Full Moon February 2014

Full Moon February 2014 Astrology

Full Moon February 2014

The full moon on February 14, 2014 lands in the zodiac at 26 degrees Leo, just before 7pm on the east coast of USA. This interpretation comes down to the fundamentals of astrology. There are no major fixed star influences, Sun sign interpretation is pointless due to the precession of the equinoxes, and the are no asteroids of note in the full moon horoscope. Rulerships and what-not are pointless as well. So we are left with just the planetary aspects, simple astrology. Yet as one our contributors Christopher observed, original astrology.

Looking Forward, Looking Back

As we are left to decipher the basics, this is a good opportunity to start from scratch and see we we stand in the larger scheme of things. We may be weary of hearing about Uranus square Pluto, but any current astrological alignment cannot be separated from this massive, disruptive influence. The next exact aspect of Uranus square Pluto is the most sinister looking of the entire seven. It looks much the same as the full moon February 2014 astrology chart shown below. Jupiter is opposite Pluto, both square Uranus. Only by the time we get to April 21, Mars has retrograded back to 14 degrees Libra, opposite Uranus. This creates a sacrificial grand cross.

Next down the ladder of importance is the eclipse cycle we are now more than half way through. This February 2014 full moon is trine the October 2013 lunar eclipse. This means we can make good progress this next two weeks with our longer term emotional issues, as well as those matters concerning our intimate relationships, home and family.

As a complement and balance to the January 30 new moon, our full moon puts us in a comfortable position to reflect on the progressive changes and original ideas of the last two weeks. Despite the backdrop of uncertainty and hardship, this current four week new moon cycle is relatively positive in nature. There is still a sense of urgency and nervous anticipation, but some recent breakthroughs have settled things down to an extent.

Full Moon February 2014 Horoscope

Full Moon February 2014 Astrology

Full Moon February 2014 Astrology

Now the the February 14 full moon horoscope and the energy beamed down to us. Even though the full moon sextile Mars is the tightest aspect at only 5 minutes orb, probably the strongest influence will come from the full moon opposite Mercury, given that Mercury is only a couple of degrees from the Sun, the prime mover in our neighborhood. Conjunctions and oppositions are also stronger aspects than sextiles and trines.

So with Moon opposite Mercury being the main influence for this full moon, we have to juggle thoughts and feelings. The next two weeks favors some introspection and soul searching, and then sharing what is on our mind. Getting tangled up in controversial subjects will have its dangers. However, the urge to tackle heated topics will be strong.

As a prelude to the emotional debates ahead, we saw the United Nations take a swipe at the Vatican over child sexual abuse earlier today. Mercury retrograde is also spurring us on to speak up about sensitive issues. It indicates we are entering a period of spiritual warfare, with the immoral and deceitful on the defensive.

The Full Moon sextile Mars is the engine room powering the crusaders on both sides of the battle. It supplies courage and initiative, willingness to take sides and to take bold actions. Mercury trine Mars means the action is via words, both written and spoken, and through thought projection.

Full Moon February 2014 Times


Los Angeles, USA
New York, USA
London, UK
Bangkok, Thailand
Sydney, Australia


16 Feb 2014
16 Feb 2014
16 Feb 2014
15 Feb 2014
15 Feb 2014


03.53 pm
06:53 pm
11:52 pm
06:52 am
10:52 am

We are speeding up to a very intense year or two with Uranus square Pluto getting volatile, and the tetrad lunar eclipses signalling a critical time in history. The stakes are high, plus there is the potential arrival on the scene of a prophet, or spiritual warrior, as foretold by the sighting of comet ISON.

I will be writing more on this subject as there is currently no information from the astrological perspective on these rare tetrad lunar eclipses. They are four total lunar eclipses in a row, the last series occurring nearly 600 years ago, coinciding with the rise to prominence of Joan of Arc.

For a list of all the moon phases this year see Moon Phases 2014.

10 thoughts on “Full Moon February 2014

  1. This full moon is extremely important to me and explains a lot of the past several years including bombardment from cardinal crosses and saturn through Libra pummelling my 12th house, I sense it, I feel it see it and “know” the proof will be in hindsight as is often the case with the unseen world. I am cancerian sun, thus strongly affected by the moon and cycles. This full moon is conjunct my 10th house natal Mars at 26Leo, it is sextile my ascendant at 26Libra, which transit Mars is conjuncting at the time, it is also quincunx natal saturn (by less than 2′) at 28 Capricorn, which my chart ruler Venus, turned rx on. The April cardinal cross will be on my natal 14Libra moon which is quincunx natal Venus, the stress would have been possibly deadly had I not done so much work on this the past 22 years and the culmination of the past final 7 years, instead it is passion and compassion that is building its flow and I feel safe to leave it in the hands of the unseen world with faith and hope for the best, hands are almost off the wheel to be guiding rather than in control for now.

    To me this process of the Pluto./Uranus squares has been to destroy the old structure and build something good and new by adapting to experiences and their emotions/thoughts each time in order to adapt, if not worked with it builds, if worked with it releases. It is in a series of 7, thus Karma and the 3rd was the “fulcrum” of the Karmic scales, time to see where one is going with the next as it will tip the scales one way or another, a final chance to see if adapting and moving towards a good new world, or back to the old one, now ready to show its collapse with the final square and if not on the side of the scales to do the work, it is not too late to change, nature always gives plenty of warnings and opportunity for her living things to adapt, not a time to fear, time to respect, both Saturn approaches to Karma.

    Hoping we are all safe and good on the otherside 🙂

  2. Wow, really like your comment Debbie, puts it all in perspective for me, thanks!

    • You are welcome Cinthia, I love it when someone shares something and the light bulb goes on in my head, happy to have helped in some small way!

  3. You have an amazing clear way of getting to the truth here, Jamie. I have always loved reading everything you have to say about the current “big picture” astrological conditions. It is really exciting to see how the Universe is unfolding.

    Thanks for your insight! 🙂

  4. I love hearing what you have to say about the current astrological conditions in the Universe, Jamie! Your insight is a valuable tool in knowing and understanding what is really going to happen and how the Universe is unfolding.

    Thank you for your insight! 🙂

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