Lunar Eclipse October 2014

Lunar Eclipse October 2014

The lunar eclipse on October 8 2014 has been receiving a lot of attention on the web due to it religious mania about blood moons. This lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aries, is the third in a series of four total lunar eclipses which are termed Tetrad eclipses. These are fairly rare events but the hype has arisen due to each of the four consecutive total lunar eclipse coinciding with important Jewish holidays. Prophecies sprouting up include the return of Christ, the End of Days, the Rapture and so on.
The lunar eclipse astrology is actually rather powerful due to the activation of Uranus square Pluto, some major fixed stars, and the close ties to the April 2015 Lunar Eclipse. This final eclipse of the Tetrad series is yet more powerful than the October 2014 lunar eclipse. Our October 2014 lunar eclipse is like a prelude, or taste of what is to come next year.

Lunar Eclipse October 2014 Astrology

Tension and unexpected events are coming in the following months due to the strongest feature of October 8 lunar eclipse horoscope. Moon conjunct Uranus itself is a very strong aspect with an orb of half a degree. The public is anxious, subject to rapid swings in opinion, a continual state of flux, rebellion and lack of stability. Global refugee numbers are now over 50 million people, the highest number since WWII.

Lunar Eclipse October 2014 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse October 2014 Astrology

Uranus square Pluto is forcing upon us radical upheaval as we are witnessing in Iraq and Syria. Shocking, disturbing, lack of structure and actions based on primal emotions. Ethnic cleansing, genocide, racism, extremism and ultra conservatism. What we are witnessing IS just a taste of what is to come.

Uranus square Pluto for this eclipse is over three degrees in orb. For the April 2015 lunar eclipse it is less than one degree. Extremism, compulsive emotional reactions and race consciousness come from Moon square Pluto. For the October 2014 lunar eclipse, the orb of Moon square Pluto is over four degrees. For the lunar eclipse in April 2015, the orb tightens to one degree.

Signs of War

In the chart above you will see that Venus rises in the morning before the Sun. Venus is now the goddess of War, she wakes the troops before sunrise in preparation for battle.
Women’s issues are prominent, shown not only by Venus, but also Moon conjunct Uranus. From the Islamic State’s unacceptable treatment of women, to Australian women piloting Super Hornets in the skies over Iraq.

Mars trine Jupiter means success in war. With the other blue lines in the horoscope above, it forms a kite aspect pattern = Militant Inspiration.

The Fixed Stars

The lunar eclipse and Uranus line up with the star Alpheratz, the Chained Woman. But she was only chained for a short time until the monster was degraded and destroyed.

The star Algorab is directly linked to extremist Islamic terrorism. The Crow is conjunct the Sun in the October 2014 lunar eclipse by an orb of one and a half degrees. In April 2015, the lunar eclipse is conjunct Algorab by by less than one degree.

The sapphire fixed star Vega is conjunct Pluto for the October 2014 lunar eclipse by four degrees. For the April 2015 lunar eclipse, Vega is conjunct Pluto by only two minutes (0° 02′).

There shall be born a man to investigate wrong-doing and punish the guilty… he will get to the bottom of crimes by sifting the evidence for them and bring to light all that lies hidden under the silence of deceit. Hence, too, are begotten the merciless torturer, the dispenser of penalties… Manilus.

The war has started and it will escalate at the October 2014 lunar eclipse. It will continue and intensify in April 2015.

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  1. um. What about the rapture? is any part of this rapturous? What about personal relationships – a while ago you were indicating [some date brackets ( which included Jan 1st DOB’s)] could be in for stormy weather with unexpected break ups/break free’s. Also Hilary Clinton – is she a warrior woman?

  2. Here in New Zealand, the Government is expected to make an announcement weather NZ SAS forces will be sent to the war zone. After reading this post, i expect NZ SAS troops will get a green light to go. : /

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