Capricorn 2013 Horoscope

Capricorn 2013 HoroscopeCapricorn horoscope 2013 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Capricorn Decan 1 – born Dec 22 to 31.
   Capricorn Decan 2 – born Jan 1 to 10.
   Capricorn Decan 3 – born Jan 11 to 19.

Decan 1 Capricorn 2013 Horoscope

You all have some major transit this year depending on your birth date, but first I will mention a couple of things later in the year which all of Capricorn decan 1 have in common. Firstly, the lunar eclipse on 25 April 2013 is sextile your decan which will bring an inner feeling of calm and balance. Because there are two lunar eclipses mid year, this harmonizing influence will only last for one month, up till May 25. This is a good time to spend relaxing with loved ones and it will be easier to get ahead with fewer obstacles and less stress. Next up you all get the Jupiter opposition from mid June to mid August 2013. You should feel this as an urge to get more out of life, to have more fun and accumulate more money and possessions. This is all possible now as Jupiter does bring some luck, but the opposition means you have to work for it. Extravagance, over indulging, greed or boastfulness would all hamper your efforts though.

For those born December 22 to 27 only, the Neptune sextile transit all of 2013 will increase your level of spiritual connectedness with others, and can also increase your interest in mysticism or the occult fields like astrology. Increased sensitivity could manifest as very acute intuition or psychic abilities. The material world, possessions and making money will not be such a high priority, but unlike other Neptune transits you do not have to sacrifice the comforts of life in order to achieve more spiritual enlightenment. Your relationships should  also reach a higher level,  and any new friends made now could have a soul mate feeling about them.

Capricorn born December 28 and 29 only, you revisit the tension and change from last year with the Uranus square from mid February till the end of March 2013. The uncertainty you have been experiencing from this transit will be quickly replaced by a greater stability with the Saturn sextile from mid April to mid September 2013. You will feel more grounded and the bonding in your relationships will strengthen. You may take on more responsibility or gain more respect as people look to you for guidance and knowledge.

You guys born December 30 and 31 only, the major transformation in your life which started last year will continue up till early December 2013 with the Pluto conjunction. This is dramatically increasing your personal power and urge to make something of your life. You ego may be insatiable and this drive to get ahead may ruffle some feathers this year. This will be especially so during your Uranus square in April and again from mid October 2013. This increases the tension in relationships and suggests you have to deal with some major changes in the direction of your life. This intensity and increased tension can be transformed into some big gains and solid achievements in April and again in the last two weeks of September 2013. This is due to a stabilizing and foundation building Saturn sextile.

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Decan 2 Capricorn 2013 Horoscope

This should be a very productive year with two good eclipses for you and a hard-working Saturn transit. I’ll get to that achievement oriented Saturn transit later because the timing depends on your birth date  First I will mention the influences which you all get this year starting with a harmonizing trine aspect from the May 9 Solar Eclipse. This will bring warmer relations with others and help clear your path of obstacles. You can make a good impression on others, especially men and your superiors. One little period to watch for though is from July 5 to 20 with Mercury retrograde opposite your decan. This can create some tension and disagreements, and the hectic energy can caused scattered thinking. So try to avoid making important decision or signing contacts at this time.

Jupiter opposition from early August to later October 2013 will be felt as an urge to have more fun, make more money, or spend more money. Jupiter is the lucky planet so there should be some opportunities come your way but the opposition means that you will need to show some care not to go over board or get too greedy. So long as you consider the needs of other people and don’t get too egotistical, then you can find more enjoyment in life and make some good gains. That eclipse I mentioned earlier last up till the next solar eclipse on November 3 2012. This one is also great for you, the sextile aspect is fortunate but a bit more energizing rather than relaxing. It will last into next year and means you should have more enthusiasm and initiative to start new projects and improve all areas of your life.

Just for those of you born January 1 and 2, this year to start a major transformational period in your life with the Pluto conjunction. A very empowering time where anything outdated can be stripped away, leading to tremendous soul evolution. This transformation will be accompanied by some stress however, as the Uranus square begins in April 2013. Although this adds some uncertainty to your life, it does quicken the needed changes. Fortunately a Saturn sextile will give a greater sense of stability and allow these changes to lead to some marked achievements and recognition. This foundation building influence starts from the beginning of the year until early April 2013, and comes back for the first three weeks of October 2013.

Capricorn born January 3 to 10 only, you get the safe and secure Saturn sextile from mid October 2013 till the end of the year. Extra patience, determination and perseverance allows you to work hard on achieving your goals and long-term plans. You may take on more responsibility and gain more respect and recognition in your career. Relationships should be strengthened by a renewed commitment, and any new friendships made during this period will be based on a mature mutual understanding, should be long-lasting, and may involve someone much older or younger than yourself.

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Decan 3 Capricorn 2013 Horoscope

The November 2012 solar eclipse was sextile your decan  so you start this year with a good level of self-confidence and inner balance, and should enjoy harmonious relationships. Extra initiative and energy will allow you to make some big gains with your professional goals with help from people who matter. This feeling of well-being is extended by a trine aspect from the next eclipse, the May 9 Solar Eclipse. So for the majority of this year, up till mid October 2013, the background influence is one of improving relations, low stress and fewer obstacles in life. The one exception to this would be from June 26 to July 5 with Mercury retrograde opposite your decan. For this short period it would be better to avoid making important decisions, try to defer any negotiations and don’t let yourself be rushed or pressured into signing contracts or making commitments. This is because the hectic energy at this time could lead to miscommunication or poor judgement.

The harmony and inner feeling of calm you should  have been experiencing this year is replaced by a more uncomfortable feeling with the October 18 lunar eclipse square your decan. You may find that life just doesn’t flow so smoothly for the rest of the year and there could be more tension at home and with partners or other loved ones. This will be felt most strongly from mid October to the end of November 2013 with Jupiter opposite your decan. Any differences that have arisen from the eclipse will likely be exaggerated now, and your emotional reactions may be over the top, adding to any dramas. You will have to show more restraint now, not only in relationships but also with your finances and an increased urge to slacken off and enjoy yourself. So moderation is the key to handling this phase, as over extending yourself or partying too hard could lead to burnout or a blowout in your credit card.

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