December 21 2012

Michael PaintingThe Internet is awash with predictions based on the astrology of December 21 2012 because the Mayan calendar apparently ends on this date. The frenzy of predictions range from spiritual enlightenment and ascension, to all out global war and the end of days. There are some very significant astrological events leading up to December which we mentioned in the posts 2012 Astrology, Uranus square Pluto and Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy and I share the interest in this speculation particularly.

I am fascinated the Yod aspect pattern, and on 21st December 2012 there is a very special Yod aspect pattern to the planet Jupiter which is conjunct the important fixed star Aldebaran. In the last few hundred years, there has only been one Jupiter Yod similar to the December 21 2012 Jupiter Yod. That was in May 1989, so I will look at what manifested from that, and then take a closer look at the December 2012 Yod. For an explanation of the Yod aspect pattern see Yod Astrology.

1989 Jupiter Yod

Saturn sextile Pluto causes those things rules by these planets to work together energetically with a common purpose. Saturn is the security and structure given by governments and organization, law and order, the framework for society to function in. Pluto is like a big brother to Saturn, Pluto is ultimate power and control, the multinational corporations and global political and private organizations, the new world order. Working together we could see this as the UN, IMF, dictatorships, global partnerships such as communism and the alliances of the West. Pluto is also secret and underworld, and tied to conservative Saturn we get global groups such as Freemasonry, Opus Dei and Al-Qaeda.

Jupiter is philosophy and religion. The moral code of the society, more to do with the rights of the individual than Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter is optimistic and freedom loving. It rules judges and clerics and the rights of people in the society. So Saturn and Pluto bear down their joint forces on Jupiter via the quincunxes. Jupiter must express the energy somehow.

1989 Jupiter Yod

1989 Jupiter Yod

In 1989 we have a number of examples how this occurred, with far reaching consequences. The Yod was most exact on 18 May 1989, when The Chinese government declared martial law in Beijing to deal with protesting students in Tienanmen square. Jupiter was at 13°25′ Gemini. The most significant events relating to this Yod did not occur for another 16 days when a New Moon occurred at 13°12′ Gemini on 03 June 1989, activating the Yod action point.

Less than one hour after that New Moon, Tienanmen square had been cleared leaving thousands dead. Saturn and Pluto control and domination squashed Jupiter hopes. One hour before that New Moon on the Jupiter action point, Ayatollah Khomeini died in Tehran from an operation 2 weeks earlier, when the Jupiter Yod was close in aspect. The next day, the Vatican backed Solidarity Movement won the Polish elections, the first of the anti communist revolutions.

These events show the effects of Saturn and Pluto on Jupiter. Global entities such as the Catholic Church and Communism. Less obvious but still working behind the scenes would have been Western capitalism supporting the Chinese students and the Solidarity Movement. I see Jupiter here as the rights of the people, standing up against the power of authority as represented by the anti-religious, anti-freedom communist governments.

Jupiter always wants to expand, and at the focal point of a Yod, the issue is forced, this time by the heavyweights of global movements, organizations and governments. The communists lost in Poland, and won in China. The people won in Poland and lost in China. So Saturn – Pluto was stronger in China, represented by the autocratic government. But Saturn-Pluto was also strong in Poland with the influence of the Catholic Church and Western governments. It seems that Tienanmen square was a negative manifestation of this Yod, while Poland was a positive manifestation of that same energy.

December 21 2012 Astrology Chart

Based on the events of 1989, we may expect the big global players to be involved in some power struggle again. The way things are going at the moment, multinational corporations may be the cause of some uprising expressed through Jupiter. One factor not in play in 1989 was the internet which has brought us all closer together to share our thoughts. I see this a very Jupiter, expanding horizons. People power will be stronger with this networking and sharing of information.

December 21 2012

December 21 2012

The 2012 Yod has no lunation near by to activate it like occurred in 1989, so that may weaken the effect. However there was no fixed star at the action point in 1989. In 2012, Jupiter will be on a major fixed star for this Yod and this will give it a lot of strength.

Aldebaran and December 21 2012

The fixed star Aldebaran is one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia. It’s effects have been studied and documented for thousands of years. It will add extra energy to this configuration as it gives extraordinary energy. When looking into the effects of this star over the last century, I found a definite link to the Jupiter themes discussed about the 1989 Yod. Aldebaran is linked to the social rights of society. This is supported by research from Nick at Lunar Planner Forum. “Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, specifically for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran Antares axis can express into the business and political arenas and is of their leaders”.

Like 1989, this might work out positively and negatively at the same time. At best we could see governments and corporations listening to the global community and working to fix the mess of consumerism and environmental disasters. At worst there could be massive uprisings against the corruption of power in governments by the corporations. Religion will again be an issue. Islam has gone more extreme since 1989 and the West is viewed as the Christian Crusaders more than ever now in the Middle East. Aldebaran is a military star and some see it as the energy of Archangel Michael, “Military Commander of the Heavenly Host”, and with Jupiter it gives “Great ecclesiastical honor and high military preferment.” So at worst we could see an escalation in religious wars.

At best we may see the raising of global spirituality to a new level of acceptance and understanding. We may well see the best and the worst at the same time, and this polar extreme is something common in the effect of the Royal Stars. As Bill Tierney wrote about the Yod: “arriving at a fork in the road and having to proceed in one direction rather than another without knowing where it will lead to.” Some of us will take one road, and some the other. We will be presented with an opportunity for peace.

The action point of a Yod comes under intense pressure, and has to release the energy somehow. When there is a planet opposite the reaction point, that’s where the energy heads to find expression. In December 2012, Venus will be opposite Jupiter. Venus is the reaction point of this Boomerang Yod, so all that combined energy of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will be condensed and focused on Venus, peace and harmony. That day Sun will be sextile Neptune which will impart a positive spiritual energy to the whole dynamic.

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  1. Really wonderful Jamie. I’ve listened to a hell of a lot of 2012 podcasts, google video lectures etc etc, but this one takes the biscuit. But I had no idea a Yod was involved. Magical! Yes it could go either way like you said about the 1989 one. But I’m hoping Alderbaran will come up trumps in 2012.
    Bernedette Brady says as a Royal star it confers glory and success but only if a nemesis is overcome. For Alderbaran it’s integrity and honor. So society as a whole will be challenged as to the purity of dealings. If we fail then I guess the worse will come out of this Yod.

    What I also like is Venus as reaction point (Or whip as I like to call it), If Venus really is Lucifer “light-bearer”, the latin name for the morning star, then this is also interesting because, Lucifer is also the anti-Christ, another Doomsday prophecy. Maybe anti-christ is simply anti-Christian fundamentalism? Venus representing a spirituality free from organized religion and inclusive of both sexes in its priesthood.

    Also what is the whore of Babylon mentioned in the revelations? Could that be Venus also. Isthar?

    • “Venus representing a spirituality free from organized religion and inclusive of both sexes in its priesthood.”

      Is this about Mary Magdalene, her role in the founding of the early Catholic church, her missing or rather unpublished scriptures, her supposedly special relationship with Jesus, and other truths or half-truths surrounding her existence which had been pushed underground beneath the Catholic church’s alleged suppression?

      Having had a solid Jesuit education myself, it has been hammered into our heads that ‘the Church is the Bride of Christ’. Where Mary Magdalene believed to have split up from the all-male Apostles and set up her own apostolic church in Europe and Africa, far away from the church that Peter the Rock set up which eventually became the cornerstone of the Vatican. It has always been a puzzle to me as to how the Catholic church defined the ‘Bride’ of Christ. Very complex, tedious, difficult to correlate…

      Is Gnosticism due to be openly accepted on a global scale?

      • Interesting KK, you may like this take on the story: Catholic Scandals – Lilith & Chiron

        • Right on, Jamie. After I posted this comment on the 6th, I noticed your suggested link on the sidebar. Needless to say I read it and I had goosebumps attack there and then. Anyway, I came back to this post about yods because for the last 24 hours, my personal events are yod-like in its impact. I got a response from Ford Foundation in New York regarding my project which is quite encouraging. Hours after that I was thrown in a situation wherein I’m facing a huge lawsuit as an aggrieved plaintiff, the magnitude ala Erin Brokovich – hitting one’s head against the wall. The intense mix of excitement and disappointment is too much, I’ve had palpitations the whole day. I rode through the waves of my Mars transit and just went on placing committed courses of actions where I can without signing any papers yet…Mercury retro is just right around the corner. With my astrological hat thrown off amidst the chaos this morning…my mind is not working. So I thought of coming here where I feel very comfortable with people who can reason with me on this level. I need help. And yes, I have at least two golden yods…being pulled, catapulted and thrown off closely resembles my feelings right now.

          • Banging head against brick wall will be a theme for a while. Mercury enters the retrograde zone in a week and will oppose Saturn when it stationed direct next month. This station degree, 13 Aries, is hugely important because that is where Jupiter is for the Jupiter Saturn opposition. Still working on what it means, almost finished the April forecast.

            I think when you posted this, Mercury was conjunct Uranus and Lilith too, the rebellious woman. Very Erin Brokovich.

            • As if that’s not enough, I received a meeting appointment with the VP of a global hotel chain for some project, very close to the Merc retro! Fateful events in less than 48 hours! This is so unlikely in the past. Gets me worried. I haven’t seen anything like it happen before in my life. I will keep entries updated and will definitely monitor all the transits. When I checked back on my natals, trying to see something out of the ordinary there…nothing that moved the richter scale. When I checked my progressed chart however…wham! Two separate grand cross involving the major players and the angles. Will relook into the transits against my progressed chart now. Everthing that I have waited for in months culminated in less than 48 hours!

              Thanks Jamie and Marina. I know, I’m due for a serious reading. I might be having my own Lilith revolutionary phase. Oh, well.

  2. Hi Jamie – Using the massacre of Tiananmen Square to demonstrate the negative potential of the yod pattern was very interesting, and terribly sad. I also appreciated your general explanation of the Yod and the energy involved. I’m hoping 2012’s will be more positive, especially since so much of my chart will be affected. My own Jupiter in the 3rd is at 8 Scorpio 42 (conjunct Asteroid Lilith), and Aldebaran is conjunct my MC. Not only that, but in 2012 transiting Mars (ruler of my 3rd and 8th) will exactly square both my 2nd house Sun and 8th house BM Lilith/Sedna.

    What makes it even more interesting (at least to me), is that in my chart, natal MC/Aldebaran forms a sextile to my natal Eris/Oscillating Lilith in Aries in the 8th, and both are inconjunct my natal Jupiter in the 3rd. It looks like quite a sticky wicket.

    Thanks for the post; if not for you, I wouldn’t even have known about 2012’s Yod. And if not for Marina, I wouldn’t have known about my Lilith Corridor. After all these years, my life finally begins to make sense – sort of.:)

  3. YAY!!!! LOVE this post(and comments;-)!!!! The 2012 “thing” is very interesting to me so I love hearing about other people’s opinions/translations/etc. Yods have also been a little blurry for me so this helps;-)

  4. LB, looks very intereting for you. I didn’t even consider how it would effect natal charts in this post, that’s a whole other story. Lot’s more research needed, thanks for your feedback.

  5. Thanks Samantha, glad it made some sense. I have a yod in my own chart, which has been activated by the last new moon on the action point. One day I hope to describe how it works in my life.

  6. these degrees are also somewhat sensitive as there is an appulse lunar eclipse on november 28, 2012 at almost 7 gemini

    other eclipses that year heat up the ring of fire

  7. interesting article.
    ..conjunctions/opps to that jupiter apex.. (on dec 21, 2012..i didnt note any squares)

    8 gemini

    -Israel’s mercury(10 degrees) & ceres(8 degrees)
    -USA’s uranus (8 degrees)
    -Egypt’s jupiter(9 degrees) and pallas (8 degrees)
    -Germany’s mars (12 degrees)

    8 Sag

    -Russia’s mercury (11 degrees)
    -USA SAG RISING- ASC(7 degrees)
    Germany’s black moon (7 degrees)

    That venus in the dec 21, 2012 chart (opposite the jupiter apex) will be passing over this sabian degree during the time that this configuration is formed “8º Sagittarius (248): DEEP WITHIN THE DEPTHS OF THE EARTH, NEW ELEMENTS ARE BEING FORMED”
    Sabian symbols for all the planets involved are quite interesting.

    Also..and i believe of major importance, check out where the transiting south node will be at the time of the yod…. 😉

  8. Glad to have your imput gesso, especially seeing I hadn’t heard of this Yod till I read your work on some forum. That May 2010 eclipse looks the most striking to me because it reaches from Japan to California. That Nov eclipse is not too far from the Yod apex, thanks for pointing that out, could act like the new moon in the 1989 one, not as close but then eclipses are stronger.

    Now I want to check out some mundane charts, especially Poland and China to see if there was a link with that 1989 Yod.

  9. Thanks, Jamie. I really appreciated how you explained how the moon played a role in the expression of the yod. I also had the sense that Saturn and Pluto together bearing down on Jupiter were way too much for Jupiter to express positively. Hopefully this next time Venus can help carry the load.

  10. So much is happening right now Ellen, the world could be very different by the end of 2012. People power might win the day.

  11. Hi just found this lurvley blog, my name is Marina as well! What I find really fascinating is that Saturn and Pluto in 1989 were in their own signs and now in mutual reception, and Jupiter in its Fall, in the dualistic, black n white, dilettante sign of Gemini, mmmm,apart from anything else I’m hoping theres going to be an ongoing backlash against the media and government controlling us with inaccurate fear mongering propaganda. Ditto the ‘New’ Age and extremist religious and environmental groups who predict various themes on “The End of the World”! Not downplaying our very real excesses, I am convinced that this armageddon/calamitous disaster obsession is in fact,a hardwired racial memory of the various, global flood events of 12,000 years or so ago, and as such, a subconscious compulsion, combined with fear based religion’s need to control us with ideas of divine punishment. I Dont know about you guys, but over the last 20 years of observing Doomsday predictions, not one of them has eventuated, or of course any of the plethora made before then, in the last 2000yrs. Its fear, that rules and controls us, its fear, that controlling governments use to control us, and its fear that makes us accept control!
    Saturn in Capricorn,Pluto in Scorpio, and now Visa Versa, mmmm.

  12. Glad you found us Marina, it is fascinating this yod thing. What I find stunning, is that there wasn’t one like this for over 500 years, then we get 2 within 23 years. It’s like the 1989 one was to give us an idea on what to expect in 2012.

    Why the 12,000 years ago timescale? I am sure we have that hardwired genetic memory.

  13. Lorena this Yod probably won’t have an impact till theend of 2012, but perhaps we will see it’s effects in events as it nears as we did with that 1989 one.

  14. Hi Jamie,
    Reading your Yod articles I discovered the truth of your affirmation about Nazi Yods on myspace: “One with Yod atracts another person with Yod”.
    I know I have Yod aspects since 7-8 years – I have almost the same yod as you, being borned 8 days after you (adding a lighter one with Saturn Jupiter, orb 2.30). But I recently discover my wife has a golden yod with Pluto action point, Mercury and True Node).
    I’d like to talk with you about how the yod lead our lives until now.

  15. @Cristian
    Crisitan, Yod interpretation is my pet project in astrology and I do want to write more from a personal perspective. My life has been full of dramatic events which I feel I have little or no control over, things “just happen”. I do think a Yod is a fated thing and represents a particular task we have to work on based on our karmic path. With Saturn at our action point, this task will have a lot to do with taking responsibility for something, and we get good at it through learning from mistakes, many lessons and hard work. The aim is to become expert at what we are here to do and become authorities on it, and then help others by sharing and teaching. We can also draw on our soul memory because I believe a Yod also represents something we have been working on through previous lives, and “the Finger of God” is saying that this is the lifetime to bring it all together and get it right.

  16. YOD #1

    I’m gonna try some self imposed homework here. Anyone who wants to correct or put their 2 cents in feel free.

    One of my Natal Yods:

    Moon 29 scorp Sextile Pluto rx 1 Libra Both Quin Venus 29 aries

    So Moon: Emotional make up, Unconscious habits, memories and moods. My ability to adapt and react to those around me. My maternal instinct. Need for security. The home. It rules animal spirits :)In scorpio, My emotions are strong/intense and drive my work ethic and relationships. I become attached “fixed and driven by feelings. I hold on
    to relationships even after they have caused great pain. I internalize taking time to reflect but when I sever I sever completely. I remember hurts and healings.

    Pluto: personal mastery through purging and thus transformation. The need to co-operate and share with another. Digging under the surface to bring the truth to light. Uncovering burried intense needs and expressing them. In Libra seeks balance and harmony.

    Venus: Harmony, Balance, Beauty,Feelings and affections. The urge to unite with others. Sensuality, wealth, sex. Asscoiated with the throat, Lumbar region, Veins, Parathyroid, Kidneys. Also with metal, unyeilding,
    strong, persistant. Aries is a me first sign also unyielding and firey. Cardinal, strong, ready in a moment when a decision is made.

    “sextile is a positive aspect that creates energy.”

    ” Sextiles cause those things rules by these planets to work together energetically with a common purpose.”

    So as I see it My moon and Pluto are like energy applied to crystal as the energies build so does the tempo. The areas that are weak crack and fall away (transformation) Uncovering/exposing new areas and needs to the elemants to be tried and proven and when weak removed.

    Plutos energy uncovers hidden habits, memories, moods and insecurties. Shakes away the weak decomposing parts so that I may adapt to my home, children and emotional possitions at that time. Inturn My moon, my nurturing tendancies, my need for security and partnership keeps pluto from figuritvitly throwing the baby out with the bath water. In scorpio my moon feels deeply and when hurt cuts off the offending part. Pluto asks the moon to seek balance to grow and find justice in the situtation. Pluto in libra without the retention of the moon in scorpio would be quick to make exuses for the offending and may stay mired in the situation. I believe transformation, learning from hurts and joys will be a key to healthy emotions to being able to nurture instead of enabling. as well as to being nutured.

    Pluto the ruler of scorpio, seems to be a link to my moon in Scorp working with Pluto in Libra. As well as Venus being the Ruler of libra aiding in the work of of my Pluto in Libra.

    “The quincunxes take this heightened energy and raise the vibration even further. The action point planet then comes under incredible stress and tension and must release it somehow. Individuals with this Yod pattern
    will experience this as continual buildup then release of tension”

    HERES WHERE I REALLY NEED HELP: If the above is on target, how does Venus figure in? I cant seem to get my mind around the heightened sextile energy and its effect on or through Venus. Is all this to say that my YOD is intense and transformational. That surface experiances and feelings that never deepen are not enough. That I require depth of feelings, growth, transformation richness in all things? That for things to be meaningful to me, whether physical, emotional, material or spiritual they must have fire, strength, depth and growth to last or they are severed?

    If this is the case what might I expect as BOTH Venus and Mars approach 29 libra next month? Do Trans Venus and Mars take this whiplash?

    As they go over 29 Libra they aproach my 1 degree Scorp Lilith… wow

    what a year ….

  17. @Jamie
    Do you have any positive examples of people with yod that managed to “bring it all together and get it right”? Because looking to Nazi Yods, we can see that they reached a very high position, they had very high (but wrong) aims, they managed to win a lot of battles with almost all mankind against them (after 1943 when the course of war changed) being probably under a lot of stress and in dificult positions but, they lost the war, they lost everything and did suicide themselves.

  18. @Cristian
    I am getting a list together, some positive examples are Larry King, Meryl Streep, Prince, Oscar Wilde, Jodie Foster, Frankin D. Roosevelt, Nicolas Sarkozy, Queen Mary and Roger Federer. They are some of them just with a total one degree orb for their Yods.

    With the Nazi’s, if a Yod means a special mission in life, then it is possible to see them as being very successful in completing their missions as described by their charts. Germany today is a powerhouse.

  19. Tina :

    Plutos energy uncovers hidden habits, memories, moods and insecurties. Shakes away the weak decomposing parts so that I may adapt to my home, children and emotional possitions at that time. Inturn My moon, my nurturing tendancies, my need for security and partnership keeps pluto from figuritvitly throwing the baby out with the bath water. In scorpio my moon feels deeply and when hurt cuts off the offending part. Pluto asks the moon to seek balance to grow and find justice in the situtation.

    Thats a great interp there. The confusion with Yods is that the quincunx is seen as a stressful aspect of adjustment. That the apex planet is battling to co operate with the other too. So your Venus is fighting with both Pluto and the Moon, which it might be if it a wide orbed Yod and its not really on the midpoint. If it IS, then Venus has the potential to unite and be the diplomat between your Moon and Pluto and this Venus will also be the channel through which you express the Moon/Pluto. But that is not to say the quincunxes are neutralized, there is still that battle.

    An example would be you could create art (Venus) that expresses the intense Hades Moon that you have, that goes deep into your soul. art that is transformative, dark and depicts dreamlike surreal imagery.

    Or it is through your Love relationships that you have to deal with issues of abuse of power in the domestic environment,in the family. There are lots of possible interps, but Venus is the conduit and the key to making it work.

  20. Marina, Thank you! I have a couple thoughts and experiances that I am understanding a bit more and will continue to explore. I will do so here if you want.. or if you send me an email I will send them direct to you. Im thinking it may be both of your interps… all depending on the situation, qith another possible twist 🙂

  21. @Jamie
    Interesting point of view about Nazi Yods and their mission, indeed. And, yes, I agree with “being in mission”.

  22. Just wanted to share some star info I have on Persia, relating to the events of the last 50 years, and add my predictions for 12-2012, I said “all the money is gone”, that’s my prediction for 12-2012. I based this on the malefic star at 8 Scorpio, and Saturn is conjunct the star, also the Bible quote for the pointing finger of God, “Mene, mene, teckel upsarsin (sin is the moon) this is the Yod. and you were right it was 1989 when the Persian “King” the Ayatollah Khomeini died as prophecied in the Bible. God took the money away, the Peacock and the diamond Throne of ancient Persia is on the Jupiter/Aldebaran “hit” point. And that is very near the STRAITS OF HORMUZ. I take the Sun/Neptune sextile to mean the “Navy” to be involved. And I am waiting for Sept. 2011 to see if they all head for the straits again, like we recently witnessed on FB. I was living in SLC, Utah in 1961-62 and everyday the newspapers talked about the “Avatar being born”. It was the Shaw of Irans son. The Star of David was easy to see in the night sky. In 1974, the “Christos” was born, they are both here, perhaps alive, I wouldn’t know. I don’t think they are enemies. Someone asked you if the whore of Babylon was Ishtar and I think so, yes, because if you look at young statuary of Ishtar, you will see she is a delightful, rather beautiful child. In fact the Seperoith Tree has her picture as Venus at the tip top of the Tree. Same face, Same girl, reminds me of the little ditty, “there was a little girl, who had a little curl in the middle of her forehead, when she was good, she was very very good and when she was bad she was horrid.”

    • Out of curiousity, if you know that Reve Pahlavi the Shahs son is the avatar then do you know who “the Christos” is? What leads you to believe he was born in 1974. Your comment interested me so I googled it and couldn’t find any info. I’m really curious to know. ~J.

  23. Maybe consider that a similar Yod to Jupiter near Aldebaran occurred for the Harmonic Convergence (Aug 16-17, 1987) involving the major planets not in the Grand Trine. Aldebaran is the Eye of the Bull and best understood as an integral part of that constellation, which also includes the Pleiades (May 20, 2012 solar eclipse). The astrology of 2012 is primarily “galactic” and so involves astrological factors beyond the signs and planets. The authentic Maya astrological forecast for our year of 2012 is in the Dresden Codex, what some believe to be the most profound astrological treatise on Earth.

    • Twas a Yod to the Moon, dear Ray. Jupiter was hangin’ in the Grand Trine. But yes, a Yod toward Aldebaran none the less.

  24. if the 2012 yod is mirror immage of the earlier one stated, which lead to the massicare of thousands, would you not think that the future one could lead thousands to the truth? God is Love and Love is the greatest force known to mankind. Yours truely, Faithful servant.

  25. Hi, just found your site and love it. Perhaps here someone will understand me if it’s not too much to ask – I think I have a yod from Moon 18.19 in Pisces in fourth house (near nadir) quincunx Jupiter at 18.04 on the cusp of the 10th and 11th houses in Libra, Jupiter sextile Mars at 15.48 Leo (quincinx Moon) one degree into the 9th House in Leo conjuct Pluto at 9.40 Leo in 8th House.
    Also, I think I might have another one from the nadir (I read where Princess Di had a yod to her nadir) Pisces 11.14 to Neptune 5.59 Libra in 10th to Pluto 9.40 Leo in 8th.
    Should I worry?
    I have Neptune trine my poor little sun in Gemini in 6th at.3.33. Venus sqaures the Neptune, Saturn squares the Jupiter, Uranus trines the Neptune, Saturn trines the Moon, Moon squares Uranus. Ascendant Sag 29.18 opp venus at 1.29 Cancer (I know relationships are definitely out for me and gave them up years ago)
    My life has been absurd, bizarre, chaotic, tragic and fascinating – I’ve been almost everything but mainly journalist, writer and poet.

    • Hi Leone, the maximum orb for quincunxes is usually 3 degrees, so the IC is noy a Yod. But the Moon definitely is. Very personal effecting relationships at the emotional level. It’s easy for me to say not to worry but worrying seems to come with Yods, they’re a bit neurotic. I just love the keywords you shared for you life. I would love to include them when I get around to writing another Yod post more about natal charts than this 2012 one.

      “absurd, bizarre, chaotic, tragic and fascinating”. I can certainly relate to that having a Yod myself!

      • Hi Jamie,
        Thank you so much for replying when I did feel it was a bit rude to want so much information for free! I didn’t know what the orb was for a yod, so thanks for that, and am very pleased I don’t have two as one is more enough to handle – I’ve always felt I had a mission in life, but being a Gemini they change all the time. If anything I (this is so hard to say) feel my mission is to keep the bastards honest and ethical, and there are things that have happened where I have had to do that, but then I question my motives and always wonder if I did the right thing, and wondered if it was just fashion or real life, long lasting values I was defending when I seemed not to really have any control over what happened anyway.
        By all means use my keywords, they just appeared as I typed, the same as when I write poetry – I’d love to know more about yods in natal charts. I’ve known for years about the Finger of God and my yod and just hoped He wasn’t pointing at me accusingly, with sparks! Which finger I wonder? Second digit? LOL. And why is it called the finger of God anyway? Interestingly, on this site I discovered I am starting an 8-day poetry course on Jan 4 2011 – I can’t think of anything more perfect!

  26. Leone, I must tell you that I too have a yod, and I relate to so much of what you’ve shared, especially the part about defending values and feeling out of control as far as the outcome goes. I’ve often wondered if what little my efforts have achieved will really make any significant difference in the long run – if you know what I mean; I always question whether it’s the illusion (that I have power over anything) or divine will that drives me. And yet, I’m always compelled to try, even when there’s a high price to pay.

    • And here I was feeling all alone in the world and misunderstood! Thank you LB (they are also my initials!)I do know all too well what you mean and that somebody knows what I mean, at last, is inspiring. Yes, the illusion, and is it a human based urge or a nudge from the divine I ask myself. Always compelling,and yet the price seems not to matter at the time. Are yods triggered by transits? What a silly question, Leone, of course they must be.

      • How funny about us having the same initials – mine have a double meaning since my comments are always so “heavy” (hahaha).

        My yod is definitely set off by transits. In fact, I think it was the last transit of Mars to the apex of my yod that made me see another manifestation of it; it was pretty interesting. Even Moon transits can sometimes trigger something, at least in my chart – especially if other factors are at play. Take care and nice meeting you! You are not alone. 🙂

        • Hi LB, just had a chart done by Jamie – I have a trapezium and FOUR yods!!! I need a big dose of sympathy. No wonder my life’s been like a circus!!

          • I’m here Leone. Can’t even imagine how four yods must feel, but you know what they say . . . God never gives us more than we can handle; you’ve probably learned from experience how to handle the unexpected far better than most. And I’m sure you’re far more empathetic, seeing as how you realize life throws curve balls when you least expect them. At least that’s what I’d think.

            Now I have to look up what a trapezium is.

            Take care! 🙂

      • You really feel trasits to Yod planets, especially conjunctions, oppositions and squares to the apex planet. They “ping” the Yod into actions, it’s like a tuning fork and it can bring major changes in life direction which can be stressful, because they will put you abruptly on the right path to achieve this mission in life. The further you were straying from it, the harder the bump.

        Lunations are also strong felt, like eclipses. That was the case in the 1989 Jupiter Yod in the article, the new Moon 16 days later brought dramatic turning points within hours – the massacre in Tianenmen Square, the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, and the Solidarity victory in Poland.

        For the December 2012 Jupiter Yod, as Gesso pointed out in the earlier comments, ther is a lunar eclipse a few weeks before close by.

  27. I have a boomerang yod that’s currently being activated by four planets making conjunctions and I feel dreadful! Pluto and nadir at 22 libra sextile neptune, all quincunx the sun in the tenth, which is opposite uranus. Also, i’m leo rising so I think the poor taurean sun feels it more harshly!!! My tenth and fourth houses are also intercepted, and the sun is conjunct chiron. NASTY! I always feel low and ‘bothersome’ at this time of year when the sun passes through scorpio/sag… at least I know why!

    • Thanks for sharing. I find that the Yods have a difficult time when planets transit the reaction point more than the Apex. In your case you have Uranus there so you get added volatility. How tight is that Uranus/Chiron opposition? I have this as part of a T square so I sympathise. At the same time once mastered you should make an innovative teacher and great mentor.
      I seem to suffer everytime the Moon crosses my reaction point. Like PMT x 100.

      • Hi Marina.
        My chrion isn’t opposite uranus, it misses it by 1 degree! The sun is at 22 taurus and chiron 18 taurus, and uranus is at 28 scorpio. As i’ve got older (i’m 29 now and have been interested in astrology since I was 13) I can clearly see how accurate astrology is – and I love using it as a tool for dealing with various life situations – the good and the bad! Despite the pesky yod and intercepted houses etc, i’m so glad I have this interest because it is a massive advantage in life. Think of all those people with yods/hard aspects and don’t know anythng about astrology!! Lately i’ve been taking particular attention to my lunar return charts – so I know what to expect. Thus trying to provide damage limitation if it looks like a tough month. I’m an artist, well, trying to be an artist 🙂 and have always had issues with getting my work out there – the fear being putting myself on the line, and knowing about my tenth and 4th being intercepted has helped me to learn strategies for coping and dealing with it and i’ve managed to make headway this yr with it all, also chiron in the tenth just adds to that issue. If I hadn’t been able to read up about these placements I doubt this would have ever been something Id be able to overcome, so what you’re saying about mastering aspects and placements is so true. I read that with intercepted houses, look for the ruler of the sign on the intercepted planets as a gateway out of the troubles that the intercepted houses create, and for me that is mars which is unfortunatly also conjunct sun and chiron in the 10th (intercepted) and venus, which is 1 degree gemini and also in the tenth (intercepted!)and also opposite uranus which slices through the two sextiling planets in my yod! However venus makes supporting aspects to saturn and jupiter which are conjunct at 0 degrees libra so I take my venus trine moon (22 virgo) and trine saturn and jupiter to be my ways out to surviving the 10th/4th house yod and intercepted houses where most of the energy in my chart is contained. I also have lilith in the 4th – which is opposite chiron, and opposite mars. This I have partially at least dealt with by making my home my place of work which seems to work exceptionally well. No doubt lilith plays a part in the yod aspect too, although perhaps to a lesser degree (pun not intended!). Despite the trouble the yod/intercepted houses have created, I do thank the venus trine the other planets for their placements as somehow I have always had people to lean on that will help me through difficult times, which i’m sure will have something to do with venus being on the cusp of the 10th/11th. Thank god for venus! Having leo rising is a blessing and a curse in my chart – the sun being it’s ruler where most of the energy is contained with it being conjunct mars and chiron, etc and apex of my yod certainly means I feel beaten down by life events a lot, but it’s true about leo rising people being quite gregarious – i’m not a depressive type, so it’s a funny dichotemy that one!! I look forward to continuing to master these difficult placements and making them work for me. Interestingly, my husbands ascendant conjuncts my nadir nd pluto, and my midheaven conjuncts his descendant – so his chart is intertwined in my yod. His vertex is at 22 degrees taurus where my sun apex is too. Since meeting my husband just over two years ago, ingrained issues of trust have really come to the fore and it was a terribly difficult relationship to begin with, but he has certainly helped me to master these issues that the yod creates, no doubt because his own chart is so involved with it, and has been a massive breakthrough for me dealing with issues, and freeing up some of these planets and allowing them to find a healthier way of expression. But, as with everything, it’s a constant process of reflection, adaptability, paying attention and requires honesty and discipline. I have certainly learnt about ‘coping strategies’ through my husband with regards to both my yod and intercepted houses. How does your uranus chiron t square play out for you? I’ve managed to escape a t square in my chart, I imagine there would be similarities of the to-ing and fro-ing of planets fighting for expression that one finds in a yod?
        Yours yoddily,

  28. I just had a thought, which may or may not be relevant but I would be very intereted to know what people think. If you take the persona chart for each planet invoved in a yod aspect, I wonder if these persona charts would help at least give some more clues to how each of the yod planets express themselves, I’m thinking that it would help a person better understand how the yod configuration works (and works FOR THEM) in their charts. I don’t know enough about persona charts to know how relevant they might be in relation to the natal chart generally, let alone when considering them alongside a particular energy created by the natal chart, but perhaps some clues could be in there…..

    • Sorry for the late reply. But this is a great idea!!
      I’ve only looked at my Mars persona chart so far and it basically described Richard Burton…
      I think it helps to think of each planet as a person and how they would work together. I came up with a chariot analogy. The Apex planet being the horse and the two sextiles being the drivers.

  29. Hi,

    Very interesting!

    In what years were the similar yods that occured hundreds of years ago? it would be great to see what historical events happened at those times.

    • From memory I went back about 500 years and didn’t find one like this so I gave up looking. The further you go back in history the less is recorded which can make this kind of research a bit difficult.

  30. i have a yod + same venus boomerang, but cunjuct uranus, in my natal chart. with the moon as the action point in the 9th in taurus with pluto and mercury. how this affect me or can help me? i also have 2 another yods with boomerag, but only if i use some other astrology programs instead of astrodients. every yod includes a boomerang. and the planets involved are jupiter as action point in aries in the 8th, with venus in the 2nd and my ac. the second one venus is the action point and acts with jupiter and my mc, and the moon as boomerang.
    please, give ur opinion.

      • Yods are so very complex and its hard to look at them in isolation. When we do natal readings and someone has a Yod or another complex aspect pattern in there, we know we have to devote extra time to them. Two boomerang yods though. Wow!

  31. I have been trying to find out about the 2012 Yod because I think that it will have particular effect on me. I have Neptune at 8 degrees Sagittarius (9th house) ; Sun at 9 degrees Gemini (3rd house); Pluto at 4 degrees Libra (7th house); Saturn at 4 degrees Cancer (4th house); and Jupiter at 15 degrees Pisces (1st house). Anyone have any thoughts on this.

    • Hi Jenn, no wonder you’ve been searching for information. Jupiter will be on your Sun, and Venus will be on your Neptune at the reaction point of this 2012 Yod. Don’t worry about including the other planets in your chart that you mentioned, that will just confuse things and they are not being aspected by the Yod anyway.

      Focus on Your Sun opposite Neptune. Jupiter hitting your Sun with Venus hitting your Neptune sounds exceptionally good. You should be beaming, pinging like a tuning fork with spiritual inspiration, unconditional love, and creativity.

  32. Hi again Jamie, please let me know your opinion about following (boomerang) Golden Yod I (and you possible) have: North Node 9.39 Aries, Mars 4.52 Virgo, Juno 16.23 Scorpio. Is this aspect a Yod, with North Node and Juno? Or only become a Yod when other planets are transiting? Like now, when Jupiter is conjuncting North Node. The higher orb is 1.13′ between Mars and North Node, so < than 2. Thank you in advance.

    • That would be a Yod with North Node at the apex, and South Node at the reaction point. But the orbs are too wide, max 3 degrees for quincunx aspects. A planet transiting around 15 degrees Aries will trigger a transiting Yod, so the Jupiter Saturn opposition later this month is definitely affecting your Mars sextile Juno.

  33. Hi Jamie, Mars Quintile Juno, not sextile, Mars bQ North Node and Juno bQ North Node, with 1.13″ maximum orb between Mars and North Node, other have orbs less than 1 degree. So, is enough energy from the quintile Mars Juno to “stress” (well, is bQ, so stress in a creative way) the North Node?
    Can you tell me please what “mission” can suggest this Yod? Thank you in advance.

    • Sorry I missed that this was a Golden Yod (even though your wrote that, Mercury opposite Saturn in my Yod axis skips over words sometimes). I covered what that could mean in Hitler’s Horoscope: With a Golden Yod, two planets are in quintile aspect (72 degrees apart), and they focus their combined energy like a laser down onto the action point via the two biquintile aspects (144 degrees). Quintiles are aspects that are “associated with the use and abuse of power”. When we get these aspects combining to form a configuration, the energy is amplified, like the concentration of energy within a crystal. It makes the major configurations so much more potent than a single aspect on it’s own.

      So perhaps there is a karmic, past life issue regarding the use of power in a marriage (Juno quintile Mars). The Nodes of course also relating to family relationships. May even have been aggression/violence with Mars. So the mission might be turning that around this life as Mars energy can be healing, especially sexual healing. Definitely a relationship focus I would think.

      • Mars as a bearer of sexual healing. Wow! Something for me to think about in the next few days.

  34. Thank you Jamie. I have also Mercury opposite Saturn in my Yod axis, but with a wider orb, 7 degrees so it happens to me also sometimes. By the way, don’t you have this Golden Yod (Mars-Juno-North Node) also with wider orbs? The difference should be that my apexes Saturn and North Node are in 2nd house and the reaction points in 9th house(Mercury) and 8th house (South Node). I can say that I experienced a lot of tension and lessons in 2nd house.
    So the Yod energy will be condensed and focused on the reaction points and this houses 8th and 9th?

    • Well there you go, so I do. Never knew that. Spooky, Marina sent me her morning email not long about about a past life dream she had involving me and those issues I mentioned about this aspect pattern with Juno, Mars and North Node. Too freaky! But this happens all the time with astrology. Thanks again Christian.

  35. I’m glad I could help you in any way, like your opinions are very interesting to me. I’m interested in Yods, you’ve done a lot of research in this field, and, more than that, we two have the same Yod aspects, being born with 8 days difference. I’d like and I’d be glad to exchange with you some impressions and experiences. Thank you, too.

    • Well please stay around, it will be good to compare notes later in the year with our Saturn opposition.

  36. Son of a gun! Everybody is aware of that these are the hot recommendations in the make a difference of.

  37. Jupiter position is right on the AC of Egypt…the 1922 one which seems to have been working correctly….oh dear.

  38. I’m amazed at my natural Pisces intuitions that seemingly come true. Fist off, I know religion won’t be the same, as I have turned back to my Pagan roots, since I Am Greek-Romano American. I bought about two to three years ago and nervously and now proudly wear my Pentagram silver and Gold around my neck with a silver chain. I get MANY Stares.
    Now, this was a message I was told to do. I have always been connected to what I like to say as my Angel’s, even if I come out sounding weird. I have lived a guide and charmed life. Miracles and some with wittneses.
    Now as I have enjoyed Neptune coming and going from my sign and soon returning Feb 3rd 2012 for a 14 yr stay, I felt the powers before Neptune a warning to be prepared, not bad, just perhaps a guide for one on one people. Maybe later a larger group in the millions. Gut wrench metatations and send me through the roof of wonderful white lighted moments of a love no one could ever experience in the living, but I did!
    So now reading Uranus and Pluto Square…wow, and seeing how on one page it creates the Pentagram, perhaps not all at once, hum…makes you think. And then to read how Dec. 2012 the day the sun will be sextile in Neptune are all signs, messages that I have received, yet I Am still waiting to run into the one person.
    There is a person in this world I Am to connect with that will tell me of my mission in my Mudane world in which I live and it all is slowly coming together for me.
    I just thought to share.

    • Hello Sabin,
      I’m not sure why but I felt compelled to reply to your message..You see I share the same feelings that your experiencing I’m not sure how exactly to explain it I’m relatively young and I’m still in search of my path but I feel that there’s someone I’m supposed to meet too or maybe I have already met but can’t seem to find again and it’s a little confusing..but maybe we’re in search of the same being because of the love you described in your passage I’m almost positive that I’ve also felt that but in a dream state manner. Your Angel also intrigues me..Maybe we can converse and see if we can help each other out. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sabin, Your mission is to become inner peace and learn how to hold it steadily. You will be much needed during the transition. There are many of us working on this already. Those who panic will need your healing abilities.

  39. How lovely – it sounds like you had a kundalini experience.
    Gopi Krishna wrote and talked extensively on the force of kundalini powering our evolution. I think there will be a lot more of this in the immediate future.

  40. Thinking about some other things I’ve recently read, perhaps looking at these 2012 YOD aspects from a heliocentric perspective will yield some insight into the timing of the activation of this energy. With Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius during this time, I have to think these transits are going to bring amazing good and enlightenment when they occur.

    • It was enlightening to look at the helio chart for this time. There is no Jupiter Yod in the heliocentric version, but a grand trine with Earth, Neptune and Venus-Saturn. That does suggest bring the spiritual down to earth, practical use. Venus and Saturn are on an occult star, Syrma, “heavy personal responsibility which is implicit in the occult questing and acquisition of spiritual power”.

  41. I love that you qoute Bil Tierney. I always keep his Dynamics of Aspect Analysis close by. Now that we are getting closer to December 21st, I am taking another look at this chart.

    I like your past reflection on May of 1989. However, this year Jupiter is retro at the time and will again hit the orb of influence at around 10 or 11 Gem on March 20-27, all that week with some action from Mars and Sun in Aries sq up the Pluto.

    So what do you think? Does this constitue a new Yod, or will this be the activation time that was initiated on Dec 21st?

    Another thing is that Jupter being retro on the 21st creates a more subjective or subconscious factor rather than overt action I would think.

    • Thanks for working that out. Looks like the December one may start some things that get sorted out in March, Jupiter is still on Aldebaran but past it, whereas in December it is applying. Also got the retro versus direct which says a similar thing. Uranus also with Sun and Mars. Lots of aspects there too. Still the same Yod I guess but like you say I think it could be an activation, and I agree, more overt in March. Very action and change oriented with Sun Mars Uranus.

  42. This is very interesting given the latest news release by the royal family. “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are ­planning to start trying for a baby when he ­returns from the ­Falklands in a few days.”
    conception in/around March 2012 would bring the baby into the world around December 2012, or right around the “end” of the Mayan calendar. Perhaps this very day will be the birth day.

  43. The release point of the 1989 Yod was conjuct my IC.

    The release point of the 2012 Yod is on my 3rd House Neptune in Sagittarius with Transiting Venus(my natal ruling planet) conjuncting Neptune.

    Maybe this Yod will be better for me than the last one.

  44. If I am not mistaken, I believe asteroid Kaali will be conjunct Saturn during this upcoming Jupiter Yod for Dec. 21, 2012. Also, it looks as if the South Node (judging from the position of the North Node) will be dangerously close to Algol at that time too.

    The 1989 Yod really gets me as that took place around the time my mom’s health I think was starting to take it’s final turn for the worse (she passed away later that September). This upcoming pattern is convincing me to keep a sharp eye on my dad for the next several months now too.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. My daughter’s birthday is 20.12 so I’m going to havea close look at her chart, solar return for that date.

      Everything in this post is riveting. It’s worth noting that one of the links Jamie posted is to Colin Andrews. Colin isa major player in the crop circle phenomena. He had out there experiencesback in the 80s which read like a movie.
      Since I too am an avid researcher into Crop Circles I’d recommend anyone to have a look at what has been appearing in the fields. The symbols are potent to say the least.

      I’m inclined to think some things are not astrologically wholly visible. Or at least we don’t have the keys yet. The stars rather than planets may hold more clues since they are capable of changing magnitude very rapidly and thus their influence.

      Jupiter implicated in the yod can be excessive too. We can see trouble brewing in the UK again as the government has to cut back public spending but the public has got used to excessive funding in all things. It’s a dangerous deficit.

      One little cryptic detail in the quote from Nick Anthony Fiorenza, he refers to world servers. This is a term coined by Alice Bailey in her work with DK. World servers are not all in politics, so look out for unusual leadership or revelation in unexpected areas.

  45. Thanks Jamie, I missed this the first time. Still reeling from Cardinal squares bludgeoning my sun @Ar 4.46, what’s left of me (and that seems to be potentially quite useful) is tentatively finding my bearings. These articles are increasingly shining little points of light on the path ahead for which I am most grateful to you and Marina. Be blessed and be well….

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