Aries 2013 Horoscope

Aries 2013 Horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Aries Decan 1 – born Mar 21 to 30.
   Aries Decan 2 – born Mar 31 to Apr 9.
   Aries Decan 3 – born Apr 10 to 19.

Decan 1 Aries 2013 Horoscope

Up till May 2013 you guys are still under the very positive influence of the November 2012 lunar eclipse. The sextile aspect from this eclipse should be having a more harmonious effect on your home life and on your relationships than you have been used to. Lunar eclipses tend to focus more on your inner personal and home life, and the increased sense of well-being here is amplified with Jupiter sextile your decan up till late March 2013. So your spirits should be high to start this year, and growth and happiness can be expected in your close relationships. Your home and family should be warm and supportive, and you may look to expand in this area, such as building extension or moving to a nicer or bigger place. Big changes are still a theme in your life with Uranus in your decan up till late April 2013, however these changes will flow much more smoothly in this period compared to last year because you have that eclipse behind plus the lucky Jupiter transit will make any changes more positive.

The May 25 Lunar Eclipse makes the most fortunate trine aspect for your Aries 2013 horoscope. This means that you will be feeling more confident and optimistic, be able to promote yourself well and see rewards for your effort. The effect of this eclipse will last through till early November 2013 and should clear your path of any obstacles and bring assistance from people who can assist you on your path. From late June to early August 2013, a Jupiter square means you will have to put in more effort to achieve the successes promised by the solar eclipse. You will also have to work within your means and not try to over-extend yourself during this 6 week period.

Now just for Aries horoscope people born from the 28th to 30th of March, the long drawn out Uranus Pluto square comes back to bring some radical changes in your life for the last few months of 2013. This will be felt the strongest in late October and early November, with the exact square on November 1 2013. The intensity from Pluto will ease after this date, and the tension and change from Uranus will ease after it finally leaves your decan in February 2014.

   Monthly Aries Horoscope Decan 1
   Aries 2014 Horoscope Decan 1

Decan 2 Aries 2013 Horoscope

You can look forward to the really lucky Jupiter sextile  from the 20th of March till the 13th of May 2013. You should feel very contented and optimistic during this period with good reason, because this transit will make it easier for you to achieve success. This can come on the form of wealth creation or promotions, but it also signifies a time of personal and spiritual growth and happiness. It is a good time to expand your horizons through study or travel, and you may find that you become more interested in a broader range of activities and interests, which may include involvement with groups of people or individual from different social or ethics circles than yourself.

There are a couple of weeks to watch for in your Aries 2012 horoscope with Mercury retrograde making the challenging square aspect to your decan from July 4 to 20, 2013. During this period your thinking may become muddled so it is not the best time for making important decision or signing contracts. Later this year you may also need to be more conservative with  Jupiter square your decan from the 11th of August till the 21st of October 2013. Growth and expansion is still a theme for your Aries 2013 horoscope like earlier in the year, only now you have to make more of an effort, or have to go further out of your comfort zone to achieve success. You may yearn for more than you can get now, and it would be better to show more restraint and not be too greedy. If you take on too much you risk burning out or over-extending yourself and your resources.

For Aries horoscope born from the 31st of March to the 3rd of April only, you will start to feel the effects of the major life-changing Uranus Pluto squares. This involves two once in a life time transits which will last for a few years. Uranus enters your decan in April 2012 signalling some major changes in all areas of your life. You may start to feel this and increased tension, anticipation or excitement. Pluto square your decan is bringing profound changes which you will have been starting to feel since  late 2012. There is an exact square between Uranus and Pluto on the 20th of May 2013 which will intensify and feeling of insecurity or tension. This is a chance however to make some fundamental changes in your life for the better, even though it may be very unsettling at the time.

   Monthly Aries Horoscope Decan 2
   Aries 2014 Horoscope Decan 2

Decan 3 Aries 2013 Horoscope

You can look forward to making some big gains with Jupiter sextile your decan from the 13th of May till the 26th of June 2013. This is a very fortunate transit known for promoting personal growth, happiness and wealth creation. Jupiter is expanding and broadening your life, so this is an ideal time for travelling or taking up new studies. Your areas of interest will expand too, and may include philosophy, politics, religion and spirituality, or anything which makes you life more rounded and more rewarding. You should find it easier to promote yourself and achieve success now because luck is on your side and others will warm to your positive attitude and be more likely to give you support.

You get another Jupiter transit later this year but is slightly more challenging. The Jupiter square lasting from mid October to the end of November 2013 will still have you wanting to grow and expand your horizons, but things may not fall your way so easily as earlier in the year. You can still achieve success, but you will have to work a bit harder for it and may not receive as much help from others. During this time you may want more than you can have, so it is important not to over-reach or take on too many projects at the same time. try to be more conservative with your time and energy, and your finances.

The lunar eclipse on 18 October 2013 falls in your Aries 2013 horoscope decan, and this will place a strong emphasis on your inner persona life, your close relationships and your home and family. This focus will last for a number of month, into early next year. This eclipse will highlight the polarities in your life and may expose some difficulties caused by differing between you and others, or your home life versus professional life. You are likely to be much more emotionally sensitive, and this will be most noticeable while the Jupiter square is occurring in combination with this eclipse, from 18 October to 24 November 2013. In this five-week period, relationships may come under strain if you expect too much of your loved ones, and it is likely that it is you that will have to make more of an effort to maintain the harmony.

   Monthly Aries Horoscope Decan 3
   Aries 2014 Horoscope Decan 3

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