New Moon January 2014

New Moon January 2014 Astrology

New Moon January 2014

The New Moon January 2014 astrology outlook is for exciting change, with the main aspect to the new moon being an expressive sextile to Uranus. This is the second new moon this month, occurring on Thursday the 30th of January 2014. The previous new moon on January the 1st was a lot nastier than this refreshing new moon.

Fitting in with this new moon theme of exciting change and a fresh new start, is that this new moon marks the start of the Chinese new year, the Year of the Horse. Tying all these factors together is Uranus on the fixed star Algenib, in constellation Pegasus The Flying Horse:  “Active and eccentric mind, reformer or agitator.”

A new moon represents a new start, beaming down a burst of fresh energy for us to start off in a new direction. Sun sextile Uranus increases this initiative and adds inventiveness, inspiration and a sense of urgency. Change will happen quickly, guided by flashes of insight. Even before this new moon kicks in, we may anticipate that change is on the way. Uranus is like that, and the sextile aspect opens up this portal to the future even wider.

This January 2014 new moon signals not only the start of an exciting phase of change, but it also represents a definite turning point for a number of reasons. Firstly, this new moon is the half-way mark in the current eclipse cycle. The previous solar eclipse in November 2013 was 90 degrees (3 months) before in the zodiac, at 11 degrees Scorpio. We are in need of a change in direction, to break out of the rut caused by that previous solar eclipse conjunct limiting Saturn. The next solar eclipse is 90 degrees ahead in the zodiac, at 9 degrees Taurus in late April 2014.

New Moon January 2014 Astrology Chart

New Moon January 2014 Astrology

New Moon January 2014 Astrology Chart

Another reason this new moon represents a major turning point is Venus. She has been travelling retrograde for the last six weeks and turns direct only 24 hours after this new moon. It has been a torrid Venus retrograde cycle, a difficult time for most love relationships, with anger, separations, sadness and delays. A new direction from this new moon will certainly break the deadlock in any stalled proceeding in the relationship department.

You will notice in the new moon January 2014 astrology chart that stationary Venus is conjunct Pluto. This does place an intense focus on love relationships, and also our finances. This brings us to the final reason this new moon marks a major turning point. Jupiter opposite Pluto is a big deal in itself. It is exact only 12 hours after this new moon. This aspect drives us relentlessly, to an extreme level, to succeed, to improve, to find the truth.

So the result of this new moon will be progressive Uranus change to break the limiting Saturn conditions of the current eclipse cycle, and the limiting conditions of the Venus retrograde cycle. The changes occur in the areas of Venus love and money, where Pluto transformation is desperately needed to reach that Jupiter happy place we all desire. Venus stationing direct on the fixed star Ascella has to be promising, its “good fortune and happiness” ramped up a notch or two by Pluto.

16 thoughts on “New Moon January 2014

  1. Hurrah thats all i can say!Janruary was a slow frustrating month.Glad to hear positive change afoot:)

  2. This moon is sextile my true node in Aries at 9’36 in the 10th. Is that significant?

    • I hope so , my North Node is on the same degree. After transiting Uranus on our North Node in the last year, this new moon may give us more direction.

  3. This New Moon is conjunct my natal Ceres (10º08′ Cap 5th house), would you say generally this is a positive sign if one was to have a family court hearing starting next week. I have to say I was excited when I realised it was right on my Ceres. Although I realise Pluto is right there too and Uranus is squaring over in Aries. Thanks for the great post!

    • I won a custody case with transiting Pluto square my Sun. So Pluto on your Ceres might act in a similar way, toughen you up, more ruthless which you need to be in court.

      • Sorry Jamie- I’m a total doofus and got a bit excited! Totally not conjunct my Ceres – I was still thinking capricorn mode and jumped the gun! lol… of course the moon is in Aquarius not Cap!

        It’s good to hear about Pluto and your custody case!… I’m Virgo decan 2 and have Pluto trine Sun now so hopefully that will help. I loved your Virgo forecast this month as my ascendant is Virgo decan 3 as well… it looks pretty promising on both accounts.
        Can I ask (simply because all my googling has come to naught) – would you say Uranus square natal Ceres is a disastrous aspect?
        love & light

        • Nothing has to be disastrous. It makes sense that you would have an aspect like this going through a custody battle. It’s upsetting and tense. So you wouldn’t expect to go through dramas like this with sweet trines everywhere.

  4. Hi Jamie its libra decan 3 this jup,pluto and uranus transit this january giving me a headache, some kind of legal and struggle with authority so how wud be in end for libra decan 3. april eclipse may give result? will it be disaster?

  5. I am blessed to live in the Southern Hemisphere and down here we will be having a second – duel- new moons in a month, March 1 & 30. I would be interested to know what affect this may have on us

  6. I am loving this new moon and quite hard to not have my fight/flight mechanism interpret the sudden powerful good passion as fear, quite strange lol! The new moon is conjunct POF which squares Neptune in 1st and squares Ceres/Vesta conj in 7th and opposes TransPluto in 10th, while Sun/Merc/BML conjunct in progressed chart are on natal Uranus, so much life and ideas and passion, loving it and looking to every opportunity of how to use it and share it around with others still in the swamp or just heading into it, woohoo, so nice to feel alive again after sooooo long and having my chart ruler going direct again at almost the same time, is very valuable 🙂

    Thank you Jamie, inciteful as always!

  7. Jamie-I’m a Leo, and Saturn has been square my Sun which has been VERY trying for my family relationship, especially with my husband. We have been trying to move since Sept and my husband isn’t fully on board so he has been acting as an obstacle at times.Along with the American housing markets, the government shutdown, the lasck of housing inventory and the general ‘unstable’ economic outlook our home search has had nothing but roadblocks from the get-go. I am the one pushing the move, I so NEED to move from our current residence I can hardly stand it, anymore! From Susan Miller Feb ’14:

    “When you have a full moon in your own sign, something is of great importance to you – so personal to you that even I, as your astrologer, can’t completely know what that might be, dear Leo. You do, I bet – and all will culminate over that weekend. Just be sure to be very realistic, because Neptune will oppose the moon. Sometimes we all make assumptions about things, especially in a relationship, but we can be off.

    I had a boyfriend who lived a little far from New York and used to say over and over how much he adored New York. One day I was curious and asked, when do you think you would move here? He became upset – he said he would never move to New York. I told him I assumed he would from what he had said about the city, but he vehemently disagreed – loving a city did not mean he would move there. (That was to later change – eventually he did move to New York, but in the end, things did not work out, for in several years, he missed his home city and his relatives – so he moved back.) Assumptions can be very off, and on this full moon, if you, like me, assumed the wrong future, you will likely find that out now”

    This terrifies me!
    My bday is 8/14/1967
    husband 8/24/1969

    Any words of wisdom or can you elaborate more?
    Thanks so much, ~Christy

  8. Thank you, Jamie. I have a question about one thing: does every new moon 3 months after a solar eclipse require a change in direction? Is it because of the 90 degrees difference between the signs or is this not a rule?

  9. This New moon sounds like the first positive news in years for Decan 1 Aries.
    onward and upward as Uranus moves to bestow misery on the next hapless decan….

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