10 thoughts on “New Posts

  1. I always feel enlighten with your post. Thanks so much. Cheers from Chicago.

  2. Amber Alert! No time for emails.

    The last 24 hours… 72 years flash before my eyes, and now it sequence forward in Pi

  3. Thank you Jamie,and this proves that hackers have discovered the impact of this site -)), have a nice day

  4. L’élégance d’une bonne idée

    nest two critical clues in ‘New Post’

    Navalny, where to read Navy, Venus conjunct Pluto, 17 Feb, artwork necessity
    Street Roses, where to find Xi Puppis de’acker, Valentines day, Neptune sextile Asc

    Th’ Ar u go

    W. B. Yeats

  5. We’re at a Connect the Dots moment

    In three parts: past, present and future, examine…

    Past, the astrology of the Echidna sequence, which gives the challenge to find energies at degrees 4, 5 or 6 Leo

    Present, indeed, the star to complete the 6 sided sequence, year 27 edition:

    Future, by leaps and by bounds, breaking a few rules: A proposal to consider Pi as a scheduling aid, self locating strings inspired, zero year, 6, 27.

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