Neptune Conjunct Jupiter Transit

Neptune Conjunct Jupiter TransitNeptune conjunct Jupiter transit makes you more generous, charitable, idealistic and optimistic. You may enjoy good fortune during this transit, and your dreams can come true. However, being selfish or greedy may leave you feeling disappointed and demoralized. You are more likely to experience good luck by helping others and working on your spiritual development.

Helping less fortunate people, giving to charity, or working for a good cause will bring personal and spiritual growth and good fortune. Material gain may not be apparent immediately, but your generosity will be repaid if you act with good intentions. It is crucial to live up to high moral and ethical standards. You could help a friend or family member who is ill or grieving. Perhaps you could become involved in human rights or an environmental cause.

The danger of being overconfident is that you could risk what you already have. It is essential to differentiate between your dreams and reality. This is not a good time to gamble or invest in get-rich-quick schemes. Expecting good luck to fall in your lap during Neptune conjunct Jupiter transit would leave you vulnerable to deception, delusion, fraud, scandal and embarrassment.

Spirituality, mysticism, religion and philosophy will likely bring you more enjoyment and satisfaction than routine day-to-day concerns. This is a good time to make prayer or meditation part of your daily life. Increased awareness of how you fit into the bigger picture can give you a sense of connectedness that you have never felt before. This would also be a good time to join a group or club to increase your sense of belonging and fulfillment.

5 thoughts on “Neptune Conjunct Jupiter Transit

  1. Thank you for the interesting post! When does this transit take place, please?

    • Hi Sarah. This transit is different for everyone. It depends on the position of Jupiter in your birth chart.

  2. What if your birth position of Jupiter is Leo in the 9th? Neptune is idk where, probably cancer, haha

  3. Great post.. I’ve becomed very intutive. Neptune is exact conjunct to my Jupiter . Neptune being in my 12 and natal Jupiter on my 2nd . Money has comed to me unexplicaly

  4. transit neptune conjunct my natal jupiter exactly 0 degree in Pieces in solar return 4 December 2021.Hope I have some good fortune in 2022 and regain some happiness after too tough time for 5 years. Thank you for your blog.

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