Michael Ignatieff Horoscope

Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff is contesting the May 2 2011 Canadian Federal Election as leader of the Liberal Party. This political party is the largest opposition party in the Canadian parliament, and Ignatieff won 26% of the vote in the last election. The Liberal Party is left leaning and progressive.

We have no time of birth for Ignatieff but from his noon chart we can see why he has a great reputation as a highly intelligent and broad minded man. Look at Jupiter, the planet of learning and philosophy. It is the action point of a Yod aspect pattern to Venus/Mars and Uranus. This means that his mission in life is all about Jupiter: Higher education, Ignatieff was a professor of history for twelve years. Long distance travel, has traveled extensively and lived in the UK, USA and France. Law, well now he’s a politician. His Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star AgenaIntellectual success, legal and Church authority, professional honor“.

There is a conjunction of Mars and Jupiter the day before the election. This conjunction falls on Ignatieff Venus Mars conjunction. This will help is popularity, his Venus Mars conjunction means he does have appealing and charismatic qualities, attractive to the opposite sex. He should poll high with female voters more than usual given that both Mars and Jupiter are activating this part of his horoscope. In fact he should do well with voters in general. Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Mars is a sign of success.

For a summary of all the contenders see Canada Election 2011.

5 thoughts on “Michael Ignatieff Horoscope

  1. Hi Jamie ,

    He has also ……
    Mars Conjunction Mars Natal: Michael
    This is a very important work cycle peak, representing new jobs, new
    positions, new projects, and new goals developing in the surrounding
    month that will last for the next two years. What you accept, you’re stuck
    with for that time, so choose well. Impact your options, then make your
    power moves with renewed vigor.

    Sun Square Pluto Natal: Michael
    Although the opportunity may present itself to get into a shoving match
    over personal territory or convictions, in the end there is little ground to be gained and much energy to be wasted. Desired change will come of itself if you are willing to let it — the matador wins by avoiding the bull, not colliding with it.

    His Uranus conjunct with fixed Bellatrix 0 50′
    Bellatrix, the left shoulder of Orion (The Hunter), is characterized by quick decision making, couragous thinking and the ability to strategize and organise. Reckless behaviour can cause physical injury. Considered fortunate for women. Nice articles

    • Hi again Dr. Wasam. Glad you said Bellatrix is fortunate for women, my eldest daughter has Saturn on this star.

      Also glad you mentioned his Mars return. Good interpretation too, being the start of a two year cycle.

      That Sun on election day square his Pluto is a concern, but then your interpretation fits with what you would expect for any politician on election night.

      I really hope Michael does well, I like his chart. Obviously a broad minded and very wise man.

      I have yet to do the chart for the current PM Stephen Harper. I am writing these political candidate profiles as pages, which do not go out to our subscribers as emails. Trying not to bombard people with boring politics too much I will put it all together in a post which will get seen on the main page. Will add the election day chart to that and a prediction. That prediction will be difficult because the opposition is so divided. Not as simple as a two-horse race.

      • Thanks my friend, I it’s true …. I like him too, so hope it goes well for him .

  2. If you check the progressions for both Ignatieff and Harper it is very interesting. Harpers progressed mars is now on top of Ignatieffs progressed pluto (which is not far from his natal position) as well as his natal saturn. I think this is a good indication for Ignatieff. also Harper has transiting pluto on his natal saturn now.

  3. Carmen Leveille: Harper has transiting pluto on his natal saturn now.

    This one can go either way from memory, will have to see how it fits with the other transits. Hope your right about that progressed Pluto in synastry.

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