Fixed Star Han

Han at 09°14′ Sagittarius has an orb of 2°00′
Fixed Star Han

Ophiuchus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Han on December 1

Fixed star Han, Zeta Ophiuchi, is a single star near the left knee of the Serpent Holder, Ophiuchus Constellation. Magnitude (V) 2.57, spectral type O9.5 V.

The traditional name Han comes from the Chinese state of Han, 韓. The star ζ Ophiuchi itself is called 天市右垣十一, Tiān Shì Yòu Yuán shíyī, which means the Eleventh Star of Right Wall of Heavenly Market Enclosure.


Han Astrology

The spectral class O9.5 suggests a planetary nature of the Moon and, to a lesser extent, Jupiter.

Of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It brings trouble and disgrace. [1]

ζ Ophiuchi. A small bluish-white star. Spectral class 09. This star imparts to its natives fame, high preferment, wealth, honors, and negatively self-created problems, shamelessness, and disgraceful actions. [5]

Han, ζ Ophiuchi, is an unfortunate choice of name since it comes from old political Chinese astrology, nothing to do with our system. Rukba, the Knee, is where it is, but the title has not often been used. With its Saturn-Venus simile, it continues the theme of putting the knowledge to useful purpose and hints at added strength from the proximity of Antares within the same degree. [2]

Han rules the right side of the spine and the center of the right buttock. [3]

Constellation Ophiuchus

According to Ptolemy is like Saturn and moderately like Venus. It is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, together with little happiness, unseen dangers, enmity, strife and slander. Pliny said that it occasioned much mortality by poisoning. This constellation has also been called Aesculapius and is held to rule medicines. By the Kabalists, it is associated with the Hebrew letter Oin and the 16th Tarot Trump “The Lightning Struck Tower.” [1]

Ophiuchus was noted in classical times as the constellation of those who had the power of discovering healing herbs and skill in curing the bites of poisonous serpents. In a genearthical chart, the constellation denoted prudence and wisdom. [4]


Zeta Ophiuchi, Han

Zeta Ophiuchi, Han [Wikisky]

Fixed Star Han Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Han: Friedrich Nietzsche 1°08′ (and N.Node), Mark Ruffalo 1°50′. 

Midheaven conjunct Han: Pierre-Auguste Renoir 0°14′, Khloé Kardashian 0°16′ (and Uranus), Pablo Escobar 0°19′, Yves Saint Laurent 0°47′, Jay Leno 0°47′, Abraham Lincoln 0°52′, Heinrich Himmler 1°09′ (and Jupiter, Uranus), Pablo Neruda 1°40′, Marguerite de Navarre 1°49′

Descendant conjunct Han: Queen Victoria 0°44′, Will Smith 1°07′, Jeane Dixon 1°11′

Part of Fortune conjunct Han: Sigmund Freud 1°17′, Kristen Stewart 1°57′.

Sun conjunct Han: Sickness, disgrace and ruin. [1]

Natives with this conjunction may find fame by help from superiors, often unearned. High preferment in martial, writings and government matters. The native may become involved in affairs that intrigue them or involved in questionable activities that could create problems. [5]

Winston Churchill 0°14′, Zoë Kravitz 0°22′ (and Mercury), Mark Twain 0°38′, Pablo Escobar 0°39′, Andrew Tate 0°40′, Woody Allen 0°42′, Gianni Versace 0°56′, William Blake 1°01′, Britney Spears 1°04′

Moon conjunct Han: Disgrace, ruin and ailments affecting those parts ruled by Sagittarius. [1]

The native gains high preferment through application and industry. High preferment in martial, finance, sports, and artistic matters. Any self-created problems would bring disaster, which could affect others as well as the native. Possible name and fame, good or bad. [5]

Pablo Picasso 0°38′, Michael Jordan 1°18′, Alice Cooper 1°49′

Mercury conjunct Han: The native has a keen mentality, expressive, and somewhat jovial, but generally develops into becoming a private person. Negatively, their problems will be self-created, of an endless nature, even involving legal entanglement. [5]

(2°00′ orb): This is similar to Mercury at Acrab, but it is more painful at this degree. The sciatic nerve slips out of position, and there is a blockage of energy flow to the nerves. A shortage of energy at this point causes a slight crippling at the spine and buttocks. These natives will usually have problems with the sciatic nerve and are unable to squat down to the floor. They cannot get into this position easily as there is a pull on the nerves and spine where they feel sharp pains up the spine. Rubbing oil on the buttock and spine area would be very helpful. [3]

Zoë Kravitz 0°22′ (and Sun), Steven Spielberg 0°40′, Marie Curie 0°44′, Uri Geller 0°47′, Vito Genovese 1°16′

Venus conjunct Han: These natives tend to have an open, progressive nature and a benevolent attitude. Domestic problems may be avoided if their mate is of a congenial nature. [5]

Erwin Rommel 0°04′, Jimi Hendrix 0°49′, Jimmy Page 1°22′, Vespasian 1°38′, Diego Maradona 1°56′.

Mars conjunct Han:

The native is energetic, fearless and may be diplomatically ambitious. Shameless. [5]

(4°00′ orb): This is similar to Mars at Acrab, except that the energy at this point is totally ego-oriented. The problems at the Graffias point are, for the most part, brought out through the subconscious. At this degree, Mars is pure ego, and the native actually enjoys conquering situations. They are very aware of what they are doing to others. They enjoy conquering a woman who is having a relationship with a friend. This would also apply to a woman with this position. To them, the enjoyment is in making the conquest, which is a great game for them, and their ego inflates further as they watch the other person become the loser in the game. These are the persons who can complete a task before anyone else and then brag about it so they can keep their egos inflated. They are the individuals who can be found competing in games where targets are used, such as archery, darts, and knife throwing. [3]

Arthur Koestler 0°34′, Ilhan Omar 1°19′.

Jupiter conjunct Han: High preferment in sports, astrology, government, martial matters and association with public affairs. Fame, good or bad is possible. [5]

Heinrich Himmler 0°04′ (and Uranus, MC), Alan Turing 0°05′

Saturn conjunct Han (3°00′ orb): This causes restriction of the nerves, bringing sharp pains through the right side of the spine. This also affects the ego in that they are unable to participate in any type of athletics or similar events in order to build their ego. They generally have a slight limp and cannot walk with an even gait. They do not have good balance or a good aim and enjoy games as an observer or helper rather than as a participant. They simply do not have the ego drive to win. These persons can be found helping those who are participants, such as a batboy in baseball or caddy to a well-known golfer. Thus, they can brag about working for a popular or famous person. This makes them feel less fearful in their own inadequacy. [3]

M. C. Escher 0°07′, Amber Heard 0°17′, Paul Cézanne 0°28′, Drake 1°31′, Megan Fox 1°45′, Julius Evola 1°58′. 

Uranus conjunct Han: Otto von Bismarck 0°06′, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex 0°52′, Khloé Kardashian 1°31′ (and MC), Heinrich Himmler 1°41′ (and Jupiter, MC).

Neptune conjunct Han: Abraham Lincoln 0°07′, Charles Darwin 0°07′, Leonardo DiCaprio 0°17′, Sarah Paulson 1°04′ (and N.Node), Angelina Jolie 1°26′, Mel B 1°36′

Pluto conjunct Han: Hunter Schafer 0°06′, Nostradamus 1°19′ (DD).

North Node conjunct Han: Friedrich Nietzsche 0°03′ (and AC), Sarah Paulson 0°27′ (and Neptune), Tom Hanks 1°05′, Leonardo DiCaprio 1°29′, Pablo Picasso 1°49′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 1°53′, James Joyce 2°00′

South Node conjunct Han: Andy Warhol 1°13′, David Bowie 1°16′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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