Solar Eclipse April 2014

Solar Eclipse April 2014 Astrology

Solar Eclipse April 2014

The annular solar eclipse on 29 April 2014 falls in the Taurus zodiac sign, but in the Aries constellation. At 8 degrees Taurus, this solar eclipse lines up with a fixed star in the head of Aries the Lamb called Hamal. What happened to Aries the Ram, I here you say? Well once upon a time, our sheep in the sky was drawn without horns, as an innocent lamb, and this symbol of sacrifice certainly fits with the astrological themes around this eclipse. We are still under the influence of the sacrificial grand cross, and the major aspect to the solar eclipse itself is to the planet of sacrifice, Neptune.

The Greeks joined the dots in the Aries constellation to form a Ram with Horns, but like so much of the astrology they tinkered with, they mucked it up. In the Dendera Zodiac, the Egyptian priests carved for this constellation, a Lamb with a Crown around it’s head, which some have mistaken as horns. The Hebrew name for the constellation is Taleh, the Lamb.

The fixed star Hamal, derives it’s name from the Arabic راس الحمل, which is supposed to translate to ‘the Head of the Ram’. Yet on Google Translate, we get the word ‘pregnancy’ and as an alternative translation, ‘Aries’. Jesus was known as the Lamb of God, with the symbolism of the Lamb most prominent in Christianity, as a symbol of sacrifice, but also of rebirth.

In the chart below for this solar eclipse, you can see how the red lines of the grand cross dominate the picture. In my post on Grand Cross 2014, I ended up summarizing its effects with just two words, “sacrifice and suffering”. This well describes the most prominent news stories of the last few weeks, the sacrifice of innocents on a plane and a boat, and the suffering of their families.

Solar Eclipse April 2014 Astrology

Solar Eclipse April 2014 Astrology

At the personal level, for each of us, the grand cross has forced us to address some source of hardship in our lives. Something which has been causing our loved ones to suffer. Perhaps a nasty side of our nature, a bad habit, addiction, or behavior which harms others.

April 2014 Solar Eclipse Times


Los Angeles, USA
New York, USA
London, UK
Delhi, India
Sydney, Australia


28 Apr 2014
29 Apr 2014
29 Apr 2014
29 Apr 2014
29 Apr 2014


11.14 pm
02:14 am
07:14 am
11:44 am
04:14 pm

The Moon moving over the face of the Sun at the moment of this annular solar eclipse, will almost, but not totally, blot out the power of the Sun, which is our ego. The Moon gains more power, but it is not a war, it is a union, synergy. Our subconscious, as represented by the Moon, gains a more intimate understanding of the workings of the ego, helping to find a better way forward.

The solar eclipse represents a rebooting of our unified conscious and subconscious, ego and feeling, together being the soul. This re-birthing by sacrificing the ego, is also represented by the leading star in the Lamb. And this same theme is shown by the rare grand cross, which is the urgency to radically transform, to evolve the soul.

Take actions to relieve the suffering of your loved ones, by sacrificing something, ultimately destructive, which has been propping up your ego. Sun sextile Neptune will reward this sacrifice with a clear conscience, and a renewed faith in yourself and the future.

Solar Eclipse April 2014 Visibility

Solar Eclipse April 2014 Astrology

Solar Eclipse April 2014 Visibility []

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  1. Thanks, Jamie. I hope you can glimpse the partial eclipse from home tomorrow. My GF was born March 21, and she is more lamb than ram in personality too, so I agree with the older imagery. Take care!

  2. Jamie thank you for this beautiful description! When was the last grand cardinal cross like this one! I would live to know? Fascinating. Thanks again love Rose

    • December 1933 Grand Cross. Another similarity is that this was the previous Uranus Pluto squares. However it was not as powerful as the 2014 grand cross, with weaker fixed stars, and a much larger total aspect orb. I wrote about the dramatic events off 1933 in my post on Uranus Square Pluto, “This was the height of the Great Depression, the stock markets were bottoming out, and unemployment was peaking. In January 1933, Adolf Hitler cemented his power.”

      But I think it was the Uranus Pluto square, more than the grand cross which influenced those events, which did happen mainly in January 1933, the month of the single heliocentric Uranus Pluto square. The current series of Uranus Pluto squares, using this method, would have peaked with the single heliocentric square in November 2013. That month saw the first demonstration in Ukraine against their (now ousted) president, resulting in the revival of the Cold War; the strongest ever recorded storm (Typhoon Yolanda), which killed over 6000 people in the Phillipines; and the Iran nuclear development program.

  3. Thank you Jamie . I hope you’re well m8
    Having an intensive time . Nor bad or good , but seems to me everything is pretty much fated . Thx 2 R mars though . He’s messing up with my relationship with others .
    Somehow , i’m feeling that we might face with shitty times geopolitically when Mars gets direct . I really hope everything gets sorted out peacefully though . I just can’t understand that why the hell gods or lords or planets want the human sacrifice , such as the planes or boats ?!
    Anyways , wish U the best for the next 6 months guys , cheers .

  4. Jamie, So when do you think the most destructive moment of the Uranus Pluto squares would be , as far as we can recognize, starting from April 2015 ? Thanks a lot for your insights !

    • This is difficult to answer because it is such a drawn out process. I think when we look back, the most critical development would have been the heliocentric square back in November 2013. I may not have been the most “destructive” or violent event, but the ramification of the first protests ion Ukraine could be seen as a major development leading to the civil war which is now gathering momentum following the spate of violence during the grand cross.

  5. Very succinct and typically good post Jamie. Very much the themes I saw when I looked at the past few weeks, a build up of tension from the Lunar Eclipse through the height of the cardinal cross and then this Solar eclipse is a release on the pressure valve that had been building for weeks. A release of course means letting something go, the very sacrifice and suffering that you so rightly put your finger on…

    • Sorry, pressed post comment too soon, well I was saying, we had the full effect, family were staying here with me to settle and start a new life in this country, it was hard but we were managing with the extra expense, not a lot of space at home, etc, until they told me that I was interfering (on the 16th of April) in their lives and that was it, they were out, basically in the streets, they told me they had money, but they lied to me, so they are now back to where they came from, the sad thing is that family got involved and basically I am alone with no family as they think that I am a monster. I tried to explain that they were ungrateful and inmature, but nothing. I am piscis born on the 16th of March 1968 at 7 am .So all that you were explaining, suffering and breakups.

      • Hi Sylvia, I notice you have Sun trine Neptune in your chart, so that sounds hopeful given this eclipse is sextile Neptune, should bring out your strong faith and hope.

  6. Look what I found! 🙂

    Despite institutional fragmentation, a renewed sense of
    wholeness is now emerging. Forward-thinking professionals
    Children of a Living Universe
    in physical science, archaeology, anthropology, psychology,
    and consciousness research now take a systems approach,
    treating humans as parts of a larger organism. (Ken Wilber’s
    use of the concept of “holons,” parts within parts of a larger
    whole.) The new scientists are joined across institutional barriers
    by nonsectarian mystics to expand the time frame of
    assumptions about human history and definitions of matter
    and consciousness. Each intuitively is rediscovering the singular,
    living universe of traditional peoples, the same seamless
    reality I experienced in childhood.

    This cosmologer is trying to work on this Unified Field concept, and I think he is good! :=

    M. del Rin.

  7. The comparison with 1933 is intriguing. Hitler with his one race over all compared to Obama waving the flag of diversity. I wonder is this is now the end of WW2 influence, Obama and Hitler cancelling each other out – the beginning of something new.

    • Similar times but totally opposite outlooks, But not if you were to compare say Obama to Roosevelt, or more strikingly, Stalin to Putin.

  8. yep human ego will have us interfere with what is nature, we are brilliant in going too far and making something potentially good or perfect even, not god, even our own species, even the ancient astrologers were not immune, time to work with our nature, the planets nature, the universal mind (nature), get over our arrogance and make good now which will help all of it, Universe and Nature dont get it wrong, “it” “knows” what it is intending to create we just gotta get out of the way, stop trying to fix what aint broke and help it by adapting with it for what is good instead of interpreting it all as not. Time we learned from the past and moved on. At least that is how I understand healing to be possible potentially, from the energetic occult level, first, believe it or not, we all have freedom of choice 🙂

    Things moving/developing fast for me now and I have been intending to post on here for a week or so as it is unlikely although not impossible to have much opportunity to do so ahead and I simply thank you for sharing you gift and insight in your area of Astrology, especially while addressing your own healing issues, as astrology through good online astrologers has helped me rest assured with what has guided me purely intuitively all my life, to be serving as intended in the current times, even though experiencing very challenging times myself, which may have distracted me from my personal aim.

    High hopes for you and your community as the occult of the past 3 years materializes based on that unseen energy, may we all be truly blessed,

    with gratitude, Namaste!

    • Seeing you brought up ancient astrologers, I think modern astrologers have let the human ego interfere much more by aligning our tropical zodiac to human invented sign, instead of how ancient astrologers maintained to link to the heavens.

  9. Sylvia, I feel for you! We have had similar unexpected serious family issues peaking in this past 2 weeks. Unexpected and even shocking, of which the results have not yet fully played out. I can’t believe the intensity and deep mystery of some of the actions. Good luck with your ordeal! Thanks Jamie for your astute perceptions! I don’t have to go to the movies, the shock and excitement are right here!

  10. Perhaps the intense astrological events of the past fortnight herald the beginning of the meek inheriting the Earth.

  11. I’m run out of gas and i have no libido . The monkey is dead .
    Really Wish i could smoke cannabis . 10 years jail term for a possessing in here .
    Ban alcohol and legalize a nice and lovely sacred weed .
    This Solar eclipse exact conjunct with my Sedna . Anyone kindly knows a bit of it ?

  12. Strangely , i miss my drug dealer , who lives in Coventry , very much . He was a nice chap . His mars conjuncts with my Venus , so maybe why . ( yeah )

  13. Thank you Jamie. The solar eclipse was on my 8 degree Taurus moon in the 4th house. Do you think this could be the trigger to sell my house which have been trying to do for 3 years?

    • Could well be Moira, I look to the Moon and IC for things like that. And solar eclipses are always more powerful than lunar eclipses for seeing major moves or changes in your life. The lunar eclipse have more of an effect at the personal level.

  14. Longtime lurker here; I always get much from your insights and observations, and wanted to offer one of my own.

    I have been witnessing the massive and cataclysmic transformation of a friend of mine, whose Moon-Eris-Mars t-square and chart angles fall under the Grand Cross, and whose Mercury-Pluto opposition contacts the solar eclipse. On top of that, transiting Neptune squares natal peregrine Saturn in the 3rd, further destabilizing her situation. Mercury, which is conjunct the eclipse, is situated in the 8th house and rules her 12th.

    To make a long story short, some therapeutic work she had undertaken about 3 weeks ago brought her sudden awareness of long-buried psychological material, and produced physical changes as well. However, the integration has been difficult and her mind, emotions, and sense of self have been extremely unstable: alternately joyfully brilliant and intensely angry, but always with an undercurrent of delusion and inflated self-importance. The earmarks of mania, so clearly described by the involvements of the planetary archetypes mentioned above. She has referred to sacrificial themes in this process, such as death/resurrection and service to humanity. Yes, she has been seeking professional help, and necessary precautions have been taken. Though close friends and I are concerned for her, it is reassuring to see the symbolism being played out astrologically… in that by describing the problem, it also offers a solution.

    A question: should I (indeed, anyone who’s impacted by the eclipse) see a resolution or intensification of this situation in the first part of August, when the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter will all be in hard aspect to 8º Taurus? (Or hopefully sooner?)

    • Good question there, but I have not looked that far forward in detail yet. Thanks for the heads up though, I will take this into account when researching future posts and monthly horoscopes.

  15. “the sacrifice of innocents on a plane and a boat, and the suffering of their families.”
    U caught it. The ship sunk in Korea.

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