weeks until September 6 since as a 2nd house Sun in Virgo, I appear to be screwed financially.

  13. Really interesting post on Venus conjunct Jupiter. I have this aspect natally (in capricorn conjunct descendent) but it is in a very tight square to Uranus…..i feel like I’ve spent most of my life learning how to manage the combination! Still haven’t fully worked it out….

  14. The triple conjunction of Jupiter, mars and venus will be conjunct my natal sun (-moon opposition). Would that mean something is going to happen. Like the planets will have an even stronger influence?

        • I just looked at my transits from 22 august 1992 and saw there was a conjunction of venus and jupiter too, conjuncting my natal sun. That was when I met one of the biggest loves of my life. It was the most intense relationship I ever had and we are still connected, even we are just friends now.
          This time mars is there too and I saw my progressive sun and the sun will conjunct my natal venus also on that date. Cupido will also be conjunct my natal mercury, just as it was on 22 august 1992!
          Big love coming again?
          I start to think now maybe nothing will happen just because I anticipate so much…

  15. Transit cupido will be conjunct my natal pluto (not mercury, I mistaked) just as it was in 1992.

  16. I am a libra I fell in love with my Dr . Just around step 23/9. I keep feelings to me. He is 4 yrs young. Different cultural background. I don’t know about his marital status. I am married but strained relationship. I was born 27/9/72. This eclipse hit me harder. Please help. I don’t know where to turn for help. Thanks daisy

    • Hi Daisy, Libra decan 1 certainly felt the lunar eclipse strongly with it’s focus on relationships. Venus and Mars in your decan in November 2015 should bring the understanding you want.

  17. Hi Jamie, Thank you for the information.
    Regarding the Venus conjunct Jupiter on October 25 at 15°38′ Virgo, my IC is at 15 degrees in Virgo. Can this aspect be beneficial to me since Pluto in Capricorn is in opposition to my natal Saturn (conjunct Ascendant) at 13 degrees in Cancer?

    • It will still be beneficial despite that intense Pluto transit. Will be interesting to see if anything happens then.

  18. This October conj takes place on my ascendent at 15+Virgo. Could it bring any resolution to my off and on love relationship?

  19. Hi Jamie, such a great summary, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
    My natal Sun is at 14 degrees Virgo and my natal Venus at 17 degrees Virgo in the 8th. I also have Cap Ascendant at 2 degrees. Although the Pluto trine is at 13 degrees Capricorn, will this trio of Jupiter and Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn benefit or affect me? I am hoping it could help my love relationship – we parted in the summer and I am heartbroken but I am hoping we can try again to make it Although, it seems pretty hopeless, right now he is not willing to try. I am hoping this transit will help him see things differently. He has Virgo Sun at 13 degrees.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks so much Jamie

    • Sounds like you are both going through a major transformation Lily. Whether you get back together or not is will be a positive experience for both of you. But you have such excellent stars for love so I would expect you either get back together or you are swept off your feet by someone else. All the best!

      • Thank you so much Jamie, your reply is encouraging and put a smile on my face. Thank you again for such a great post and for all of your posts, you are a gem. Have a great weekend !

  20. My sun is 12 degrees Virgo, my ascendant is 15 degrees Virgo. I just had 3 Venus returns, but the but Jupiter were in my 12th. I’ve been patiently waiting my turn for this once in a lifetime alignment

  21. I am wondering if this transit could effect an improvement in my family’s finances, but I am not well versed in astrology. All I know is the Jupiter/Venus conjunction is happening in my 2nd house, and Pluto is currently in 5th. My DOB is 7/27/82, born 6:57am in Saint Paul, MN.

    I know I am probably asking too much, but if you willing to give my chartca look-see for that time, I would greatly appreciate it!

    • Hello Heidi, this full moon does not make any aspects to your chart. But the September lunar eclipse was tightly trine your Sun which is really good for what you wish for, as lunar eclipses like full moons rules home and family. The lunar eclipse will last until March 2016.

      • Oh my! This is weird. I’ve been having a feeling that my “wish” might come true by the end of February..and that seems to tie into what you said.. Maybe it will! Thank you so much for checking into that for me. That was so kind of you! 🙂

  22. Hi Jamie,

    I have Juno -2nd house 16.24 degrees Virgo, Jupiter – 2nd House 17.15 Virgo and Chiron 10th House 18. 16r Taurus.
    These planets have already been touched by the eclipse… and if I am not wrong by Mars in transit so how this conjunction could play now? Will it increase the effect of the eclipse? Would it resolve the misunderstanding that mercury retrograde created in areas of love relationship and business relationships?

    Since September lot of planets have been touched by different eclipses and aspects .. does it mean that my life is being reactivated?

    Thanks for so wonderful articles !!

    • You’re right about the eclipse degree. An yes, Mars will activate it as Mars rules action. Resolution of all kinds of relationships should occur with Venus and Jupiter.

  23. The Jup/Ve/Mars stellium is in my empty 7th house but exactly on the Vertex Point (Loose square to my Gem sun and sextile natal 8th house
    Jupiter.) Does this denote anything at all?

    • Sure does James. Don’t worry about an empty house, it means little. You still have a DC which is the most important indicator of marriage and partnerships. Vertex point is very significant as it signifies destiny encounters. Here is an excellent article about it: The Vertex Axis in Relationships.

  24. Hi Jamie!!!!
    Thank you for this post!!!!!! Do you have any insight on how this normally beneficial aspect behaves when it fills in a grand cross? Is it still beneficial? Or how does it adapt/evolve? My Sun/Jupiter is at 17 & 14 Gemini, Moon at 13 Pisces and Neptune at 14 Sag. Thank you!!!!!

    • Well being about the best combination you can have in astrology, it can only help out and relieve the tension you experience with that natal opposition. All the best Samantha.

  25. My bday is Oct 6 1944 . I retired relocated and found my dream home but there were so many problems it fell out of escrow last week. I have not found anything else that I feel inspired about . All this month. I thought jupiter venus conjunction very lucky. Tks for explanation.

  26. Hi ,Jamie ,
    hope all is well with you , Jamie , I am Leo , 19 , since few years i am in Bad time , my DOB is Aug 12 1964 at 04.40 morning , Karachi sindh Pakistan , if you like to give Reply , for when my Normal time come . Family, Money

  27. My partner and I are getting married on Saturday the 31st of October. Does this conjunction add positivity to our future together?

  28. Hey, thanks for this informative post!

    I see you are very good at replying to the comments so I hope you don’t mind me asking this: as a person with both Jupiter (0.01) and Venus (20.38) in Cancer, would this alignment affect me? Hope you can help, thanks 🙂

  29. Born with Venus and Mars in Virgo, how does it impact my life when Jupiter transit the sign Virgo one week. Frankly, nothing is happening in romance or energy…11-1-1951, 1:49 pm

    • Hi Shirley, If nothing is happening on the relationship scene, then you should get a creative burst of energy. Venus is love and money so you might get lucky in either.With Mars, that is a sign of positive and successful action,

  30. Hello, Jamie. I have Venus, Mars, and Jupiter stellium, all squaring Saturn. I feel like I’m split into two: the fun, peace-loving person and very stern, temperamental person. I wonder how to keep myself in the ‘peaceful state’ and tame down my temper? Because it’s so scary I’m even afraid of myself. Thank you in advance.

    • That’s the big test for you this life Castella. All these challenges, or setback, delays and disappointments are teaching you to love unconditionally and be generous. I would look to any fixed star conjunctions to get further detail.

  31. Hi Jamie, great article on this conjunction. I have this conjunction in the sign of Cancer in the 10th house (using equal house system) with Jupiter at 10 degrees and Venus in 15 degrees. Does my placement of Jupiter in its exalted sign of Cancer able to override the starvation effect Venus can have on my Jupiter?

    • Hi Donny, I ignore horoscopic astrology rules for a very good reason, they don’t work. You just have Venus conjunct Jupiter. Any other influence will only comes from associated aspects and any fixed star conjunctions.

  32. hi jamie , i have jupiter , rahu and venus in libra. does it have any effect on my love life and married life?

    • Hi Kumar. If they are close enough to each other to make a conjunction then it would have a wonderful influence on your love life. A Sign will not really affect the outcome, but any fixed star conjunctions will.

  33. Hi Jamie,
    My Venus is at 13 degrees in Virgo (8th house). Wondering how the HUGE combination of Jupiter conjuct, Pluto trine, Neptune opposition and Saturn square my Venus is going to effect me next year. Nothing really happened in October when Jupiter and Mars were conjunct and Pluto trine. It’s been a pretty insanely challenging year and I’m fearing that what I hoped would be a fortuitous break is now going to be yet another challenge. Birthdate 10/16/1972 Chicago, IL 1:04 pm
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Bridget, the June 2016 Saturn Neptune square is at 12°02′ degrees, while Pluto will be at 16°41′ Capricorn. This will be the strongest Saturn Neptune influence with less help from Pluto

      The September 2016 Saturn Neptune square is at 10°24′ degrees, while Pluto will be at 14°59′ Capricorn. This one should be better to deal with and lead to greater inner power and confidence.

      I will talk much more about it in the Saturn square Neptune article when I re-post it closer to those dates.

  34. Thanks jamie for your previous comment about rahu venus jupiter conjunction in libra but actually there are several ups and downs in love life. I actually have jupiter in 19.26 , venus in 16.20 and rahu in 23.21 all the 3 planets in 12th house and mars is in 8th house and saturn in 4th house. do u think mars have any effect on love life or is the problem of the conjunction in 12th house?


    • Hi again Kumar, I don’t pay attention to houses so I would only say there was an influence by aspect to Mars or Saturn.

  35. Nasci sob um stellium Sol, Vênus e Júpiter na casa XI em Escorpião. Mas fazem uma quadratura com Urano na casa VIII em Leão. Vida profissional excelente! No amor, um divórcio e mais altos do que baixos…

    • “I was born under a stellium Sun, Venus and Jupiter in House XI in Scorpio. But they make a square Uranus in House VIII in Leo. Excellent professional life! In love, a divorce and higher than low …”

  36. Hi Jamie,

    I have Sun at 6° Ketu 8° Moon 13° and Venus at 15° in Virgo 4th house. Then I have Mercury in Libra 5th house hence, mutual reception/exchange (parivartana yoga) between venus and mercury in 4th n 5th house. However, in the mutual reception wiki page, I read that because Venus is debilitated (and also combust in my case) it can provide little support to mercury in this reception. Also, because virgo and libra are in aversion to eachother i.e. they aren’t in aspect with each other, there’s no easy way for them to work together. Is this true?

    Also, in my D-9 and D-10 chart Venus is in Libra. Will this position in D9 and 10 help venus in D-1 where it is debilitated and combust?

    Thanks in advance

  37. Hi Jamie,
    Please reply to this comment. Thanks a million.
    Which degree it is going to conjunct? My natal Mars is in Virgo 27°. Are Jupiter and Venus going to conjunct my natal Mars? I am Libra Sun. Taurus Asc. Virgo is my fifth house of love/fun/kids. Last year when this happened I developed a secret crush to someone who is not available. Cant get him out of my mind.

    • I have added the chart to this article for you now Daisy. 27°21′ Virgo so conjunct your Mars. You should research Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct Mars transit. Also read the health issues related to fixed star Zavijava conjunct Mars.

      • Jamie, is that indicate mental health problems? Thank you for the info. Daisy

        • It does not say that specifically but the mental stress could lead to it. There may be other stars or aspects in your chart indicating mental illness. E.g. hard aspects to Moon, Mercury or Venus from Saturn would indicate depression, and from Uranus would indicate anxiety, from Neptune paranoia or delusions.

      • Hi, I am very thin, active and dont eat rubbish. I mentally overextended. Got a lot of hidden anger. Currently seeing a counciller. Daisy

  38. My Venus return is on this day- yay! 27 Virgo on aug 27th, I’m really looking forward to it now! Time to find my true love lol im gonna hold u to this !

  39. I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in my natal chart and in my solar return this year, but my solar return is also on an eclipse (1st September) I hope this softens the blow as I think there maybe some awkward aspects in my solar return

  40. My Pluto is at 29 42 Virgo and this meeting of Jupiter Venus mercury is happening right over it. Does that change the meaning for this transit for me?

    • It sure does Gayatri. Everyone will feel the general influence of this conjunction. But each person feels it is a slightly different way, or it affects a different area of their life depending on any aspects it makes to their birth chart. A conjunction makes the strongest impact so you will notice it more strongly than others. Not as strong as if it were a more personal planet life Sun or Moon. See Venus conjunct Pluto transit google Jupiter conjunct Pluto transit.

    • transits like this are the best time to solve any problems caused by difficult natal aspects like yours. Venus conjunct Jupiter would have to be the best of all.

  41. Hi Jamie; how many days does the Venus Return last? Would it last a day or 2 before and after the exact conjunction? Thank you.

    • Yes, Venus conjunct Venus transit that is. But then you can also use your Venus return like a solar return and it will last a bit less than a year.

      • Yes, I’ve got a lot of nice transits coming up with Virgo and the beginning of Libra. Looking forward to these auspicious energies – much needed after all the tulmultuous transits we’ve had!

  42. The foresight of the election-outcome for November. Its gonna be H.C. not D.T.

  43. This comjunction falls i my 3th house. Makes trine to may natal moon-ruler of 12 house and mars- ruler of 10 house. Will it brings good events Jamie? In generaly venus ruls 4 and 11 houses, and jupiter 5 and 9.

    • I ignore anything to do with Houses and associated Rules. So basically in this week you have Jupiter trine Moon transit, boosted by Mercury then Venus trine Moon. Lots of harmonious activity, love and good fortune in your home and family life. Emotional happiness, abundance of good feelings. Your Moon is your emotions, close women especially your mother, home, family, history, memories, maternal instinct. For more information look to any natal aspects to Moon or fixed star conjunctions. You could research:

      Jupiter trine Moon transit
      Mercury trine Moon transit
      Venus trine Moon transit

  44. Hi Jamie,

    I know the Vertex is questionned by a lot of astrologer. But this coniunction will happened in conjunction of my 7th house Vx.
    Also having Juno conjunct Pluto that day.

    Do you use those aspects for your personnal readings ?

    Thank you
    Dob 24/11/86 Saumur France

    • Yes, when I did readings I used the Vertex Jean. This sure sounds significant but do not pay attention to what House it is in. I don’t use Houses at all but the Vertex only ever lands in Houses 5 to 9.

  45. My friend is getting married on this day (although he is the sort of Christian that doesn’t hold with horoscopes so he didn’t know). He started seeing his future wife and got engaged within about two weeks. I’m really pleased for him because he lost his wife to cancer the year before. Great day for a wedding!

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