Columba Constellation Meaning

Columba Constellation Meaning

Columba Constellation [Stellarium]

Constellation Columba the Dove was originally called Columba Noachi, meaning “Noah’s dove.” It was introduced by the Dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius in the late 16th century. [1]

Columba spans 26 degrees of the zodiac in the Signs of Gemini and Cancer. But in the sky, it can be seen under the constellation Taurus, just south of Canis Major and Lepus. Caelum, Pictor, and Puppis also border it.

Fixed Stars in Columba

06♋2907♋11κKurud IIG84.41°00′
δGhusn al ZaitunG73.9

Columba Constellation Meaning in Astrology

Constellation Columba the Dove gives a gentle, kind, timid, innocent and self-sacrificing nature, together with strength of spirit. [2]

Columba Constellation Astrology

Columba Constellation [Hevelius]

Columba Star Name Meanings

Alpha (α) Columbae is officially named Phact, from the Arabic فاختة (fākhitah), meaning ring dove. In China, it is 丈人一 (Zhàng Rén yī), meaning the First Star of Grandfather, also named Chang Jin.

Beta (β) Columbae is officially named Wezn, from the Arabic وزن, meaning Weight. In China, it is 子二 (Zǐ èr), meaning the Second Star of Son.

Delta (δ) Columbae is traditionally named Ghusn al Zaitun, from the Arabic الغصن الزيتون (al-ghuşn al-zaitūn), meaning the Olive Branch (carried by the dove of Noah’s Ark).

Epsilon (ε) Columbae has the Chinese name 丈人二 / (Zhàngrénèrthe), meaning the Second Star of Grandfather.

Theta (θ) Columbae is officially named Elkurud, from the Arabic الفرود (al-furūd), meaning the Solitary Ones. Allen (1899) suggested that al-furūd might have been an old transcriber’s error for القرود (al-qurūd), meaning the Apes, which he termed Al Ḳurūd. In China, it is 孫二 (Sūn èr), meaning the Second Star of Grandson.

Kappa (κ) Columbae has the Chinese name 孫一 (Sūn yī), meaning the First Star of Grandson. Stellarium lists this star as Kurud II.

Lambda (λ) Columbae has the Chinese name 子一 (Zǐ yī), meaning the First Star of Son, also named Tsze.

Mu (μ) Columbae has the Chinese name 屎 (Shǐ), meaning Excrement or The Secretions (droppings from the celestial toilet Ce in Lepus.) [3]

Chinese Asterisms in the Dove

  • Alpha and Epsilon Columbae are called 丈人 (Zhàng Rén), meaning Grandfather.
  • Beta Columbae and Lambda Columbae are called 子 (Zǐ), meaning Son.
  • Kappa and Theta Columbae are called 孫 (Sūn), meaning Grandson.


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