Lunar Eclipse April 2014

Lunar Eclipse 2014

Lunar Eclipse 2014

The lunar eclipse on the 15th of April 2014, at 24 degrees of the zodiac sign Libra, has very strong connections to the two most fortunate fixed stars in the sky. With the matriarch planet Ceres laying between the lunar eclipse and these fortuitous stars, we can expect a guiding hand from strong, independent women during the chaotic changes occurring as Grand Cross 2014 approaches.

Lunar Eclipse 2014 Conjunct Arcturus

This lunar eclipse is very close in longitude to the fixed stars Arcturus and Spica. These two bright fixed stars have a similar influence, being the two most fortunate stars of all. However, there is a difference, with Arcturus being somewhat grittier, more apt at dealing with the darker aspects of life on earth, while Spica is more the sweet and innocent type.


24 ♎ 02
24 ♎ 26
25 ♎ 09
25 ♎ 15


Fixed Star Spica
Fixed Star Arcturus
Minor Planet Ceres
The Lunar Eclipse

It is therefore important to differentiate which of these stars will have the greater influence on lunar eclipse April 2014. As you can see in the table, Arcturus is closer to the Moon than Spica is, by nearly half of one degree. Given this fact, plus the magnitude of Arcturus being greater than that of Spica, it is fair to say that this lunar eclipse is under the spell of the fixed star Arcturus alone.

Arcturus, though very fortunate giving honors and riches, confers a belligerent and quarrelsome nature, and also has a reputation of achieving justice through power. The Arabic name for this star, ‘Al Haris al Samak’, means ‘Protector of the Defenseless One’ (the protector of sweet Spica). Robson says that the Moon conjunct Arcturus gives new friends, business success, good judgment, and domestic harmony.

Lunar Eclipse April 2014 Astrology Chart

Lunar Eclipse April 2014 Astrology Chart

Lunar Eclipse April 2014 Astrology Chart

Making an even closer conjunction to the lunar eclipse is the minor planet Ceres. As she is the mother of the royal family, and placed in the stars as Spica, we could say that this Arcturus lunar eclipse is looking over and protecting Ceres mothers and families.

This does tie in very nicely with the interpretation for Moon with Arcturus, being domestic harmony. Well so far the lunar eclipse suggest a very supportive and nurturing family life, with an emphasis on women, as both the Moon and Ceres represent the mother and nurturing.

But we have to place this in context of the intensely powerful T-Square aspect pattern, involving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. “Any restlessness and anxiety cause by Uranus is going to be exacerbated and exaggerated by Jupiter. It is going to be dramatically intensified out of all proportion by Pluto, leading to some sort of crisis.”

Lunar Eclipse April 2014 Times


Los Angeles, USA
New York, USA
London, UK
Delhi, India
Sydney, Australia


15 Apr 2014
15 Apr 2014
15 Apr 2014
15 Apr 2014
15 Apr 2014


00.42 am
03:42 am
08:42 am
01:12 pm
05:42 pm

With the emphasis on nurturing mother-figures against the backdrop of radical and uncertain changes taking place, it would seem that it is going to be strong women acting as our protectors, giving a supportive and guiding hand through troubling times.

These will not necessarily be your tradition mother-types, as Mercury is conjunct Uranus. We can expect original and unorthodox messages from our matriarchal guides.

With Mercury and Uranus on the fixed star Alpheratz, we can expect these wise women to be strongly independent, just, honorable, and with “considerable psychic power”.

18 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse April 2014

  1. for me sees BML on my MC , Hekate on my Asc and Eris on my venus…fortunately I prefer to not be where I am not welcome so no 13th fairy reaction here, but still I doubt i will be unseen…so best put on my party dress anyway…

  2. Well, this will be something for me! Two days later, is my birthday. I´m always affraid of Uranus. I AM Uranus: it is on my 1st. House. And AstrologAy says that we are what is in our 1st. House. So…

    With Júpiter… I hope I just don´t get to be “grandiose” in change. I´ve always been very affraid of things and changes. My Asc. is on Cancer, then Uranus and Pluto are on Leo (Pluto, already in my 2nd H.)…

    With cooperatives, we go slow and seems to be very steady (though, funding co´s. is considerably hard, is energy taking: conforming groups, talking with authorities, keeping the lead, writing basic doccuments, speaking to lawyers… OH MG!).

    AND, there is a Brand new Trans-Neptunian just discovered!:

    With no name yet… so it is for us to see which other archetype we have to integrate, provided position…

    Kind regards to you Jamie and to this Community! 🙂


  3. I suggest it will be strong females who remember what the strengths and natural duties honouring the sacred feminine actually are, not how we have been trained, restricted and challenged to be in order to be respected as the old age went out of control, just a suggestion, especially as Mother Nature put us here for a reason as she needed each gender to be…the proof will be in the eating of the pudding I guess…mm now I need to go searching for the recipe for that delicious treacle suet pudding my mum used to make, why on earth did I have to bring that old adage to mind, oh well,yummmm

    • Many females have now forgotten who and what they truly are and how valuable that is in its potential, equally so in fact and like you said above, gradually the wisdom of it has been lost through the generations passing “chinese whispers” along the inherited line, which of course produces a society like we have been enduring. Nature of course has not forgotten and knows the energy that is “like” hers, she will take her course to make good again and there is nothing we as human creations by her are able to do to stop her, just try corking a volcano, the pressure is coming out somewhere, so best to just get out of her way rather than stand there arguing with her adamant that she is wrong 🙂

  4. Hi Jamie my natal moon is 25 of Libra in 9th house how will this effect me please

    • A reversal of the cosmic scales in order to balance them is quite possible, what was once thought lost is now given back to where it belongs if deemed so, by cosmic lore? Sending high hopes for you dragon fly, that it is so for you to be in receipt of such goodness, namaste. Just be aware that due to the force of this cardinally acute change their may be resentment for others especially those who think they have now been robbed and dont take it on board, step away!

      • oops that was intended to say resentment from others lol! saturn rx in scorp can equal envy

  5. Jamie, this is the 1st of 4 total Lunar Eclipses, called a Tetrad. This one is very rare as the Earth, Mars, Sun and Moon are all aligned. Tetrad eclipses have historically marked a hugely significant event. I smell ‘Putin’ all over this!

  6. Well…it is NOT all sweetness and light, so it is erroneous to just talk about maternal/familial protection abounding w. Ceres (as I personally experienced it, BOTH the Aries and Libra dynamic, as well as the Arcturus and Spica dynamic were all at work involving this eclipse). I should know…having my Neptune conjunct Mercury at (27/28 degrees Libra, respectively) in the 12th house. So, there sat the Eclipse, for me BIG time! What did I experience. Myself, choosing to consciously contemplate and process the unconscious patterning (12th house themes, the deep past, suffering, victimization, karma, self-sabotage, etc.) involving my 95-year-old mother (Ceres) who is convalescing (my 6th house) after becoming dizzing (my Neptune outpictured) falling and breaking both her wrists (my Mercury conjunct it. being outpictured for me), and resulting in major demands and dedication on the family to continue caring for her in the home ‘hearth’ (I think Vesta’s involved in this eclipse dynamic too). Resulting in an amping of service, sacrifice [again 12th–esp. for me who has to do most of the daily (Mercury ruling 3rd naturally) care]. Trouble is, my mother IS trouble! She is both strong in her weakness (old age and current problem) and weak in her over-the-top feistiness/anger/aggression (which some may misconstrue as strength, but IS weakness). Since Sunday (the build-up point to the full-moon energy), all hell broke loose between her and I (the old karmic pattern between us of her Aries Moon (she’s also a Scorpio sun!) blasting me full-bore and me (Libra) in the past trying to deflect or placate but in recent years, dealing more w. the unfairness and injustice of such blind-siding emotional assault.

    I read somewhere that the trick is, is for the Libra to adopt more Arian qualities (courage, assertion, ‘balls’, head-on confrontation, etc.) and for the Aries to likewise become more accommodating, listen better, be patient, slow down,
    cooperate, etc.). To balance out, in short. And, so, I discovered that is just what I was doing in all this, and my mother (not being conscious of all this astro theory) was still blasting her Aries moon emotions away, but was then ‘forced’ by me, my sister (her main guardian) and circumstances (her dependence on our care) to face her pugilistic nature and stop and listen and become more accommodating (whether she felt like it or not)!

    Most assuredly, the dynamics of the Grand Cardinal Square creating the challenging energy (for development, evolution, release, or transformation– to change and thus the potential at least, to lay new foundations) was at work here too.

    I love to watch (well maybe NOT this much challenge!) the astrology out-picture in my life– and see the roles this one plays, that one plays…. The trick being, of course, to attempt to consciously process it all in terms of ones inner state (i.e. it is not
    about them, but what in me needs to change– one way or another). Yet, all of us are called to this major internal transformative journey.

  7. For Australians, NSW premier Barry O’Farrell resigned the morning after this lunar eclipse. He lied to a corruption inquiry the morning of the eclipse. The lunar eclipse was square his Mars. Natal Mars on the fixed star Procyon: “scandal and slander, disgrace and ruin”.

    Jupiter is now on his Venus, part of the grand cross. Natal Venus on the fixed star Canopus: ” scandal through an intrigue by which reputation will suffer, public disgrace”.

  8. yeah I saw it on the news last night and wondered if he was affected co it was on my ascendant squae natal saturn (3rd)and I havent been able to hide or stop myself from speaking truth from my own perspective of ethics, whic I sually manage at least a little stealth, it is very powerful!

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