New Moon 4 June 2016 The Love Test

New Moon June 2016 AstrologyThe new moon on Saturday 4 June 2016 at 14° Gemini aligns with the lovely planet Venus. However, the new moon June 2016 astrology chart reveals many tests and challenges in your quest for love and money. Greed, fear and delusion from a Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune T-Square configuration are just some of the obstacles standing between you and true love.

A multitude of difficult planetary aspects make it easy to give in and wallow in self-pity. But it is these hard aspects that provide the opportunities to improve your love life and finances and appreciate what you have.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon means all possibilities are on the table. You can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list.

However, the impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a new moon means that not all new projects will succeed. The influence of a new moon lasts for four weeks up to the next new moon, in this case, until the new moon on 4 July 2016.  The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of a new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the moon lasts from June 4 to the June 20 full moon.

New Moon June 2016 Astrology

The June 4 New Moon at 14°53′ Gemini sits right next to Venus at 14°24′ Gemini. This tight alignment of the Sun, Moon and Venus is no doubt the prime influence of this new moon and a very nice one indeed. More than Gemini Sun Sign, the Orion Constellation adds more of a Venus influence with the fixed star Rigel at 17°03′ Gemini. This bright blue star gives happiness, riches, honor and glory.

Given this initial splendor, it’s a real shock to take a look at the new moon June 2016 astrology chart below. All the promise of love, riches and fame are blown to smithereens by a Grand Cross aspect pattern. The innocence of youth gets ravaged by the greed, fear and delusion of a Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune T-Square configuration.

Imagine the New Moon conjunct Venus as the ideal you, with all you would love to have. It could be an adoring partner, happy and healthy kids, loyal friends, fame or wealth. This Venus new moon shines the spotlight on all you love and value. Sharing love is really important now and your loved ones will play a central in your life over the next four weeks. Your happiness and well-being depends on theirs, and visa versa.

If single you may feel a more intense need for companionship and intimacy, and want to do something to improve your chances of finding romance. Or you could seek out something else to trigger the release of love chemicals in your brain, like a creative work or hobby you love to immerse yourself in.

New Moon June 2016 Astrology

New Moon June 2016

Hanging over your ideal life of love and luxury is the T-square pattern involving Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. You can read in detail about each aspect below but it basically means that for karmic reasons (Saturn retrograde), any delay or disappointment affecting your love life or finances is a lesson to teach you to keep it real. Many of your worries and concerns are due to greed, deception, excessive behavior or unrealistic expectations.

Jupiter square Saturn
Jupiter opposite Neptune
Saturn square Neptune

There are many tests and challenges standing between you and your ideal love. All those red lines in the chart above have the potential turn you or a lover into a lazy, sleazy, self-indulgent fat pig. In fact effort may be required to stop this happening!

The aspects from the T-square planets to the Venus new moon represent the challenging events and relationships you need to experience in order to improve your love life and finances. The aspects listed below offer some clues on how to at least pass the tests if not ace them.

New Moon June 2016 Testing Aspects

Sun square Jupiter can make you feel extremely confident, proud, lucky and optimistic with little cause. The best way to handle this expectation is to show respect, moderation and discipline. Focus your energy on one or just a couple of projects. Be conservative with your finances as there is a tendency to accumulate things you don’t really need. Moderation is needed in all areas, with your behavior and your morals.

Venus square Jupiter is generally a good time for socializing and making new friends. Care must be taken, however, not to lower your standards if dating as this could lead to wrong choices or embarrassing situations. You may be more inclined to have an affair at this time and that would eventually backfire leading to stress in a marriage. Dieters may have difficulty avoiding gluttony at this time. There will be a tendency to overspend on luxury items, fashion, cosmetic, holidays and entertainment, anything that you can actually do without if money is tight.

Sun opposite Saturn places limiting conditions on your life due to the actions of other people or circumstance. These restrictions can seem more difficult to surmount because you find it harder to express yourself. Your low energy and the resistance around you mean that his is not the time to be forcing you will onto others or trying to promote yourself. The buildup up of frustration is best addressed by plodding along by yourself on some personal goal where you do not require the assistance of others.

Venus opposite Saturn is not a good time at all for socializing so you should prepare for some alone time. Try to work out were you are responsible for any relationship difficulties and do some work on self-development. This is a good time for preparation work. Try to pay off any debts and if you can’t, then at least organize them so you know where you stand. If you are subject to depression then realize this is probably going to be a low phase of life.

Sun square Neptune has a weakening effect on your vitality, making it hard to get motivated or enthusiastic about anything, especially hard work. Events or other people can cause confusion and disappointment which forces you to battle against the odds. To counter this deceptive influences you must be above-board in all of your dealings. This is not the best time for high stress competitive things like business dealings or negotiations. Predators will easily hone in on your soft side and you are at greater risk of being taken advantage of.

Venus square Neptune can lead to feelings of insecurity about yourself and how you look. There is a tendency to over-idealize romantic interests at this time, ignoring the obvious faults which are plain for others to see. It would be wiser to wait until after this transit before committing yourself or being too trusting of another person. You will be more susceptible to the depressive influence of alcohol and more susceptible to poisoning in general. Regular users should beware of overdose, infection, or being ripped off by dealers.

At the global level the drama should play out in peace talks (love) and stock markets (money). There will be a lot of effort to maintain ceasefires, to uphold peace treaties and even to avert new conflicts. The great migration crisis will see heightened efforts to resolve through treaties and deals between nations. However, just as with personal relationships, attaining the prize will take an amazing amount of sustained effort and some good luck.

I expect new moon June 2016 will begin unraveling global stock markets as Venus rules money, Jupiter rules wealth, and Saturn rules those institutions trying to keep it together like banks, investment houses and treasuries. Neptune is the large-scale deception and fraud of the masses by the few, that threatens to be exposed by the underground and investigative nature of Pluto (quincunx aspect to new moon).

Update 24 June 2016: Brexit results in “unraveling global stock markets”.

If New Moon June 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Full Moon May 2016
Next Moon Phase: Full Moon June 2016

New Moon June 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
4 June – 7:59 pm
4 June – 10:59 pm
5 June – 3:59 am
5 June – 8:29 am
5 June – 12:59 pm

79 thoughts on “New Moon 4 June 2016 The Love Test

  1. Hey Guys,

    There was not much to do at the time of a grand cross except observe; they were kind of locked positions until it brokes up. Much of the grand cross would have already occurred by the new moon.

    You may have seen the crisis take precedence around the last weekend of May, a reaction to the full moon in Sag (1 degree) on May 21st. What area of your life would that be (see the house of sag)? And where is Jupiter in your chart? These areas should have been illuminated and the consequences of the full moon events would have been played out the following week, starting with the disseminating moon. And yes, the root of the extreme behaviors was greed/excess of some sort, too much focus on self gratifications, building from the full moon. Let everyone see themselves as the reason for their own feeling of lack or not having enough in life. People who put materialism first will have felt entitled. It’s not that the material world is bad, it’s just that some people will miss the beauty and comfort of faith in something other than the physical realm.

    And finally, you may have lost something in those last hours of the moon (this past thursday/friday). The new moon should be for a new seed.

    The energy of the Grand Cross would be dissipating by the new moon (now) since the only aspect (major) applying is the neptune/saturn square it will be probably the main order of business for this moon. This one is about a judgement or correction of something made unclear, either by deliberate deception or misunderstanding. Literal court hearings may crop up for some people. the area of life in which this is involving are the areas of your chart where neptune is and Saturn he area of judgement. Neptune and Saturn can represent, in some cases illness or discomfort in areas of the body depending on your chart. There is a possibility to achieve an actual result here a readjustment since a square is potential achievement.

    ** For those whose birthday fell on the new moon (if you didn’t know already) this is the chart of your solar return. It is a snapshot of what is to come for the upcoming year. You do not have to worry as much about most of the grand cross because most of it is separating. It will represent onld issues and remnants in the early part of your solar return period like this month for example. Only the neptune/saturn aspect is the only one from the cross still applying. Even the Venus conjunction to the new moon is nice but separating. The merc/mars opposition can be arguments, lawsuits and even bad press. With a the new moon in your return you guys will be starting new projects. Check the first planet to rise in your chart, the planet nearest your ascendant for the themes of the year!

    Blessings to all,

    • This is very helpful to me. Thank you.
      It illustrates much of what I have experienced lately, with health and with legal issues. Incomplete records being used against me from the State, were to be addressed by my council with the State Friday. Their attorney was out of the office, and now it will be addressed today, after the new moon, with the Cross dissipating. The roller coaster ride leading up to it was felt the weekend before, as you noted. The toll on my health was a natural fallout.

  2. Dear Jamie,

    This new moon conjuncts my north node in 3rd house, makes a trine to natal venus in 7th house but makes opposition to my 9th house stellium (sun, uranus, mercury, jupiter, neptune). Any thoughts?

    • The orbs will be important to work out the stronger influences from your stellium. Research Sun opposite Sun transit for whatever is closest. The read Sun trine Venus transit for ways to resolve the opposition. Ignore Houses. The nodes represent family or karmic links but I’m unsure about the difference between north and south.

  3. Hey Jamie,
    Dnora here, my bday 11/30/74 I was born I ny, ny at 11:38 pm, I dnt understand this although I’m trying to, I’m so confused and I am going thru a lot but just put it together, I have never done my chart, and wouldn’t know how to read it to begin with, can u please help me, I need guidance nd I don’t understand astrology very well, halo me Jamie, Dnora the desperate

  4. MAGIC! – Red Dress (Official Video) “I gotta lotta love and it’s growing strong when I see you with your red dress on!”

  5. Too late for me to be enlisted now. Mars on Regulus so I enlisted in the Reserves when I left school.

  6. “I expect new moon June 2016 will begin unraveling global stock markets as Venus rules money, Jupiter rules wealth, and Saturn rules those institutions trying to keep it together like banks, investment houses and treasuries.” = Brexit

  7. This is basically my granddaughter’s natal chart…born on June 3 and has Taurus rising with a grand trine involving Jupiter, moon & Pluto. I truly think her trine will outshine her Grand Square. She has phenomenal, loving parents living a traditional life and are very ambitious. I pray that she has a fulfilling loving life.

    • The Moon has made all the difference for her. In this case the cross will provide the tension and motivational energy required to unleash the grand trine talents.

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