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April 15 to 21

Your weekly horoscope is based on planetary transits to your Sun Sign, not on houses, zones, or sectors.

Weekly Horoscope Aspects

The times below are for New York.

Monday, April 15

03:12 pm – 1st Quarter Moon at 26♋18 aligns with fixed star Procyon at 26♋07. It gives willpower, a sharp mind, good fortune, wealth and fame but also carelessness, audacity, a short temper and violence. With the Moon, Procyon gives occult interests, restlessness, and quarrels with friends, partners and employers.

10:23 pm – Moon enters Leo.

Weekly Horoscope

1st Quarter Moon April 2024

Tuesday, April 16

10:45 am – Mercury Rx semisextile Mars from April 15 to 17 speeds up your mind and reflexes and gives a strong sense of purpose and initiative. It is favorable for manual labor, business matters and negotiations. You can be direct and honest in achieving your desires and enlisting the support of others.

Wednesday, April 17

10:52 am – Venus semisextile Saturn from April 16 to 18 is good for dating, especially if you seek long-term commitment and loyalty. Romance and affection will seem less important than stability and security. Short-term gratification can be sacrificed for the long-term good of a relationship.

09:30 pm – Sun semisextile Neptune from April 15 to 19 brings sensitivity, intuition, compassion and romance. Serving others is ideal for expressing your caring, charitable, and idealistic side. Trust your instincts to make new goals and turn your dreams into reality.

Thursday, April 18

10:10 am – Moon enters Virgo.

Friday, April 19

04:59 am – Mercury Rx conjunct Venus at 17♈32 from April 17 to 20 is the right time to tell someone you love them or ask them out on a date. You are in touch with what you love about a person and can more easily express this than at other times. You could also be on the receiving end of someone else’s love or appreciation.

09:59 am – Sun enters Taurus.

11:28 am – Mars sextile Jupiter from April 15 to 23 brings strength, courage, and passion. You can be competitive and assertive while maintaining harmony. Good luck comes from increased optimism, strong instincts, initiative, and a willingness to take risks. This is a perfect influence for dating and improving existing relationships.

07:55 pm – Mars sextile Uranus from April 17 to 22 makes you more adventurous, spontaneous, and independent. It gives you the initiative, motivation, and inspiration to start daring new projects. Increased confidence, strength, and intuition are ideal for making changes. They should happen quickly and relatively smoothly.

Saturday, April 20

10:27 pm – Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 21♉49 from April 6 to May 5 is the most significant aspect in this weekly horoscope and for this year. It brings pleasant surprises and exciting opportunities. A sudden financial windfall, promotion or romance is possible. You can become more independent and expand your awareness. You will see opportunities where you saw none before. Greater flexibility and open-mindedness can lead to breakthrough solutions to old problems.

11:08 pm – Moon enters Libra.

Sunday, April 21

01:01 pm – Sun square Pluto from April 19 to 23 gives a need for more control over your life. But this can lead to ego conflicts or crises that force you into a corner. Gaining awareness of your reasons to be in control will help you evolve, let things go, relax, and feel less threatened. You can then channel your intensity into success through ambition and hard work.

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