Fixed Star Thuban

Thuban at 07°27′ Virgo has an orb of 1°00′
Fixed Star Thuban

Draco Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Thuban on August 31

Fixed star Thuban, Alpha Draconis, is a 3.6 magnitude pale yellow star in the tail of the Dragon, Draco Constellation. The traditional name Thuban comes from the Arabic word ثعبان‎ (thuʿbān) which means large snake. It has also been called the Dragon’s Tail and as Adib.

Thuban is a relatively inconspicuous star in the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere, it is historically significant as having been the north pole star from the 4th to 2nd millennium BCE. Despite being the Alpha star, Thuban is much fainter than Etamin, the brightest star in the constellation.


29 ♌ 50
00 ♍ 29
07 ♍ 27
11 ♍ 19
13 ♍ 25

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Fixed Star Thuban Astrology

Thuban was the pole star 3000 years ago. It was called the “Judge of Heaven” during the reign of the first Saragon king of Akkad, and it can be seen from the bottom of the central passage of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. [2]

Constellation Draco

Constellation Draco the Dragon gives an artistic and emotional but somber nature, a penetrating and analytical mind, much travel and many friends but danger of robbery and of accidental poisoning. According to Ptolemy the bright stars are like Saturn and Mars (bold, cruel, heartless, adulterous, criminal, liar, loss of estates, poverty, few friends. If of 1st magnitude, rises by usury or unfair means. If culminating, bad name, rise by trade followed by disgrace and ruin). It was said by the Ancients that when a comet was here poison was scattered over the world. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Mem and the 13th Tarot Trump “Death.” [1]

The early astrologers called Draco “The Poisonous Dragon”. The constellation is especially hurtful to mineral resources, and presages the pollution of rivers and the air. The Moon’s Nodes are named after this constellation. The Dragon’s Head (North Node) and the Dragon’s Tail (South Node) refer to the Moon’s undulating course symbolized by the twisting of the Dragon about the North Pole. [2]

10th Arabic Manzil – Al-Jabhah

Strengthens buildings, promotes love, benevolence, and help against enemies.

With Moon: Sow, plant, release prisoners but take no purgatives.

26th Chinese Xiù – 張 (Zhāng) Extended Net

The name of this mansion is taken to mean “spreading”, like a net. Associated with festivities, such as after a good hunt (game collected for a feast). As it was customary to bring presents on such occasions, this mansion indicated gifts/presents.

Right conduct is rewarded. It brings harmonious relationships and rewards due to industriousness such as promotion and salary increase. Good for family reunions and acquiring new property. It also presages the sickness of the authority figure.

Thuban, Alpha Draconis

Thuban, Alpha Draconis []

Fixed Star Thuban Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Thuban: When rising, Thuban indicates prospectors of gold and silver or those who are ministers of money (occupations in banking, insurance, or other financial professions.) [2]

Sarah Paulson 0°58′.

Descendant conjunct Thuban: If setting and if Mars is conjunct the descendant or in harsh aspect with it, it is said to presage the native being burned in his own house or killed by public execution. [2]

Midheaven conjunct Thuban: Sarah, Duchess of York 0°08′

Sun conjunct Thuban: Bruce McLaren 0°13′, Warren Buffett 0°17′

Moon conjunct Thuban: Ted Kennedy 0°05′ (and Neptune)

Mercury conjunct Thuban: Sara Aldrete 0°59′, Percy Bysshe Shelley 0°59′, Tom Brady 1°00′

Saturn conjunct Thuban: Kourtney Kardashian 0°17′

Uranus conjunct Thuban: Helen Keller 0°02′, Nigel Farage 0°21′, Courtney Love 0°22′, Boris Johnson 0°25′

Neptune conjunct Thuban: Elizabeth Taylor 0°05′, Ted Kennedy 0°13′ (and Neptune), Donald Rumsfeld 0°31′

Pluto conjunct Thuban: Barack Obama 0°04′, Jordan Peterson 0°45′, Diego Maradona 0°48′, Princess Diana of Wales 0°51′

South Node conjunct Thuban: Theodore Roosevelt 0°08′


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  2. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.9.
  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. Regulus ingress Virgo chart:
    Thuban: 7Vir38
    Ascendant: 8Vir11
    Mars: 8Vir53
    asteroid 6478 Gault: 12Vir22

  2. (Transits) to the Regulus ingress Virgo chart on March 8, 2019

    Gault 6478, 8Vir10r (ascendant 8Vir11)
    Moon, 1Ari47 (Uranus 0Ari41r)
    Mercury, 29Pis12r (Uranus 0Ari41r)
    Chiron, 0Ari59 (Uranus 0Ari41r)
    Uranus, 0Tau41(Jupiter 1Tau31r)

    Gault orbit, 3.5 years

  3. If you are an historian, what is interesting about Thuban is its position at 0°Virgo38′, when HERNAN CORTEZ shows up in Mexico, 1519, 500 years ago. Were the conquistidors looking for gold and silver?

    The first chronicle by the Aztecs, April 21, 1516…. 500 years later, April 21, 2019, we now see Regulus at 0°Virgo04, star Phecda 0°Virgo45′ and Comet Gault at 0°Virgo36 station direct.

    • Few corrections. The first chronicle by the Aztecs, of Cortez arrival, was April 21, 1519.

      And Today, Regulus is at 0°Virgo06′. Phecda and Gault are conjunct, so if anyone has more detail on Phecda beyond Jamies Phecda page, I would like to hear from you.

  4. I was looking at housing market and demographic data and was surprised to learn age 32/33 is the median age for first time buyers.

    Subtract this age from 2019 and the year of birth is 1986/87. What sprunge to mind immediately was the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Wiki has a good overview: the Aztec calender, Cortez, a good helping of astrology, but no charts…. and the date of the Next harmonic convergence, March 3, 2019.

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