Cancer 2013 Horoscope

Cancer 2013 Horoscope Cancer horoscope 2013 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Cancer Decan 1 – born Jun 21 to Jul 1.
   Cancer Decan 2 – born Jul 2 to 12.
   Cancer Decan 3 – born Jul 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Cancer 2013 Horoscope

Gee you guys have a lot going on this year, and you will be pleased to find out that it is mostly very fortunate, with only some of you born later in this decan having a remainder of the drama from the Uranus Pluto squares which dominated last years horoscope. All of you get a great boost from the lunar eclipse on 25 April 2013 which is trine your decan.  This will bring harmony to all your relationships and make you feel nicely balanced and calm. This friendly and sociable influence will last for five or so months till the next eclipse cycle, which is also a good one for you, I’ll get to that in a sec.

Before then you have Jupiter in your decan from late June to mid August 2013 and this is an extremely fortunate transit bringing personal and professional growth and expansion. With the combined effect of the eclipse and Jupiter you should feel very happy with yourself, and your enthusiasm and good cheer will win you favors from others. This transit above all is known for bringing good luck. The solar eclipse on 3 November 2013 is trine your decan and the self-confidence it brings will last into 2014. It will clear your path of any obstacles and makes achievement and success with your goals so much easier.

Just or those of you born June 21 to 27, you have a Neptune trine all year which will raise your hopes about the future. It should also increase your interest in spiritual matters and with those wonderful eclipses happening for you, I would expect that relationships will undergo a spiritual transformation, and any new love relationships will have a real soul mate feeling about them.

For Cancer horoscope born June 25 to July 1 only, you get two more transits this year. Firstly, carrying over from last year you have the Uranus square up till the end of March 2013. So you still have to deal with some tension and change which may be unsettling for a just a bit longer. This will be replaced by a greater sense of stability with a Saturn trine from the beginning of April to early October 2013. Big achievements and increased recognition are likely, especially while that Jupiter transit mentioned earlier is going on.

For the Crabs born on June 30 and July 1 only, you revisit the transforming Pluto opposition from mid July to late November 2013. Power struggles are possible during this time and you may have to deal with extreme behavior in yourself or from others, such as jealousy or compulsion. You also get a  Uranus square from mid October 2012 through till mid February 2014, and this does increase the level of tension and the amount of change you will have to deal with. Any dramas will likely peak in early November 2013 when the fourth Uranus Pluto square occurs.

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Decan 2 Cancer 2013 Horoscope

The May 9 Solar Eclipse makes the friendly sextile aspect to your decan which is a good omen for improved relationships and more harmony in life. It lasts through till November 2013 and will allow you to pursue your personal and professional goals with confidence and enthusiasm. There should be less obstacles in your path and it is highly likely that you will receive assistance and encouragement from others. This will be especially so with Jupiter in your decan  from early August to late October 2013. Jupiter will amplify the positive influence from the eclipse, bringing luck and prosperity to your door.

Saturn is trine your decan from the beginning of October to the end of December 2013. This is a very stabilizing and achievement orientated transit in which you can reap the rewards of past efforts, and make substantial improvement in your life. Especially in October 2013, it will allow you to materialize the luck from luck from Jupiter and make it lasting. Professionally, this could mean a promotion or pay rise, and at the personal level it  could bring new commitment and happiness to an existing relationship  or a brand new partnership which is very well based and should stand the test of time.  For those of you born July 2 and 3, you also get this Saturn transit from early January to early April 2013.

Now for Cancer horoscope born July 2 to 4 only, you start to feel the effects of the Uranus Pluto squares this year. Your Pluto opposition transit starts from the beginning of 2013 and signals a period of profound transformation in your life for the next few years. You may have to deal with intense power and control issues and are going to have to learn to be more ruthless if you find that other people are trying to dominate you. The Uranus square begins in April and this means that you will likely be faced with some major changes which cause you to feel tense and unsettled. This is a difficult combination to handle and it is well worth following those link because there are many comments from people sharing their experiences with these transits over the last year.

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Decan 3 Cancer 2013 Horoscope

You guys should start this year feeling confident and optimistic because the November 2012 solar eclipse made the helpful trine aspect to your decan. This is having a relaxing effect and makes it easier for you to make progress with your goals. This is not only because you feel more comfortable and happy with your lot, but also because your relationships should be harmonious and others are more likely to assist you, or at the very least, not stand in your way. The benefits from this eclipse continue up till May, and thanks to some cosmic luck, the next eclipse cycle also works out nicely for you.

The May 9 Solar Eclipse is sextile your decan which is very similar to the trine you just came out of. The difference is that this eclipse should give you more of an energy boost, so it is the ideal time to initiate new projects, make new friends, and turn over a new leaf. This is an excellent time for you because on top of this fortunate eclipse, you also get Jupiter in your decan from mid October to the end of November 2013. This is considered the luckiest of transit and promotes growth and happiness. With this combination the sky is the limit and you should set your sights high because just about anything to put your mind to should bring success.

Don’t sit back and simply relax though, because the opportunities given to you need to be taken advantage of. The ideal time to do this would be from mid August to mid October, because the lunar eclipse on 18 October 2013 is square your decan suggesting that you may face more difficulty from other people in the months ahead, plus your energy and drive will not be as strong as earlier in the year. All together though, most of this year looks very promising for your love life and increasing your wealth. The Jupiter transit also favors new studies or travel, anything which adds to the richness of your life and expands your horizons.

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