Full Moon May 2014

Full Moon May 2014 Astrology

Expect Delays – Full Moon May 2014

The major astrological influence on full moon May 2014 comes from the planet Saturn. So I could not resist using the image above, a traffic sign in my local town telling us to expect delays on the day of this full moon, Wednesday May 14. A Saturn full moon not only means we can expects delays, but also other limiting conditions affecting the public and women.

More positive attributes of Saturn will surface as a result of this full moon, and these will revolve around friendship and relationships due to a strong Venus in the full moon horoscope. First up I will investigate the challenging aspects to the moon. Then I will look to more pleasing features in the chart which improve the outlook for the fortnight ahead.

Saturn Full Moon

The Full Moon conjunct Saturn suggest some drama involving your home, parents, children or your partner will be very trying on your emotions, leading to feelings of rejection and depression. Men and particularly fathers, as represented by Saturn, will be the source of hardship faced by the public and women, both ruled by the Moon.

The last close conjunction of a full moon to Saturn was on 26 September 1996. On the following day, the Taliban gained control of the Afghanistan capital, Kabul. This forced the US and her allies to wage war against these extremist Islamic terrorists. This longest war in the history of the United Sates has not been about oil or money, but an ideological war against the abhorrent actions of religious extremists, particularly their cruel treatment of women. In 1996, the national pastime in Afghanistan was changed from soccer, to the weekly stoning to death and beheading of women in the arena.

Another example of the effects of a Saturn full moon occurred fours days after that September 1996 full moon. The US Congress banned anyone convicted of domestic violence from buying firearms. In both examples we see Saturn governments and patriarchy applying strict discipline to the public in areas concerning the treatment and welfare of women.

Full Moon May 2014 Astrology

Full Moon May 2014 Astrology

The Sun conjunct the minor planet Sedna stresses the hardship faced by women from this full moon. That post I just linked to concerns the influence on climate change from Sedna, which may become an issue in the following weeks.

Full Moon Cooperation

Now turning to some positive influences we have the full moon at 23 degrees Scorpio conjunct the friendly fixed star Agena. At the personal level this will encourage the more guiding, sensible and stable influence of Saturn to prevail, and Agena has a fortunate influence on love and marriage. A sense of honor and good morals from Agena will influence fathers and governments to stand up for the rights of their wives and daughters. While the spotlight may be on the extremist Islamic terrorists in Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, those in affluent Western counties should also be looking in their own backyard at domestic violence and the sex-slave industry.

Full Moon May 2014 Times


Los Angeles, USA
New York, USA
London, UK
Delhi, India
Sydney, Australia


14 May 2014
14 May 2014
14 May 2014
15 May 2014
15 May 2014


12.15 pm
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05:15 am

In the background of the Full Moon May 2014 astrology is the dramatic social and political upheaval caused by Uranus square Pluto. The rebellious and unpredictable side of this square comes into focus with Venus conjunct Uranus. More tension involving women and love. Mercury sextile Venus allows for the tension to be relieved through open and honest discussions. This aspect has a similar influence on friendship and diplomacy to that of the fixed star Agena.

In summary, the restrictive influence of Saturn on the May 14 full moon will bring to our attention the hardship and suffering of women, and the sadness we experience as a result of relationship breakdowns. Venus conjunct Uranus brings unexpected displays of empathy and love which will strengthen the friendly and diplomatic influence of the fixed star Agena. Mercury sextile Venus ensures that friendship and cooperation turn initial Saturn hardship and delays into positive and enduring outcomes for relationships and the treatment of women.

10 thoughts on “Full Moon May 2014

  1. “The last close conjunction of a full moon to Saturn was on 26 September 1996.”

    What about 25 April 2013? There was a Lunar Eclipse (a strong full moon) with Moon at 5 Scorpio and Saturn at 8 Scorpio, which is even closer together than this time.

    I think this full moon is great for Geminis to start a diet 🙂

    • Thanks for pointing that our Stardust. I looked back at full moons and lunar eclipses under 2 degrees orb, and the one in September 1996 had an orb of only 0°20′. The April 2013 lunar eclipse was conjunct Saturn by 2°39′ which is still strong, especially with eclipses have a bigger effect than full moons. I always used very tight orbs for all of my astrology. When researching aspects I always stick to under 1 degree. The examples of people and events you find this way are more helpful in understanding things. Still I’m sure it will be worth looking back to see what was going on in our lives in the weeks following 25 April 2013.

      • Thank you Jamie. It makes perfect sense that tight orbs are typical representatives.

        As far as full moon conjunct Saturn is concerned, I was 14 in September 1996 and I can’t remember if anything significant happened. The one in April 2013 was absolutely horrible for me, except for losing weight, that was good. So I hope this time I only lose weight and detox without heavy anxiety and other health problems. I am also seeing my dentist the day after because I broke a tooth a week ago but he couldn’t see me earlier. I think seeing a dentist is a textbook example for a Gemini with full moon conjunct Saturn in the 6th.

  2. This full moon on May 14 has orb 4° with Saturn, over tight orbs speaking….

  3. Hi Jamie,I write a small blog on facebook…and when it’s written it ,then I look at yours:-),to see if there is a similar vein.This time it seems you are factual and I am feeling,interesting as this pick up the lunar nodes in my chart.At the present time of writing,I am feeling a lot of swirling psychic energy.This most probably shows both end of this polarity

  4. taht explains why I felt so down yesterday May 14th. I felt like weird, grumpy and insecure about my new relationship.. when I know my BF has even introduced me to his family and he calls me everyday.. well I have not seen him in 3 days and yesterday i felt so insecure and worried about our relationship. I cant explain it was so weird..

  5. OMG this part : The Full Moon conjunct Saturn suggest some drama involving your home, parents, children or your partner will be very trying on your emotions, leading to feelings of rejection and depression” this part is what just happened yesterday i felt like rejected and depressed ..

  6. I have natal 4th H Moon/Saturn less than 1 d orb so understand and don’t need any more of this dynamic. This full moon was very depressing and emotionally expressed for me. End of year will be Saturn return. Bracing for that. Always try to find the out. For me it was the wonderful Taurus Sun at same degree conj natal Venus . Indulged the Venus and it was a lovely reprieve.

  7. Interesting too how this all ties together with the Venus ruled Sun in the polarity, as Venus in Aries by conj to Uranus also squares Pluto in Saturn ruled Cap, Aries ruler Mars still retrograde in Venus ruled Libra. So lots of repressed anger (= depression) specific to relationships which will result in a transformation of some sort. Emotional Moon triggers the whole shebang at least letting us release a bit albeit sadness most likely. Will be interesting when Mars transits same degree Sept 3 followed by the Sun on the 16th and then Saturn end of October. All this talk about the Cardinal Cross and honestly, this Moon was much worse for me. As an Aries with a double Libra brother whom I just visited for trip to seem mom, this was timely and yes, hard.

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