Cancer 2015 Horoscope

Cancer 2015 Horoscope Cancer horoscope 2015 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Cancer Decan 1 – born Jun 21 to Jul 1.
   Cancer Decan 2 – born Jul 2 to 12.
   Cancer Decan 3 – born Jul 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Cancer 2015 Horoscope

Another nice year ahead for you with some good luck to look forward to. There are some challenges to deal with, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives in 2015. Like last year, the major long-term influence comes from Neptune trine your decan.

You can reach a more spiritual outlook on life without having to give up on the material things in life that bring comfort and security. You should have more passion to get involved in religion, spiritual groups or an occult field like astrology. Those born from June 21 to 14 will have felt this transit most strongly last year. The rest of you will gain the benefits more so this year.

The October 2014 solar eclipse will continue its positive influence until late March 2015. A solar eclipse trine your decan provides a boost to energy and self-confidence. Important projects you have planned for this year would be best undertaken in the first months of 2015. There will be fewer obstacles to success than after this eclipse phase. Other people, especially men and superiors, will not stand in your way and even offer valuable assistance.

A more challenging phase of life begins with the March 20 solar eclipse. Although you have a very fortunate transit coming up within this testing eclipse cycle, a solar eclipse square your decan means you will have to work harder to reap the benefits of your coming lucky streak. This restricting eclipse influence will last until March 2016, because the next eclipse this year also has its drawbacks.

The luck I keep promising comes from August 6 to September 30. Jupiter sextile your decan brings good health, happiness and good fortune. There should be opportunities coming your way to increase your wealth and gain more satisfaction out of life. Travel is a possibility with Jupiter ruling long distance, or overseas journeys. New studies would be another good way to broaden your horizons.

Jupiter opposite Neptune from September 5 to 29 may present some challenges, especially given the confrontational nature of the current eclipse cycle. But considering you have very generous aspects from both planets, this opposition should work out very well for you. Sometime such a pleasant Jupiter transit can lead to laziness, as you sit back and soak up the good times. Jupiter opposite Neptune will give you the nudge needed to take full advantage of the many opportunities to make good on your Neptune hopes and dreams.

The final major influence this year comes from the September 27 lunar eclipse. It makes the same testing square aspect as the previous solar eclipse, but lunar eclipses place more tension on your home and family life. It is your intimate relationships which comes under the most pressure now, continuing through until March 2016.

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Decan 2 Cancer 2015 Horoscope

The difficult phase of life which began during last year will continue for a while in 2015. You will be happy to learn that September 2015 marks a major turning point in your life where conditions turn around very nicely. The October 2014 lunar eclipse may have been causing added tension in your close relationships. That eclipse, plus the April 2014 lunar eclipse, will maintain this discomfort until September 2015. Both these lunar eclipses square your decan will also place some strain on your home and family life.

For most of 2015, Uranus square your decan has the potential to cause much unwanted disruption in your life. You already had some experience of this last year. This erratic and destabilizing influence was compounded in recent years by a series of  Uranus Pluto squares. You only have one more of these dramatic squares to get through, on March 17. The changes that occur may come from within, especially if you feel you have not been able to live as you truly wish, being constrained by others or circumstance.

For those born June 4 to 9 only, this disruption is intensified by Pluto opposite your decan. This is a major life-changing influence, where you may find yourself acting out of character, becoming almost ruthless in trying to achieve your personal goals. On the other hand, you could face strong opposition in personal and professional relationships, with intense power struggles and conflict. Once this long transit is over, you will gain great confidence in your ability to control your own increased power and influence.

For all of you again, the September 13 solar eclipse heralds the beginning of the big turning point in your life I mentioned earlier. This solar eclipse sextile your decan will boost your energy levels and self-confidence through until March 2016. This is now the time to make unhindered progress. If there are important projects you are planning this year, then it would be best to wait until this eclipse to start them. Such a combination of challenges before this eclipse would make success rather difficult to achieve.

The absolute best time of 2015 comes from September 22 to November 30. With Jupiter sextile your decan , you should be feeling sociable and can expect good relations with loved ones, as well as people at work and in group activities. Your interests and activities are likely to be broadened and this could include further study or longer distance travels. The combined influence of the eclipse and Jupiter mean you should have many opportunities to make big gains, increasing you wealth and your level of satisfaction with life.

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Decan 3 Cancer 2015 Horoscope

The steady progress and focus on achieving goals of last year continues in 2015. Things mix up somewhat mid year, but you will enjoy an extended lucky streak later in 2015. If you have already been noticing that people are giving you are hard time, then it is due to the October 2014 solar eclipse. This confrontation influence will continue until March 20.

If you have any big projects or important matters to attend to this year, it would be better to wait until after this uncomfortable eclipse cycle. Progress will be much easier following the March 20 solar eclipse. Ease and harmony in all your relationships will continue right through until March 2016, as the next solar eclipse on September 13 has a similar favorable influence.

From June to September 2015, Uranus square your decan portends some major changes in your life. Many of these changes will be disrupting, especially if you resist these needed changes. The change may come from within, especially if you feel you have not been able to live as you truly wish, being constrained by others or circumstance.

From June 1 to September 30, Saturn trine your decan will do a lot to settle things down. Uranus changes will be less disruptive, allowing you to channel these changes into solid achievements. You experienced this stabilizing Saturn transit at times last year. You may receive promotion under this influence, or be called on to take more of a leadership role. Relations should be good with superiors and elders, who may also be the source of valuable advice and assistance.

Your lucky streak comes from mid November 2015 til the end of February 2016 with Jupiter sextile your decan. This should be a time of happiness and optimism when good things seem to come more easily. Health and vitality should be high, enabling you to take full advantage of this generally very lucky transit. The combination of the productive eclipse phase and Jupiter should result in big gains, happiness and contentment.

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7 thoughts on “Cancer 2015 Horoscope

  1. My Sun is at 14:50 Cancer opposite Saturn at 15:09 Capricorn. Right now Saturn is squaring my natal Pluto and Pluto is smack dab on Saturn. My moon is at 18:36 Sag conjunct the Ascendant. Transiting Jupiter will cross over my natal Uranus simultaneously trine the moon and ascendant. Transiting North Node in Libra conjuncts my MC. Uranus is also squaring both the Sun and Saturn. Last year i came dangerously close to suicide. With the help of my Doctor i was able to pull back from the edge. As of today i have no interest talking to anyone and shut the phone off because i can’t cope with my sisters financial problems or my nieces who are both drinking too much. I spend many days in bed just to keep out of any entanglements, literally laying low. I am fortunate to have been allowed another emotional support dog after my companion of 14 years died on 4/28/2014, last years eclipse i think. I only have had my new dog since December 22 of last year and he broke his leg on the 9th of January which has put a hole in my savings and a damper on the emotional support i hoped he would bring. It could be worse – at least i don’t have to contend with blizzards where i live. : )

    • A fellow cancerian here Jan…it’s been a tough time hasn’t it….sorry to hear of your struggles, yet happy to hear of your efforts and awareness to protect yourself from family troubles, and become enlightened of astrological influences so you can make the most of the more pleasant aspects that occur.
      I’m a newbie to astrology and would love to be able to ‘read’ it better. These past 6 yrs have felt like i’m truly cursed! My astrocartography isn’t favourable at all, and the ‘curse’ started when i moved here. I’m determined to make the best/most of a really challenging situation.
      The good thing about us crabs is our ability to ‘hold on’ when the going gets tough…even if at times we feel we’re going to completely lose our grip…those pincers are some of the strongest in the zodiac hahaa :-), we use wisdom to know when to let go and when to hold on….Pluto challenging us has us wondering what the hell to do!
      Hold on, the tide always turns. I hope you and your dog are feeling better.
      Warm regards and hugs,

  2. Right on Bec, and hang on Jan! Another possibility; support your support animals and people, really!!! What an opportunity, never know where this may lead. Keep steering clear of the negative trauma n drama. Sounds like your support dog could use some. The dividends of investing in this kind of situation can pay off in so many ways. Long term deeply special bonds, the love you give is multiplied exponentially; oftentimes spreading to new positive discoveries n relationships.
    Heard a saying: “We give to those we love, not take.” But, “In giving we receive.” Truth is that the most deeply dynamic and harmonious relationships are a constant current where one graciously gives and takes, yes, even with the self.
    Have you considered getting involved in the support animal community, or the animal support community? There’s something for everyone, from hands-on (hang on,lol), to on-line. Yes, there’s characters of all colors there too. Keep on keeping on the minimizing of the negative and multiplying the positive. Keep an eye out for chances to be a hero. Lots of fun opportunities headed your way. Good luck!

  3. Great points you make Cyn….not short for cynical i hope! You certainly don’t sound it! hahaaa! 😉

    I’ve found in the toughest times of life – there are always, always….some moments of pure joy to be had too. They made be tiny in comparison to our challenges, and they may be fleeting, but they are there….we have to just lift our eyes, forget our woes, and look around for those small things that bring a sense of joy…even if just for a moment.
    It’s VERY challenging being an emotional person. I feel sorry for fellow Cancerians to be honest! I’ve always felt blessed to be a cusp on Gemini to have that chatty nature, to chat through my emotions and troubles – when the cancerian in me at it’s most strongest wants to stay hidden….and stew…eeek!

    My brother is a Cap with a Cancer moon, i’m a Cancer with a Cap moon 🙂 We’re uncannily astrologically so well matched and have a deep bond, i’ve found Cancerians to be the most compassionate people, through the expansive emotional palette we seem to be blessed (and cursed!) with.

    The internet can be helpful Jan when you’re feeling like pulling back from everything but don’t want complete isolation. I visit forums on subjects i’m interested in and interact with people, as they are ‘like-minded’ mostly and will offer some sense of socialising even if i’m feeling very anti-social in a physical sense.
    Cyn’s suggestions of finding some support animal community is great…..i hope you find the will and strength to pursue what you love, and thus invite more positivity into your life.
    I really hope your Doggie has got better and he’s better able to support you now.
    It’s wonderful you look on the bright side, aside from blizzards, you could be experiencing Irish monsoons, swimming around in muddy wellies all summer like i am!!

    Warm thoughts and luck wishes

  4. Jamie, do you offer persoalized horoscopes? If so how much for an annual scope?
    Nedda Hill

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