13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus

13th Zodiac Sign OphiuchusThis news story about the 13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus is the biggest attention astrology has had recently. This story has been in the news before, but this time it was spread like wildfire because of the internet. It has put the spotlight on common Sun Signs and how they relate to the constellations of stars.

Melissa Bell at The Washington Post has quoted me in her article in the Washington Post titled New Zodiac sign dates: Don’t switch horoscopes yet: “It is the planets moving across the backdrop of the stars which influence our lives, not the planets moving through imagined 30 degree divisions on a piece of paper.” This is from an article I wrote last year called Precession of the Equinoxes.

I don’t use astrological signs at Astrology King but I do use the tropical zodiac we are all familiar with. I use it as it was intended, as a mathematical tool to draw up the horoscope. Instead of using the Sun signs for interpretation, I look to the aspects the planets make, and to the fixed stars.

It is possible to understand astrology without using any Sun signs, in fact things become much clearer when you take the signs away, and all the baggage that has built up around the signs, such as elements, ruler-ships etc.

Astronomers and critics have a good point when they rubbish astrology, citing the constellations and precession. Their argument is logical. I was a scientist, and I am very critical. I’m also an astrologer, and like the great astronomer/astrologer Johannes Kepler, I see the value of the tropical zodiac as a measuring tool, but not the value of Sun signs.

There is a growing mass consciousness awareness of this issue. Astrology has a critical role to play in the shift in consciousness beginning to occur. We are evolving away from the zodiac sign astrology and the strict rules and regulations that are based on the 30 degree divisions.

So this big news story about the validity of astrology has the world abuzz with questions about the Sun signs. Now many people are questioning astrology and looking a bit deeper. Astrologers are being forced to defend their art, and they themselves have to look deeper. This is just the beginning of the process. The Jupiter Uranus conjunction last week has brought this new awareness about astrology. Uranus square Pluto from 2012 to 2015 may well bring fundamental changes to astrology, a major transformation.

Ophiuchus constellation spans all of Sun sign Sagittarius. As an example of how Ophiuchus affects us more than Sagittarius, check out the horoscope of Tiger Woods. He has Moon in the sign Sagittarius, but it is on the brightest star in Ophiuchus called Ras Alhague, the Head of the Serpent-charmer. This star with the Moon gives “misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity”.

The 13th Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus will appear in the mainstream news again in the future. Scientists and skeptics like the smug BBC astronomer physicist Brian Cox, continually attack astrology based on the difference between the constellation and the Signs bearing their name. Brian seem to have an intense passion to destroy astrology.

There will be many more lining up with the intent of destroying astrology, including religiously motivated politicians. Laws may be enacted to outlaw the practice of astrology on the internet or elsewhere.

The challenge for astrologers is to accept this fundamental flaw in astrology and take steps to rectify it. Otherwise, the days of astrology are numbered.

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  1. The sun passes through constellation Ophiuchus from November 29 to December 17. The main star in Ophiuchus is Ras Alhague at 22 degrees tropical Sagittarius. The constellation basically takes up all of the Sun sign Sagittarius.

    This is what Robson says about the meaning of Ophiuchus: “It is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, unseen dangers, enmity and slander. Pliny said that it occasioned much mortality by poisoning. This constellation has also been called Aesculapius and held to rule medicines. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Oin and the 16th Tarot Trump “The Lightning Struck Tower”.” Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.54.

    Marina, I really love your interpretation of Ophiuchus, “Wisdom, occult knowledge, Kundalini, forbidden fruit, shamanism, sex…”, and putting in the pic of Ophiuchus as a woman is great.

    • And this interpretation is from Manilius: “When Ophiuchus, encircled by the serpent’s great coils, rises he renders the forms of snakes innocuous to those born under him. They will receive snakes into the folds of their flowing robes, and will exchange kisses with these poisonous monsters and suffer no harm….One called Ophiuchus holds apart the serpent which with its mighty spirals [gyris] and twisted body encircles his own, that so he may untie its knots and back that winds in loops. But, bending its supple neck, the serpent looks back and returns; and the other’s hands slide over the loosened coils. The struggle will last for ever, since they wage it on level terms with equal powers.” Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 1, p.31,333.

  2. I just wrote this note on my FB wall.

    The Holy Medicine of the 13th Sign
    by Margaret Motheral on Friday, January 14, 2011 at 2:15pm
    We’re all talking about the 13th sign. The Serpent Bearer. As a student of Asclepius the Healer, here’s my first observation. I’m not going to bother changing the Zodiac or your sign. If that happens, I sense it will be an evolutionary process.

    This is a Myth that is now in our collective awareness. When I say Myth, I mean a living and alive and powerful message and story that really, really affects us ALL. We are in a time of signs and meaning.

    So why is the 13th sign? The Serpent Holder? Showing so Loudly now? He/She is not here just for those people born during those days or for us to get all upset like when FB changes our profile against our will.

    Let the Healer come for all of us.

    The first thing I noticed was that this 13th sign is squeezed in between the last of the personal and social signs Aries through Scorpio and the beginning of the Universal signs- Sag to Pisces.

    Perhaps this is a Healing Myth to help us make that evolutionary leap from the personal to the universal. That is what we’ve all talking about anyway, isn’t it?

    What do we need to Heal to make that leap? He holds the Serpent as if it is a bridge.

    Chiron and Neptune going into Pisces is bringing this need for healing from the core all the way to the stars. In Scorpio, we go to the depths. Healers know to go to the depth. Perhaps now we are being asked to go to the depths of the cosmic soul as well as the personal soul.

    Our 13th friend is showing up to give us a clue and a cosmic medicine man to minister medicines and balms.

    I’ve always loved the part of the Sleeping Beauty story, where the 13th fairy is NOT invited to the party and thus all hell breaks loose. We wouldn’t even have a story without the 13th fairy. I’m currently privileged to play the 13th fairy in my own community, exiled, scapegoated and angry, so I have a certain fondness for the witch. She wrecks great power and teaches us to NOT abandon parts of ourselves or parts of our community.

    What can we learn from that?

    Right now, I feel it’s a good idea to welcome the Serpent Bearer Healer into our collective psychic even if not included are part the 12 sign Parthenon. We don’t really have to decide that now.

    We Do have to decide to Heal.

    The Serpent is also the power of the Feminine and She is core of the healing we need. So let us All welcome the 13th one into our Soul.

    Let us welcome the Holy Medicine and find our way across the starry bridge into knowing more of ourselves in our place in the vaster Universe.

    I’m still an Aries, no matter what anybody says.

    PS SEX Yes Darkstar Healing Sex may be the KEY.

    • Hi Margaret – I like your emphasis and your site, its message – more power to you in your good work!

    • Hi Margaret,

      We I can see we are on the same page! Its not as simple as sticking a 13th sign in there is it? It would call for a complete restructuring of Astrology from the bottom up. It will be an evolutionary process.

      I don’t know enough about the history of why we shifted from the 13 lunar month calendar to the Roman Solar one, but it does look like it was part of a shift towards a more Marsy/Masculine mentality.
      I think this is all just natural however. Demetra George reckons humanity goes through dark times, angry pre- menstrual times (Like before a New Moon) just as we do personally. Its just a cycle. Ideas catch on and gain power and become the truth because they resonate with the changes within the psyche of humanity.

      So now this Ophuichus fever has taken a grip. Chiron caught on as an Asteroid because it’s time had come, and this Constellation has a similar feel. The same goes for the popularity of Lilith of the last 5 years or so.
      I think we are talking about healing the rift between Sexuality and Spirituality. The East has this sorted. The nearest the west has got to Tantra, is porn and S & M clubs…Hmmmm.

    • Margaret: Personally snakes have been in my hair, and in my grandmother long before, well about 1989ish. I met two in real life too. One a shy one, the other green who came out of the leaves looking shy and unbelieveably feminine with batting eyelashes. Never liked snakes before I met that one.

  3. Wow. Marina. Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists. I loved that you chose that picture to represent the thirteen sign. I find this interesting cause if the Astrological Community does decided to change the whole zodiac.
    My star sign will change to Ophiucus.

    Which brings me to another thing. If it does get adapted then what happens to the charting system and all the other planets in my chart. This will or could potentially be a lot of work to re-do. I mean all my pluto/mars/uranus stellium in virgo may no longer belong to virgo. It may belong to Libra or Leo.

    Its not an equal sign system anymore or any easily dividable system.

    I am in favor of changing cause I think we should go back to living with the l3 lunar calendar. We have been running away from nature too long.

    That is my take on it.

    Thanks for this very interesting article.

    • Yes give us the 13 months! It would be so much easier for us Moon watchers. The day of the lunation would be lunaday and we’d never have to think. Now is it a full Moon or what?
      I agree we are so removed from nature now. Yes its obvious that we need the Sun, but the Moon and the EARTH are important too. Its a trinity. Nature has be grabbing our attention all of last year. Look at all the disasters.

      • Marina: Wouldn’t it be it just awesome if there were some section or side-bar on your/jamie’s blog where everybody who posted here was obligated to submit their chart! So, like, on the side, where you see, “so and so just posted a comment to this blog” there would be a link to their chart, as well!?! I think that would be helpful. I think it would help humanity at large. I am ready, willing and able.

        • There is a way actually. When you leave a comment you have the option to put an url under your name as well as the email address. If you upload a chart onto photobucket or imageshack then you can just copy and paste the url for the picture where the website url would go. I know one of our subscribers does that. Your name will come up red like mine to show there is a clickable link. I would love it if every one did that. I know I share some great synastry with some of our regulars. I don think there is a predominance of Pluto/Uranian type people in our merry group.

  4. This has been coming….and its just great that the larger process is coming home, that the astro-community is being challenged to wake up too! Tho I feel this is just a bow-wave/fore-shock….right on time and I feel it is very much about balancing the masculine and feminine

    Funnily enough the Sleeping Beauty tale has been figuring in my own readings of the recent Lunar cycles at ‘Owlmirror’ – Beauty’s dad, the king, is very Solar and, being enamoured of his own 12 fold glory, is guilty of projecting his masculine blind side onto the Lunar feminine 13th faerie – he neglects to invite her to his daughter’s investiture as a woman, so, out comes the shadow and this is projected onto the Lunar one in the story as it has come down to us – doctored!- the same theme is present in Snow White where Blood and apples, as the feminine symbol of power, are subjeted to the same shadow casting – both stories manipulated to embrace the old story of patriarchal eclipsing of the feminine. No wonder the 13th Faerie is pissed! You cannot eradicate a fundamental energy of the cosmos by ignoring it or pretending it doesn’t exist! And that includes precession, fixed stars and constellations. And do that with the enraged feminine spirit and it will backfire, bigtime…..wonder how many women astrologers will get a feminist take on all this! Spot on Marina with the pic….

    I imagine that the astrological establishment will dig in and simply try to do the same, in true Solar style – we can work with both Lunar and Solar interps of the star map and our movements amongst its energies, and why not – but, I also imagine that it will take a broader embrace of the living wisdom within the mythical and symbolic basis of the whole to accomodate it, and thats going to be a real challenge to those who do not want to see/hear the messages within those wisdoms as they emerge, as the stories are re-told, re-balanced – for me the solution is to anchor not only the fixed stars within their rightful place, but, also the constellations they reside in as the foundation for our mapping – then our vision will entrain with the reality we percieve – measure and vision in balance always looked to be the basis of a wholistic way of practicing astrology to this small furry inhabitant of Earth – but, don’t be surprised if the process of getting there creates more schisms for those who won’t change, and that will be the test – big questions about who we are, how we are and what we are doing here etc are afoot

    Thanks both for putting this out there – great to see you working together 🙂

    • “No wonder the 13th Faerie is pissed! You cannot eradicate a fundamental energy of the cosmos by ignoring it or pretending it doesn’t exist!”

      I always feel a little like am banging the feminist drum too much when I write these blogs. I have had some difficulties with some male astrologers because of it. I have never, ever had abuse or had my work rubbished by a female so that tells me something. (Unless they are just kinder…)

      I love the debate that this whole 13th sign malarkey has fueled. Such illuminating and intelligent commenting here. The sleeping beauty fairytale and so many others have amazing symbolism and I agree that its such a shame they come down to us doctored. Its like they are put through the Disneyfiying processing filter and all the nutrients are taken out. Like spam.
      Sorry to go off topic now, but I don’t know how I feel about Disney, I loved Bambi and Fantasia, but some of the modern ones annoy me too much.

    • Interesting about the establishment digging in. I’ve been noticing that just a bit. 12 signs makes logical sense. I like the tropical zodiac for its geometric and mathematical sense. It works as a tool, but interpretation using the tropical zodiac is based on very strict, what you guys are referring to as solar/masculine principles. I really do believe it has taken us away from our astrological roots. It is an art and does not have to be so systematic and rigid.

      Taking away the reliance on signs and rules does free us up to look at astrology as our pre-Hellenistic ancestors did. As above, so below. Our relationship to the stars, and that is where all creation myths, all our archetypes originate from. It is about getting in touch again.

      • totally! Its expressed in the Saturn (establishment/structure) versus Uranus (new way/energy) paradigm equation – also, completing a circuit, in both senses….lights on and, action!

  5. Great work and very exciting.
    There is a MASSIVE URANIAN CLUE regards your comment on the original article on the symbolism of the SERPENT as Ophiucus includes a serpent.

    Yes astrology is going to change and so is our understanding of the universe in true Uranian fashion.
    The serpent has come to be the accepted symbol for all manner of things but in astrophysical terms is actually a sign of an electric current or filament. When we get two together, known as Birkeland currents they attract and join together forming a Z pinch which spirals and creates an accretion disc. This is a galaxy, on a very large scale, like our MIlky way. On a human scale it is attraction and repulsion with an accretion disc of “stuff” forming around it via the electromagnetic and not gravitational field. When the electric charge runs down, the repulsion begins.
    Sound familiar? Attraction/marriage/ attract goods, kids etc then eventual decay and separation???
    The serpent needs to be seen again now not as a snake but as an electric pathway. A charge of energy which will run its course and then expire. It might only last a nano second on the tiny scale, it might be billions of years on the galactic scale.

    According to observers, the binary star FG Sagittae in the constellation of Sagitta has changed very dramatically in the last 50 years both increasing then decreasing its magnitude in a way and speed not dreamed of in a human life time. According to prof Paul La Violette and the two observatories which measure such things, a massive pulse was sent forth form Sagitta 44 hours before the Boxing Day tsunami. It was not coincidental.
    There is an electrical event going on in Sagitta from where the arrow was fired into Scorpio and outwards. Notice the little arrow kicking out of the bottom right of Scorpio!
    When will Ophiucus release its serpent across the ecliptic?
    Astrology needs to re combine with astronomy and astronomy is currently under a very rapid and timely new understanding – that the Universe and all in it are electrically driven systems.
    Of course Alice Bailey and The Master DK have explained all this in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Cosmic fire is electricity in its many forms, some of which humans just don’t understand yet but will. especially under the new influences of Ray 7 which augurs the Aquarian age.
    Astrology has become too touchy feely and the symbolism muddied because people are making up and adding to the symbolism rather than analyse what created it in the first place.
    To get a full and truly groundbreaking, thus Uranian understanding of this I would recommend the work of Anthony Perrat, Wal Thornhill and DAvid Talbot at the Thunderbolts project. They have extraordinary presentations on You Tube including one which explains how ancient skies were before and during the arrival of Venus as a comet and how this impacted on our mythological explanations of the gods. The work on Saturn is groundbreaking and no astrologer worth their salt would ignore it.

    Regards astrological signs, the Zodiac is no accident and I would say that there are qualities, indeed archetypes which are created through the influences of the signs. According to BAiley, various rays of influence (or currents if you like) pass through these filters ( zodiac signs) to create the qualities which manifest in humans. The juxtapositions of stars and planets are actually points in an electric grid of varying magnitude and will also affect a body accordingly.

    However, as I have pointed out with regard to FG Sagittae, a star can change very rapidly and the influence it might have had in one particular year will not necessarily be the same in another. This I find to be areal problematic issue with astrology because so often we see the effect of one juxtaposition which doesn’t repeat another time although the angles are the same. WHy??
    Because the nature and force of the celestial bodies in question is not the same. e.g Jupiter’s red storm disappeared so the nature of Jupiter was physically altered, therefore its influence must be altered to some extent.
    I’d say the goal posts of astrology are on shifting sand. We need to update our understanding of nature and how our universe really works or we are feeling in the dark and not feeling too well.

    • had to comment Uberqueen – spot on, the Thunderbolts rock and the Venus comet story has been embedded in indigenous knowings for long long time – did more than affect our myths too – very helpful, thanks

      • Indeed, I believe it was a major turning point in our evolution. It’s worth looking at theories of altered gravity and dinosaurs. Thunderbolts touch on this and Stephen Hurrell has written a book on it ( I have not read it though!)
        In the magnificent Treatise on Cosmic Fire, it is stated that the effects of electricity as cosmic fire take effect first in the mineral kingdom. This would start say with rocks and crystals but in the animal kingdom of course mean bones!
        Anyway, Thunderbolts certainly do rock! If you get a chance to go to any lectures, do. I attended two given by Wal Thornhill last hear and they were truly brilliant. Anthony Perratt’s work is outstanding and will prove to be some of the most important research ever done.

    • your interpretation of information is truly original and to me can only seem to come from many years of study/contemplation. truly beautiful language and content in your post. i especially love the imagery of “snake as an electric pathway.” i agree that the star/sun signs are in essence cultural/societal archetypes. your concern with sagitta seems to be quite personal. assumed you were speaking of alice bailey, whom i love.

      • Thanks so much! My comments on Sagitta are not personal – they come from study of Paul La Violette’s work on SuperGalactic waves, the biggest recorded seemed to have resulted in the 2004 tsunami. Google him! The SGW originated in Sagitta. The info regds the star FG Saggittae comes to me via Donald Scott’s book The Electric Sky and describes how various stars are not obeying the accepted rules of stars! FG Saggittae has increased and decreased its magnitude dramatically in about 50 years.
        The references to snakes as elecrical pathways come via the study bronze age petroglyphs and plasma discharge patterns. The symbols you see carved into stones e.g on The Hopi prophecy stone are actual events – electricsl events which appeard on a massive scale in the sky, seen form allover the world! Anthony L Perratt is the expert on this and had studied thousands of these pertoglyphs and compared them to plasma discharge patterns in the lab. The results are incredible and point to dedicated effort by our ancestors to record these signs for posterity.
        The Mayan god, Quetzlcoatl seems to have been a feathered serpent. When you see plasma discharge patterns which are identical to representations of Quetzlcoatl you realise out ancestors saw something incredible and awesome.
        My ref to Bailey are of course the remarkable Alice Bailey and The Master DK. i was blown away after studying electric universe/plasma theory that it was all beautifully present in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Bailey and Dk explain in that book how electricity is the force running the entire universe and beyond. They also explain that we do not fully understand electricity but will under the incoming 7th ray!
        Watch that space – and keep looking upwards!

        • hey, i have been following your comments in earnest and i am wondering, would you mind sharing your chart?

          • I was born in Sheffield, England on 17.8.1955 at 7.30am.
            I am a Leo, Virgo asc at 9 degrees, have six planets in Leo in the 12th, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Libra and Uranus in Cancer. I’d post the actual chart here but not sure how to do it! All comments welcome.

            • I was born in san bernardino, california. Born March 20th 1991…i am still a pisces….:)

    • “Yes astrology is going to change and so is our understanding of the universe in true Uranian fashion.
      The serpent has come to be the accepted symbol for all manner of things but in astrophysical terms is actually a sign of an electric current or filament.”

      Wonderful comment (All of it, not just the quote). Thankyou! I don’t know where to start in responding to it, but it just all makes utter sense to me. With Ophiuchus the serpent is the key. The electric current, The life force, the Kundalini. Yes all very Uranian. I will look up the Thunderbolt guys.

      Although I don’t use the signs in the standard way, I do believe that the archetypes of the twelve constellations on the ecliptic are extremely important. I do see everything as having a correspondent. Mars-Aries-1st house-conjunction, Venus-Taurus-2nd house-applying semi-sextile, Mercury-Gemini-applying sextile, etc etc. It works with colours, musical notes, numerology, herbs, crystals. But at the end of the day it all boils down to the planets. Even the individual stars are described as having natures like Saturn and Venus or Jupiter and Mars.

      So this Ophiuchus archetype is an interesting one. So which planets have inspired this archetype? Which one would be it’s ruler? Eris? Chiron? Uranus (Probably the serpent part) and also a tad of Lilith (Serpent again). Just thinking out loud here. So much food for thought.

      • “So which planets have inspired this archetype? Which one would be it’s ruler? Eris? Chiron? Uranus (Probably the serpent part) and also a tad of Lilith (Serpent again)”

        Of those, with the associations between Ophiuchus and Aesculapius, I am tempted to say Chiron as Aesculapius was mentored by Chiron, is attributed with establishing the Asclepian healing temple, which employed snake ‘medicine’ and serpent energy amongst others – also :

        “….Margaret mentioned about it being the bridge between the personal to the universal.”

        Chiron has been described as the bridge between the inner and the outer planets, connecting us to the stars, the conscious to the ‘unconscious’, is a hero maker (helping mortals evolve beyond the mundane), opposes Saturn’s conformist conservative energy with those of self transformation and personal empowerment – he is a maverick in this, inciting to self determination and personal realism – he is also the astrologer, holistic healer, embodies the shaman archetype and initiator

        Chiron’s orbit is eccentric in as much as it comes within both Saturn’s and Uranus’ at its extremes, though it does not cross either directly – Uranus is held by Barbara Hand Clow to hold the astrological key to kundalini, serpent energy – “the liquid light of sex”, as her book on the subject is call – she designates the Uranic cycle as an evolutionary process in consciousness, embodied through realisation of kundalini energy within consciousness, through the human life cycle over Uranus’ 84 year journey around the skies – a very enlightening read, as is her book on Chiron…

        Regarding triggers, don’t know exactly when the Ophiuchus story broke, but, interestingly the asteroid Aesculapius, 4851 at astro.com, entered zodiacal Sagittarius on Jan 3rd, the day before the Solar eclipse (4th) and Mercury was conjunct Ras Alhague on the 5th Jan

        • Hi Rob, I remember seeing a chart for when the story broke on some page in Facebook. Will try and locate it then post it here.

          • The original story at StarTribune.com doesn’t have the original time on the post, only an update time. The story from the Washington Post still has the time, Posted at 12:15 PM ET, 01/13/2011, Washington DC.

      • I think considering Zeus decided to stop Asclepius from showing humanity how to become immortal by use of a Thunderbolt, that Uranus has to be a contender for planetary archetype. Maybe he didn’t think we were ready then but as Ophiucus reemerges and we progress into the age of Aquarius, Uranus goes into Aries there could be a Martian co rulership. Run for cover! I cant remember where I read it but there is a view that Mars as planet of action is more directly responsible for karma. We seem to be in a karmic maelstrom at present as the ages shift so until it settles into the Age of Aquarius proper co rulership? and then will we be immortal?

        • Universal cycle – beginning February 10, 2011. Will be developing the unlimited ability of Conscious Co-Creation.

          Please follow this link, pretty much sums it up!! 🙂


    • “Astrology has become too touchy feely and the symbolism muddied because people are making up and adding to the symbolism rather than analyse what created it in the first place.”

      I’m wondering if this fits into the Uranus Pluto cycle. The hippie era on the 1960’s with the Uranus Pluto conjunction. Now we are heading for the Uranus Pluto square.

      That is really astounding what you have found out about Sagitta. Time and time again I am convinced that the myths associated with the stars and constellations are so important in understanding astrology. What you have found is science backing it up.

      • It’s mind blowing Jamie and high time we had scientific collateral! The amazing thing is, this science, i.e plasma theory and electric universe etc flies in the face of conventional quantum/ gravitational theory! I urge you to get a copy of The Electric Universe by Wal Thornhill of Thunderbolts it’s a highly readable small book which will make you jaw drop! There’s a lot of people out there doing amazing research on this.
        Our gravity based theories (Pluto in Capricorn) are being blown away by electricity (Uranus in Aries!)
        I am currenly working on a web page to tie some of this theory up with incredible illustrations so I will post my link when it’s ready!
        Astrology is going to find itself again and much more!
        Stay plugged in everyone! Keep your fingers firmly jammed into the mains!

  6. Well I think we are now seeing the down side of the 60 s sexual revolution which is the over sexualisation and sensualising of things in general. The other legacy of the 60 s, that of free expression or I die… From The generation with Pluto in Leo,
    Has created a great deal of societal problems. The over exposure of sex to pre pubescents, child porn, young women who drink too much and behave like men etc etc, men who won’t grow up and live in a perpetual teenage haven etc and now we see the exposure of gangs of notably Muslim men who target young White girls. Perhaps exposed under Pluto in Capricorn.
    Regards the serpents of Ophiucus, I refer to my other post about serpents being electrical pathways. The intercting points of the planetary merkaba

    • Sorry, iPad mayhem… The planetary merkabah or star tetrahedron points intercept at 19.5. Degrees north and south and it is worth noting that there are very active earthquake zones along these latitudes. Haiti is 19 degrees or there a bouts N, Vanuatu and the loyalty islands are at 19 south. I think the zenith of a recent eclipse was over Vanuatu
      , anyway, the latitude of 19.5 runs right through Queensland. So the snakes of Ophiucus may well be currents which are now interacting on those points. There is what Ivan Sanderson defined as a Vile vortex ( look at his grid of these on the entire planet) over the Loyalty islands parallel to Queensland. I would guess that electric/ gamma ray exchange here would create weather disturbance.

      We know the earth’s magnetosphere has big holes in it and there is a more open pathway for the inevitable exchange
      of energies, specifically gamma rays and probably others we don’t know about yet. It’s part of the greater plan anyway!
      As I said earlier, Astrology needs an overhaul. It is far too subjective at present.
      What is meant by those born under Ophiucus not being affected I have no idea but antiquated text is often highly cryptic as per Nostradamus!

    • Yes I am totally with your on the downside of the 60’s sexual revolution also. The coming Pluto Uranus square will no doubt provoke some rethinking on this, it’s an on going evolution isn’t it?

      I think ironically that it is a result of the repression of sex and the split from spirituality that has caused this kind of manic expression of it.

      • I totally agree MArina! The schism between sex as a recreational pastime and a spiritual gateway is a real problem. Although kundalini is stored in the base chakra, for most people it never ascends further than the second and in many cases I believe it has descended into the lower chakra which is sub human and just above animal. Its not a widely known subject but the lack of discipline and gravitas around sex and sexual energy is now out of control.
        There just isn’t much real spirituality around now. Although people want to be spiritual, they cannot support the path with self discipline required and indulgence gives way.
        I really believe that the deep down desire for union with spirit/almighty etc return to source is too big an ask. So people look externally for that “other” to fulfil the void.
        So your term manic expression is spot on! Its desperate!
        Its interesting that the Cardinal cross so important now will pose a lot of questions along these lines – Inception is in Aries, The Herd is represented in Cancer, Form is on Capricorn and choice is in Libra. I think there will be some desperate decision making now if people are not going to go completely mad on a large scale… see the challenges afoot now.
        Ah well… lie low, go quietly but carry a big stick! as someone said…

        • Well , I made some strides in this direction and my bottom line is one has to find the center pt. of libra, the pure channel to the lotus flower or the as above so below channel through this central spinal passage to bring heaven to earth. My dreams show the spiritual light is in peril. Yoga grew main stream since the 70’s. There were teacher’s around then that opened up the way to teach balance. Is that mainly women though? So the issue of equality is within oneself as well. Balance. Tao.
          If referring to Uranus/pluto, my son was born with them smack on. One interpretation said Natural castrophe’s and another i’ve seen within is mass ascension. David Stone talks about this in his book claiming a master has transcended and left room for this is happen. New thinkng to me but lots of things are happening new. That yoga class on Saturday had 1/2 a dozen serious students breathing and using the tools and they will spread the word I’m sure to other’s still not there or not mature.

    • Now that’s interesting – I dreamt of pulling the snakes out of my head, ie the hair and I have what I call the odd electric storm in my head. I have Uranus on the asc. in gemini.

    • yes, i agree that sensuality has lulled out. sexuality has, on a large scale, morphed into something robotic, desperate as was mentioned. the ability to access pornography and sexual interaction via the web was a major turning-point for the physical, its inner and outer experiences, i.e. sex and masturbation with the help of technology thru airwaves, levels of detachment and also deeper levels of the trance state (the detachment and trance here go hand in hand with uranus and pluto, and now they square off). i also wondered what you meant by saying “young women who drink too much and behave like men etc etc”.

      • i’m sorry; i don’t mean to misquote. you didn’t say that sensualization was over. i guess i was just injecting my own beliefs into your passage because i so enjoyed it.

        • Hi Michelle,
          My ref to young women behaving like men was with respect to alcohol consumption, particularly in the UK where is has become a massive problem. The UK’s drinking culture is desperate. For some time women have tried to match men on their consumption and the effects are devastating.

  7. I’ve just realized I talked about Ophiuchus when I wrote about Tiger Woods. I’ve added this into the post above:

    Constellation Ophiuchus spans all of Sun sign Sagittarius. As an example of how Ophiuchus effects us more than Sagittarius, check out the horoscope of Tiger Woods. He has Moon in the sign Sagittarius, but it is on the brightest star in constellation Ophiuchus called Ras Alhague, the Head of the Serpent-charmer. This star with the Moon gives “misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity”.

    • God damnit. I have mercury on Sabik. Now here’s where I’m confused. Does that have to be the potential of every mercury on Sabik? Usually transits to my natal mercury are very good. While correct, old school astrologers were very fatalistic. There were a lot of extreme goods and bads.

      Then I look at my midheaven conjunct scheat. Whenever it is transited, something good has happened. Sometimes its been mildly good, sometimes amazing. But the only interpretation I have found about that star is that its misfortune to a T. My first thought is that the tight sextile from Jupiter is whats saving it. Then again jupiter is also on the pleiades. So you ask the question what dominates, the influence of the star or the plane? Again, I see only negative interpretations. But when 29 taurus was rising on my solar return chart 2 years ago (non-precessed. I found precessed accurate, but a little less so. more like another perspective on the year) I learned an amazing energy healing method that was said to be from the pleiades. Its brought nothing but healing, friends, and amazing spiritual experiences.

      So I don’t know what to make of these negative interpretation. While true, I don’t feel like they’re absolute. The manifestation of the star feels like a result of how you handle the energy.

      Also, what are the orbs for stars? Are they relative to magnitude?

      • I think not enough modern astrologers have studied the fixed stars for their positive sides to be brought out. This is the reason I think they aren’t so popular. The interpretations are are just so extreme and frightening. They also come from a predominantly sexist, medieval and christian mindset.
        Jamie is not a great fan of Bernadette Brady because her research is based on parans. But I believe she has a real gift for bringing the fixed stars up to date. Unfortunately she didn’t research Sabik, but her write up on Ras Alhague and Ophiuchus as a whole are so much more positive. She cites Lennon (healing through song), Abraham Lincoln and Madam Blavastky (Spiritual writings) as examples, the last two had it connected to Mercury.

        Of Scheat she says “A love of intellect and the challenge of logic. You will want to think independently and may well have issues about needing to break with conventional thought or philosophy”
        I think Scheat is about a daring intellect, one that pushes to the limits with advanced ideas ahead of their time. It has a Uranian quality I think and we know Uranus can be shocking and volatile. This kind of energy can be dangerous if pushed to extremes. We know someone with superior intellect, but without a heart can become the worst kind of monster. Hitler being a good example. So the air disasters and all the chaos that Scheat can create are just a symptoms of it over-reaching itself like Bellerophon. I think the ancients were rather fearful of people had sights above their station which I think is the essence of Scheat. Maybe Scheat can also be mad science.

      • Maximum one degree orb for these star, and only a mild influence if they are not too close. Marina is absolutely right about the old interpretations, they can be extreme. And you are right about having good aspects involved, they make all the difference.

        Scheat does have a very positive and creative manifestation which some commenter’s attested to here : Scheat. Ebertin wrote in 1928: ” it is possible for a positive influence to emanate from Scheat, but only for some people, it can have a positive effect on their mental creativity, if these people are ready to receive such inflow.” Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.82. So you could see that your sextile to Jupiter would facilitate this positive influence.

    • When a man has his moon in Sagittarius he might treat women as sport! I often thought Woods would be happier as a hunter and that he looked miserable in the bland world of golf and was very out of place with his model perfect wife and kids. Call me a heartless old witch but the easy life isn’t for everyone! The late radical Christopher Hyatt felt that many people were ruined by falling prey to the reproductive/socio bonding chemicals of the herd! Woods certainly fell foul of them! With moon in Sagittarius, as he picks up the debris of a Plutonic overhaul I bet he’s a lot more philosophical about women now and plays a more restrained game with them. Perhaps he raises his aim but won’t always shoot.

  8. I just wanted to add that way back in November 2009 I wrote:

    “Our Solar system has expanded rapidly in a relatively small number of years. If “as above, so below” then will our minds expand too?. Demetria George on a recent Goddess Podcast by Gary Caton likened it to our brains using only small amount of their capacity with these new discoveries filling in the gaps. In 2011 the Pluto/Uranus square will hit us. I wonder what that means for Astrology? Could a battle between the God of Astrology and the God of the Underworld force Pluto into letting Persephone (Eris) come and go as she pleases? She would then be free to accept rulership of Libra along side Pluto’s Scorpionic domain. That way they can sit side by side on the Via Combusta, equal in status.”
    Dark Goddess Rulership. I was grasping at something back then, but had no idea what it was about. I don’t know if this is even relevant, but I thought I’d throw it in.

    So Ophiuchus comes between Scorpio and Sagittarius then or the 8th and the 9th house. I like what Margaret mentioned about it being the bridge between the personal to the universal. Recently in my readings I have been describing the progressed Moon emerging from the 8th house as like coming out from being in the underworld and suddenly getting hit by glaring bright sunshine. You’d have to wait for your eyes to adjust. For a while it’s blinding. I just think it’s strange that I have been seeing so many clients with this just recently and now there is this Ophiuchus thing creating that bridge, an adjustment corridor where we can slowly assimilate this new wisdom.

    It’s a funny zone between Libra and Sag, and what is the history behind the burning way? It sounds like some sort of initiation rite.

      • Yes, Libra used to be the claws of Scorpio. The two stars that are now the main stars of the scales were known as the northern claw and the southern claw.

    • I like the idea of Persephone ruling Libra. Libra identifies strongly with feminine beauty and grace plus it is the great vacillator! So she can come in and out of the underworld when she likes… Mind you, which ever side she is on it will be the wrong one!

  9. I highly recommend that anyone interested in ancient thought and astrotheology
    read the following pdf companion to the first zeitgest film
    it is very well researched ….


    • Well the opening line has sucked me in straight away, “”The Greatest Story Ever Told” presents historical data relating to the astronomical/astrological origins of the Judeo-Christian theology”

      Thanks Micheline, for posting the link.

      • You are welcome. What is interesting. Is that (unbeknownst to me) that the Zeitgest film has turned into a movement. I am not sure if you are aware of this. Someone here in Tokyo has started the Japan Chapter of the movement and just this past weekend I was able to go see the last film that was made by Peter John (the guy who created the film). It is very powerful and highly recommend watching it. It rings true on so many things. Things that as a younger adult I struggled with and have had to put with all my adult life.

        • Hi Micheline and Jamie, I am a member of The Zeitgeist Movement which you are talking about. The founder is Peter Joseph and he is the producer of the Zeitgeist film series. Zeitgeist is the first movie in 2007, while Zeitgeist:Addendum is the 2nd movie in 2008 and just recently Jan 15, was the release of the 3rd movie, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.

          Other than highlighting the origin of our beliefs, thoughts, values and behaviors, the movement also proposes an update of the current social system due to the vast social issues seen nowadays. This topic is extremely heavy for some, while it is actually very simple.

          Other than the Zeitgeist movie series, I would recommend this 12-hour documentary called TROM at tromsite.com, which uses scientific facts and probabilities to explain how everything began, not just the history of humans, but history of living organisms, and the Earth. How humans invented politics, laws, money, and everything else that we see today, which we accept as ‘norm’.

          Science is fun and educational at the same time! 🙂

          • Éthan thanks. I will check it out later. It looks as if I may end up joining the one here in Japan. I live in Tokyo right. Japan is my home for the time being

            I have seen film one and not two but now three. But found that all the the things he put out were and have Bern issues that have been a huge concern to me since I was young

          • Thanks Ethan, I just read the philosophy on the main website and it sounds good to me.

    • Oh don’t get me started on how much Christianity has stolen from astrology. Years ago I got a DVD off Michael Tsarion called “Astro Theology & Sidereal Mythology”. He has some wacky theories in other areas but here it is good to see the visuals.

      The only reason I wanted to get married in a Church the 1st time is because I knew subconsciously that the whole ritual is very powerful. Churches have a fantastic energy because the art created inside them is so uplifting, symbolic and beautiful. It’s quite corrupt that they are using the magic of the artists to get you feeling that godly presence. Churches in the UK are built on ancient pagan sites and powerful lay lines which adds to it. So you are getting all this powerful stellar energy pushing onto you a religious creed that you don’t really agree with.

      I love to go to the museums in London to look at the medieval church art and altar pieces. To me they contain so much magic and when your eyes are open to all the astrological symbolism its just mind-blowing.

      12 disciples…I mean how obvious can you get! And now Judas is back 😉

      • I think Christianity and Buddhism which are similary benevolent religions ( despite the political interpretations and interferences historically which to me are more about the male psyche and it’s rabid defence of fixed beliefs). Commentaries on the Seven Rays hold Christianity and Buddhism as Ray 6 manifestations. Ray 6 is the ray of devotion and idealism. In fact religion as such is a Ray 6 manifestation.
        Under this ray we can see how devotion and idealism have their dark side e.g the inquisition, persecution of women, Nazism. Apparently Ray 6 is also strongly manifest throughout solar plexus chakra, the place of gut reactions!..also the will and look how many people are weak willed now and manifest obesity. The ray 6 body abounds. According to Douglas Baker, an authority on the Rays of Influence, Ray 6 is rapidly on it’s w way out but 80% of all people alive now are Ray 6 personalities.
        Christianity for all it’s faults has embedded a simple moral code which the herd uses to keep it’s standards up! Of course there are threads of previous cults etc within it, this is evolution of ideas.
        The Cult of Attis was one which presaged Christianity by about 500 years and featured the worship of a self sacrificing god. There was also many other stories of water to wine before the wedding of Caana (spelling???) I think what is relevant is that. Ray 6 shaped the ideals of self sacrifice and self annihilation at the centre of so much religion. Of course as the Ray of influence changes, so will the human mind and it s expressions.
        I know what you mean too about the magic and symbolism in Churches. As a lapsed and erstwhile anti catholic I now come full circle and find the hidden mysteries amazing! There is real mystery there!
        As for Judas, well Jesus always knew he would stitch him up. They were in collusion. Part of the plan that Jesus would end up on a cross. So what might we expect as Ophiucus returns to the garden?
        Astrologically we have of course the three fixed crosses of initiation and the cardinal cross which is so beautifully shown on the tarot card of judgement is the final cross of initiation by which the human being must make his choice.

      • Yes, Marina, I toured the Churches on my Europen trip in the 70’s. Never left one without crying, cause the energy is so high. You are so right and that’s an interesting take on the art work corrupting. wow.

  10. A few of my clients have been asking where Ophiuchus would fall in their chart. Even asking for a reading including it now it has been “discovered”. Well we have always included it, we just never displayed it. If you had a planet on one of the stars in Ophiuchus we would have talked about it. But since it has come up and people do want to know about it I think its important to display it so that people can decide for themselves if it has any relevance to their lives

    So thanks to Solar Fire! Here is the Constellation option that I have adapted to suit my preference. (I don’t like having both zodiacs on the outer wheel) It’s interesting for myself also to see I have Ophiuchus on my DC. I personally think the ecliptic constellations hold more sway then ones further afield because more research has been done on their affects. All the big stars are in them.

    This is not a sidereal wheel btw as you can see the constellations are not divided into 30 segments. The tropical degrees are noted next to the planet glyph


    • I have been dreaming of using charts that do not have the usual 12 signs, rather have the actual constellations around the wheel, fixed stars and all – a true star map – do we have the technology already?!

      • a rhetorical question, of course we do…but, J and M, does the astrology software exist to draw up such charts?

    • Hi, Marina. So, Ophiucus as a constelation. Is at 18 d sag? Or is there a number I can add for it when I do a regular chart with astro out of curiousity.

      • Marina is going to post in more detail about constellation Ophiuchus later today. Will ask her about astro.com, not sure. The constellation of Ophiuchus goes through all of sun sign Sagittarius.

  11. Dear Maria and Jamie,
    During the last week or so I had been wondering what would happen when mercury hit the galatic center 27 sagitarius. On the following day the day when mercury moved over the galatic center the news event that would unfold on the television screen was the QLD Brisbane floods. That was strange enough but what was stranger still was the fact that throughout the emergency the house and land on which my house is built was not flooded. During the last 7 years that I have lived here in Mapleton QLD if there was just a bit of heavy rain the the drain that camee underneath the driveway would be blocked by leaves and mud and the water would collect in the drain and almost overflow and nearly flood the veranda. But not this time the force of the water was so intense that it must have cleared the pipe under the driveway. When my carer took me out for a drive on Sunday the 4th of January 2011 I noticed a huge stream of water had flowed around my 4 acre property. There were also no power cuts which was also unusual as generally during a thunderstorm there would be power disruptions here.

  12. Also during this period I listened to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as an audio book and reading all that stuff about the snakes reminded me of Snape and the Snake and the Defense Against the Dark Arts, the betral of Dumbledoor by Snape.

  13. I have found information about Ophiuchus here:

    • You might want to edit your homepage. “After all these years, the planets positions are not what they used to be”. The planets positions are not the same as they were yesterday either. It is the position of the stars and their constellations which have changed in relation to the tropical zodiac.

    • Many thanks Jamie! As an inhabitant of that stellium I am intrigued by others with similarly packed groups of planets. I notice its Angela Davies (60’s radical) and I think she has 7 in Aquarius? I think Axl Rose has a bunch in Aquarius too. Stelliums are both blessings and curse asn there is little in the way of half way! So one is either high as a kite or suicidal. Thank god for my Virgo asc and the ability to analyze…
      CAtherine Tennant’s book on lost constellations puts this birthdate within Hydra which feels like the Leo but Pisces ruled 12th house the stellium fall in. I can relate to Hydra a lot. I spent four years in JUngian analysis working almost entirely with dreams and symbols!

      • “Stelliums are both blessings and curse and there is little in the way of half way! So one is either high as a kite or suicidal.”

        Oh yes! Good one, I can totally relate to that with, Sun, Moon, MC, Venus, Mars and both Liliths all in Aquarius. I think the house is really important too. I feel more like a Saggy with Jupiter rising and that stellium in the 9th. How much do you feel like a 12th houser/Neptunian/Pisces though because that energy is very different from a Leo? Sag and Aqua have lot more in common atleast.

        • that’s quite a stellium too!
          The odd mix of Leo and Pisces is, thank god highly creative! Politically I’m the kindest fascist I know! I dream for the entire world, paint, write, make clothes, had a theatre company, get radically immersed in music ( I played piano by ear from the age of four, I am convinced this was left over from a previous life) , love meditation, taught yoga for years and practiced from the age of 16 way before it was fashionable, but then sometimes feel overwhelmed by the desire to create things, have difficulty putting the vision into reality and in answer to your Q how does it feel… Well BONKERS at times! I fall in love too deeply and take years to recover when it goes wrong… The funny thing is, an astrologer told me way back when I was about 20 that with all that Leo my life would manifest as very Aquarian and he was right! Both signs are fiercely independent of course.
          The weirdest thing about a full 12 th house is that people project on to me like mad and some of the stuff whichnhas been ascribed to me is, frankly hysterical!
          Of course at times I look in the mirror and think, who is that person. Ultimately I am happiest when I am in meditation… Pisces… But then there is always the allure of the beauty parlour!

          • Funny about the opposite thing because before I discovered the fixed stars, I always felt I should be a Leo.
            I love all things camp and regal. My house is so Leo, giant chandeliers, big gold mirrors, red velvet curtains, 4 poster bed, ornate fireplaces, sparkly granite worktops..oh god it is bad, but I don’t have gold fish shaped taps in my bathroom (though my parents did..eek) and I’d wear a crown out shopping if i could, but id get beaten up.. I could go on.

            My best friend at college was a loud gay Leo man with a golden mane of spiral curls who loved to dress up as Madonna. And now I’m with a man with Mars on Regulus, couldn’t be happier!

            • Everyone should try and be a bit Leo now and again just for fun! Actually, I think they do when they take their holidays in August. They get to drop their uniforms, parade on the beach, be generally sybaritic and make likeable idiots of themselves as they claim a bit of beach as their kingdom for two weeks!
              I certainly lived up to my Aquarian opposite by being a single working mother from the age of 18, back in 74 when it was a very new idea, traveling all over the world to places off the beaten track, having a very unconventional household and being generally radical. My radical writings as a sixteen herald got me thrown out of a convent!
              I shied away from gold taps but love lavish curtains! I still expect to rule the world one day… The marriage of Leo and Aquarius!

  14. Another iPad typo! It should say a sixteen year old but came out as a sixteen herald!

    • Heraldry!!! Love them freudian typos. There is a theory somewhere that there aren’t really 12 signs, but 6 polarities. You know I think I agree with that.
      But maybe they are only pronounced with stelliumites. Jamie is a Virgo, but he can be a bit of a zoned out Pisces a lot of the time….I also remember a Taurean stellium guy who was such a suspicious and secretive Scorpio with a right old sting in his tongue.

  15. I am resonating with the 6 polarities, the more I think about it! I know a multiple virgo who is the biggest slob in town and another who has a stellium in Scorpio who’s biggest obstacle in life is his attitude to money and material things – i.e covets deeply but points a finger of disdain at people who have amassed wealth etc
    Rgds the stellium thing, Jung calls it an enantiodromia – when something turns into the opposite of what it is!
    Perhaps each sign has its shadow in its opposite? i.e the negative aspects of the opposite sign? I’m going to keep a good look now!
    As a Virgo asc I am either anally tidy or in a state of Piscean flux! i.e chaos!

    • The more I think about it the more it works. It also means that the signs then work for both hemispheres! Its like ying and yang isnt it? Each sign has a part of itself in the other.
      I have less of an aversion to using the signs if i think of them in this way. I know some very indecisive Aries who need advice of all an sundry before they make a decision. And I know some really selfish Librans!!

      So really, the opposition shouldn’t be such a bad aspect either. I have always suspected this.

      I guess this is why Ophuichius was left out then. Billy no mates.

      • I think we’re really on to something here Marina! Your yin yang analogy is spot on and I agree that certainly, the natal opposition is no so bad, it can offer a balance between two signs. I’m now going to scour the heavens for a possible opposite to Ophiucus!
        I also know some indescribably selfish Librans who are real trouble makers and some very diplomatic Arians!

        • The balancing of the yin/yang and polarities can actually be found within Ophiuchus, if we apply broader interpretations to it than the usual greco-roman patriarchal meanings. Our mate, personally and cosmically, isn’t “out there” somewhere. It lies right at the core of the thing itself.

          • Ditto Sistertongue (love it) I can vouch for that.
            Do you think that if we could get over ourselves that we might just channel down from above. A pure stream running through us. But we’re seemingly no where near there are we, are we? I don’t know where that fits with all the other intents. The merging with the cosmos etc.

          • Oh god that is perfect! You read my mind about Ophuichius. I was thinking the exact same thing that he does not need a polar
            Opposite because he is all in one. If Algol is the Lilith star than ophuichius is the Lilith constellation.Describes the casting out of paradise (The ecliptic),being exiled and then ultimately finding her “Adam” inside her and claiming her own sovereignty. Ophuichuis worships nature like Lilith. Neither bow down to The solar God.

            • youtube.com/watch?v=Clq-GiqvL9o&feature=related

              You might find this very enlightening rgds archetypes of the feminine.

          • What do you actually base this on?
            Yin/yang doesn’t imply or mean mate. It is just polarity of qualities.
            Taking the idea that everything contains the seed of its polar opposite – as seen in the yin/yang symbol how do we find that in Ophiucus? Are there myths from other cultures which might explain your idea that Ophiucus contains the balancing?
            The Yin yang symbol is similar to the Hunab Ku – which seems to represent two spiralling forces in opposing directions which from the Shamanic point of view at least cold be seen to cancel gravity or provide a vanishing point of some kind.
            Can you explain how the balancing yin yang polarities are represented in Ophiucus, I would be very interested to know as mythoology on the constellation is not that abundant.
            Don’t dismiss Graeco Roman mythology as patriarchal until you have studied the ancient mytholgy and how it arrived – that is to say, the significance of the planet Saturn in ancient skies as it wan’t just an idea based on preference, it was a mythology based, as they all are, on a physical reality. This is a brilliant starting place youtube.com/watch?v=qzxVhLcCH8w and will explain much of what you need to know about the planets and mythology.

  16. 14 signs now apparently?!

    • Nah – but, I can go with the combination of Ophiuchus and Scorpio suggested here….Ophiscorpius or Scorpiucho….hey, what about Pinocchio, the Truth Teller

  17. Please note that to the ancients Libra actually represented the claws of Scorpio, and did not exist unto itself. Ophiuchus on the other hand was construed as medical. Genetics play a large role here, and the key lies with Chiron. Try it and see.

  18. Your a Man of great Virtue. We need new Pioneer’s in Astrology and Astro-theology. The Bible is a great book if you come to understand Astrology. The name Bible itself can be seen as 2 as in Bi, and ble, i.m.h.o. Bull, Bi-Bull. Two Gods if you like, but my thinking takes me to the Taurus field surrounding the Earth/Heart, It’s Magnetic and it has a + and – side like us, or male/female. So we are the Micro, and above is the Macro. As above, So below truly is a profound statement when you look into the hidden knowledge. I hope people can see where I was going with that. I could talk all day about these matter’s.

  19. Actually, no Zodiac automatically exclude others (pretending that constellationsare signs under your point of view). You can use the 3 Zodiacs without any issue, and it’s 14 constellations in the Ecliptic, not 13.

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