Full Moon 21 May 2016 Polar Opposites

Full Moon May 2016 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Saturday 21 May 2016 falls at 01° Sagittarius. The full moon astrology has an intense Mars theme of aggression and relationship tension. Moon/Mars opposite Sun/Venus is an irritating and unstable polarity, requiring some patience and understanding to work through.

Some notorious fixed stars activated by full moon May 2016 suggests danger when acting impulsively. While misfortune will be felt by some, many more will be filled with empathy to offer comfort and support.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses your attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started since the May 6 New Moon can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationships imbalances causing disharmony. The influence of a full moon last for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the June 4 New Moon.

Full Moon May 2016 Astrology

Moon conjunct Mars is the strongest feature in the chart shown below. This is a very intense conjunction because they are both on the same degree. There are positives with this conjunction such as passion, strength, bravery and sex appeal. However, the opposition to Sun and Venus suggests this full moon will result in more fighting than loving.

Sun opposite Moon is similar to Venus opposite Mars because of the male/female polarity. Moon and Venus are both submissive and passive, while the Sun and Mars are dominant and energetic. But everything is mismatched with Sun/Venus opposite Moon/Mars. There are opposites at either end of the opposition! This energy simply does not sit well.

Full Moon May 2016 Astrology

Full Moon May 2016 Astrology

Any hope of peace and harmony from Sun conjunct Venus is overpowered by the aggression of Mars and the disharmony of the oppositions. Feeling unsettled, impatient and agitated would be a normal state if this double opposition were in your natal chart.

Venus opposite Mars puts a lot of strain on relationships and adds sexual tension between partners. Traditional sexual stereotypes have no meaning with this Full Moon. The polarity between your inner man and inner woman will be highlighted. This adds confusion and greater tension.

Questioning of your relationships, the roles and responsibilities of each  partner is likely to arise through conflict. A struggle for dominance between partners will be mirrored by an internal struggle between your masculine and feminine sides as the weaker one decides to stand up for itself.

Mars retrograde reinforces the need to think twice before being assertive or acting impulsively. It is best to keep busy doing hard work and avoid arguments or conflict. You should be able to talk about what irritates you with close partner and good friends. I would be extra cautious with everyone else though. Some people will not cope well with this crazy energy and will be short-tempered and aggressive.

I notice in the comments that some people think I talk too negatively at times. I do tell it how it is and would rather you know exactly how I see a chart instead of lying. It does not mean something bad is going to happen to you. I’m advising not to take extra risks. I haven’t even got to the fixed stars yet!

Full Moon May 2016 Stars

Fixed star Dschubba at 02 ♐ 48 is within orb of both Moon and Mars. Robson say it causes sudden assaults, malevolence, immorality and shamelessness. Ebertin says is causes difficulties, impediments, or loss, and:

In mundane maps, there is an indication of mass catastrophes should Mars, Saturn or Uranus be in this first degrees of Sagittarius

Mundane means world events and this star is not the only indicator of tragedy and war in the Full Moon May 2016 astrology chart. Mars in particular with Dschubba has a reputation for violence, injury and crime.

Fixed star Alcyone at 00 ♊ 12 joins the Sun. This star brings hopefulness and love when well aspected, but deep sorrows and tragedies when not. Alcyone has also been associated with homosexuality, mainly in men. I would not be surprised if this full moon encourage people to come out. The agitating nature of the aspects and stars also suggests protests or significant events involving human rights and equality.

Fixed Star Algol at 26 ♉ 23 is not a good omen for love and peace with Venus. Algol and Alcyone both activated does suggest some misfortune, especially given all I have mentioned. But with Sun and Venus, these two stars give a deep empathy and compassion for those suffering through tragedy. In fitting with the strong polarity theme of this full moon, the very best of human qualities will be on show during times of great sorrow.

Another ray of hope comes from the grand trine of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto. This is the main theme from Mercury direct the day after Full Moon May 2016. It brings people together to build a better future based on optimism and faith.

The May 6 new moon suggested there would be some limiting situation you had to overcome that would lead to personal, professional or spiritual growth. The May 21 full moon suggests the limiting situation will be some tragedy in the world that leads to an outpouring of compassion and humanity.

If full moon May 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon May 2016
Next Moon Phase: New Moon June 2016

Full Moon May 2016 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
21 May – 2:14 pm
21 May – 5:14 pm
21 May – 10:14 pm
22 May – 2:44 am
22 May – 7:14 am

111 thoughts on “Full Moon 21 May 2016 Polar Opposites

  1. Well, I guess having sun at 2° conj. venus 07°, B.M.Lilith & Juno at 13°, all of these in Sagittarius, both opp. mars 6°, all been hit by the transits, plus natal pallas been hit by jupiter and vesta by venus, makes clearly this to be the best day to hide myself in a cave, or lock myself in the bedroom. Too much going on, plenty more to come, I hope things fix themselves somehow. Thanks for the post.

  2. It s nearly my solar return. Natally I have Mercury and Pallas on Algol, Venus and Vesta on alcyon and Sun on Hyades. Rough year but still there is some beneficial potential.
    Peter Stocknger from stars and stones blog wrote that on May 24 Mars will be in exact position as during solar eclipse in march , 0 Saggitarius and that indicates another series of terrorist attacs. He displayed striking Charts.

  3. This full moon lands on my natal sun. I’m sure ready for a good year for once.

      • Yes, but Mars and Moon are directly opposite, aggressive aspect don t you think ? Especially with Mars retro

        • Yes, you will probably have to deal with some hot tempered people but you should have a calming influence on them.

  4. This full moon exactly trines my natal Jupiter. My natal Jupiter happens to be natally retrograde. What could this mean?

  5. The word I’m using is “bloodbath”. Let’s hope it’s the markets.

    The days of intellectually pondering astrology are long gone for me. With the retrospect grinding hard and Sedna, Eris and Lilith all being hit repeatedl, now it’s A) what the … Is happening? B) how do I get my ass through each iteration with a modicum of dignity? .

    So thank you, oh male astrologer guide. Us girls can get cranky when we’re lit up like christmas trees every bloody week. :))

    • Venus rules money so it could be. But Venus rising before the Sun is a sign of war. Thank you Marie!

    • On MC means you will not be able to hide. This is your public profile and career. Must have to address some imbalance between work and home, or between parents.

  6. Is there any particular intentions we can work with during the New Moon earlier in May that can help with the situations indicated by the Full Moon transits? The New Moon will be in my 2nd House, but maybe others will be interested in helping intentions for the other house placements of the New Moon …?

    • Best to use the 2 weeks following the May 6 new moon to break through some barrier holding you back. House placement are insignificant compared to planetary aspects.

  7. Ohhhhh dear jaime!!! I’ve got this exactly on my solar return born on 21 may 1986 I am already struggling with my Saturn return
    I can smell a battle in the air and hear the drums of a war! My love relationship is in a mess what shall I expect and what shall I do any advices to rescue my love

    • yes, your Saturn return is worse due to Saturn square Neptune this year. Helping you through this is Jupiter trine Mars transit, plus you have Mars sextile Jupiter in your birth chart. I notice also that Pluto will soon conjunct your Mars. Success and power to you!

  8. Not sure what to expect, hoping perhaps due to have worked through some diabolical inner wars, and so m7ch grief and sorrow at times, that something i have learned to understand in order to find love and peace to some extent may be of help to others not so used to it, even if Im not quite clear ofvthe war zone and may be even find myself back in it at this moon. My vertex is on Algol 26 Taurus suggesting perhaps fated success through tragedy, so even though I dont feel any joy at the suffering of others not even those who may be considered my worste enemies, being of valuable or devoted service would be a positive manifestation, plus I have Venus at 15 Taurus so Mercury will be conjuct her so hopefully also some valuable thoughts and insights to offer to relationships/feuds (7th house). It does sound ominous and yet, things really do need to change in the world, far too much fear and suffering that it is obviously collapsing under the old establishment in many ways with very little good substance to hold up its top heaviness, i guess its understandable and inevitable really, hoping for the best though, no point feeding the fear, better to respect and work with it for something good to share, at least comfort even if joy not so easy for a while yet.

    • Oh and I have a 0Cancer sun in 9th house so that inconjuct crom the Sag moon…may sting some… The no emotional pain no freesom gain type sting

    • Well said. There are enough politicians feeding of Saturn square Neptune at the moment.

  9. If the Full Moon is on May 21, 2016, then “Saturday” is the day of the week, (not Monday). I think it was just a misprint.

  10. Hi Jamie,
    I love your moon posts and they are very realistic! I’d rather be prepared for the worst especially considering my sun is 2 gemini, mercury 1 gemini and jupiter 3 – all in my 9/10 houses so I am getting hit big time not to mention the next NM is on my natal mars at 15 gemini – LOL — In my case I already know the Mars is going to be male aggravation from a couple of my former male friends!!
    Take care

  11. Hi Jamie,
    this full moon will be in my 5th house in exact opposition with saturn in 11 house….:( What to expect???

    • House placement is not important but Moon opposite Saturn transit can signal depression and isolation.

  12. Keep telling it like it is.. Love your posts quite simply for your truth. They are accurate and in comparison to some others who sugar coat, yours are real. I look forward to reading your posts.. Great work..

  13. I appreciate your “tell it like you see it” approach to interpreting the sky. A difficult influence is also a chance to see yourself in a different light and make the effort to react more consciously/mindful to a stressful situation. Keep up the good work. Your interpretations are very accurate. I enjoy them a great deal.

  14. there r ppl who do , and understand , astrology and there r ppl who do not . I take it the critics u mention fall into the latter group. ………there is no way u can make Algol fluffy , and if all they want is fluff , why r they bothering to read anything at all ?? Leave them to be dorks and move on xxx
    The point is to be aware there r these strong energies around . How do you suggest channelling them ?

    • Good points. With the aspects it is best to follow any advice in the links. With Algol, it seems that create work greatly helps, especially music.

  15. Well, lets hope for everything positive because the 21st is my birthday!! I feel blessed and special to have two full moons in my birthday month and then the blue moon! Thank goodness too for Mercury turning direct again on the 22nd!

  16. Hi Jamie, I’ve feel like the universe is beating the crap out of me. It feels like Mercury retrograde times a billion. I am Sagittarius 3 with moon in Sagittarius (natal) – 12-16-1963. Is there even a remote chance that this full moon might bring something good?

    • Worse for you Kady because of Saturn square Neptune 2016. You have this aspect in your birth chart and Mercury retrograde is square your Saturn 9 May then opposite your Neptune 12 May.

      Mercury square Saturn transit
      Mercury opposite Neptune transit

  17. As it must be associated with the merc direct, perhaps this is a time the bad stuff is being put behind us. I was in arelationship with my mars opposite her venus and this can be quite exciting and satisfying. Mars and venus conjunct is almost too easy. The opposition requires a bit of work or reason.

  18. Even if Jupiter is now direct in my 7th house of relationships, these first 5 months of the year have been H… in the relationship department. This only continue the trend. We’ve been fighting all the bloody time almost.
    My Mercury is rolling backwards in the 3rd/2nd house and my partners is retrograde in the 12th. Mercury have been stepping on our Chiron at approx 25 degrees Taurus for both of us, and I am REALLY looking forward to seeing him dissappear for a long time now.

    Natally I have Moon in 8th square Mars in 11th/12th house… So feeling agitated, stressed and impatient? Oh yes. Explosive temper too? You betcha! Even in capricorn, Mars can be a bi… to have around when tightly locked in with the moon…

  19. Thank you for your expertise. your site is my favorite and I always find your posts and monthly horoscopes very insightful and helpful. I appreciate your honest “tell it like it is” approach, but then again I am a Sag so of course I would 🙂 Love and Blessings to You! Thanks for keeping it real.

  20. “How it is” is always the perspective offered through our indivividual lens…it doesn’t mean it’s “how it is” except for the Perceiver! It’s time that we all take responsibility for the point of view that we choose, because we will create whatever it is that we believe is so. Thoughts really do become things. We are powerful, energetic, vibrational, creative Beings, gifted with capacity to focus and bring into manifestation whatever it is we are wanting. I think we underestimate the power of negative beliefs and interpretations about anything. It is a denial of our creative potential. It limits us. What we all need is to feel empowered, uplifted and inspired. I see this upcoming full moon as a huge opportunity to bring out a new state of equilibrium, balance and partnership between the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus. Let’s all reach for the highest potential and honor who and what we truly are…extensions Source-level energy in physical bodies. Let’s tell stories that contain within them the very Goodness and Well-Being that is the basis of this life!

  21. Jamie, I needed this article! I’m feeling this full moon coming. Anger welling that I know I must keep under control…well it’s maybe resentment, years of it. Mars retrograde fuels this I feel so glad I read your wise advice to keep it under wraps, so to speak. He’s my brother….he ain’t heavy! Stay well. Penelope

  22. Hi thanks so much for your insights i enjoy your astrology.
    Not sure how this full moon will affect me. 9th august 1983 moon in leo. The past two years have been very intense in love matters and Ive changed enormously . My soul aches for a scorpio man but we cannot be together, likely for forever.

    • A very good full moon for you Sara as is joins Jupiter in your chart. The September 1, 2016 solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo joins your Venus which highlights your love life for six months.

  23. All of the recent transits have been setting my chart on fire. The Full Moon in Scorpio in April was directly on my Saturn. The New Moon in Taurus was right on my natal moon. This full moon falls right on my Point of Fortune and the next one directly on my natal moon. Mercury will go direct on my natal Mercury, and I have a lot of planets in Taurus that have all been hit with the activity there, in addition to all of my planets in Sagg that have been hit or will be hit with the activity there (Saturn will go direct on my natal Uranus and Jupiter conjunction, which is where Mars also stationed retro). My life has been an exhausting mess the last year, culminating in a lay-off from my despised job two weeks ago, right before the new moon (but I’m still dealing with a crazy roommate situation that I now can’t afford to get out of at the moment). I am hoping all this activity is a POSITIVE life re-boot for me…at least, I’m trying to use it that way! Any advice for navigating this stuff??? Some days I just feel like I’m drowning! (Aries decan 3 sun, Sagg decan 3 ascendant.)

        • Don’t worry about Mercury retrograde because it does not go back all the way to your Mercury. Your longer term transit are very good but the only major one this year is Jupiter trine Venus mid September 2016. 2017 is your big year with Uranus conjunct Sun tamed by Saturn trine Sun.

  24. Thank you for telling it how it is!
    I am personally affected by this full moon.
    The full moon will be conjunct my draconic Sun.
    And the sun in Algol is in conjunction to my natal ASC which Chiron is conjunct.

  25. Hi Jamie, will the May 21 full moon be bad for someone with Gemini ascendant 3°41′ ?

    • The orb is a little wide but you should still feel some effect, especially through your partner or enemies. But remember Mars is on your Ascendant so any anger is yours.

  26. I have natal moon in Sagittarius at 28.40 degrees conjunct Neptune. Right now I feel like I will explode emotionally, a lot of pent up anger….I shall keep calm!!

  27. Isn’t Venus combust as well??? Being so close to the Sun?? Makes things even more dangerous….

  28. I am double scorpio. I am suddenly feeling agitated short tempered, had one explosive argument and its not blue moon as yet. I have a feeling this moon mars retrograde will affect world. I feel its intensity and with the coming of the solstice, I hope and pray world does not go into tailspin. af

  29. Hi Jamie, i wonder which fixed star signifies accidents to. Two days before this full moon and another tragic plane crash, and into the sea once again…a d wow the two karmic number 8 and 4 are involved.

    Mars retrograde does signify accidents to, but I wonder what else could signify such fated expierences, than the fixed stars mentioned

  30. My ex-boyfriend has his moon at 0 degrees Pisces in the 6th opposing a 0 degrees Jupiter/1 degrees Mars conjunction in Virgo in the 12th. I’m wondering how this will play out for him. The full moon occurs in his 3/9 houses and in my 1/7 houses. Looks like he’ll be experiencing a grand cross and could be explosive. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Erica, I would expect some angry emotions because he can’t get exactly what he wants straight away. Maybe not explosive because that would probably need Uranus in there somewhere. I use the cardinal points like Ascendant and Midheaven but don’t use houses.

  31. ‘I notice in the comments that some people think I talk too negatively at times. I do tell it how it is and would rather you know exactly how I see a chart instead of lying. ‘
    Thats missing the issue, which is that consistent predictions of alarm are no more ‘realistic’ or truthful than consistent overoptimism. One of the current themes of Uranus in Aires is an over dramatisation of events that does not necessarily bear out a larger reality,
    rather easily feeds into the dark side of Neptune in Pisces, collective fearful imaginings that can crystallise into dangerous scenarios such as Trump.

    The North node in Virgo suggests the area of our current collective evolution is rationality, restraint, discernment and most of all, is it useful? Rather than confusing ourselves with fear in the Piscean south node neptune.
    The intra opposition and conjunction patterns you mention above are not just unsettling ,among other things they are an excellent opportunity to see the Yin within the Yang and the familiarity within the ‘other’, they seem like a planetary description of paradox, the appreciation of which is something that has been missing from public discourse, astrological or otherwise, for some time now.

      • Thank you Kat, its my pleasure.

        And here we are today actually on the full moon in Sagittarius, a sign deeply associated with the environment along withTaurus of course and look whats happened this month among other things, Portugal has run FOUR DAYS straight entirely on renewables!

        That is a profound precedent for us all.

        And Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has sold off its entire $187m investment in BP!

        In my opinion we could all take a leaf out of Obamas book and be clear sighted enough to see that the world in many ways is infinitely better. And not let Demagogues blind us and alter our behaviour from what we know to be decent and honourable, on or off the internet.

        Profound change takes time as opposed to the inflammatory ‘revoloutions’ that Uranus in Aires has incited, most of which has resulted in far more oppressive regimes – Arab Spring anyone? And look out Brazil…..

        Historically revoloutions have always been like that from the French to the Russian to The Chinese.
        A revoloution after all symbolically means one full circle i.e back to where you started.

        In my opinion as Astrologers who have iprobably too much nfluence on peoples psyche and outlook, we especially need to be responsible and self aware and not sow needless and innacurate fear.

    • Nice interpretation of planets in Signs aqua but more telling at the moment is the aspects between planets in promoting fear and negativity. Mostly Saturn square Neptune 2016, which politicians are feeding off. This favors the right wing as in Austria today, using fear of immigration.

      • Thanks Im aware of that square, it reinforces my point.

        ‘This favors the right wing as in Austria today, using fear of immigration.’
        And yet Jamie despite the illusory fears and propoganda, he did not win did he?
        A Green Party independant did, reinforcing earlier points re the wins for the environment in this lunar cycle.
        Just like in London Sadiq Khans win represented common sense and decency over Tory fear mongering.

        Im glad you recognise the illusory fear potential in that Saturn Neptune square, also the propensity for lying and propoganda that is more than usually prevalent in these election cycles. You underline my points about not giving into those fears and disseminating them in an unbalanced way.

        Reality in conflict with fantasy.

        Just to reiterate again, because you seem to be avoiding my point – continual negativity is no more real or accurate than continual possitivity. Saturn in Sag square Neptune in Pisces is one illustration of this. Along with Uranus in Aires there is the real tendency to wallow in drama and self pity irrespective of whats actually going on.

        Black and white thinking is as unhelpful in Astrology as in all other areas- its not an either/or situation.
        Furthermore when training through an accredited institution then the ethics of Astrology are emphasised,
        much like the Hippocratic oath, and as Astrologers we are encouraged to not fearmonger without enough data and to prevent the art being brought into disrepute through unfounded generalisations and assertions.

        • Sure he did not win but the movement has already influence European politics by shutting down immigration. Saturn square Neptune is a negative aspect so we should expect more fear and negativity at the moment. I would never train in traditional astrology because it is based on an illusion: Sun Signs and all the houses, and rules that come from it. See Precession Astrology.

  32. Hi Jamie, Thanks for your forecast and staying true to how you would like to write/interpret something as opposed to what others think “should” be. I had a terrible situation in my family arise out of the blue on Wednesday Right before a family event scheduled this Sunday, which is also my Mum’s Birthday. I have no idea what’s going on but it’s awful and I was absolutely furious. I am not going to the family event on Sunday. Today the moon opposes my natal chiron and tomorrow when it is full it opposes my natal moon. I have a stellium on my IC and my north node is about to retrograde out of my 5th house and into my 4th where the first planet it will hit is natal Saturn, closely followed by my natal north node, this all makes me feel very nervous. I am refusing the engage with my family at the moment and have told my brother I never want to see him again after years of putting up with the drama he has created. I am trying to turn my life and my career around. Any advice appreciated. Leo 21’34 ASC Gem 25’42.

        • Sorry Helen, after all that, the full moon makes no aspects to your chart. The closest aspect is a trine to Mercury at 3 degrees orb, too weak to feel I would think. If any of these moon affect your decan I will mention it in your monthly horoscope.

      • Hi, my date of birth is: 00:47am 15th August 1979. I wrote my dob above but I don’t think you were able to see it.
        I was born in Norwich, UK. Thank you Jamie.

        • You should have many destiny encounters with astrologers and other occultists with the fixed star Acrux at 11°35′ Scorpio conjunct your Vertex point of 11°17′ Scorpio. The vertex point can also means what other people expect of you, perhaps some friends and family would like you to do a reading for them?

  33. I always appreciate your interpretations and the consistency in which you bring insight into planetary dymanics that are happening. For this month, I have perhaps I want to comment not on the overall message of the full moon post, but an aspect. Describing the feminine planets as passive and the masculine as dominant seems to perpetuate a cultural bias. The feminine planets are receptive. The masculine are active. Domination and submission are not part of it this – I believe that a planetary energy sometimes must submit to a stronger influence happening in the sky. But overall each has their dignity and power. Also receptive does not necessarily mean passive.

  34. I don’t understand why the Mars opposite Venus aspect is that bad by itself because naturally they’re opposite each other in the zodiac right?

      • Care to elaborate? I wasn’t saying I was right, I wanted some insight.

    • Not sure what you mean by opposite each other in the Zodiac. Are you meaning Sign rulership?

        • OK then, I don’t use transitional rules because they are based on Sun Signs which are a figment of the human imagination.

        • That make more sense but all oppositions are naturally challenging and have to worked out through confrontation or competition. Might not be so bad if you are Donald trump but most of us don’t have Mars rising on Regulus.

  35. Jamie. You do not in my opinion put a negative spin on anything…..You simply don’t dazzle people with bs…Some want to hear the lottery money is on the way, and get angry when it doesn’t……..So you don’t tell them to expect it…Sun Squares me now…….Mars Squares me now…….the words for that transit are not to positive.but they are true, and I understand……Thank You

  36. My sometimes violent Chinese wife has a lot of planets in Sagittarius, including her Mars located at 2’degrees Sag. I feel a bit anxious now from reading Jamie’s information which describes influences which may occur in that degree.

    • This gives me real concern of as my wife has this exact position of Mars and I know another man stabbed to death by an aggravated Asian spouse:
      Fixed star Dschubba at 02 ♐ 48 is within orb of both Moon and Mars. Robson say it causes sudden assaults, malevolence, immorality and shamelessness. Ebertin says is causes difficulties, impediments, or loss.
      In mundane maps, there is an indication of mass catastrophes should Mars, Saturn or Uranus be in this first degrees of Sagittarius

    • See Mars conjunct Dschubba but also the stars around that area. When there are a number of stars in a few degrees it is important to take them all into consideration and also work out the exact orbs.

  37. My house burned down on May 21, 2016. We lost everything both material things that can in time be replaced but we also lost things that can never be replaced. My children were by chance not there that day and I always have them on the weekends. I was home alone with my cats. It is my cats that woke me from sleep. They saved my life and in the end I could not get them out and they perished. I have tried to find meaning in what happened and I came upon this website and find it very chilling and uncanny all the conjunctions that spelt disaster and tragedy. If I had been more in tune to these conjunctions could I have prevented this from happening or is this what was supposed to happen? I am having a very hard time dealing with this and have had some great anxiety, emotional distress and PTSD symptoms resulting from it. Any comments that could help me move through this situation to a better place would be greatly appreciated.

    • This is so terrible Moriah. I know how deeply cats can affect us. Keep following the moon phases because they evolve into dealing with your specific symptoms. Share your date of birth and we can offer more detail.

        • Hi again Moriah. Mars rules danger and fire, Uranus rules accidents and electricity. Both have been under stress in your chart mainly due to phases of the Moon but the future looks much brighter.

          First though, upsetting change, moves within neighborhood and nervous anxiety come from Uranus square Mercury transit from May 2016 to March 2017.

          The March 2016 lunar eclipse on your Mars ends with the August 18 lunar eclipse.

          The May 21 full moon on your Uranus ends with the June 4 new moon.

          The September 1 solar eclipse almost exactly trine your Sun is excellent for lifting your spirits.

          The September 16 lunar eclipse trine your Pluto is excellent for rebuilding your life.

  38. I just heard taylor swift and her boyfriend broke up after 15 months. And johnny depp and amber heard were married for 15 months and recently divorced. Do you think them starting their relationships at the same time and ending them now is connected somehow?

    • Probably Arca. My daughter just told me Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid broke up too. I would have to look back at the planets when they got together but I’m not surprised so many couples are breaking up at the moment. Venus so harshly aspected by Saturn retrograde and current moon phases.The June 4 new moon is even worse on love relationships.

      • And now Demi lovato and her boyfriend of 6 years! Oh okay that makes sense. Well darn it! Lol. Thanks!

  39. We will have Super Moon in this November 2016, and January 2017. Did anybody foresee these will trigger more serious earthquakes ? How about Tokyo ?

  40. Hi, my twin girls were prematurely born on 21st May 2016, and one of them never made it home from NICU. There was lot of chaos, but the survivers horoscope says something about her being powerful and having no sisters. Could this be true?

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