Full Moon 20 June 2016 Test Results

Full Moon June 2016 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Monday 20 June 2016 is at 29 degrees Sagittarius. While falling in Sagittarius decan 3, the direct effect will also be felt by Capricorn decan 1. The full moon astrology is very similar to that of the previous new moon on June 4. Venus remains the most prominent planet so the love test continues.

Full Moon June 2016 shines a spotlight on your fears and anxieties with this years major aspect Saturn square Neptune exact only three days earlier. The communication planet Mercury is in the same place as the previous new moon. This means that open and honest discussions are critical to determining your results in the love test.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started since the June 4 new moon can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationships imbalances causing disharmony. The influence of a full moon last for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the July 4 new moon.

Full Moon June 2016 Astrology

Love and money are the main themes of full moon June 2016 because of Venus joining the Sun. This was also the case with June 4 new moon because Venus has been travelling only slightly faster than the Sun.

In the two weeks since the new moon you should have pinpointed some of the obstacles standing between you and true love. The two weeks following this full moon can involve practicing your ideas for improvement through closer interaction with others. Ideas for improvements can also be applied to your financial situation through saving or debt management.

Full Moon June 2016 Astrology

Full Moon June 2016 Astrology

Full Moon June 2016 Aspects

Sun conjunct Venus shines the spotlight on all that you love and value. As mentioned in the previous new moon article: If single you may feel a more intense need for companionship and intimacy, and want to do something to improve your chances for romance. Or you could seek out something else to trigger the release of love chemicals in your brain, like a creative work or hobby you love to immerse yourself in.

Moon opposite Venus is the only test directly affecting this full moon and it is much easier to pass all those squares and oppositions in the new moon chart. If dating there would be a tendency to lower your standards just to be with someone and not feel alone. The chance of such a relationship lasting may not be good but that is probably not as important to you as close emotional contact at this time.

If already attached then some friction may arise due to different moods or needs. However, this transit alone is definitely not a sign of major conflict or relationships difficulties. It is more likely that any simmering relationships tensions will be exposed which can be worked on once this transit is over.

Saturn square Neptune has been an ongoing challenge for months now but it is especially relevant to full moon June 2016 because of its exactness, occurring only 3 days earlier on June 17. Disappointment or setbacks now are more likely to extend or deepen periods of grief or depression that we all experience from hardships. Even without hardship being placed upon you, it is likely that psychological fears or paranoia may overwhelm you leading to uncertainty.

The June 4 new moon tied into this nightmare of an aspect so it’s impact on your love and money will continue through this full moon phase. This full moon is actually very similar to the previous new moon. The replacement of Moon conjunct Venus by Moon opposite Venus does not change things that much. The most noticeable change is Mercury in place of the previous new moon, making communication the major stumbling block to successful outcomes.

Mercury opposite Saturn brings serious thinking and conversation, but also negativity and sadness. Poor self-esteem can lead to communication difficulties and isolation. Being along studying or on the computer would feel more conformable than being in social situations, with in-depth research offering a way to keep your mind busy.

Mercury square Neptune distorts your thinking which can confuse and complicate discussions and business dealings. Even giving or receiving instructions can suffer from lack of clarity and misinterpretation. If you must deal with any important business, government or legal matters, seek professional advice or help from a trusted friend.

Full Moon June 2016 Extras

A minor planet and some fixed stars line up with the June 20 full moon as shown below.

28 ♐ 23 Quaoar
28 ♐ 59 Fixed star Acumen
29 ♐ 32 Full Moon
29 ♐ 59 Fixed star Sinistra

As the full moon has already passed over the fixed star Acumen, its full effects should be felt more strongly than Sinistra. Acumen in the Sting of the Scorpion is actually a beautiful cluster of stars called the Ptolemy Cluster. It was traditionally said to cause bad eyesight but at a deeper level it gives a very acute perception at the intuitive or psychic level. The word Acumen actually means keenness and depth of perception, discernment, or discrimination especially in practical matters. This will no doubt help in trying to work out what others are thinking while Saturn blocks your rational Mercury communication skills.

Quaoar is a minor planet (number 50000) with a similar orbit to Pluto. It was only discovered in 2002 so there is only limited interpretation on offer by astrologers. According to Nick Anthony Fiorenza:

Quaoar would seem to have character supporting a “harmonious revolution”— to help us release and surrender to the natural order of the creative forces governing life and death. in addition, Quaoar would inspire our return to the “sacredness of life”; to realize all things in life are sacred and that it is our responsibility to have respect for natural order and to live in harmony with nature; without this we do not have respect for our selves. [Lunar Planner]

Find 50000 Quaoar in Your Chart

1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. From the table “Additional Objects”, add Quaoar.If Full Moon June 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon June 2016
Next Moon Phase: New Moon July 2016

Full Moon June 2016 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
20 June – 10:20 am
20 June – 1:20 pm
20 June – 6:20 pm
20 June – 11:50 pm
21 June – 5:20 am

76 thoughts on “Full Moon 20 June 2016 Test Results

  1. I m sagittarius decan 3…dob is 18.12.1981.
    I have been facing this relationships trouble since 4 years n now i m so tired of all this.do u mean that it ll get worse…I m so depressed…dont know when i ll get rid of all such tensions which have been disturbing my married life too…so depressing it is…i have no freedom…neither do i have any financial stability n now any more tensions in relationships will make me go mad…Please answer!!!

      • Dearest Jamie,
        First of all thank u so much for replying…Thank u for giving a ray of hope…I have been following ur posts since a long time.Really thankful for helping n answering…
        I got married in 2012.Since then life s very much disturbing…My husband dob s 10.04.1981…Arian decan 3…our married life s been so disturbing…The only way to get relieved from these relationships tensions s his changing job with relocation…I would be highly obliged if u let me know that do u find any change in his job with relocation in place of residence this year itself???Just incase we can also live peacefully…
        N can u help me in being a little more patient…Any remedies…
        Thanking u in anticipation.

          • Would the new moon of june give any change in my married life???

          • His patience is the issue because of Mercury opposite Saturn and Sun opposite Pluto. Career is not the only change for him ahead with Uranus conjunct Sun transit from April 2016 to February 2017.

          • First of all,Jamie i dnt know what to say…I mean u r helping so many people without any peesonal interest…U r a great guy…Hats off to ur helping spirit…U r a great soul…I thank u so ao much on the behalf of all of us u keep aaking n conveyong our problems to u n without any benefits u help n answer all…U r really awesome…
            Secondly,I m sorry to bother u by saying this that I did nt understand ur reply…Do u mean that my husband will have a change in career with relocation this year itself??Do u mean we will also share intimate relationship this year itself…Do u really mean that???
            Since my birth i have never lived my life…Its after marriage I learnt to live Life to thw fullest…By GOD S GRACE ,I have got a gud husband but still due to lack of peace n relationahip disturbances,I cud never live my life with peace…U mean we will also have a gud n healthy existence…
            Answer once again if u can?

            • First anwer was about your chart and my second answer was about his chart.

  2. the full moon later in June is opposing the natal moon and Jupiter exactly. Any insight on how it’ll play out? Thank you much!

    • You will have Sun conjunct Moon transit and Sun conjunct Jupiter transit so it has to be fortunate for home, family and close relationships, growth and renewal, a fresh start. See Moon and Jupiter conjunct fixed star Betelgeuse.

      • Is this for me?
        If yes,then can u tell me when are these transits going to happen this year?

      • Awesome! I’m looking at the chart and it all squares natal sun, will that be more negative than positive. If you have a sec can you look at the chart 3/16/1978 17:07 in California. Thnx!!

        • Yes Lena, directly opposite your Moon and square your Sun by 3 degrees. It activates the most challenging aspect in your chart, in fact I believe this is one of them most challenging of all aspects in astrology: Sun square Moon.

          However, Moon conjunct Jupiter brings you good fortune and personal growth while Moon and Jupiter on the fixed star Betelgeuse brings the likelihood of great power, honor and wealth.

  3. Hey dear, the moon will opposite my natal venus 29 Gemini I’ve read that fullmoon that aspect venus have unpleasant impact what’s your own opinion

  4. Jamie! It will sure conjunct by 3° to the Galactic Center… I know there is not so much research about it; though, there sure means something because of the new era and the relations with the great attractor, right? What would you know?
    M. del Rin.

    • I know nothing more than anyone else about this Mel. Philip Sedgwick is the only astrologer I have read about the G.C.

  5. If i may humbly speak up for my beloved moon, sandwiched between Jup square Sat and Mars going direct and throw in Solstice, just in case. She will be anything but pink and fluffy. The fact it’s on my north node opp sat rx and I’m visually impaired is neither here nor there. She’s building hard and there’ll be no let ulp. Embracing chocolate helps..!

  6. Well maybe so, I just read and made notes and vow to get this sudden weight gain in tow. Self indulgent pig be dammed.
    Anyways, what I was wondering is if this saturn conj. pluto coming up 2020 ties me into everything for another 3/4 years.?til it begins anew. Cause it all ties in with the above new moons and full moons and on going relational developments. I feel like I’ve passed the 12th AA step and realized a higher power and I am aware of being “just a channel” but hello okay now what? Easier said than done. That’s a big chuck and time isn’t up. The theme was balance among other things and I was righteously directed early on so good one there but I don’t know what the new theme from 2020 is? so can’t get on course there. The other players are just trying to complete their stuff. I go along but feel I am building unnecessary karma. sidetracked. Is this just unnecessary stewing?

    • I have the same issue with my fat gut. Been skinny all my life until about 4 or 5 months ago. I have never had to worry about what I eat so this is hard work!

      The Saturn Pluto conjunction is 12 Jan 2020 at 22°44′ Capricorn so does not really share a strong link to current full moons.

  7. My north node is 29 degrees gemini and south node is 29 degrees sagittarius…..the full moon axis is on my nodes. Jamie, please write something it. Regards. Adam

    • All i can think of is that this full moon would trigger deep feeling to change course either in a relationships or general course of your life. I find it difficult to differentiate between the Nodes. Western astrologer say South Node is negative while Vedic astrologer say it is the positive one. You may be drawn to groups of people with similar goals or karma to you, or meet a soul mate. Not an area of specialty for me.

  8. This Full moon is exactly conjunct my Sun/Moon Midpoint.. Any ideas what this could mean for me? Thank you:)

    • I do appreciate the work of Noel Tyl and his followers on midpoints but I don’t use them myself Lena.

  9. Dear Jamie, thank you for the article. I have natal Jupiter in 00Capricorn. This June full moon going to conjunct. I am Libra Sun and Taurus Asc. What can I expect? Thankyou

    • I would expect a bog potential for good fortune but with some catches. The full moon will amplify all your emotions and behaviors, both good and bad. Avoid waste, greed, extravagance and boastfulness.

  10. The full moon is conjunct my saturn and uranus in third house, which squares my venus in 12th and mars in 6th. Thoughts?

      • Thank you for your reply. I was having that issue closer to the last full moon, but thought the issue was complete. Is this full moon going to bring the relationship issue back up?

        • Yes because it affects Venus opposite Mars in your chart which is all about love relationships. Plus full moons in a row are like a series of TV shows. Each full moon is about 30 degrees earlier in the zodiac so often links to the same planets in your chart but with a different aspect. For example, trine Mars then square Mars.

  11. This full moon will conjunct my natal neptune (28 degrees sag) and MC (2 degrees cap). Can I expect good things?

    • Yes you can work on making your dreams come true. But the full moon high highlight some polarities in your life, like between your career hopes and need for some loving at home, or your families need for loving from you.

  12. I just figured out Mars and Uranus are quincunx (sp?) at 23 degrees on the 19th just before this full moon. And I have my sun at 23 Leo so Mars will be square it and Uranus trine it. And right before a full moon :/ ! Should I be concerned lol?

    I read in Leo horoscope about how Mars retro square my Leo sun can be karmic, so trying to look on the bright side ha I’m hoping that Uranus trine it at the same time is an indication that idk something won’t be as bad?

    Any help appreciated, thanks!

    • Uranus trine your Sun gives you the intuition and higher awareness to avoid any Mars retrograde hostilities. But I think the Mars square will be stronger than the Uranus trine because of Mars stationing direct at 23 Scorpio. Mars quincunx Uranus is linked to the July 19 full moon which I am starting to write up now. It will come up in the Moons category in the menu by the end of the week, well before I post it on the front page and it comes out in emails.

  13. Hi Jamie, Thanks for the brilliant explanation .Me and husband finding difficulty with finances at the moment will this full moon any positive changes in that im 09-04-1981 and husband is 14-04-1982 .I do keep in mind as you said earlier that september is going to bring good omen in baby and money or whatever i want but i am 35 now and just getting bit impatient life is stucked thanks again love and light !

    • You really do worry a lot Vaishali. You need to have more faith and love yourself more. This full moon is the time to do this personal work. Venus square Neptune is the most challenging aspect in your chart and this full moon lands on your Neptune. Also read Neptune retrograde as you have it in your chart.

      • Thank you Jamie i know i worry like crazy .Its all absolutely Spot on i read Neptune retrograde its so true last year i had ectopic pregnancy mystery they couldnt find it where the pregnancy happened .Is it bad to have Neptune retrograde in my chart?Will it be always a dream to have children?Neptune was retrograde when all this happened last year 16th june .The past events have made me worrying more about the future and present isnt very moving so dont know what to think really i definately try to love myself more .I have faith in the universe but its really testing my patience i will work around full moon more go shopping lol thanks again Jamie X

        • Read back over Neptune retrograde in the natal chart. It is an extra challenge but 40% of us have it.

  14. Hi again just looked at the monthly horoscope how to read them as i am aries sun sign but leo ascendant which sign shall i read thanks

    • I would stick to Aries decan 2. Because you are born at the end of decan 2, the last days of the transit are specific for you. For example: Sun sextile your decan from May 30 to June 10 will be strongest for you on June 9 and 10.

  15. Hi I’m in india … I’m Capricorn my lover Taurus last year breakup still its continue. This problem solved in this month ?

  16. Hi my boyfriend’s bday is 03/30/87 how is this transit going to affect him… His friends are turning on him and billing him

  17. Thank you for the link to create chart. Wow I am such a beginner !!! Lol I thought I knew more.

  18. Thank you again, Jaime for all the wonderful, selfless work that you do.

  19. What could be happen if the 13th zodiac arise? And why he ddnt put in horoscope? And also the planet star chiron? Any idea? I read few articles about them.. and its very accurates to my most desires.. im thankful if i can get the answers from you guys.. thank you 🙂

    • Good questions Agta. You can read an article I wrote called The 13th Zodiac Sign. I don’t use any signs in my interpretations, only in my horoscopes and then only as mathematical divisions, not for interpretation. See also Precession Astrology. I did include Chiron the the full moon chart but it does not play a major role this time.

  20. The full moon falls in my 5th house, It will be exact square with my sun – ruler of first house…..is this very bad? Jamie?

  21. Hi Jamie. Me and my husband are having severe relationship issues. Could this be the test? And when this month is over will I know if it’s over? I am a Gemini and he is a cancer. I really want it to work and reading this was kind of disappointinguy and making me think we aren’t going to make it.

    • I would focus on the open and honest communications, get it all out in the open. Also see what your monthly horoscope says.

  22. Hi Jamie, As a December 2nd, 1984, I am continuously looking for a new job since January this year, and no luck so far. Only companies that seem to want to go ahead and then the opportunity is taken off the table.. Apart from beneficial period starting in October.. Do you happen to see any favourable time coming up for finding a new job? As a decan 2, is this full moon favourable, would you say?

    Thanks in advance for all that you do

    • This full moon lands right on Mercury conjunct Neptune in your chart so I would say favorable if you use that aspect well. More important lately is the effects of Mars retrograde and Saturn retrograde probably very frustrating and holding back your career prospects.

      With your Sun at 10 degrees Sagittarius you had Mars retrograde conjunct Sun transit and will have Saturn direct conjunct Sun transit. Things will improve following this final transit late September 2016:

      Saturn conjunct Sun transit:
      01 Jan 2016
      30 Jun 2016 (Saturn retrograde)
      24 Sep 2016

      Saturn square Neptune 2016 is strongly affecting you because you also have Neptune square Sun transit:
      17 Apr 2016
      12 Aug 2016 (Neptune retrograde)
      16 Feb 2016

      Things will be so much better later this year so hang in there and read up on all those links. Understanding the reasons you are having trouble finding work is half the battle won.

      • Jamie, I just really wanted to thank you for all the information. I have been researching each, and learning a lot. Understanding the effects of these placements is really helpful. I am also a beginner student in astrology but with these transits, it is not easy staying objective and not “clear headed”… Thank you so much for all you do!!!!

  23. Hi Jamie,
    Could it be that I’m already feeling the effect of Saturn square Neptune? Just a little worry yesterday spun out of control and made me sleepless. I’m feeling paranoid about not sleeping. I was born on July 3, 1975. Many thanks Jamie for your detailed posts. Best wishes.

    • Yes of course, the whole world is feeling this major aspect just look at the events of this past week with assassinations and massacres. Even if it does not aspect anything in your chart it will be directly affecting someone around you and thus affecting you indirectly.

  24. Hello jamie my name is hassan im from pakistan i read your all updates and posts these are very help ful for me please tel me about my career and i recently broke up with my love and got married to girl who is totally diferent im not feel comfortable please tell me about love and career thank you
    Hassan khan
    Dob 09 july 1988
    Jacobabad, pakistan
    Time 1.30 am

    • The full moon lands on Uranus in your chart so read Moon conjunct Uranus transit. Don’t rush decisions because this full moon also activates the most challenging aspects in your chart. Research:
      Mercury opposite Uranus
      Mercury square Mars
      Mars square Uranus.

  25. Arent we so lucky to be having a federal election down here while no ones clarity or judgement is reliable…not, dont even ant to think about how muchworse it could get than it already is really, may be joining so many other lands and people on the brink of civil war…not in Australia? Yeah theats what any place would think, heres hoping we get it delusionally right, by accident… On a different note, know I have already had waves of needing to purge anger, hatred and devestation privately as it has risen due to what I have experienced as injustices and feeling like I am just being made a mockery of or that I dont matter etc, which I have worked many years on even though it kept being added to, so have been sadly surprised to find it rising in me again, there must be chiron or BML involvement too for me at least, plus although my birthday is the 22nd, my solar return is the 20th this years so all this pkus the full moon and various cross aspects still lingering or reforming will be in ky chart for the year…ho hum, having a Venus ruled chart I am hoping her loving values rather than her potential to cross that fine line as the love/hate axis, is what I find strength in to be working with, faith really being tested, again.

    • I think it has something to do with being so laid back down here, otherwise we might had had a civil war back in 1975.

      • Was going to offer something but too long and no point really anyway, suffice to say, sadly unseen because no one wants to know, we are precariously perched on the verge of civil war now just like many people of foreign lands, hopefully it doesnt come to that for all our sakes.

    • I find it quite significant wizardgarber, not been this close since 21 June 1986, something changed that many have bern working with and through ever since, it was my personal 25th solar return and I remember how lifeless it felt for a while that day for no apparent reason, this ends that self fulfilling prophecy for each and all, hopefully, for good ? Hope that makes sense to someone who is obviously attuned to it too.

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