Donald Trump Conviction

Donald Trump Astrology

On May 30, 2024, Donald Trump was found guilty of illegally influencing the 2016 election. He falsified business records to cover up “hush money” paid to porn star Stormy Daniels to silence her claims of a sexual encounter that Trump denies took place.

In astrology, Jupiter rules justice and the legal system. This planet is an excellent place to decipher the verdict horoscope and its implications for Donald Trump’s election prospects.

Astrology of the Court Verdict

The guilty verdict was delivered in New York at 5:07 pm on May 30, 2024. [1] Unsurprisingly, Jupiter is strongly aspected in the verdict horoscope below.

Jupiter trine Pluto (0°46′) explains the profound significance of this verdict on the future of the United States and politics globally. It suggests justice was served, and the verdict was legally correct and fair, based on sound morals and ethics.

However, the harsh aspects it makes to the Ascendant add weight to Trump’s argument of political interference in the process. Pluto square Ascendant (0°55′) could mean an abuse of power in prosecuting the case.

Donald Trump Guilty Verdict

Donald Trump’s Guilty Verdict

The Sun conjunct Venus also indicates the courts and the juror’s fairness, and the sextile to Midheaven means the outcome was balanced and honest. However, as with Jupiter trine Pluto, an associated square aspect means things are not so simple.

The Moon in this chart represents the public. The Moon squares Sun-Venus, making the verdict controversial and divisive. This results in tension, stress, emotionally charged reactions, aggression and conflict. So, in an increasingly polarised America, divisions are only likely to deepen.

One final significant aspect worth noting in the verdict chart is Mercury conjunct Uranus (0°39′). This conjunction explains the verdict’s shocking nature and uniqueness (it was the first conviction of a former US president). It also changes opinions, disrupts plans and makes the future more unpredictable.

Donald Trump Astrology

As with the verdict horoscope, Jupiter trine Pluto aspects the Ascendant in Donald Trump’s astrology chart, only this time, the aspects are reversed; Jupiter is square, and Pluto is quincunx.

Jupiter square Ascendant transit (0°06′) leaves no doubt this is a bad result for Trump. This transit is a test of faith that often results in disappointment, loss, embarrassment or scandal. Trump needs moderation to turn this around. He must avoid extremes in behavior and beliefs by finding the middle ground.

Pluto quincunx Ascendant transit (0°52′) suggests a shift in his power and influence due to a personal crisis. It can indicate being the victim of an abuse of power or suffering the karmic repercussions of abusing power. It seems both apply in this case.

Donald Trump Astrology

Donald Trump Transits May 30, 2024

Uranus sextile Saturn transit (0°47′) brings constructive changes or an urge to make changes to restore stability and harmony. It helps Trump assert his authority and make others feel secure during this period of upheaval and uncertainty.

Saturn square Uranus transit (0°17′) is a more powerful influence than Uranus sextile Saturn because the orb is tighter, and a square is more potent than a sextile. It brings restrictive change and unexpected restrictions. It has brought about changes that Trump did not want, making it harder for him to make the changes he wants.

This transit may have seen a restriction of his rights and could result in a loss of freedom. It is limiting his options and causing incredible stress and frustration. There is a danger that poor timing, impaired intuition and impatience could lead to overreactions and impulsive and eccentric behavior.

Note: The precession correction value of 1°05′ has been subtracted from the transiting positions in the biwheel chart above. The fixed stars have precessed 1°05′ since 1946. “One should treat the natal positions of the planets as if they were fixed stars.” [2]


  1. Guilty: Trump becomes first former US president convicted of felony crimes, May 30, 2024,
  2. Planets in Transit, Robert Hand, 2001, p.29.

71 thoughts on “Donald Trump Conviction

      • JAMIE … TRUMP is innocent of all these charges. You are just part of the sick propaganda machine. And Goddamn you for repeating the lies.

        • Jamie’s silly TDS has been evident for a long time now. As the NWO desperately clings to its doomed totalitarian, antihumanist agenda, society collapses and we move up vibrationally into the fifth dimension, for an astrologer, Jamie is oddly asleep.

        • You may want to read the court transcripts and listen to the recordings where Trump himself implicates his intentions and actions. I had my doubts too but if you take away your emotions and look at the facts he did commit the crimes he was accused of. We can’t let our emotions cloud our judgement, including swearing at Jamie. Civility matters.

          • I have read the court transcripts and the judgement will most certainly be overturned at the appellate level. This opinion is mirrored by many well-respected lawyers and constitutional scholars, with Alan Dershowitz (a life-long Dem, who represented Bill Clinton several times) being one of them.
            Was the verdict fair and just, according to the astrology, as Jamie has claimed? Only in so much that this circus has fulfilled its intended mission by crystallising further support in favour of President Trump and, just as importantly, a new precedent has now been set. By their own hand, the globalist cabal has made it perfectly acceptable to prosecute former presidents and senior officials. Now, Bush can be tried for war crimes, including 911, Obama and Hillary Clinton for Uranium One, child sex trafficking via Haiti and other impoverished countries, Benghazi, the Ukraine Colour Revolution, the Russia-Russia and Alpha Bank hoaxes, and ordering drone strikes on their own citizens. John Podesta can now be tried for ordering the murder of Seth Rich and the subsequent persecution of Julian Assange. The list goes on and on and on. Interestingly, Bill Clinton can now be prosecuted for the $850K hush money payment he made to the woman he sexually assaulted, Paula Jones… just before his re-election. Suffice to say, that’s going to be the least of his worries.
            Were you aware that Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) admitted in writing that she never had any affair with the CiC, or that she still owes him over $500k for the defamation case he won against her that was never publicised by the media? Merchan, who is clearly corrupt, would not allow this evidence to be submitted, so yeah, the trial was really fair when you take the emotion out of it (sarc). He also changed the rules, unlawfully, meaning President Trump only had to be found guilty of one misdemeanour to be considered guilty of the entire lot.
            When the public realises the US is currently under a continuity of operations plan (and has been since the US Military took over on the 20th January 2021) much of what is taking place will make a lot more sense amidst all the drama playing out. Traps have been laid and set and desperate criminals, keen to keep their crimes hidden, have walked head long into them.
            God will not be mocked, as the world is soon about to find out. Peace be with you.

            • You are spewing insanity in the form of twisted right wing lies. Go AWAY

            • “When the public realises the US is currently under a continuity of operations plan (and has been since the US Military took over on the 20th January 2021)”

              Mark your calendar for July 9th, 2025. (See Post 3387)

              What sign will Uranus be in?
              When will Uranus go conjunct Trump’s Sun?
              What sign was Uranus in during the end and aftermath of the Second World War?

              You have more than you know.

          • Listen, Genius … The so-called ‘Crimes’ were misdemeanor charges that were bumped up to Felonies based upon a Predicate crime that WAS NEVER NAMED IN COURT, as required by law. The Marxist judge gave the jury multiple choice options on the predicate ‘crime.’ They never had to be unanimous on the supposed crime which is in contradiction to the law. So, the conviction will be thrown out by the Appeals Court, and the conflicted judge will likely be disbarred from practicing Law.

            And you Leftist wackos can kiss Jamie’s confused ass all you want. But your TDS serves no justice to anyone. Of course, you were never about justice or objectivity. You make up the ‘truth’ to suit your goddamn bias. So, blow it out your butt. President Trump will be #47. Get use to it.

            • Amen. Just saw him in Phoenix a few hours ago. He’s looking and sounding confident. The NWO is coming for all patriots. Willing to make a mountain out of whatever molehill they can. It’s worse then stupid, it’s evil.

        • Really How do you possibly not see through what Trump makes up and twists?? How?

      • Will President Trump be re=elected in November 2024? Thank you for your time!!!! I so appreciate it!!

        • Hi Candy. I will post about the election before too long. I am undecided at the moment. Both Trump and Biden have mixed transits.

      • I am extremely interested in why you believe Trump was ” the victim of an abuse of power”? The prosecutors were obstructed from pursuing justice for years and somehow this is abuse of power? Please clarify.

    • Looks like another post. I just found a time: “Judge Juan Merchan set Donald Trump’s sentencing date for July 11 at 10 a.m. ET.” CNN

      • Mars will be close to conjuncting Uranus on July 11 on Trump Midheaven, and square his natal mars and ascendant – Saturn also in orb of squaring his sun, north node and moon. Should be interesting!

  1. I have been spreading the word about the great work you do. I will stop doing that now that I have this dissertation. It’s obvious that you’re biased.

    • LOL. Just because it doesn’t fit your narrative doesn’t mean it’s biased. We’re seeing the effects of Karma in real time. Trump broke the law and a jury of his peers unanimously found him guilty on all 34 counts. Follow the astrology. It doesn’t lie.

    • Jamie supported Trump in 2016. Read his election predictions that year; he was fawning all over Trump

      • Stormy. I have never “supported” any candidate. I have made predicitons of who will win based on astrology. One election I predicted Trump, the next election I predicted Biden. It gets very tiring being asccused of bias, from both sides.

        • My apologies; it wasn’t my intention to accuse you of bias. Rather the opposite. My recollection of your 2016 election predictions is that you were open about your personal preference for Trump in that post. I think your prediction ultimately boiled down to “there will be a huge groundswell of support for Clinton and she will probably win. But idk…something tells me Trump will take it.” Surprisingly accurate!

          • Oh dear, I should have written this on another comment. Sorry, I was tired. Better now after a nap.

        • It does sound like you are into Donald, by the comment he needs to do such and such to turn it around. My bias is that he completely disappear. He is SO dangerous, and proves this by how many people believe what he is a mouthpiece for. Incredible the shit he comes up with. I mean Bannon and the people behind him. Everything twisted for him to look good. OMG I can’t stand it!!!

  2. well, im following the astrology and Exalted Judicial Liberty, and the world stands charged and convicted for not having yet passed the Astrologyking Artwork test.

      • Your ‘verdict’ chart Jamie, Scorpio ascendant, Pluto chart ruler, Uranus exalted, points in the general direction of the 1966 Uranus-Pluto alignment (Virgo) those in this space at Peak Power age 58. So after a busy day chasing virtual ambulances and fire trucks, it’s off to review vital statistics…

        • Interesting Paul…where is uranus exalted there Paul ? Cuz of uranus on trumps midheaven ? Ok if you see the chart you have a dominant pluto in aquarius as the chart ruler yes. So you are right the pluto-uranus theme is present like in 60ies generation. In both cases we think we will have freedom (uranus) BUT what we get in the end is to be caught in a spider web (pluto)…or linked with compulsion or even worse destruction… but otherwise the proponents see themselves as the speerheads of evolution to save the world… chose how you see it…

          • In the conviction chart, I’m reaching with mentioning Uranus exalted Scorpio to continue a theme. I’ve read the 8th degree Scorpio. And with Capricorn the two most difficult Sign ascendant to cope. Peak Power at 58 is a demographic term, taken from Harry S Dent, Jr. How this ’66 demographic copes? well I’m biased, stack generation turnover every 20 years, poorly, stack generation turnover every 30 years, better. Stack ’em 35-40, much better. By my personal sacrifice… I can only say so much. And I’m pleased to see you take this up, as Davison Relationship chart, William James and proponent exactly 120 years apart. Uranus opposite Pluto, to get this out in the open, the solution through a variety of methods, but ideally factor two Jupiter-Saturn circuits (39 years).

  3. Astrology might not lie but it is subject to interpretation. It is too much to type here, but law professionals across the board, even those who don’t like Trump, are shocked and horrified at the violations of his rights as a defendant this case. It’s all over the Internet, check it out.

    Large swathes of the public are outraged at what has happened here.(Has anyone ventured on to X since this happened? It’s not pretty) Does the 4th rule the public in this chart? Because that’s where Pluto is sitting. And the Sun & Venus? In the 8th, and members of the public donated a record $39 million to his campaign within 10 hours of the verdict being read. I think that is how Venus manifested here.

    Moon in Aquarius just calling it as I see it.

      • As energizing the base, perhaps. I’m unsure what the 7th house represents – but this has a lot of people fired up.

      • After having more time to think about it, I’m going to interpret this as “galvanized the public.” Campaign donations have broken records within 3 days since the verdict, for starters.

  4. I wonder, if the actual moment the jury decided, wouldn’t be more important than the time of the announcement? I just can’t see any abuse of power from the prosecution. The jury and prosecution are both being lauded here, especially the jury. The trial certainly was about abuse of power on the part of Trump, who might easily have lost in 2016. The race was only won by 70k votes

    • Hi Carl. It would be great to have the time of the Jury’s decision but I doubt we could ever know that exactly.

      • Even if that were true. Its irrelevant. His numbers are undeniably high. The country is teetering on a banking collapse, nuclear war with Russia, inflation that our people cannot handle, a lying media, a traitorous Deep State who is aligned with foreign powers & interests, and staring down barrel of a communist takeover. You better believe Trump has the popular vote. It’s either him or the end of the Republic. The hell with your Leftist bullshit.

    • Hey Carl … Stop drinking that Fluoride water, it’s reducing your IQ from between 10 to 20 IQ points. If you cannot see the abuse of power from the prosecution, or the bias of the Judge, or the complete bias of the jury pool & its venue, THEN you need get your head out of your dumbass. That much is clear. You need to up your dosage on that DMT drip there, buddy. And stop reading Saul Alinsky. That would be MY advice.

  5. Astrology is interpreted and here Jaimee it seems you’re misinformed but some of your readers are en pointe. Trump never received a fair trial but was deemed guilty by a judge without a crime any crime committed then the jury told to decide how guilty he is. I’m not an astrologer but his rights and all our rights have been violated. The presstitutes push an agenda that is based on lies. Trump isn’t perfect but why is he persecuted yet Obama, Bush, Clinton all walk free…why? They all committed crimes especially Biden. Look at the stars now and see how the narrative is reflected there versus believing the lies. America and the rest of the world is facing a one world government. Look for the truth because our future depends on it.

  6. His crimes are legend. He is the master of denial. He has occult power over people’s minds and has duped millions into believing his thousands of lies. His influence has eroded the entire fabric of truth in the US and even the world. His time is coming to an end. His Ascendant is at the last degree of Leo–a fated point. Pluto quincunx here will not tolerate him much longer. He is on a path of self undoing and is succeeding. Let it be!

    • Interesting Carol. Neptune will also quincunx his Ascendant, making a transiting Yod to the Ascendant, with Pluto.

      • Uranus square Trump’s natal mars (in the 12th house, btw…) that day too. Saturn retrograde loosely squaring his sun and moon too. Will be wild!

      • Neptune – Pluto – truth or lies…there was this ominous conjunction in 1892 used by claude weiß from astro data as “horoscope of mankind” — in fact many nazi leades like goebbels had it….but who are the nowadays fascists controlling media using mass propaganda using mind manipulation ? And me i personally don’t give a shit about presidency in usa cuz i know who the REAL rulers are and even trump cannot do what he wants and has to make compromises with them…WHY he had to fire steve bannon who fetched all the right wing votes from southern states i.e. ? So what’s the real fuzz about all this ? And trump is not the only criminal president in us history as mentioned before so what ? Also jupiter-pluto: justice is might (sonic youth song btw. haha)

    • A continiuty of operations plan has been underway in the United States since January 2021 and the globalist cabal have walked headlong into a trap of their own making.
      Bush is guilty of war crimes, including 911.
      Hillary Clinton was involved in child sex trafficking in Haiti, using the Clinton Foundation as cover, and sacrificed US Citizens and Serviceman at Benghazi to cover up her crimes of running weapons for ISIS. She paid a foreign national, Chris Steele, to write a fictitious dossier claiming that Trump was a Russian agent using campaign funds. She bleach bit 300k emails, relating to her time in office, which is a real felony, not a mere misdemeanour.
      Bill Clinton is a rapist and a paedophile and paid one of his victims, Paula Jones, $850K in hush money just before he was re-elected. He’s been a frequent visitor to Epstein Island and Jeffrey’s client list still hasn’t been published yet, which is all anyone needs to know about how corrupt the 3 branches of government have become.
      The Kenyan, Obama, is a member of the MB and ordered drone strikes on his own citizens, as well as running cover for ISIS. His crimes are so extensive, they can’t be listed here.
      Biden has taken millions from China, Russia and the Ukraine, using his reprobate, perverted, crack-addict son as his bag man. That, there, is treason. He is also guilty of democide, overseeing the largest mass experimentation on human subjects in history that would put the NAZIs to shame.
      The door is now wide open for these heinous criminals to be prosecuted, as the precedent has been set… by themselves, in their utter desperation to get Trump over the smallest possible thing they could find. It has backfired. The best they could get on the CiC, after 7 years, was what would have been, at best, a misdemeanour, that even the Federal Election Comission refused to prosecute. President Trump is “guilty” of being pivitol in bringing about the Abraham Accords and that there were no new wars under his leadership. ISIS were destroyed, however, because the Kenyan was no longer in the way. Were you aware that this imposter, Bathroom Barry was telling the Military what targets to hit, against their better judgement, or that he brought in the Smith Mundtt Act, that allowed the media to spread government propaganda, even if the narrative was completely false?
      President Trump is part of God’s greater plan and it coincides nicely with the USA’s first Pluto return, a fact that is sadly overlooked by many astrologers. Some people are in for a mighty shock when this all plays out. The USA, indeed the entire world, is undergoing a spiritual revolution, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Justice will prevail and those who have bet against President Trump being the good guy are going to find themselves on the wrong side of history.
      Peace be with you.

      • hi justin ! …hefty hefty but interesting…greez…yeah this pluto-return i think is finished now already or am i wrong ? USA has mercury-pluto opposition: propaganda and media-control…if you just see the influence of so called “fact checkers” all over the world led by the “International Fact-Checking Network” and that financed through us-billionaires like soros, gates, omidyar and google then you know we HAVE already orwells “ministry of truth”. As i mentioned before some days the illuminati aquarius agenda of transhumanism and so called freedom and democracy needs a little plutonic powerplay… how nice that pluto is now in uranus’ sign…also if you see adam weishaupt’s horoscope you see also exact mars-pluto trine…so they build up a new kind of hierarchy where they are the all-seeing eye and the rulers on the top of the pyramid….it depends how you look at it either you’re a fan of what they promote as their paradise or not…

  7. “Trump needs moderation to turn this around. He must avoid extremes in behavior and beliefs by finding the middle ground.”

    Narrator: Trump did not avoid extremes and did not find the middle ground

  8. Didn’t follow this event closely but the Mercury uranus thing I experienced was how fast a verdict was reached. I find the restrictive changes and need for moderation interesting too. Some time out may do him good to re-group. He’s always on.

  9. Btw. uranus moving over trumps midheaven…this is not the end so we can expect some more…

  10. Some interesting facts: 1.The prosecution took misdemeanor charges and bumped them up to (the lowest) felonies to illegally bypass the statute of limitations – cheat – the alleged encounter was in2006/2007. 2. Prosecution withheld full disclosure of charges until after the trial began – cheat – no proper due process. The judge contributed to two funds in the democratic party to fight against republicans and was clearly biased against Mr. Trump before trial even began – foul -, and his daughter is head of a democratic counseling placement company & making millions off this – foul. And news sources have been withholding content of anything negative about democrats, only allowing praise, – and slanting articles against republicansA – foul-Anend this is just the tip of the iceberg – most of you have no idea how badly media news and the whole USA is being terribly manipulated.

    • Social Media: the final frontier, these are the voyages of the starship Magna Cartagea, it’s 80.9 year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new humans; new civil litigations, to boldly go where no artificial intelligentsia has gone before!

      • For instance, in the latest episode, starship Magna Cartagea is dispatched to Titan to observe the raining diamonds on Saturn. Precessionary Scheat has, over 809 years, moved from mundane Saturn (5 June 2024) to mundane Neptune, where the drops have become a flood. The crisis is that the pyramid is now inverted and a technical difficulty presents itself to the crew. Very attractive aliens appear, seduce key members, and slowly dissolve the problem. The diamond flood eventually returns to drops…. and the credits roll…

        Creators efforts evaporate into the ether, and move down the chain. Bonus and accolades? Well, it’s not up to me… cut to commercial, prime time rates.

        • Paul i hope the aliens are nice and friendly and not like in “mars attacks”…honi soit qui mal y pense…

          • There tends to exist an abundance of Moving Picture related celebrity astrology on the popweb, to keep illusions alive. For the sake of entertainment I took a chance with a TV series that has an unmistakable Age of Aquarius feel, albeit your comment, which points to Venus exalted in Pisces, 27°, sextile exalted Mars in Capricorn. A merging of ages, that TV series, but natural commingling Age of Aquarius, from personal experience, the sum is greater than the parts.

  11. I am wondering what the astrology has to say about the people that just don’t have a reaction. They seem to know it’s a major deal. And are frozen not able to make anything about it. Something has changed. That’s all. It’s really odd. No hot or cold like media stuff on either end. The stop feels to be prolific in its non reaction if that makes sense.

  12. The legal system is corrupt. There is a vast difference between Jupiter’s Law and man’s law. Thinking that Trump getting what he deserves as being “justice” is blind. Lady Justice wears a blindfold because she has dollar signs for eyeballs. The legal system is run by serpents. Remember when I ca;;ed the Pharisees serpents (evil) – “Serpents, brood of vipers! How can you escape the condemnation of hell?” It applies to everyone involved in man’s legal system. Keep up the good work Jamie, but always keep an open heart and an open mind.

  13. There’s also a Jupiterian quincunx. Not only was the Power of Justice but also Legal absurdity..

  14. Ii just cannot get beyond the guy’s natal chart presented herein. I looked at it house-ally and it made sense, but he could have made a different choice for his life instead of eventually ending up here over his head in a mess. At present, it is the heavy sadness that is unbearable. I think Venus might indeed be the guiding star. But the path chosen well that’s free will I guess. So sad. Sad sad sad. More sad than I can bear at the moment.

  15. Courageous to tackle this one Jamie. Hats off to you. My two cents- Pluto expresses through crime. Good you see the crime on both sides here. Uranus is conjunct Algo. Its previous transit in the thirties and forties saw the Soviet show trials and Nazi persecution. Exact conjunction in 1941 and retrograde conjunction in Dec 41 in time for Pearl Harbor. The height of Axis power. Doesn’t Trump have a prominent Algo? Tenth house?

    • Hi Ben. Trump has Algol conjunct MC. I hope I have the courage to make a prediction for the election this year.

  16. Thank you Jamie. I look forward to reading all of your insights and deeply appreciate your honesty whether I agree with them or not. Please do not let any comments posted by those who look to poke holes in interpretations that do not align with the agenda cause you to have any doubt on always saying it as you read it.

    For those of you who do not like Jamie’s postings I suggest you:

    . No one is asking you to read his postings. Read something else.

    b) Start your own website and post your own interpretations, since you know so much.

    c) Get a life. This is Jamie’s website. He can post whatever he feels like. You can disagree with him, but those of who enjoy his post really don’t give a hoot about your personal contradictory opinions about what Jamie posted and your dedication on trying to prove him wrong. I don’t read your post anyway. Once i see the vile intentions of your posting, I skip past it. Obviously you spend too much time on trying to contradict Jamie and not enough time on market research. Take your hate somewhere else. Please refer to A and B if you need further guidance.

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