New Moon October 2013

New Moon October 2013 AstrologyThe new moon on Friday, the 4th of October, 2013 will shake things up for a few weeks. Like all new moons, it signals the start of a new monthly cycle, when we can new plans and get busy working on them. This time however, sticking to the plan could prove extremely difficult because the new moon is directly opposite unpredictable Uranus. On top of this, we have the peak of the Uranus Pluto squares during this moon phase on November 1, plus the activation of some rebellious fixed stars.

New Moon October 2013 Astrology

This new moon lands on Friday night or Saturday morning depending where you live. At 12 degrees Libra, the Sun and Moon line up with the fixed star Algorab in constellation Corvus the Crow. This is a tricky little star which is suspicious of the status quo and authority. He likes to buck the system which is OK sometimes, so long as it’s for a good cause and done with some discretion and common sense.

Change is inevitable during this new moon phase with Sun opposite Uranus. Change may be forced upon us, or if we initiate change, it will cause a backlash and take some effort to implement. Whether it be in our personal lives, or on the world stage, somethings just can not go on as they are.

The rebellious natures of Algorab in the Crow and of the planet Uranus, will encourage radical change but it won’t be productive if it comes from a nasty or vindictive place. Uranus on the fixed star Algenib is better expressed as the reformer with constructive ideas, not the agitator with a megaphone and no idea.

Sun square Pluto also reminds us that underhand tactics and subversion will only dig us a bigger hole. Pluto on the fixed star Facies is like a double dose of intensity and desperation. The ceaseless probing is a good thing in this case. The answers to whatever pressing problems we face in our personal lives or in the congress, won’t be found by kicking rocks around on the surface.

Uranus square Pluto is radical upheaval and this new moon fires it right up. Uncomfortable, confronting changes but sorely need because something is broken in a big way. No room left for any more band aids. This one needs to total overhaul, structural reform from the ground up.

The rebellion can be channelled into a productive outcome. Saturn Sextile Pluto provides a framework for an orderly and systematic transition. It will be nerve wracking though. Saturn quincunx Uranus is a highly strung tight rope. Rebels must compromise with the old boys club.

New Moon October 2013 AstrologySacrifice is required. Mercury, Saturn and the North Node are all in constellation Crux, the Southern Cross: “a need to sacrifice the animal/ego-driven instincts in pursuit of fortitude in the face of adversity, spiritual advancement and wounds that can never be healed.”

This October 2013 new moon is on Algorab in the Crow, so unfortunately, some innocents will be sacrificed. Algorab is linked to terrorist attacks. This star was rising with Mercury when the first plane hit the Twin Towers.

October 2013 Full Moon Times
Los Angeles California – 5:34 pm, Fri 4th Oct 2013.
New York and Florida – 8:34 pm, Fri 4th Oct 2013.
London UK – 1:34 am, Sat 5th Oct 2013.
New Delhi India – 6:04 am, Sat 5th Oct 2013.
Sydney Australia – 10:34 am, Sat 5th Oct 2013.

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  1. I happen to be working on an SR for this week. Client is coming up on his first Saturn return, with all this Scorp’d action in his first house stellium. Drippingly delicious stuff!

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