My Health Concerns

I was diagnosed with cancer for the third time on May 13. So I stopped doing personal readings to focus on writing weekly and monthly horoscopes, and the moon phases.

I had lung surgery on July 12 and should be starting chemotherapy in a few weeks. Although I am still taking it slow, I have put the readings page back on the menu and plan to start writing some more interesting articles.

Looking back at my transits shows that natal Mercury and Venus opposite Saturn was activated each time I was diagnosed with cancer. Transiting Pluto square Mercury and Saturn lasts until the end of this year so I have another six months of intense Damocles syndrome to endure.

March 2012

Colon cancer. Lower one-third of bowel removed.

  • Pluto square Midheaven
  • Neptune opposite Mars
  • Uranus opposite Midheaven
  • Saturn conjunct Mercury and Venus, opposite Saturn

June 2018

Metastatic cancer upper lobe right lung. Removed by wedge resection.

  • Pluto conjunct Ascendant, trine Jupiter
  • Uranus opposite Mercury and Venus, conjunct Saturn
  • Saturn square Midheaven

July 2021

Recurrence of metastatic cancer. Upper lobe right lung removed.

  • Pluto square Mercury, square Saturn
  • Neptune sextile Ascendant, opposite Jupiter
  • Uranus trine Moon

My Natal Chart

Jamie Partridge

  • Fixed star Baten Kaitos at 21♈30 rules the center point of the head (pituitary gland).
  • Fixed star Al Pherg at 26♈22 rules the top of the head, between the top of the forehead and the crown (pineal gland).

On the downside, cancer in the lungs can metastasize in the brain. But on the upside, the focused Yod pointing at Saturn gives the potential for positive thinking to stop that happening and materialize a cure. So it is time for positive thinking, and double-dosing Echinacea!

Update July 20

My surgeon called today with the pathology results. All the cancer was removed and it had not spread into the lymph glands. And thank you so much for all the uplifting comments, very much appreciated.

Update July 28

I start chemo on August 18 and it will last up to 6 months. And to everyone again, thank you so very much for your support and your generosity.

Update August 19

I started chemo yesterday and I don’t feel sick! The only side effect so far is tingling hands when they get cold. And that is easy fixed. Oh, and I also went back to bed for 2 hours this morning, so a little tired.

Update August 26

The first week of chemo I was so tired and a bit nauseous but no vomiting. I had to stop doing readings and probably won’t start again until the chemo is totally finished, maybe 6 months. Every 3 weeks I have an infusion of a drug that makes me really sick for abut one week but then I get well enough to do things around the house and sit at the computer as well. Next update when I see the oncologist on September 6.

Update September 7

Good news from my oncologist yesterday. My cancer markers are normal and I only need 3 months of chemotherapy instead of 6 months. Thank you again for the messages of support!

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