Lunar Eclipse September 2015 Triple Goddess

Lunar Eclipse September 2015 Astrology GoddessThe Total Lunar Eclipse on Sunday September 27, 2015 is at 4 degrees Aries, right in the middle of Aries decan 1. The lunar eclipse astrology involves relationship dynamics, specifically the role of women and the three feminine archetypes, maiden, wife and crone. The asteroids Juno and Vesta, plus Black Moon Lilith, align with either the Sun or Moon, giving the Triple Goddess theme to Lunar Eclipse September 2015.

Men will struggle to decide which role or mix of roles they prefer in a partner. Women will come to understand how strongly they express each of these roles. A greater struggle comes in balancing these desires through relationship dynamics. There may be confusion, arguments and anger along the way, but the outlook is positive for the role of women in society and in modern relationships. The lunar eclipse also favors romance, with a focus on karmic soul unions and long-term commitment.

The September 2015 lunar eclipse is the final in a series of tetrad eclipse, the fourth total lunar eclipse in a row, also called Blood Moons.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like any full moon, a lunar eclipse focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. The September 27 lunar eclipse itself has a relationship to the previous moon phase, Solar Eclipse September 2015. Projects started then can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. As the Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse, an objective and balanced look at personal relationships is possible.

Being in touch with our own needs and intentions, and those of others, we can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony. With a lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months.

The horoscope for a lunar eclipse is like a snap shot in time, but like old style photography, it takes time to develop. This September 2015 lunar eclipse will remain active until March 2016. As the eclipse cycle progresses, transits to the eclipse degree will mark more active times when events relating to the eclipse will likely unfold. There are no planetary conjunctions to the lunar eclipse degree during this eclipse phase, but some other major transits are mentioned toward the end of this article.

Lunar Eclipse September 2015 Astrology

As mentioned above, the September 27 lunar eclipse relates to, and compliments the themes of the September 13 Solar Eclipse. It brought bring some pain and change, but the change is positive and heals the pain of a broken heart. It presents an opportunity to realize how relationships have gone bad, and how to correct the imbalances through positive change.

The lunar eclipse represents polarities within ourselves but also between partners. The Moon represent our sensitive, emotional and instinctive side, or the woman in a relationship. The Sun is our conscious self and pride, or the man in a relationship.

The polarities in the September 2015 lunar eclipse are extreme, with a major emphasis being on intimate relationships because of the goddesses aligned at each pole. There is going to be a struggle to balance the different roles or expectation regarding partners in this eclipse phase. Relating back to the solar eclipse theme, the healing of pain will come through realization of how different feminine archetypes play out within your relationships. How do you expect a boyfriend or husband to treat you? What kind of girlfriend or wife do you dream of?
Lunar Eclipse September 2015 Astrology Triple Goddess

Triple Goddess Lunar Eclipse Astrology

The Moon comes under the influence of the fixed star Deneb Kaitos (02 ♈ 48). This star in the Tail of the Whale is associated with making big waves without thought of the consequences. Self destructive behaviors and habits that lead to emotional inhibition and restraint.

Moon conjunct Vesta brings emotional security through dedication. There is an aspiration to be sexually or spiritual pure, with great devotion to the partner, home or church. The influence of Deneb Kaitos suggests challenges associated with these outlooks and expectations.

The Sun comes under the influence of the fixed star Zaniah (04 ♎ 00). This star in the left arm of the Virgin translates as Adulteress or Harlot. With the Sun in particular it gives popularity, social success, much pleasure, and is favorable for marriage.

Sun conjunct Juno brings identity through relationships, with marriage and commitment being of great importance. The roles and responsibilities of each partner are also major issues.

Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith “seems to play out as the ego feeling exiled from the dominant patriarchal system. Sometimes this is as a result of actual abuse from male authority figures.” [1]

The combined effect of the star Zaniah, asteroid Juno and Black Moon Lilith with the Sun is complex to say the least. It is the more favorable side of the polarity with the fixed star favoring social popularity and marriage. A strong, sexy and confident feminine archetype will shine through, or dominate. Traditional relationships and family values will give way to more original and modern approaches to being a partner. Veneration of nature and ancestors will be more appealing than adhering to strict patriarchal religious discipline.

There are now three goddess archetypes involved, all linked in one way or another directly to the main lunar goddess herself the Moon. A triple goddess theme certainly shines through. Though not an exact match, I will associate Black Moon Lilith as Maiden, the Juno as Wife, and the Vesta as Crone.
Lunar Eclipse September 2015 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse Aspects

Sun conjunct Mercury is not the strongest influence. As shown above in the lunar eclipse September 2015 astrology chart, the orb is over 5 degrees. It will however, place a focus on thinking and communication regarding relationship dynamics. The effect of Mercury retrograde will be to turn our thinking inward and to the past. It may also result in contact with old partners and friends. New relationships are more likely to have a karmic feel and possibly involve past live contacts.

Sun sextile Saturn is a very helpful influence as it brings patience and common sense. There will be a focus on practical outcomes with a view to the long-term. There should be greater mutual respect and understanding.

Influence of Other Aspects

Venus trine Uranus is a real bonus when it comes to love relationships. Our anticipation of something new and exciting may well manifest. Existing relationships will benefit from greater open-mindedness. Experimentation involving naked bedroom gymnastics can reinvigorate sexual relations. New romance now will prove very stimulating and may involve someone from a different cultural or ethnic background. While Sun sextile Saturn suggests long-term commitment, Venus trine Uranus favors fling or short-term romances. Aspects to come will tip the scales.

Mars square Saturn is the strongest of the planetary aspects, unfortunately creating frustration and inhibition. Desires and needs grow stronger, yet it becomes harder to express our passions and achieve success. In terms of the relationship dynamic theme and which feminine archetype should prevail, this aspect suggests a blockage in self-expression. This will apply mainly to the sexuality of each goddess.

Men may face delays and barriers in having their expectation of the ideal woman met. Woman may face obstruction and even violence when they try to more fully express a previously buried archetype.

Jupiter opposite Neptune sparks curiosity and experimentation to alleviate spiritual growing pains. Going to extremes of belief and behavior may lead to negative consequences. This challenging aspect is separating, exact on September 17.

Jupiter trine Pluto is more positive and more relevant because it is applying, exact on October 12. The questioning of faith, hesitation and confusion caused by Jupiter opposite Neptune, is giving way to greater self-confidence, conviction and power to influence outcomes. Jupiter trine Pluto can be seen as the strongest background influence to Lunar Eclipse September 2015, overall, a very satisfying and evolving phase of life.

Romantically, this favors growth in existing relationships. It also favors the birth of profound new relationships which leads to happiness and advancement. A relationship started under this influence could lead to prominence and wealth.

Transits to the September 2015 Lunar Eclipse

Mercury stations direct nearly opposite the eclipse degree. It makes the retrograde opposition on October 2 and then direct on October 16. For a few days around these dates, communication will be strained and thinking may become muddled regarding the lunar eclipse themes. These are the most likely times for arguments to occur.

Saturn trine the eclipse degree on November 5, 2015, should result in greater respect and understanding within close relationships. This transit favors commitment and long-term romances.

Venus opposite the lunar eclipse degree on November 13 has the potential to cause relationship tension, with differences in the levels of affection given and received. Joint finances may be an issue.

A Mars opposition on November 20 will bring any simmering tension over the last week to a head. There is the possibility of resentment or built up anger coming out in ugly ways. Differences in sex drive or attraction could be the issue here.

Lunar Eclipse Summary

The main theme of the September 2015 lunar eclipse is balancing out the three different feminine archetypes. The virginal maiden or slut, the modern-day working wife, and the traditional devoted wife or crone. Men will struggle to decide which role or which mix of roles they prefer in a partner. Women will decide which proportion of these archetypes they ideally want to express.

In both situations, the expectations of each partner must battle with the other, adding much tension but also experimentation and excitement to relationship dynamics. A period of confusion, arguments and anger may ensue, but the longer term outlook is for a positive evolution of belief systems and values.

Existing relationships have the potential to evolve to a higher and more equal playing field. New romance is also very possible but may involve an initial period of testing to reach a mutually beneficial balance of power. Despite the advanced or highly evolved nature of the relationship dynamics and the role of women here, and the confusion and drama to get there, it is possible to achieve success.

I have not yet mentioned the role of the Lunar Nodes, karmic relationships points in the chart. Along with the challenging fixed star, the Moon is with the South Node, suggesting the tradition role as a devout and devoted wife will come under a lot of pressure. There should be greater prominence and fortune favoring the more progressive and independent feminine archetypes.

The heart (Moon) may long for the old ways, but the head (Sun) will prevail with its more rational view of the future role of women in society and in modern relationships. The stabilizing and positive influence on Saturn on the Nodes ensures these outcomes are set is stone and shall prevail. The helpful link between Saturn and the Nodes favors karmic soul unions and long-term commitment during the six month period following lunar eclipse September 2015.

Lunar Eclipse September 2015 Visibility

Lunar Eclipse September 2015 Visibility


1. Sun Conjunct Lilith, Marina Macario

Previous Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse September 2015
Next Moon Phase: New Moon October 2015

Lunar Eclipse September 2015 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
September 27 – 07:50 pm
September 27 – 10:50 pm
September 28 – 03:50 am
September 28 – 08:20 am
September 28 – 12:50 pm

118 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse September 2015 Triple Goddess

  1. brilliant. looking forward to it that what it brings for me. as libra decan 1 u said it will be part of solar next year. so lets see.

  2. Should be interesting for me, ´cause right there is my natal Eris… :). Now that is very near Uranus, should do interesting things :).

  3. You know Jamie, this is so powerful….my mother (the crone) is 90 years old in a memory care home in America, where I grew up and my nearly 19 year old daughter just came back from visiting. I had to say good-bye to my mother, knowing I won’t see her again in this life. I will be taking my daughter to University in Bath (we live in London) and saying good-bye to her as she ventures onto the next leg of her development (the maid) and here is me, somewhere in between (Mother) and absolutely wondering how I will cope! I know for my daughter, I am happy for her and she chose (all by herself) the Major and Minor I took in college in California, in 1974. That was a surprise so in some ways I see myself going on, through her, as many parents do. I know, as a Psychic Medium who deals with grief and death with my clients, my mother (the Scorpio) has had an amazing life…she outlasted most of my friend’s parents with a lot less and she fought to stay here to see my daughter grow up! I am sorry her mind is going from Alzheimer’s but she was a dancer all her life and she saw my daughter take up ballet at a very young age and be called to dance at the Royal Academy of Dance here in London when she was only age 10. I suspect my role here was as facilitator between the two. My mother (Crone, Scorpio= eternal life) myself Mother (Aries as action and bringer of life, the first sign) and my daughter, Maid (Libra, the balance of finding one’s own and another and being with the other in harmony. The arts, beauty, love in all it’s many hues and the blush of romance) I have to say as I wrote this, it begins to make sense and how hard the letting go is…but then we each are letting go, not just me….as death comes for my mother….I move into my 60th year in April….the Crone awaits me, I take her place…as the years go by, my daughter may find someone to love, (have a career!) marry and become the Mother…and a daughter will be born and she will become eventually, the Maid….the endless cycle of life. Thank you for your analysis and Marina’s which is always first class and so instructive and spot on!

    • Powerful stuff, thanks for sharing with everyone. Marina and I have been going our own way for nearly two years now. I’m on the market for a new maiden 🙂

  4. Perhaps I overshared but I was moved by the writing! You and Marina broke up, yes, I am aware of this but you mentioned something she wrote and she is an excellent astrologer. I am a big fan of her work too. Thanks for allowing me a voice here for a moment. 🙂 I am sure if Venus wants her way with you, she will find you again. lol

  5. Hi Jamie, I am Cancer 2 decan, rising sign Leo. I experience increasing problems in my close relationship for months now. I deeply feel the energy of transformation, I do my best by not offering resistance to the movement, but can I expect an improvement this fall? Thank you very much in advance for your insight.

    • Definitely. This is from your September horoscope: It replaces the emotional sensitivity and relationships tension caused by the April 2015 lunar eclipse.

  6. Nedda on September 12 2015
    Hello Jamie, I am 2nd decan. I’m not in a relationship and that is not my focus. My concern is for much better finances this month and career issues. Will their be an improvement this month to finances?

    • OK, being at 4 degrees this lunar eclipse will only have a strong impact on decan 1 of most signs. But say you were very early decan 2 or very late decan 3, you would still feel it a bit.

  7. Hi Jamie ! Tell me please how will affect lunar eclipse on me . MY DOB 15.04.1981 time 06:49:20 PM place Armenia, city Leninakan (Gyumri). This lunar eclipse conjuct natal Descendant.

    • Well no major impact on Aries decan 3 for your Sun, but being on your descendant there is going to be a massive effect on your relationships. This can be a sign of marriage if you are single, or relationships difficulties even if you already have a partner. The relationship dynamics theme applies to you more than most other people.

  8. Libra decan 1 with pluto , north node with saturn in 12th house virgo, neptune in 3rd house saggitarius ,moon in cancer decan 1 , jupiter in leo 11th house and rest of stars in second house scorpio massive stellium venus, mars,sun, uranus . This eclipse will be in 7th house. Family members will increase in december n really need bigger house but financial probs will upcoming transits or this eclipse help us moving. I hope this will help in positive effect?

    • This eclipse square your Moon and opposite Pluto explains so well what is coming up with your family changing you living conditions at home. Pluto does suggest a massive transformation that will have its share of difficulties. Most of us would have trouble coping with something like this so best of luck!

      • So not at all positive influence? Moving home could be on cards? Really need bigger place.

        • Yes, moving cards is possible but as always, it would be stressful, especially on your emotions. I hate moving house.

          • Hi
            I was wondering as my moon in cancer decan 1 will this will apply me more or shud i read libra decan1 with respect to eclipse effect?.also upcoming jup n saturn and neptune hard transits wud effect me?.

            • You can read both, Moon applies to your home and family and emotions. Sun more about you and your personal goals. I think you may feel Saturn square Neptune more strongly even if it doesn’t aspect your chart.

          • Bingo Jamie. just our offer accepted. but as theme of this lunar eclipse is impulsive did v made hurried decision? but not signing contracts until 3,4 months time. by jan, feb then renovation then by end of next year in time of that lucky jup transit v might move in. wat do u say?

            • Good for you. I think you are probably right about Jupiter. Finally some good news!

  9. Sooo looking forward to this one. Conjunct our Davison Pluto in 10H, as well as husband’s progressed Chiron/Uranus axis (Aries/Libra respectively). However, since this is a lunar eclipse, would it mean more of an inner change rather physical, real change like with a solar eclipse?

  10. Hi Jamie
    This is a very helpful article!
    How would this lunar eclipse affect me given my BD 5th April 1969, 12.54 pm in Berlin?

  11. It touches my natal moon 2.32 Aries on the 9th House (Pisces cusp) and it’s exactly one month after birthday…
    Would the eclipse be good for me? What I should expect ? Legal matters, travel, house ..? Thanks!
    I am so worry about the eclipse as mercury is retrograde (and is the regent of my sun) and everything that touches my moon hurts.

  12. Hi Jamie,
    Wonderfully explained article, looking forward to this lunar eclipse. Jamie, could this eclipse create change in a romantic relationship. My boyfriend and I broke up but are still communicating, he said he fell out of love with me (this happened during his Saturn oppose Saturn transit) and he stayed with me hoping he would fall back in love with me but we broke up before that could happen. Is it possible he will fall back in love with me during the lunar eclipse?

    • Hi Jamie, I wanted to mention that the eclipse will be conjunct his Chiron at 5 degrees Aries which trines his natal Venus and Neptune, opposes his Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus and squares his vertex and moon. I am hoping he has a change of heart – Saturn oppose Saturn destroyed his feelings for me but it is over now, I am hoping he can see me as the love of his life again. Thanks so much Jamie and best wishes to you

      • Hi Clara, both eclipses and even the next two moon phases all have a strong theme of love relationships. It looks very promising to me.

        • Thanks so much Jamie, I’m hoping his feelings change and he wants us again. I’m heart-broken and want him back.

  13. Could you please simplify how this affects me with the birthdate of 05-13-1976 born in Maryville TN at 3:32am please? Blessed Be!

  14. My bday is on 3/26/1966, Aries decan 1. Is this Lunar Eclipse Three Goddesses will give me luck financially and career?

  15. Hi Jamie,

    My Date of Birth is – April 15, 1989 – 7 AM (Aries). Will this eclipse effect me in anyway?

    Besides could you tell me weather the last eclipse happened in the month of April (April 04, 2015) affected me? because I felt massive changes in my life.

    Appreciate your help and time !

    Kind Regards,
    Punit Jain

  16. Hi Jamie,
    I was born at 3 degrees Aries and am hoping for the best with this eclipse, that it will light a fire under my rocket and I will ride it to the moon! Please comment/confirm.

  17. I am awestruck by how this eclipse, and the following one on March 23, 2016, ties into my progressed composite chart with my friend K. Her moon at birth was 3 degrees Libra, and our composite for the coming two eclipses has 3 Aries rising. Our relationship is very karmic, spanning millennia, I’ve been told – 6,000 years or more. It’s comforting to have this confirmation with the many aspects that occur during both eclipses. Thanks, Jamie. You brightened up my day!

    • Wow, I love the karmic stuff, especially the length of time. Fascinating. I have done past life regression and would love to do it again. But not now while the kids are still young. It can be so intense and effect people around you.

  18. I just know that im a sagitarius born dec 1 and was abandoned by a Pisces born march 1 back in 2003- he has been around me lately acting odd and its causing me to think i love him! Im scared im being fooled and cant live through another rejection from him! I feel helpless and pathetic ,please can anyone see anything bad or good for me ! Any advice is appretiated- sad sag:(

  19. Thanks for this amazing post.
    I am 3 decan Taurus and I’ve been going thru a repeat of a very painful period in my life that happened in September 2001. I have dealt with issues of unworthiness and a refusal to be acknowledge in public love. I believe the guy I was seeing met someone special during the eclipse and again, I will be abandoned. When can I reach a better place love wise, I’m so tired of rejection. DOB may 16th 1981 5:15pm

  20. Hi,

    My birthday is December 17th, 1987 (5:30am). Birth place is Istanbul and living place is Tokyo. When I check the chart, it looks like moon does not have any active aspect. However, I am not really good at this. Is it going to have an influence on me? Thanks in advance!

  21. Great post my mars in aries in twelth house is at 8 degrees it is conjunct my aries ascendent the ecplise is at 4 degrees will this be conjunct my mars or do eclpipses have smaller degree for conjunctions ? how will this energy effect me and will it impact me so because it is so close to my natal mars which is in opposition to pluto in the sixth house would really appreciate your input thanks julie from christchurch new zealand 🙂

  22. I’m thinking positive here….only good thoughts!!! DOB: 02/22/1973. 3 degrees Pisces.

  23. I would strongly suggest that Vesta is the ‘maiden’ associated via the Vestal Virgins, and Black Lillith is the
    socially unaccepltable unmarried side of Juno, ie the single , but sexually active woman.

    I dont think its necessary or desirable to shoehorn the placements into neat archetype conventions, as that just obscures whats actually happening.

    • That’s why I wrote “Though not an exact match”. It’s bound to get confusing when we include a hypothetical.

  24. Or is it just the male anima being projected on real women? Especially “virgin sluts” and “unacceptable unmarried” types. As a woman, I find the more androgynous model of evolution more helpful and realistic.

    • Frankly I agree, I only posted the above because its more technically accurate if one is going to use those categories, but youre absolutely right this whole Virgin, Mother, Crone is just another version of Madonna/Whore – and is all about the men.
      Crone indeed pfft!!!
      ‘I find the more androgynous model of evolution more helpful and realistic.’
      Er how do you mean?

      • The nymph, the maiden, and the mother, and variations, including the crone, are ancient descriptions of the stages of life for women. I don’t find anything unpleasant or unflattering about the crone. The crone is old, has wisdom, and no longer has to be concerned with attracting men. She has a place in society as a respected elder and is powerful from all her years of accumulated experience in dealing with the complexities of life. Granted, the Crone sounds like the bad witch looks in the Wizard of Oz, but a lot of words for strong women have come to have bad connotations. A virago was a woman to be reckoned with, not a very unreasonable, aggressive woman as the word connotes now.
        Go Crones!

        • Very ancient I agree Paige. I believe it would have started with the menopause, giving women that extra useful role as grandmother. Whales are the only other species with the menopause.

          • I wonder if there is a male God for Andropause ? I wonder what his extra useful role could be?

      • Hi Aqua and Paige,

        Androgyny is the notion that we all contain within us aspects of maleness and femaleness. As we mature into a more balanced and progressive individual we are able to express these different qualities as or when required. Yes the triple Goddess represent the stages in life of women. However, not all women and that’s why I take exception to these sorts of generalisations.

        The Goddesses should be held up as honourable and powerful representations of what both men and women contain within ourselves. To identify with them is empowering and to deny them is dangerous. For example, men (or women) who denigrate women or mother nature, deny their own dark feminine ( eg. Kali, Lillith) and unconsciously act out the most destructive forces of what she represents and project it out onto the world. That’s part of the reason why our world is full of pain, sorrow and destructive wars. Humanity as a whole, needs to resurrect and honour the SCARED FEMININE, before our planet and all life in it can be saved!

        Peace and Love……

        • Well Said Angel. I struggled with this concept when writing the article. I wonder if Chiron could represent Andropause? I felt I went through a similar thing with transiting Neptune opposite natal Mars.

  25. My bday is 8/18/1966 Leo Decan 3
    Wife’s is 10/5/1964 Libra Decan 2
    The previous solar eclipse had a profound impact on every aspect of my life. Coming out of the dark into the light now. I feel this Event Is another center point in my life.
    Do you see Anything with specific significance regarding marriage or self? Thanks

  26. Well thanks indeed for the info. This eclipse square my natal venus 29 Gemini and at the same time it trines my progressed venus 4 Leo so I wonder how would it affect me and which is more important the type of the aspect or the orb?

  27. As a single mother by choice in my 30s (whose natal moon will be exactly conjunct this eclipse) I certainly hope “maiden, wife, and crone” aren’t the only feminine archetypes I have to work with 😉

  28. Jamie i love your writings. Can you elaborate a little more? what i think i am reading is, during this time if you are the wife, traditional per se – prude – things may not go your way as the “maiden” “harlot” woman in the mix, it may be her time to win. it may be her time to get the ring because of the progressive ways and flexibility …. the stars are in favor for that sexual confidence …am i reading this correctly?

    • Yes I do see that in the chart but so much depends on your particular situation and your own chart. Moon trine Saturn actually favors relationship stability.

  29. Very interesting.
    My significant other’s birthday 07/11/1973
    My birthday 09/10/1976. Cancer and Virgo.
    The Sep 13 eclipse has begun a cycle in the relationship which may or may not end up in us being together and I feel the upcoming eclipse will be another turning point. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

  30. I think that the importance of the fixed star Regulus having entered into the constellation of Virgo and now being highlighted by the Jupiter transit is being overlooked. Virgo has its etymological roots in the Latin word for man or strength – Vir. The Virgin is a woman who displays, like Elizabeth the First, the sovereignty usually solely associated with our outdated monopolising Patriarchy. It is also associated with Hildegard of Bingen’s Viriditas or spiritual recognition of the Green ray of Nature. We will surely see a popular rise via the effaced Feminine enraged and empowered in ecological movements with Jupiter/Neptune/Saturn. Contested certainly but with this powerful triple goddess Lunar eclipse, those who have suffered in silence in the Past will begin to take back their stolen power and place.

  31. A nice write-up on this eclipse.

    The sun/Juno/BML are conjunct my progressed Juno, (my name asteroid) and Ceres (3, 4 and 5 deg. Libra respectively). Venus is conjunct my progressed Sun, which is opposite my progressed Saturn.
    The Moon is conjunct my significant other’s natal BML.

    • Hi Gina, not so much this lunar eclipse. As I wrote in your 2016 horoscope, “The September 2015 Solar Eclipse trine your decan started the ball rolling for a prosperous year ahead.”

    • Not an astrologer, but I guarantee If you dwell on this negativity and doom and forecasts it will make you crazy. who cares
      something will always be “squaring your sign” Fuck the lunar eclipse. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH REALITY. Borderline
      ridiculous is what this is and has no part in the 21st Century.

        • We all come to the same page and we analyse our lives to the point where it may actually create a delusion anyway. We still choose whether or not to believe something we read. We all have a different outlook so the way we originate this is a reflection on ourselves and I have to say it sounds wonderful to me. About time we face ourselves a bit more.

          If you find this confronting I’d take some time to better understand yourself and understand your own wants and needs. 🙂
          This has built up for a while now so don’t put your hard working self off with self criticism. And try not pointing criticism at others as it surrounds very sensitive views right now.

          Who do you want to be for the new year!

          Lots of light xx

  32. Hi Jamie — My birthday is tomorrow, Sept.27th. The eclipse, in the First House is within 10 minutes exact opposite natal Sun. Would appreciate any thoughts you might have. While I’m not freaked out by this, I am somewhat concerned and yet excited by what this could mean for the year ahead, since Solar Return will definitely feature the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Thank you very much in advance.

  33. the Sun will be trine natal Venus 2 degrees Gemini and the Moon will sextile natal Venus.Also I just had my Lilith return 0 degree Libra. Any thoughts ?

  34. Very relevant: The first policy announcement of the new Turnbull government in Australia today.

    “Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the Women’s Safety Package to Stop The Violence. This heralds a welcome and long-awaited action to address the national epidemic that is violence against women.” ABC.

  35. Jamie I was born on the last eclipse that happened on the 30 December 1982 at around 8 degrees cancer. What do you think about this? Is this eclipse going to mark a change as per it’s last cycle?

    • Interesting. I suppose you are going to be more sensitive to all things lunar. Not as much a change as you went through around 2012 when Pluto was 8 Capricorn.

      • Thanks Jamie,
        What do you mean when you say sensitive to all things lunar precisely? I did feel life changing events psychically in 2012 around October back then. As a lunar child are their any advantages? Would love to know what you think.

        • Lunar things are your emotions, home and family, especially women. Subconscious, reactions, instincts, dreams, nurturing etc.

  36. This lunar eclipse (in about 15 minutes) is exactly conjunct my IC (nadir) which rules home and family, foundations, ancestors and tradition. The kids are on holidays with their grand parents. Yesterday I vacuumed the carpets and today I bought new mesh to fix the fly screens on the windows that the cat has ruined. Very homely so far. Am driving for 6 hours on Sunday to pick the kids up and stay with my brother for a night in Brisbane. Just in time for the rugby league grand final. Very tribal.

  37. hello Jamie, may be you can help me. it happens that the lunar eclipse took place in the precise degree of mi rising sign (ascendente); consequently, the sun was over the degree of my 7th house. So, I have been wandering all these last six days what is the precise meaning the eclipse may have for me, as an individual, notwhistanding some of your general remarks, some of which seem to me very keen. I hope you can give me a hand, so as to get out from the shadow of the earth.
    thank you, jpg

    • Your close relationships are going to be the major focus over the next six months, more so than everyone else.

  38. Hi Jamie, your website is terrific, just finding it now. In reference to the September 27th Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Aries, my natal descendant is located at 3 degrees of Aries. On October 10th, my long-term boyfriend broke up with me. Very sad, but good that astrology works, lol!

  39. Hi Jamie,
    On September 28, 2015, I gave birth to twins in Bern, Switzerland, approximately 3.5 hours after the full lunar eclipse. It was the harvest moon, super moon, blood moon eclipse, which freaked a lot of people out (world coming to an end, second coming of the Lord, etc.). What does this mean in general for my boys? Thanks in advance.

    • Yes I remember but astrologically it was a normal lunar eclipse with its focus on home, family and intimate relationships.

      “Men will struggle to decide which role or mix of roles they prefer in a partner. Women will come to understand how strongly they express each of these roles. A greater struggle comes in balancing these desires through relationship dynamics. There may be confusion, arguments and anger along the way, but the outlook is positive for the role of women in society and in modern relationships. The lunar eclipse also favored romance, with a focus on karmic soul unions and long-term commitment.”

      Jupiter trine Pluto was the major long term influence which is really good for your boys.

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