Donald Trump Arraignment April 4, 2023

Donald Trump Arraignment April 4, 2023

Donald Trump will become the first former U.S. president to face criminal charges on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Often when political leaders are brought before the courts, it helps their career, especially if they go to jail. It is unlikely Trump will be imprisoned, but his astrology says it will help his political career.

Donald Trump Astrology

The bi-wheel chart below shows Donald Trump on the inner wheel. On the outer wheel are the transits for the arraignment, corrected for precession (1°04′).

Trump is expected to turn himself in and appear in court on Tuesday at 2:15 p.m. [1]

Donald Trump Arraignment Astrology

Donald Trump (inner wheel), arraignment (outer wheel)

Energizing Eclipse

Not shown in the chart above is the October 2022 Solar Eclipse at 02°00′ Scorpio. It was sextile Trumps Ascendant (0°59′). By contrast, it was opposite Joe Bidens Moon (0°06′). This previous eclipse becomes more critical closer to the April 20 Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse sextile Ascendant gives a lot of independent initiative and emboldens leaders. It energizes Donald Trump and makes him more assertive but may make him impatient. This eclipse aspect is excellent for standing up for your rights and defending yourself in court. It also increases Trump’s attractiveness and popularity and helps him make a good first impression.

Fame and Glory

Transiting Neptune is trine Venus (0°58′) and Saturn (0°58′), and sextile Midheaven (0°25′). The transit to his Venus-Saturn conjunction should make Trump more compassionate and spiritual. He will be optimistic but realistic about his situation, giving him the self-confidence and determination to turn his dreams into reality. But the transit to his Midheaven is stronger and more significant.

Neptune sextile Midheaven (0°25′) has a positive influence on Donalds Trump’s career and suggests the court case will improve his chances in the 2024 presidential election. It could make Trump appear less ambitious, making his allies and enemies feel less threatened. But it still gives him the desire to succeed and helps him achieve his dreams and ideals through his career.

Just recently, Trump predicted his imminent arrest while calling for protests. [2] This transit enhances his intuition and psychic abilities. He can use this to his advantage to prepare for his legal battle and improve his public image and political prospects.

This transit can bring fame and glory and is ideal for public service and politics. It helps Trump work with others and attract people who share his ideals. His colleagues should be more willing to cooperate and sacrifice for the greater good. Most importantly, it ensures public sympathy by making Donald Trump look like a victim and martyr.

Lively Discussions

Mercury trine Ascendant (0°44′) on arraignment day brings mental clarity and lively but harmonious discussions. It is excellent for negotiations, business deals, meetings, and legal matters. A cooperative and friendly atmosphere fosters win-win outcomes, making this a perfect day to resolve conflict.


  1. Trump indicted by N.Y. grand jury, first ex-president charged with crime.
  2. Trump predicts imminent arrest, calls for protests.

69 thoughts on “Donald Trump Arraignment April 4, 2023

  1. OMG I pray this reading is WRONG. He deserves to finally be held accountable and be prosecuted.

    • It’s wrong. Very wrong. Go back in history and look at the Pluto opposition to trump’s Mercury, Saturn and Venus in Cancer. It was all terrible for him and for the country. Now, something should be said of Mars in Cancer, which will form conjunctions to those 3 natal planets. Mars does not like Cancer and if you, or any astrologer, thinks the next 2 months are going to be good for trump, get a job at McDonald’s. Using Neptune to predict a great time in court is way off the mark. Intuition? Not in this case. How about delusion? You can know how a person’s planets will manifest by looking at the past. When his Cancer planets were opposed it resulted in 2 impeachments, court loses and his real self shined through.
      Trump is a fraud and his Neptune has the power to mask his true intent. As time goes on it will become apparent that, for all his wealth and power, he is just another criminal.

      • Dennis, in my personal experience Neptune dissolves everything, and not in any way that could conceivingly be interpreted as good!
        Trump was a DISASTER. I hope he doesn’t get any real power back.

      • 45 will get everything he wants
        Sometimes frauds see the error of their ways & know that changing stripes, like geminis do, can bring positivity back to them.
        Evil never wins…..EVER
        The Lord Will Always Come Out On Top. Trump FINALLY Figured This Out…..Thanks MELANIA!

        LOOKING AT

    • He will be. It may take time but Trump’s power, status and star is fading. Jamie I have a lot of respect for you but what chart are you using? It is so so off……

  2. Just wondering … how come no mention of the moon being void of course on Tuesday, just as it was on Thursday when the indictment was announced?

  3. Trump is a dictator in the making. If he wins kiss elections goodbye in 2026 as trump would become America’s first imperator or Caesar.

  4. It’s good that the persistent political persecution of Trump is being highlighted in ways only those who are blinded by irrational hatred can deny. The bias of our government agencies and legal system have become glaringly obvious through their single minded pursuit of destroying one man and those who support his vision. This is good news for America.

  5. As a logtime experienced astrologer I do not know how from Trumps chart you can see him even running or being elected President again. From April 2023 on his chart shows many disastrous events and the Republican Party will not support or elect his (or Desantis) to run for President in 2024. Their candidate will most likely be a low key (like Mike Pompeo) candidate with pro-life, anti LBGTQ views. Which in the end will defeat the Republicans again in the next Presidential election

  6. You should work at McDonal flipping burgers….you are an idiot….you are a Democraps…..

    • Gerzan – If you are talking to me then sorry. Facts are facts and Trumps chart is terrible longerm. As for flipping burgers at McDonalds it just shows your mindset. People who work in fast food or any kind of low paying customer service/cashier jobs are for the most part hardworking individuals and deserve the same respect as those who make more money or in higher paying careers…….

  7. Williams reply: well the reading makes sense and you are very brave to go against the tendency to trash Trump endlessly. Good job.

  8. Bravo, Jamie! The reading makes sense to me, and I applaud your courage in going against, to paraphrase Julia Williams’ comment, the endless Trump-trashing narrative. Especially as I recall from a previous post, you are not a Trump fan.

    • Address the astrology, not the politics. It takes Mars about 2 months to move through sign. Mars has just entered Cancer where the chart of trump shows 3 planets. Then it moves through Leo where his Mars is and then it will cross the ascendant. Address the astrological aspects, even if Jaime won’t.

  9. I’ve seen two birth times/charts published for Trump. One is between 8 and 9 am and this one at 10:54 am. Let’s hope this is Not the Correct Time!! Astrology is all about timing and cycles; if the birth time is off by more than 15 minutes the most powerful angles of the chart, Ascendant, IC or 4th house, Descendant and Midheaven will be off.

  10. “The transit to his Venus-Saturn conjunction should make Trump more compassionate and spiritual.” Nowhere to go but up, baby!

  11. Hey GDG, Saturn/Venus conjunction was apparent in his chart when Pluto opposed that conjunction in the recent past. Look it up and let me know how spiritual he was. Stay with basic keyword system for Saturn and then Venus and let us know what you come up with.

  12. Compassionate and spiritual? That would be miraculous in a person so completely absorbed in his own ego. He has proved over and over that his only interest is in himself. His birth chart had potential but was wasted on him. Given to some more highly developed soul the same chart would express differently. The stars do not make us who we are but reflect our gifts and challenges. The character of the person determines how this plays out.

  13. Hi Mirjana
    I believe your comment means “Everyone forgets that Tramp alone didn’t fight, unlike the other presidents we know.”
    What do you mean by that?
    Please reply in English and not in Serbian. At a guess, I would say that almost nobody here speaks or even understands Serbian.
    And his name is TRUMP, not tramp. Although he “tramped” on any number of people, didn’t he.

  14. Thank you. I think you hit the nail on the head. The only ones who sees this as negative are the Biden supporters.

  15. I could care less if a man sees or pays a prostitute it is better than being a child molester or a rapist. I care that Joe Biden raped a young intern.

    • Where did you hear or read that? Must have been Fox News Or NewsMax. It was Trump who molested a young woman in a dressing room. Look it up – if you do a deep dive on the net you will find this as well as the fact Trump paid her off and made it go away…

  16. Hi Jamie – thank you. The NY Supreme Court (hearing this case) was founded May 6, 1691. This chart is very activated April into May. Does this change your view of his potential? Does it look like the court has their commuppance? I’m really interested to know for me personally too as this court has ruined my life. And my case is being judged there now too. There is nothing about Justice in their chart. If you look at the “New York Supreme Court” Wikipedia it also shows under “Judges” that only Democrat Judges are on the bench. But it’s not that they just vote for Democrats. They never rule for (Plaintiffs) victims ever. It’s so bad that most law firms won’t take Manhattan lawsuits anymore. Victims have no chance of winning. My case is 12 years old.

    • Also perhaps what you/Jamie are seeing that Trump’s wins $ from this. He can win substantial financial damages if he wins by proving “malicious prosecution”. Trump usually wins in court. I’ve seen articles that it he could win $100M+ in damages. And it would be NYC that has to pay him. So maybe the winning you see might be financial? It would be hard to see Americans electing anyone his or Biden’s age ever again. It would devastating for NYC to have to pay such damages when the city is in such disastrous shape. Does the average NY’r think this is worth risking this financial penalty? I don’t think anyone with any sense would think it is. This historic courthouse is even falling apart. It is so sad.

      • The District Attorney that brought the case against Trump DOB Oct 21, 1973 Manhattan. Look at his transits. Read the brilliant editorial from Ankush Khadori in The NY Times today.

  17. The indictment was during a day long Moon void & his arraignment will be during a day long Moon void.
    So, nothing will come of this, and that is not a coincidence. I’m no fan of Trump. But this entire charade will only serve to further divide and distract the country. Which is exactly what the real powers that be want for a number of reasons. The impending bank collapse being one of them.

  18. Is this an April fools?! Was this interpretation read from an unbiased POV if not?

  19. Wish people would worry about what’s going on with America instead of worrying about Trump
    We are becoming a third world country is that what you all want
    I see nothing but evil why can’t people be kind compassionate think positive we should be taking care of America first

  20. Hey Larry,
    Nothing too much happens at arraignment (by design) except a reading of charges and a plea and then a plan to move on a schedule. So no surprise there. But back to the void of course Moon: the astrologer Masha’allah saw void of course Moon differently. He looked at the first aspect the Moon made after it existed the sign of void and read that into the equation of prediction. What is the first aspect you see in that chart and what can it tell us?

  21. Wow…Jamie…what a trigger! So many views in our world that have been expressed to divide…not helpful, no matter the side of the isle. Together We Stand! Actually my next album out…: ) Really got a button pushed this time Jamie! never seen so many replies…keep ’em comin’ Sir! Love ya! (No stone to throw here… : ) Tamara

  22. I had a different take based on a horary chart for the day; ie, not a chart for Trump, but one for the proceeding itself. Unlike Jamie, I do use houses (Placidus) as well as asteroids. Standout aspects: a Kite links Venus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Moon (conjunct 3rd house). Troemper conjuncts the 7th, with Karma: perfect for a defendant, sextile Karma. Mars conjoins Swindle in the 11th, square the Moon in a tightening aspect that perfects in a little over 10 hours. The 9th house is loaded: Sun, Justitia, Chiron, Sun, Jupiter, and Eris, all in Aries and within a 10-degree orb. A second stellium links Mercury, Lie,the North Node, and the MidHeaven (4 Taurus).

    I don’t believe a Moon VoC can void a Kite. However, I do think that if Kites indeed show a fated period where several previously unrelated systems come together, you could justify reading the event itself this way:

    What’s coming (Karma) has been declared (Mercury) and manifested (quintile). Bellicose energy among allies in swindling the public (Mars square Moon) using deception, self-deception, and delusion (Moon oppo Neptune) regarding shared resources (taxes, I think, but also public care). Powerful subordinates acting to enlighten the mission (Pluto at 0 Aquarius 11 square North Node) likely impeded by cooperative action related to women in authority (Pluto 6th house widely trine Venus conjunct Uranus 10th; Pluto trine Moon conjunct 3rd house cusp). I expect furious outbursts from women especially on both sides claiming Truth supports them (Truth at Moon-Pluto midpoint).

    Free will may not function especially clearly here because the grand trine pattern doesn’t have momentum; things will resist the change an angular Uranus wants to bring (remember, it’s square Troemper). Neptune and Venus are in their own signs: indolence, harmony, and a certain fuzziness hangs over the day. Merrick at 1 Cancer 45′ is opposed the Vertex at 2 Capricorn 08′; perhaps he’s not expecting a lot, but the opposition has a Libra vibe that works for him. As someone posted above remarkes, “not much” may change today. Saturn also trines Mars, slowing the roll a little, and sextiles the North Node. This will take longer than we think, is my guess. A lot of people will claim the win, but none of them will convince anyone else at this time. Your mileage may vary. If anyone can add some fixed star interpretations, that would be interesting. Jamie? You’re usually my source for all things fixed stars. I’ve been grateful for those illuminations.

    • And, I wish I could edit, since I didn’t edit well! My apologies for repetition. Some errors I just didn’t see until I replied. Corrected para:

      Troemper conjuncts the 7th, with Karma: perfect for a defendant. Mars conjoins Swindle in the 11th, square the Moon in a tightening aspect that perfects in a little over 10 hours. The 9th house is loaded: Sun, Justitia, Chiron, Jupiter, and Eris, all in Aries and within a 10-degree orb.

    • Thank you for that in-depth analysis. You might like this star for the arraignment. Saturn (03♓06) is conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut (04♓10): Accidents, ailments affecting the lungs, throat and feet, loss through enemies, friends, Mercurial affairs, bands and companies, wrongfully accused, affairs involved at end of life, sudden death and family cheated out of their rights.

  23. Jaime, kudos for another political post. A number predicting long term trouble for DT. Jupiter approaching his tenth house and Gemini must count for something,

  24. Interesting interpretation. I’ve read quite a few astrologers take on Trump through the years and have only just now stumbled on one that didn’t make his personal opinion known. (From other posters here I guess you hate Trump as much as they do) so well done for keeping it professional.
    Now, what I’d really like to know is when I’ll be able to afford food, gas, rent and utilities again, now that biden’s basically destroyed my life? When’s he going to get out? Or better yet, die? Anything in the stars about that?

  25. Oh, why don’t you just shut-up … you ignorant, self-absorbed, know-nothing. You think you are smarter than God Himself who created all these Stars and Constellations. Just please, stop thinking that voice in your head actually knows ANYTHING and you might begin to get a clue what is really going on here. Jamie is simply giving a dispassionate description of what this situation means. He isn’t editorializing. And another thing: How do you ever expect to master this subject if you are so emotionally biased in your interpretations, and guided by your opinions about everything? You are so lost. Feel sorry for you.

  26. On the eve of the Arraignment, Mercury sq Pluto

    Mercury Opposite Pluto in the composite heliocentric chart

    prologue, an energy message: Oil Up….
    and the Judge and Court asking tomorrow: What is Up with this Artwork!?

    Mercury in hard aspect to Pluto, with a double ambivalence in the Helio, Jupiter and Neptune.
    Is it The Americans that set up the Oil Price squeeze? This isnt the first time an Energy message used to get my attention. I recommend a very careful read of the Mercury-Pluto scene, with a fade to two very large spiritual Planets, and one spiritual Centaur.

    • news of a volcanic eruption on Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann

      using the Progressed Age of Aquarius with transits, locate Mars in constellation Gemini, sign Cancer. Here is your Comet.

      Compare the two cradle patterns: Arraignment Composite Heliocentric vs Progressed Age of Aqr Geocentric. There are four primary planets in the two cradles, for a total of 8. All are unique, the Sun conducting, with Mars not represented, like its Perigee, showing up beside Comet 29P, Eruption!

  27. On Thursday March 30th, the moon was void-of-course from 9:45am to 6:31pm ET. Trump was indicted during that time. Tuesday April 4th from 9:50am to 5:51pm ET, the moon will again be void-of-course. Trump is set to be arraigned on Tuesday April 4th at 2:15pm ET. It’s been said that a significant endeavor initiated while the moon is void-of-course will have “nothing come of it” or “there will be no answer to the question.”

  28. Wow I’ve been following you a long time. Surprised how wrong you are on this. Trumps base not protesting his arrest . This is just the beginning of his downfall and he won’t be on the ticket for 2024.

      • Hi Jamie. First, highly respect you as an astrologer. You’re certainly one of the best, and I consult your website often. Extremely disturbing to read your report on this matter, to say the least, but I’ve had a spidey sense about this one that aligns with your reading, that something was wrong with the timing, that this was intentionally initiated while having the cards stacked for T in a way that will nullify charges that would stick on this issue going forward. Hope I’m wrong. Andre Kahr’s YouTube channel has a different read. It’s very biased about Mr. T, so those who support T here might want to pass on watching, as it could trigger:

  29. A third Cradle, a chart prepared April 5, 2021 “Proof of the Henge”, a Multi composite chart, comprised natal, Jan 8, and Brave New Moon.

    this cradle shows all 10 planets, with Mars in its singular ambivalence. This is the Big Stadium Look, a Solar System perspective; the athlete in perfection, Mars Aries House 1

  30. Hey Ben, I know religion is not really spirituality, but DT is bring likened to the Christ on the cross by some. So I found that earlier comment on spirituality interesting. It made me question Jupiter (religion) so glad for your reference. So maybe Neptune has more to do with the martyrdom and persecution that DT continues to profess. Great discussion all the way around. Enjoyed this. Makes the event more interesting for me.

  31. The morning after the U.S. 2016 election, I opened my eyes to see what looked like a physical banner that read TRUMP IS A ONE-TERM PRESIDENT.
    Whenever I see something this clear and dominant from Spirit, I know without a doubt that it will happen.
    I sent my prediction in an email to my mailing list. For the following 4 years, whenever anyone asked me who the next President of the U.S. would be, I answered, “I can tell you for certain who it will not be.”

  32. Mundane, Moon opposite Venus conj Sedna

    I have two versions of this chart, Moon void, and Moon not Void. A 7:12am chart, and 9:07am chart

    9:07 am chart

    As far as Trump arraignment, I would hazard a guess there is meaning between it and 3.33 years from the First Edition Sold, Art Basel Comedian, December, 4, 2019. A connection to the astrologyking artwork hinted at earlier on this thread becomes more apparent. Further, the ambivelance aspect reappears, Void, to be or not to be, Moon, with Pluto, no less.

    • June 8, 2022, Canberra, Australia, 12Noon, Sun top of the day, Career cheers mate.

      activate asteroid 12158 Tape, April 11, 2023 transits

      12th house Tape trine Mars, transit Tape conjunct Spica trine Saturn.

      9th house Mercury conj Sedna trine Pluto, transit Venus conj Sedna trine Pluto.

  33. “The judge overseeing former President Trump’s criminal case in New York City has set the next in-person hearing for Dec. 4, roughly two months before the official start of the 2024 Republican presidential primary calendar. ”

    personal Age Harmonic for December 4, 2023 show three Trapazoid patterns. Two of which are the same value, and symmetrical.

    There is debate on the meaning of the trapezoid. One is scapegoat.

    The Hill article goes on to mention that Dec 4 rubs up a ittle close to the start of the Iowa primary. But dont you worry none, thats a mouse in the bushes you’re hearing, not a sabertooth tiger.

    • personal Age Harmonic ‘Sidereal’, December 4, 2023.

      Find the two trapezoids, Heel configuration, but absent the trapezoid Rosetta, which only appears in the Tropical chart.

      What can we infer? On the fourth anniversary of the First Edition Sold, Art Basel Comedian, the art satisfies the condition to lay two Heel stones each, Tropical and Vedic, and one Rosetta stone.


  34. Quadrilateral patterns on this thread:

    Beginning on the trapeze with Cradle and Double Ambivelance, followed by a Rosetta trapezoid manuevre to impress the difficult international judges, and finally a Double Heel quad dismount.

    selected quotes:
    “This configuration enables a person to take control of his/her life”
    “a native having a Trapeze in the radix can gain energy only from within a context of struggle.”

    the kernal of Trump, astrologyking art, and in the wider scope of world events; a “gain within a context of struggle”

  35. Very quickly, coming off the Astrologyking posts covering Darwin Island arch collapse and China Navy cutting off US Navy inTaiwan straight, Trump is indicted in Miami on 37 counts, ie. Documents handling, not least the ‘Holy Grail’ in its various iterations and contributers, digressing to recent post T-Square, astrology’s Holy Grail pattern.

    37 is somewhat unusual number but talked about during 2019, Saturn conjunct Pluto, a culmination point during a year with heavy noctilucent clouds.

  36. tRump may have his last hurrah on Labor Day when his progressed Moon conjoins his progressed Jupiter. After that it goes on to square his natal Saturn/Pluto, progressed Saturn, and aspect other challenging points.

  37. Tramp nikada nije ušao u rat? Sramota! Tramp je krenuo u rat protiv same Amerike!
    He’s a tramp alright.

  38. Third Trump arraignment August 3, 2023, 4pm Washington DC.

    “third pattern’s a charm”
    “Im going to court for you”

    Synastry, natal compare court time

    Ascendant trine Ascendant:
    Harmonious and favourable connection

    Midheaven quincunx Midheaven
    Influential but not binding
    “The quincunx means long deliberation, the prolonged thinking process that could lead to a better outcome. But this process often causes insecurity and crises of indecision.”

    in mundane, Moon quincunx Sun

  39. Yes….I agree 100%
    Think of our beautiful country and stop dwelling on Trump, Biden or any other person.

  40. Thanks to Jaime, we get his honest interpretation of what he sees without bias in any direction. I truly appreciate that, as we all should.
    This is an awesome website. Jaime shares his knowledge and doesn’t deserve ridicule for what he sees.
    Kudos to you, Jaime. I appreciate your honest observations and interperations no matter if I like what I read or not. You’re the best!!!

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