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Jamie PartridgeWelcome to Astrology King, my name is Jamie Partridge. I live on the east coast of Australia with my wife and our five amazing children.

I became interested in astrology at age 29, shortly before my Saturn return. Just browsing a bookstore on holidays is how it started. I guess I was subconsciously looking for answers as to why my life seemed so fated and eventful.

It was to be a steep learning curve as my Saturn return resulted in ill-health, loss of my business, and the first of three divorces. The roller coaster has kept going up till this moment so I do have a lot of life experience to draw on to increase my knowledge on the workings of astrology.

After buying my first computer in 2008, some playing around on astrology forums revealed I had developed a unique and accurate form of chart analysis and prediction. With the encouragement of MySpace friends, I started an astrology forum called Funkastrology.

My first astrology website was funkastrology.co.uk, a joint project with Marina Macario. In 2009 it underwent a name-change to darkstarastrology.com. I started my own website astrologyking.com in January 2013.

I do not use Houses, nor Signs. I use aspects and fixed stars. I do use the cardinal points like AC and MC. I don’t believe House cusps are actually real. They have no energy. They are constructs of the human imagination and have purely symbolic meaning, in much the same way as Tarot cards. This article explains my reasoning: Precession Astrology.

All the best, Jamie Partridge.

For questions, email: funkastrology@gmail.com

Jamie Partridge

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  1. Greetings Jamie, I have been an avid reader and fan of your horoscopes for years now. I was hoping for some insight into Jupiter in Libra, which seemed to generate such hype and encouragement for those born under the sign of Libra. I am a Libra Decan 3 born 14 OCT 1959 at 2:57 pm in CT, USA. I have been personally struggling for close to 15 years with every aspect of my life, financially bankrupt, unemployed or underemployed for 8 years, married 35 years to a Pisces male, yet we hardly communicate, he is also struggling with employment and earnings, we have lost nearly everything, I am educated and well spoken and when I am lucky enough to be working I give it my all, yet employment stints are brief… six months or less. I receive great performance reviews but always seem to be let go for reasons unrelated to my performance…company merging, position eliminated, relative needs a job and replaces me. I am trying to stay positive, yet am surrounded by negativity…what gives??? Am I just destined for failure??? Did I take a vow of struggling in a past life??? Please help me in any way you can to give me some insight as to what is going on….Is there a light at the end of my tunnel….Help

    • Jupiter in Libra means nothing. Astrology is aspects and fixed stars.

      There are millions of people in the world right now who never get running water or electricity.

      Unfortunately Babbs, that’s life.

  2. Hi jamie… there s no july capricorn decan 3 horoscop…… thanks for your work!!!!

  3. Ohh wow, I didnt know all of this story and I have known all those sites on the internet for a long time too!
    Learn somehting new everyday ,eh.
    And yes, you are my opposite of course!, look how well put together this all is.

    I love sharing these pages,they help so many of my friends and family! Keep up the good work,virgopants
    Pisces needs you
    lol my venus is even 23 aries and nn 24 aries -Oppositeville!

    march10,77,312 am salmon arm,b.c. canada

  4. Hello Jamie,
    I have waited the horoscope of August for Aquarius so much, and very disappointed to notice the problem in your web. If open Aquarius august horoscope, i see horoscope of 2013 year. And this problem is only for Aquarius.
    Hope it will be fixed.
    Best regards, Birute from Lithuania.

  5. Hey Jaime: So sorry for your tribulations but often with so many trials one turns to answers and astrology is a wonder if keeping one’s mind busy looking for answers. I have a child whose chart is similar to yours and she has had a tumultuous life in some respects with health and relationship problems but is busy making headway as I remind her that life was not meant to be easy. I spend time with research in astrology and philosophy, a Pisces. And my daughter like you has her Sun conjunct Pluto in the eighth house in Virgo. Health issues. Eighth house is not easy but a spur to finding answers to the deepest questions that plague the human spirit. How would you interpret eight house in Virgo with Sun conjunct Pluto? Pluto is a devil to interpret. Maybe you have found some answers to this planet? keep up the spirit

  6. hi
    i DOB 19.12.1991
    nothing is good in my life can u expain me
    i got break up in relationship expain me

  7. You are one day from the 1968 total eclipse of the sun…Your comment on a fixed star caught my eye…we are born 3 days apart…and our charts are very similar except I was born in Seattle Washington…I am sorry to hear about your health problems..I am also struggling but I have learned alot about alternative medicine. I see your Chiron return is in your third house.. I don’t know if that is better than the 5th house but I am having a heck of a time with my kids…
    I am very interesting in learning alchemical ( symbolic alchemical ) remedies to …difficult slow transits, or natal challenges…I really believe that symbolic sympathetic remedies…were more common in ancient days. For example FESTivals..on fixed star days…were for mani-FESTing…
    I feel that my chart is very challenging and so is yours but we have intellect and the “never give up” spirit…and also..I think we both have…a feeling of “re-writing” the rules…and astrology remedies…may be something that is an inherent path of having such built in challenges..especially health challenges with this chart…

    I am a psychic, intuitive researcher…I created or rediscovered a field of research …studying and back engineering the numerical language that lies under the letter combinations and syllables of languages. I have discovered the true meanings of many of our common words..and they are nearly the opposite of what we think they are or in some cases our definition is so narrow and elementary compared to the true meaning of the word which is based in a quantum awareness..

    I had a teaching channel on Youtube, but it was shut down (unfairly) by youtube, and my children were attacked at school, so I stopped publishing..videos.
    Eclipses..I think are a large part of our charts, and this upcoming one has been dancing on my mars..just like your mars..since before the lunar eclipse…

    I have Uranus opposite my ASC..which is really…difficult…looks like you don’t have that…My Saturn is retrograde…how is yours not retrograde?
    ..Well..wishing you well ..I am “Dandilion Song” on Facebook..I think I might get an email if you answer this..

    • My Saturn is retrograde also. I am glad I don’t have Uranus setting our charts have enough challenges as it it. I will find you on Facebook.

    • No Tina it is so time consuming I would have to charge a ridiculous price.I am very experienced at it anyway. The astrology software I use has good interpretations for a synastry report though.

      • Jamie,
        I have used a few astrology websites for synastry interpretations. Is the software you use better than these website interpretations?
        Is the software affordable for people like us to who want to use it for personal use only?

        • The solar fire software is too expensive for general use. Mine is an old version but it still cost in the hundreds of dollars from memory. How about i do one for you and see how it works out. Maybe I could offer them on my readings page cheaply. What is the date, time and place of birth for both of you.

          • Thanks jamie, but as I have to pay you in Indian rules, it will still cost a fortune. Thanks anyways.

            • I will do this one for free so you can compare it to other relationship astrology reports.

            • Thanks a ton Jamie for this favour but I will definitely not make you do it for free. I will be donating for the purpose.
              My birth details:
              April 02, 1982 at 12:50 (pm) IST, place : Junagadh, gujarat, india.
              My partner’s details:
              March 03, 1974 at 05:25(am) IST, place : Porbandar, gujarat, india


            • Oops I totally forgot your report. I have moved town in the last few weeks. I will get to it tomorrow.

  8. While I appreciate the candidacy, Pisces horoscope decan 2 looks awful and describes quite a bit of what Ive been going through with relationships, particularly work relationships. Is there any other Pisces out there having work relationship problems, hostilities from coworkers? Particularly any Pisces with Moon in Capricorn 12 deg and Ascendant in Cancer 20 deg?

  9. oh Miranda – i have had the WORST 7 years of work in my life (extremely hostile co-workers who go out of their way to ignore me) and boss that doesn’t even respond to my emails. My ascendant is Gemini. I have an interview scheduled for Sept 18th in another ministry and i hope to god i get the job. I’m 57 and really sick of the clique with whom i work.

  10. Hi Jamie – i have a question – my DOB is March 8, 1960, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have been in a job that has been a trial for 7 years. I have an interview with a new area on September 18th, at 10:00 a.m.. in Ottawa, Ontario , Canada. This job would be with a completely different ministry and although in a different location work-wise it would be in the same city. Also, there would be a lot of travel with this new job. Can you have a look at my chart please and let me know what you think ?? I really feel that i am a perfect fit for this job.

      • Dear Jaime, I just discovered your site, and am really blown away by the reach, and depth of the information one can find here. I have spent several nights checking the transits meanings with my chart, until the wee small hours. I am still a novice at best, but I wonder if I can ask one question of you? I know you are very busy but forgive me it does weigh heavy on my heart. I once had an astrologer tell me I would never have a lasting relationship and my chances of love are nill. (I also couldnt site being all through your site fin a direct email button to you, so I chose here hoping it would reach your eyes nonetheless . Again, your astrology site is tops IMHO. Thank you, for any insight you might offer just on this question regarding my life. It is very painful obviously, plus I have gone through a lot the last 3-5 years, death of my father, other losses, and it is almost unbelievable if this other reader is right, because why would this be my fate? Im very filled with love to give, I cant imagine a worse fate….Gratefully, Marc Daniels

        Basic BC w Transits =. https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?gm=a1;nhor=1;nho2=2;btyp=2;mth=gw;sday=17;smon=10;syr=2017;hsy=0;rs=0&lang=e&stx2=s=outs=24

        BC w Stars =.


        Marc Daniels
        born on Su., 30 June 1974
        in Greenwich, CT (US), 73w38, 41n02
        Planet positions
        Time Univ.Time Sid. Time
        3:30 a.m.
        7:30 21:07:25

        Marc Daniels, 30 June 1974
        Heliacal stars and parans according to Bernadette Brady

        Star list: B.Brady (64 stars); Orb for parans: 0°30′ in RA; for position at axis: 1°00′ in RA Method: Real parans between two sunrises

        Your heliacal rising star: Bellatrix (0 days earlier) Your heliacal setting star: Arcturus (24 days earlier)
        Stars at Natal Horizon or Meridian Mars (LCul, 0°57′)
        Stars Rising (“Stars of Your Youth”)
        Page 2 of 2 Type D2BR Order 0.0-1
        C Mercury D Venus E Mars
        F Jupiter G Saturn
        Hamal (LCul-Rise, 0°08′)
        Alpheratz (LCul-Rise, 0°14′)
        Venus (LCul-Rise, 0°25′), Markab (Set-Rise, 0°00′) Denebola (Set-Rise, 0°17′)
        Hamal (LCul-Rise, 0°24′)
        Stars in Culmination (“Stars of Your Prime”)
        A Sun Facies (LCul-Cul, 0°02′), Markab (Rise-Cul, 0°05′), Vega (LCul-Cul, 0°16′,cp), Scheat (Rise-Cul, 0°20′), Thuban (Set-Cul, 0°28′) C Mercury Vega (LCul-Cul, 0°29′,cp)
        F Jupiter Aculeus (Rise-Cul, 0°15′)
        G Saturn Vega (LCul-Cul, 0°03′,cp), Alhena (Cul-Cul, 0°09′,alh), Facies (LCul-Cul, 0°16′)
        Stars Setting (“Stars of Your Latter Years”)
        A Sun B Moon F Jupiter G Saturn
        Saturn (Set-Set, 0°16′,alh), Facies (Rise-Set, 0°02′)
        Alphard (Cul-Set, 0°06′)
        Alcyone (LCul-Set, 0°06′), Murzims (LCul-Set, 0°12′,alh), Alphecca (Cul-Set, 0°17′,cp) Sun (Set-Set, 0°16′)
        Stars in Lower Culmination (“The Hearthstone of Your Life”)
        A Sun
        C Mercury D Venus F Jupiter G Saturn
        Saturn (LCul-LCul, 0°14′,alh), Al Rescha (Set-LCul, 0°17′), Alhena (LCul-LCul, 0°18′,alh), Facies (Cul-LCul, 0°29′) Alhena (LCul-LCul, 0°27′,alh)
        Mars (Rise-LCul, 0°24′)
        Phact (Rise-LCul, 0°16′,alh)
        Sun (LCul-LCul, 0°14′), Al Rescha (Set-LCul, 0°01′), Alhena (LCul-LCul, 0°05′,alh), Vega (Cul-LCul, 0°07′,cp), Facies (Cul-LCul, 0°11′)

      • Jaime, does anything strike you About my my chart in regards to my relationship life (ie I go into more depth below, since you never answered I chalked it up to being busy)

  11. Blessings Jamie ! Here in Canada it is the Thanksgiving weekend – i have so many blessing and i have so much to be thankful for. I hope things are good for you !!!!!

  12. Hi, Miranda, Welcome to the club. I have a Pisces Sun, Pisces Ascendant and Moon in Capricorn. The roller coaster ride of my life is just getting into the most critical phase: Neptune fogs up my Ascendant, Moon progressing into the 12th house, and Pluto is messing with everything else. Yes, people are judgemental, mean, envious, jealous all over the place with me. It seems no one understands me or care to hear me. My Moon is prompting me to just hide from society. Not a fun ride, that is for sure!

  13. Jamie I am Decan 3 Virgo and your yearly forecast was spot on. How can you know me and predict me better than me, its simply mind boggling. Especially the saturn square and I am trying to get financial independence from my partners. Please update yearly forecast for 2018, Waiting anxiously

    • Thank you Azamat. It must help that we are the same decan. I should have the 2018 horoscopes out in 2 weeks.

  14. Dear Jamie
    May I ask you to check the next week cancer horoscope?
    Cancer Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card is The Two of Wands
    But the picture given is The Four of Wands
    Best regards

    • Thank you for finding this Val. I checked back and the picture is wrong. The card drawn was the 2 of Wands.

  15. Hi Jamie.My name is Durga Kollati my DOB is 17-10-1990 and my boyfriend name is Anil Davuluri and his DOB is 15-08-1989.Plz can u tell me our future?
    We are both in love for 7years.His parents are rejected our love.Whether it will sort out and will get marry or he will leave me? Plz reply

  16. Hi Jamie,
    What are your views about Jupiter return? I am going through my Jupiter return which is at 8°17′ Scorpio. What are the themes Jupiter touches when it returns?

  17. Hi Jamie,
    My name is Tess Listick and I have a business inquiry. What email can I contact you on about this? Thanks!
    -Tess 🙂

  18. Thank You Jamie for the yearly update. 2017 year was indeed a hard year and now virgo decan 3 going to enjoy Pluto trine for the next 6 year. WOW

    • If you want to read your horoscope for your rising sign, then it will apply more to your personal relationships. If you read your Moon sign, it will refer more to your emotions, home and family life.

  19. Jaime which Decan then? For the rising or moon. I think that is what people need to see on the main page. So I’m 8’ degrees Gemini for my rising or ascendant and my moon was 20’ degrees Scorpio. So reading for my rising I’d read Gemini Decan 1. Reading for. Moon id look at Scorpio Decan 3 I believe. You need to look at which degree to choose the Decan if I am right.

  20. Hi Jamie,

    hope you are doing good.

    I am Aquarius Decan 3. I have seen in last 2 years i am not getting success in my career look like all the doors has been shut down. I don’t have much knowledge about full moon or anything. just wanted to know when i will get success taste.

  21. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom through your website. Only recently have I stumbled upon it. I LOVE your aspects page, it’s a doozie of information that sets my brain a spinning. Could you expand this page to include the north and south nodes, please (nodal return or inverse node transits). Since they are involved in the eclipses, fate and destiny, this would be super helpful.
    Much appreciation for all your posts.

    • Hi Christine. You are right about the importance of the lunar Nodes but I don’t use them very often because I don’t understand them well enough. Researching their aspects will be a good way to learn I guess. Probably not for another year or two until I finish what I have already started. I imagine studying the charts of famous people will not help much with the Nodes because I think their influence can only really be comprehended by that person.

  22. i’m following your weekly horoscope which is precisely accurate;i hope everything is well on your side ,since it doesn’t exist for this week;wish you health..

    • OMG I completely forgot to post them. I must have been so excited about my partner visiting from overseas for this week. I picked her up from the airport Sunday morning when I usually post. I will do it now.

  23. I was just going to ask the same thing.. fancy you expecting to have a private life 🙂 lol.

  24. Dear Jamie
    May I ask you to check this week Gemini and Cancer horoscopes?
    They are the same, Gemini.
    Best regards

  25. I just ordered a chart, I should have ticked forecast. Please let me know you updated my order???
    Thank you.

  26. Dear Jamie, good time of the day!
    Could you be so kind to explain, is this mistake at Leo 2nd decan Horoscope for December 2017?
    “December 8 to 17 – Venus trine your decan softens the aggressive Mars energy. It turns anger to passion and helps relieve sexual frustration. So the last week of November 2017 is a great time for intimacy with your partner or for starting a new love relationship. You should feel beautiful and affectionate and will be more sexually attractive than usual. Your finances should be in good enough shape for a little holiday or entertainment.”

    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards

  27. Dear Jamie, Before time runs away from me, I would like to offer you and your family a very happy Christmas and a fabulous 2018. Thank you for your work, I learn a lot from it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. Hello Jamie, Happy New Year. Today, on the Sun, Venus,Pluto triple Conjunction I just thought I would look at YOUR chart. Please will you let us, your readers know what your life has been like with a 18 degree Capricorn Asc. So, today, this triple conjunction is just flipping over your ascendant, and obviously, astrology in action is how people learn. My husband has Capricorn Jupiter at 18 degrees and have to say that Pluto(government) tried to take a man with dementia benefits away, after a long fight by me, got it returned, Took a whole year. So, back to you Jamie, this is obviously looking straight at your house of partners even though you only do decans but how is your life going with Pluto sitting on your ascendant, flicking back and forwards and Saturn in your 12th house. I know you have the Jupiter trine, but, please can you bear to share the effects on your life chart please.? Lots of love to you and yours Jamie, and good health to you.xx I have done all these aspects to ascendant and it was a lot of clearing out!!!

    • Thank you for asking linnywalker. Life has never been better. I am hoping by the time this Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit is over my partner and I will be married and living together. Maybe close to the eclipse opposite Pluto. Astrology King is now giving me a decent income, more than I ever earned before. I hope Pluto transiting my Ascendant trine Jupiter is giving me the resources and power to transform my life for the better and improve the lives of my loved ones. It would be great if the Saturn Pluto conjunction cements the transformation and makes it a permanent thing. I really need this process to be solid so the results survive transiting Pluto square mt Mercury-Venus opposite Saturn in the years ahead. But transiting Uranus conjunct my Saturn was good, it brought a big relocation to a nicer area and a nicer house.

      • oh cool Jamie….. please write when your free if this is all working out ? Kind regards, Anne

  29. Hi Jamie! I am one of your biggest fans and wish to communicate that your weekly forecast for Gemini did not download???????????? Thank you! HAPPY SUNDAY ????

  30. Hi Jamie – avid reader thanks for what you do and share. I am in a career crisis detest my job it’s making me ill colleagues are hypercritical egotistic and awfully racist. I want to walk out everyday but can’t – June 20 1957 08:58 Edinburgh any hope? Can I get another job

  31. Hi Jamie! Long time reader, just checking in to say that if you get a chance, please update the Virgo horoscope/tarot for the coming week! It seems like you have for all the other signs, so I’ll blame it on the rx 🙂 thank you so much for what you do!

    • Sorry about that Ivs. I was so tired posting them yesterday but I am happy to blame it on Mercury retrograde 🙂

  32. Hi Jamie,

    I noticed other astrologers have mentioned Uranus moving into Taurus in May 2018. Just curious as to why you do not mention it in the May monthly forecasts for each sign?

    • Yes, Uranus moves into Taurus for about 5 months but then goes back into Aries because of retrograde motion. It moves into Taurus again March 2019.

  33. My Saturn (11 house, Gemini) oppose Venus (5, Sagittarius)… same opposition like yours, ..it’s hard sometime, how did you overcome this issues?

    • I am still dealing with it. Divorced 3 times now I am engaged to someone who lives in another country. Trying to save money for visas. But It does get easier with age. Even though i have more responsibilities for loved ones I am making more money now.

      • Hello jamie i am a big fan of yours i always follow your predictions and i have used your website for learning astrology

        i have a aspect in my birth chart which is making my life hard
        sun trine saturn (orb 0°45′) sun is in cancer and saturn in pisces 9th house and is retrograde can you help me define it

        • I can only imagine that would cause problems if there were difficult fixed stars involved. What degrees are you Sun and Saturn?

          • my sun is in cancer 13 degree
            and my saturn is in pisces 12 degree and is in retrograde motion

            and my life is been to hard from childhood father issues and too much problems i would love to hear from you any suggestions will help me alot as i admire you alot in my website as well at other forums thank you jamie

          • hello jamie i hope you are fine and happy i am really really big fan of you if you can define this aspect in my chart which is draining me i will be thankful to you

            • Sun conjunct fixed star Sirius is very positive. Sun trine Saturn is very positive. The only thing that could possible cause any trouble is Saturn retrograde. Have you read my article on that? Otherwise I would be looking to more challenging aspects and fixed stars in your chart to explain hardship and father issues. Perhaps a hard aspect to your Midheaven.

  34. Hi. Jamie. Sorry that you have not been well. Thinking of you. Pluto trining your Jupiter eh! Ascendant equals head. Xxx Pluto looking in your head.

    • Thank you Lynne. Feeling much better thanks. About to start walking every morning again but not up hills like I was doing. That exercise before the surgery made a big difference to recovery time. Hard work in preparation for Saturn square Midheaven transit 🙂

  35. thank you so much jamie for reply i have read the article sun trine saturn but it i have no idea when saturn is retrograde and i dont find any suitable article about sun trine saturn when saturn is retrograde i am a hard worker and everything you define in the article was exactly matching

  36. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for your site, going through a divorce with a verbally abuseing Capricorn husband. I have been told when Jupiter goes direct it will station and stop first exactly on my Sun in Scorpio and I should go to Vegas on July 10th? I would really like to know what you think. Much Love, Be well Debora

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