Cancer 2014 Horoscope

Cancer 2014 Horoscope Cancer horoscope 2014 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Cancer Decan 1 – born Jun 21 to Jul 1.
   Cancer Decan 2 – born Jul 2 to 12.
   Cancer Decan 3 – born Jul 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Cancer 2014 Horoscope

A very fortunate and idealistic 2014 ahead with a series of eclipses boosting your spirits all year. The idealistic and dreamy influence comes from a positive Neptune transit lasting for all of 2014. This trine from Neptune will increase your interest in spirituality. You should already be feeling more compassionate, imaginative and idealistic. Unlike a challenging Neptune transit, the urge to follow a more spiritual path, does not have to result from a crisis or losing your way.

All of the eclipses effecting you in 2014 are solar eclipses. This means the focus this year will be on your personal goals and self promotion. Although you can expect favorable conditions in your home life and with your intimate relationships, the biggest gains this year should be with your career objectives and other personal goals. You ego and personality will also benefit from the spiritual growth offered by Neptune.

The November 2013 solar eclipse is followed by the April 29 solar eclipse, then the solar eclipse in late October 2014 will continue its beneficial effect through into April 2015. So there is nothing to complain about here, you have a good run for at least eighteen months. The first and last eclipses makes the confidence boosting trine to your decan, which is a similar effect to the sextile from the April 2014 solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse trine brings harmonious relationships because of an inner feeling of calm and balance. Things flow easily in all areas of life with few obstacles to getting ahead. You should make a good impression on superiors and can expect support and favors, especially from men. A good year to ask for a raise or throw your hat in the ring for a promotion. If you are unemployed, this is the year to land a good job because of your increased self-esteem.

For Cancer born June 29 to July 1 only, you have Uranus Square Sun Transit till the end of February 2014. The unexpected changes and disruption you have faced recently will be easier to handle now. Pluto is no longer making its painful opposition, and the Uranus Pluto squares no longer affect you.

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Decan 2 Cancer 2014 Horoscope

The outlook for 2014 is generally very positive, with two nice eclipse cycles in the first half of the year, and an extremely fortunate Jupiter transit later in 2014. The other influences vary somewhat, so after I cover the general decan 2 horoscopes first, I will break it up into groups of birth dates.

The November 2013 solar eclipse makes the harmonious trine, and the April 29 solar eclipse makes the equally beneficial sextile to your decan. This great pair of solar eclipses will keep you upbeat and optimistic right through till October 2014. Both eclipses will have a similar influence, bringing harmonious relationships because of an inner feeling of calm and balance.

Things will flow easily in all areas of life with few obstacles to getting ahead. Plans should work out well, and your goals will be easily achieved without too much effort. Other’s will not stand in your way, and you can expect favors and at least little resistance from others, especially men and people with power.

The October 8 lunar eclipse is square your decan, which has the potential to cause some relationship dramas and emotional sensitivity. However, during this challenging eclipse cycle, you have lucky Jupiter in your decan from November 2013 to May 2014. This is the most fortunate of all influences in astrology, and will more than compensate for any emotional drama from the eclipse. Check below for your birth date, because this could be an excellent time to try your luck and make achieve big successes.

For Cancer born July 2 to 5 only, you have a Pluto opposite all year. This can lead to such behavior as obsessions, compulsions, jealousy, revenge and domination. This extreme influence will be most noticeable from February to late April, and again from late October till the end of 2014. During these periods, you face unpredictable change and tension from Uranus square your decan. The most difficult weeks during these Uranus transits, will be the Uranus Pluto squares in mid April and Mid December. So the Jupiter transit I mentioned earlier is not a green light for you to push your luck. The amplifying influence of Jupiter means you will need to show more restraint and avoid overestimating your talents and resources.

For Cancer born July 6 to 8 only, you have a disruptive Uranus transit from May to late October. Unexpected events are likely to cause a lot of tension and uncertainty in your life for these six months. Luckily for you, this unpredictable transit ends before the good luck Jupiter transit, meaning you can reach for the stars and succeed with your dreams.

For Cancer born July 9 to 12 only, you have Saturn trine your decan from the beginning of May till the end of September 2014. This will not affect your lucky streak with the Jupiter transit I mentioned earlier, even if it did it would not decrease your good fortune. This Saturn transit is a foundation builder. You will have strength and perseverance to make lasting gains. Others will look to your for guidance, and you may receive a promotion of other recognition. Career is the main focus, with the background influence of the solar eclipses which help in self promotion and confidence.

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Decan 3 Cancer 2014 Horoscope

A great looking year ahead for you, although there is an uncomfortable background influence from a series of eclipses to deal with. Saturn trine your decan all year promises steady progress, where extra patience, determination and a strong sense of duty allow to you make great achievements. You will be balanced and focused, and not distracted from your goals and plans.

October 2013 lunar eclipse and the April 15 lunar eclipse make the annoying square aspect. These eclipses, like the one later in the year, will force you out of your comfort zone. But unlike the later eclipse, these will focus your attention on your intimate relationships and your home and family life.

Any area which needs fixing, will benefit from the maturity of the Saturn transit. Look to make repairs at home or reorganize finances. In relationships, commitment may be the issue in order to keep things rolling smoothly.

The best time of the year is from late May to mid July 2014. Lucky Jupiter in your decan teams up with Saturn to make this a 10 week period of supreme confidence and big success. Investing for the long-term is favored, in business or relationships (real estate or marriage).

The October 23 solar eclipse is square your decan, so the focus of your attention will move to your career and other goals. Although this is a difficult influence, Saturn will give you the patience and determination to face any challenges from superiors or other authority figures.

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