Venus Opposite Sun Transit

Venus Opposite Sun TransitVenus opposite Sun transit does increase activity in the love and relationship department, and you will feel like indulging in pleasure more than going to work. Relationships should go well, but there may be troubles if you lower your standards, thereby entering a new relationship that is not in your best interests. You could also be inclined to push too hard, resulting in disappointment from unrequited love.

Lack of discipline and overindulgence are other things to be mindful of now. This is not the best time to go on a spending spree or to ask for favors, especially borrowing money. Think twice about going into debt now, as this could cause problems later.

5 thoughts on “Venus Opposite Sun Transit

  1. Venus is the worst planet in my chart in house 8 in conjunction with my mars also in house 8. Feeling the love is a from of pure evil. In a sense to me i fell hate and evil rising from the ground.To me venus represents Lucifer and his disciples saying love us or we will kill you.

    • Agreed. Relationships take you to a different hell with Venus in the 8th house.

    • I’m so sorry, it sounds like you need so much healing. My Venus is in Scorpio, squaring my nodes and opposing Chiron. Lessons in love and relationships run deep but it all makes sense when we give ourselves love and kindness. Wishing you the best.

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