Greece Horoscope – July 2015 Bailout Referendum

Greece Horoscope

An election will be held in Greece on June 17 2012 because the election last month led to no clear majority. The stumbling block was whether Greece should continue to stay with the Euro and all the austerity and pain that entails.

The far left leader Alexis Tsipras, who wants out of the Euro, has gained in popularity since the May election which has sent world financial markets in a spin this last week. The fate of the Euro Zone and in fact the global economy depends on the result of the June 17 Greek elections.

When the financial meltdown in Greece began in April 2010, there was a solar eclipse at 25 Capricorn, and a new Moon at 24 Aries. This critically aspect Chiron opposite Uranus in the Greek horoscope.

For the June 2012 election, Saturn at 23 Libra is on the Greek Uranus, it’s reaping time for what was sown in 2010. Chiron opposite Uranus is a generational aspect, it lasted 40 years from 1950 to 1990. In the case of Greece, Uranus is conjunct the forward thinking, path leader star Arcturus. Chiron is conjunct the fixed star Kurda, the ancient past.

In a way, Greece, the founder of democracy, represents this Chiron opposite Uranus generation, at a critical turning point, rebelling at the painful conditions brought about by our past, searching for a way out, a new way forward.

This is not just about the state of democracy in the world, now run by the Chiron opposite Uranus generation, it is about money. World leaders, especially in the Euro zone are crapping their pants at the prospect of Greece going it alone. Reverting back to their own currency has benefits for Greece, a devalued drachma will increase exports and tourism, creating jobs and giving some hope for Greek citizens. It would also spell the end of German hopes for an economically strong Europa.

When the Greek financial crisis began back in 2010, transiting Pluto was opposite the Greek Venus (money) and square the Greek Moon Pluto conjunction. The Moon is the public, and with Pluto they felt is hard, extreme change. Now Pluto is opposite the Greek Mercury Saturn conjunction, hard decision, austerity, depression.

Greek Horoscope

Greece Democracy Horoscope: “the key moment, 4:00 am on 24 July 1974, when Constantine Karamanlis was sworn in as prime minister” The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, p.147.

Update 5 July 2015 – Greek Bailout Referendum

On the eve of the bailout referendum, the Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis siad: Europe ‘terrorising’ Greece, cannot afford to let it leave euro [ABC News Australia]. Looking at the transits to the Greece Democracy horoscope it is easy to see why.

The April 2015 lunar eclipse at 14°24′ Libra is square the Greece Ascendant. That lunar eclipse was on Algorab, the Star of Terrorism. Transiting Pluto at 14°14′ Capricorn is conjunct the Greece Descendant and square the lunar eclipse degree. This also explains why the Greek president has told his citizens that Europe is threatening, intimidating and using underhand tactics against Greece.

The Descendant in a nations horoscope represents enemies of the state, in this case Europe, specifically Germany. Not so long ago Germany received much more financial assistance from previous enemies to help rebuild after a crisis.

The Greek public, shown by the Moon in the Greek horoscope, naturally feel victimized with Moon conjunct Pluto. This is currently reinforced with the lunar North Node conjunct Moon Pluto. In an indicator of this vote marking a positive turning point for Greece, the transiting Ascendant is sextile the Greek Moon Pluto.

An even stronger indicator of a positive turning point is the March 2015 solar eclipse at 29°27′ Pisces trine both the Greek Sun and Vertex Point. This transiting grand trine suggests that Greece is turning toward a more positive destiny in this current eclipse cycle. Transiting Vertex conjunct North Node affirms a positive destiny ahead. Saturn retrograde conjunct the Vertex Point adds to the seriousness of this critical turning point in the future of Greece. Transiting Saturn square Mars explains the anger and frustration boiling over to some violence.

The economic arguments are too difficult to fathom, but the astrology does indicate a positive result from this referendum. Whether that is a yes or no vote it is difficult to say. I do however, predict a no vote given the tendency of negativity in the Greece horoscope. Mercury conjunct Saturn rising surely gives a negative flavor to the countries thinking. The July 1 full moon at 9°55′ Capricorn on the Descendant is opposite this Mercury Saturn alignment, but also trine the Part of Fortune. This suggests a negative decision, but with a fortunate outcome.

Transiting Neptune is trine the Greek Mercury Saturn and sextile Part of Fortune. This is also an indicator of a negative decision resulting in a positive outcome. Alexis Tsipras certainly chose the perfect day to highlight this negative thinking with transiting Sun at 12°53′ Cancer, bang on the Greek Ascendant when the polls open. The heightening tension at the moment is from the Sun opposite Pluto directly impacting on this horizontal axis in the Greece horoscope.

Some indicators of positive change are the June 2015 new moon at 25°07′ Gemini trine the Greek Uranus. Then there is transiting Venus sextile Uranus and transiting Mercury trine Uranus. This beneficial setup for financial decisions comes from Mercury sextile Venus today. Transiting Midheaven opposite Uranus suggests deeply rooted urges for change based on historical events.

In summary, the astrology points to a critical turning point for Greece. Eclipses, the Sun opposite Pluto, and Mercury sextile Venus, all trigger major alignments in the Greece horoscope. Negative sentiment leading to a positive result suggests a no vote and a brighter future for Greece and her lovely people.

Greek Bailout Referendum

Greek Bailout Horoscope: “The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. on July 5 while the results will be announced the following day”: Greece Referendum: First Polls Show Greeks Favor Agreement

The Result

No! Greek vote shocks Europe – More than 60% heeded left-wing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ call to vote “no.” – CNN Money

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