My Health Concerns

I was diagnosed with cancer for the third time on May 13. So I stopped doing personal readings to focus on writing weekly and monthly horoscopes, and the moon phases.

I had lung surgery on July 12 and should be starting chemotherapy in a few weeks. Although I am still taking it slow, I have put the readings page back on the menu and plan to start writing some more interesting articles.

Looking back at my transits shows that natal Mercury and Venus opposite Saturn was activated each time I was diagnosed with cancer. Transiting Pluto square Mercury and Saturn lasts until the end of this year so I have another six months of intense Damocles syndrome to endure.

March 2012

Colon cancer. Lower one-third of bowel removed.

  • Pluto square Midheaven
  • Neptune opposite Mars
  • Uranus opposite Midheaven
  • Saturn conjunct Mercury and Venus, opposite Saturn

June 2018

Metastatic cancer upper lobe right lung. Removed by wedge resection.

  • Pluto conjunct Ascendant, trine Jupiter
  • Uranus opposite Mercury and Venus, conjunct Saturn
  • Saturn square Midheaven

July 2021

Recurrence of metastatic cancer. Upper lobe right lung removed.

  • Pluto square Mercury, square Saturn
  • Neptune sextile Ascendant, opposite Jupiter
  • Uranus trine Moon

My Natal Chart

Jamie Partridge

  • Fixed star Baten Kaitos at 21♈30 rules the center point of the head (pituitary gland).
  • Fixed star Al Pherg at 26♈22 rules the top of the head, between the top of the forehead and the crown (pineal gland).

On the downside, cancer in the lungs can metastasize in the brain. But on the upside, the focused Yod pointing at Saturn gives the potential for positive thinking to stop that happening and materialize a cure. So it is time for positive thinking, and double-dosing Echinacea!


My surgeon called today with the pathology results. All the cancer was removed and it had not spread into the lymph glands. And thank you so much for all the uplifting comments, very much appreciated.

234 thoughts on “My Health Concerns

  1. I’m very sorry to hear you are going through this. Again. I love reading your work. As hard as it may be at times try and stay optimistic for the future. I have been hearing positive feedback with music DNA repair therapy. I will send positive healing thoughts your way.

  2. You are a brave man. I join all the others sending you healing love and every good wish.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story, and explaining it all.
    My wishes and blessing to you in your journey.
    Dawn Clark

  4. Wishing you full recovery! Sending my best wishes. and lots of good energy for you! I love reading your work!

  5. wishing for your recovery! me and my friends read you from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    i hope you are in company of your family and loved ones. XOXO

  6. You WILL recover. Thump your thymus daily to activate cancer fighting cells to awaken and charge to your aid. You are a fighter. I include you in daily positive messages. You inspire via sharing with a positive outlook. Aloha

  7. So sorry to hear of your very serious health issues. I do hope that they resolve. I believe in the healing power of the body and affirm that daily as I face my own challenges to health and well being.
    You are a great and encouraging voice and have helped me to understand some deep issues.
    I send my prayers for your recovery. And even though our astrology reflects our challenges it is you, the person,that rises above it all.
    I am glad that you shared this with your community.
    Sending Light, Grace, Peace and the greatest power, LOVE.

  8. Dear Jamie,

    As you know, special people like you (Psychics, Astrologers and Mediums) are prone to cancers.
    I have prayed to our Father, Jesus. All will be well!!!!!!!! You have a beautiful mind.

    Lots of Love to You!

  9. Best wishes to you. May this be your last bout of cancer. Agree! Think positive. We can change our fate.

  10. Astrologyking is my go-to. High quality and so consistent. I read it far more than any other source. Sending good vibes. Be well Jamie.

  11. Thank you for sharing your gift. So sorry to hear about your cancer battle. One day at a time friend. Sending prayers your way.

  12. So sorry to hear about this. Hope and pray you bounce back from these tough times soon

  13. My surgeon called today with the pathology results. All the cancer was removed and it had not spread into the lymph glands. And thank you so much for all the uplifting comments, very much appreciated.

  14. I have been following you for quite some time, stay strong, remember you are not alone in this people pray for you. Even though we never met astrology made all of us come together online and we are friends.

    Personally from experience of other people around me I would recommend:
    Change your diet do not eat process foods,
    I recommend from Flora Flor essence Dry Herbal Tea Blend with mild bitter qualities,
    consider vitamin C, there are even clinics that give shots of vitamin C. even a Nobel prize winner was advocating vitamin C
    Consider B17/pits form apricots are really good. see documentary of G. Edward Griffin.

    Doctors not often can recommend apricot pits but In Netherlands a doctor of my mothers friend prescribed also change of diet and with it apricot pits she recovered. Same story in different country, I know a friend in Poland who had chemo, radiation, operation nothing helped. Eventually doctor took him for private conversation, told him this conversation never took place and told him that there is nothing they can do for him, but he said eat apricot pits and read about vitamin C therapy. My colleague ate apricot pits even as high as 52 a day which can be dangerous and had vitamin C therapy, he got better in weeks. He met later a girl who that a tumor in her eye she did the same and she is almost 100% healthy. I am just sharing this perhaps it can be useful for you just like astrology can be useful to some and nonsense to others . Because in this world it is hard to find answers it is good to consider options outside the norm. Stay Strong, greetings Martin

  15. Dear Jamie, I am very sorry to read of your latest battle with cancer, you have been unlucky, but all cleared now.
    i wish you lots of love and really appreciate your astrology website, well done you, to keep it going, while poorly
    thank you so very much

  16. I wish you a speedy recovery. So sorry to hear about this. I love your website. God Bless.

  17. U are a brave one.Have a speedy recovery. Sending good, healthy vibes your way.

  18. Wow ! We really never know what people are going through in life ! So very happy to hear it has not spread! Sending love and prayers ✨🙏✨. Keep up the good fight!

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