Lunar Eclipse 31 January 2018 – Super Woman

Full Moon January 2018 AstrologyThe lunar eclipse on Wednesday January 31, 2018 is at 11 degrees Leo. The lunar eclipse January 2018 astrology centers on an extremely close alignment of the Moon and Ceres. The moon rules women and traditional motherhood, while Ceres rules independent women and modern motherhood.

Lunar eclipse January 2018 will focus attention on single mothers and working mothers. Working single mothers really are super women. The rights and freedoms of women in general are major themes of the January 31 lunar eclipse. Social discussions and political debate in this eclipse phase will include parenting styles, custody rights, maternity leave, childcare and equal pay.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses your attention on intimate relationships, your home and your family. A total lunar eclipse has an even strong influence on your private life. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

With a total lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. The January 31 lunar eclipse marks the end of an eclipse phase which began with the August 7, 2017 lunar eclipse. This new eclipse phase will include the solar eclipse on 15 February 2018 and last until the solar eclipse on 12 July 2018.

Lunar Eclipse January 2018 Astrology

The January 31, 2018 lunar eclipse falls at 11°37′ Leo Sign. However, due to the precession of the equinoxes, this eclipse is in Cancer Constellation. Lunar eclipse January 2018 sits between two fixed stars in the Crab Constellation.

At 08°58′ Leo Sign is fixed star Asellus Australis on the Shell the Crab. At 13°53′ Leo Sign is fixed star Acubens in the Claws of the Crab. If you believe astrology works on the principle of “as above, so below”, this is a Cancer lunar eclipse more than a Leo lunar eclipse. After all, the astrological meaning of the Constellations were gradually transferred to the newly developed Zodiac over 2,000 year ago. The original Zodiac was only intended to be a coordinates system, “a convenient celestial measuring device, unrelated to astrological activity.” [1] 

The Moon is at home in Cancer Constellation, meaning full moon January 2018 will be a very powerful total eclipse of the Moon. Cancer the Crab rules the home and family, mothers, mothering, housework and comfort. It is emotional, domestic, intuitive and sensitive. The Crab, and this lunar eclipse, should make you more caring and responsibility, with a charitable and fostering nature. The Moon in Cancer Constellation is emotional, domestic and sensitive. Cancer and the Moon are more intuitive than logical.

The lunar eclipse January 2018 astrology chart below shows the Moon right next to Ceres. This is an extremely powerful conjunction with only 0°02′ separating them.

The Moon represents your emotions, subconscious, habits, memories, moods, mother, maternal instincts, nurturing, home and your need for security.

Minor planet Ceres rules motherly love, female reproductive issues, family bonds and relationships. As a virgin goddess, Ceres represents independent single women and sole parents.  As a grain goddess, Ceres rules the growing of plants and food crops, the harvest, natural resources and the environment.

Lunar Eclipse January 2018 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse January 2018 Astrology Chart

Lunar Eclipse Conjunct Ceres

The lunar eclipse January 2018 Moon so closely conjunct Ceres will focus attention on the polar opposites of mothering. The Moon rules traditional motherhood, where mom stays home to nurture. Ceres rules modern motherhood such as working mothers and single mothers. Working single mothers really are super women. Sole parent fathers are included with Ceres because they play the role of nurturer.

Many women love staying home while the man goes off to work. However, an increasing number of married women and mothers wish for more freedom to earn their own wage. Sometimes their human rights are denied by controlling husbands, parents, in-laws and religions. Some women are scared of leaving or being a single mother because of the social stigma or lack of social security. In certain conservative religious cultures and countries, women face torture and murder for wanting to divorce or for liking the “wrong” man.

Full moon January 2018 will also shine a light on the two extremes in parenting styles as a political issue. Conservative government financially punished single parents as a way of social engineering. Expect some high-profile political and legal debates about prenuptial agreements, maternity leave, childcare and equal pay.

Another polarity you may have to deal with is the shared custody of children. Following a separation there is often a dispute over the sharing of assets and finances. Finding a balance will take some concessions from both sides. However, the tightness of the conjunction between Moon and Ceres gives the main caregiver an advantage in the family law courts.

The Moon or Ceres or both represent the women, mothers, working women and single parents. The Sun represents the dominating men, politicians and religions. The Sun also represents the role of provider as opposed to nurturer. So finding a balance between work and family will be another issue highlighted by the January 2018 total lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse Quincunx Neptune

This tense aspect will make you even more emotionally sensitive than Ceres Full Moon in Cancer Constellation will. Too many feelings or conflicting emotions could cause confusion and increasing tension. If this tension continues to increase you may reach a tipping point when you either have to escape or have a melt down.

The same thing can happen because of addiction, infectious disease, misdiagnosis or poisoning. Paranoia and suspicion could lead to mistrust and the poisoning of a relationship. You may even suffer from gossip, scandal, betrayal, loss or disappointment.

Lunar Eclipse January 2018 Summary

This lunar eclipse January 2018 astrology is based on Constellation of Cancer the Crab. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is the most sensitive and emotional of the constellations. A near exact conjunction of the Moon and Ceres will focus your attention on the rights and conditions of women in traditional families, single women, working women and single parents.

Sun opposite Moon and Ceres means you will need to think about the polarities in your life relating to parenting and the roles of women in families and society. It is time look carefully to see if you have the right balance in your life. Balance between family and work, children and career, or between looking after yourself and nurturing others. The key to finding the right balance is trust and faith in yourself and in your belief system.

Update January 22: New Zealand’s prime minister is pregnant. ‘I am not the first woman to multitask,’ she says. – The Washington Post.

January 2018 Lunar Eclipse Path

The January 31 lunar eclipse will be visible over north-western North America, the Pacific, Asia, and Australia. The entire eclipse will last for 5 hours and 17 minutes. The totality of the lunar eclipse will last for 1 hour and 16 minutes and the color of the Moon will change to red.

Lunar Eclipse January 2018 PathIf Lunar Eclipse January 2018 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits.Previous Moon Phase: New Moon 16 January 2018
Next Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse 15 February 2018

Lunar Eclipse January 2018 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
January 31 – 5:26 am
January 31 – 8:26 am
January 31 – 1:26 pm
January 31 – 6:56 pm
January 31 – 11:26 pm


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39 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse 31 January 2018 – Super Woman

  1. my Saturn is at almost 10 degree of Leo, technically in 10th but on even house chart in my 11th house… how to read this one…

  2. Amazing. I begin fertility treatments on this day and the February eclipse is conjunction my natal Ceres. Hopefully it all works out. Thanks for this lovely blog post.

  3. Hi Jamie,
    I have Mars at 11 Cancer in my natal chart.
    The full moon on January 1st is at that exact degree I noticed.
    Not surprisingly I think, I have a big issue going on right now with my godson who doesn’t want to be with his mom but wants to live with me. He’s a Leo decan 3, she’s a Scorpio Decan 3. I’m more than willing to have him with me but his mom doesn’t want to even let him visit now, maybe she feels he won’t be going back, I don’t know.
    I would appreciate ANY thoughts on this, it’s heartbreaking for me.
    I’m an Aries Decan 3, Scorpio rising at 0. Thanks a lot.

  4. Dear King, your site and horoscopes are the best! However, this post confuses me a lot because of your reference to the constellation of Cancer, the Crab. It sounds like a sideral approach to me so I get very confused… This is supposed to be a Lunar Eclipse in Leo and as a Leo Rising I am expecting any projections based on the Leo energy, not Cancer… Thanks for your comments & best regards

  5. If this eclipse doesn’t bring drama into my life… nothing will!
    The eclipse falls on my natal Sun / Pluto conjunction. The Node is approaching this point as well, and will reach it on about 18 April, the day when Saturn goes retrograde.
    Transiting Lilith is conjunct my South Node.
    The Sun conjuncts my SO’s name asteroid and asteroid Aeternitas.
    My name asteroid conjuncts my natal Mars on Aldebaran.
    My SO’s Node conjuncts his Saturn.
    Transiting Jupiter conjuncts his natal Jupiter – thus, a Jupiter return for him!
    Transiting Neptune conjuncts his natal Asc.
    Transiting long-time stellium of (his other name asteroid)/Saturn/(my other name asteroid conjuncts his Part of Fortune.
    My transiting name asteroid conjuncts his IC.

    It’s interesting that you mention Neptune and poisoning. All of the positions I’ve picked out are very tight conjunctions. But right now, I’m dealing with a very difficult poisoning issue (black mould infesting my home). Together with my Part of Fortune, my natal Sun will make a yod of sorts to transiting Neptune on 31 January.

  6. As a cancer sun sign having my natal moon also in cancer this eclipse will trine Neptune not that I need more intuition I all ready have astrology king doesn’t mention the transiting north node witch about to square mine in my natal chart the involvement of the nodes carry karmic weight should be interesting my self will have a medical procedure removing my fibroids from my uterus it will be a none invasive procedure . The nightmare of president trump is coming to an end it is better sooner than later except a lot of people profit from this nightmare Halloween customs..etc.

  7. I was born in Passaic, NJ on 1/31/1958 – will turn 60 on the date of this lunar eclipse – don’t know much about astrology except that my sign is Aquarius – Anyone know how this event will affect me?

  8. This Eclipse takes place on my 2nd/8th house cusps, conjunct my Jupiter and trine my Saturn. Have been full time bringing up my stepdaughter together with her father for several years. Biological mother lives outside country and is now moving to the other side of the world. We aim these weeks to be signing a legal agreement that formally hands over to me all of bio mums parental responsibilities while child is a minor. Astrology in action!

  9. Jamie, my Ascendant is 8°Leo, Mercury 7°Aquarius, i’ve been terribly mouthy lately, looking into closets and dungeons, rooting out the privileged classes that Lord over us. Is this got anything to do with the Age of Aquarius chart?

  10. I think Jamie, you are off in the interpretation. A virgin is primarily a girl or young woman. “A strong independent woman” who is a virgin is a spinster. This problem of current marriage/motherhood avoidance is pointed out in many articles, often by feminists. It is a modern tragedy. Ceres is the Great Mother ruler of natural cycles. So this should be a return to natural feeling eclipse. The recent exposure of insults to women perhaps is foreshadowing this crisis. As it approaches a crescendo, frustrated spinster and careerists, lesbians, and gender benders are likely to be swept aside as nature reasserts itself.

  11. Interesting! I am working on my craft, I make jewellery and I would like to go further, do a website etc…To do so I need to work part-time and I am looking to work in childcare again (which I left last year in March). I am doing interviews with families at the moment. The first part of your article talk a lot to me! The eclipse will be on my 3rd in wide conjunction with my Sun 18 degrees Leo, Trine my Mars in Sag/6th and Square my Saturn in Tau/12th. My natal Moon is in cancer/2sd…and I have Jupiter in Lib/5th. I do not have children but I looked after a lot of them!

  12. Mayon Volcano pops off. Mythology interesting. This one is a favorite on the Sex Climb circuit

  13. one party, Ceres + Super blue red full moon eclipse on mercury, opposing second parties moon Aquarius conj. that sun. opposing all that supermoon stuff. My understanding is eclipses loosen attachments and I know both/all. parties are trying to do that. No contact for weeks. Lots of really not admirable human behaviour. Really this has not happened for 150 years?
    yuk. my stomache turns just thinking about it. Already we had 7.9 quake off Alaska that everyone ran for the hills but it turned out not too dangerous slide of plates. My couch shook for weeks before and that day I saw a plate glass window undulate unbelievably. That night, the quake 1 am abouts. up North.
    Listened on cbc today about consequences for some of the people caught in bad stuff and one woman said it like her father in prison for 29 years, feels normality and then a big wave hits over and over. Things are so messed up.
    One minute I m learning about Whitney and I m hearing KCTS how the Magical Mystery Tour album was made with tech of then, revolutionizing music due to the Beatles and my son born May 1966 with Uranus/Pluto conj. , and its so awesome and pleasant filling in my life span with a sense of richness and then a wave hits. Kind of like real life. Tsunami.

  14. Senator Tammy Duckworth will become the first sitting senator in US history to give birth while in office

  15. My daughter was born on July 31st. This eclipse is making me nervous for her and myself who is an aquarius.

  16. I was of the understanding Ceres was more about the hard work of the home maker & the giving of service to community rather than the house worker or mother working outside the home? The grassroots emotional nourishment & counsel to keep heart thus hearth flowing well, to ensure that; the mother’s, father’s/partner’s, children’s emotional nature was regularly cleaned of all negative infection by sadness, anger, hatred, shame cause by troubling experiences in the outside world, to keep “Persephone safe from Pluto” or at least heal from the affects of evil so He.couldnt “take her down” etc again. To work through & help put to rites any grief that the emotional ocean wasnt denied/ignored and become “dammed up”. To keep the spirit flowing through a pure, unadulterated river of love, for pure expression? That to me makes sense with this eclipse, how much that has been undervalued or disrespected by both genders in recent history, for how much affect that has had on community & society. How Puto, is again threatening to take Persephone ( the young vulnerable emotional nature/ innocence of childhood) down, because her Mother (Ceres) is too busy elsewhere, because she either has to or chooses to? For the most part, has no choice if they are to survive? ” It seems, the electric light is on, but no ones at home”? I guess we shall see how it plays out, maybe its only for me to see that way, due to my personal experiences, hopefully layed to rest peacefully, at last, for my own & the sake of those I affect.

    • Of course,,I am probably being a bit too “purist” given my 0Cancer Sun & Ceres conjunct Vesta 8Taurus hahaha

  17. thank you for good work.

    i dont see it as more cancer than leo. i focus on the tropical zodiac in a way that has nothing really to do with constellations, even though it continues to use names partly inspired by their shapes. my approach is about the earths electromagnetic field, experiencing it in 12 sections, archetypal phases of a process related to universal intelligence, wisdom and love.

  18. I wonder if you Jamie….have Chiron…about to go opposite your sun…or maybe soon…just so you know…My Chiron opposite my sun was exact yesterday…and my Facebook got shut down…by bullies in the Asteroid Astrology group…Zuzusanga Griga I believe flagged my account for name review. I can’t use my real name on FB because my name is so original…and unique that it would be easy for anyone to find me…So…anyway…I have the sun in the 11th house..(social, internet)..I had Jupiter over my Dejanera..which was bringing bullies out of the attack me…
    and also..another weird that my cell phone…suddenly won’t send messages…( so I wonder if my cell phone is also social 11th house)..but Chiron opposing my sun…seems to be a slow transit of trouble..and I wanted to warn you…Jamie…I hope this doesn’t happen to you..I think it could be prevented by Posting Chiron opposite Sun articles etc. I believe that moving this energy…on purpose by writing articles etc..might move the energy of these influences more safely.. This message is written in friendliness. …

    • Wow that’s no good at all. I found a Liz Greene article I found really useful. I shared it in a moon phase post: Wounding and the Will to Live by Liz Greene:

      We may cry out that we want life; but somewhere inside, we want to go home, and this longing for oblivion may be more powerful than any conscious declaration of intent to “get better”… loss of the will to live may not always result in self-destruction. It may be expressed as the urge to destroy others…

      …the polarity of hope versus despair, the will to live versus hopelessness, may be illuminated – at least in part – through the symbolism of the polarity of the Sun and Chiron. Those with the Sun in direct aspect to Chiron may know on a profound level how the unfairness of life can damage the spirit.

      Liz Greene goes on to list the following keywords or themes for the Sun working against Chiron:

      Loss of confidence
      Sense of permanent damage
      Expectation of failure
      Sense of victimization or scapegoating
      Desire to victimize or scapegoat others
      Projection of inferiority on others
      Loss of the will to live

      • Jamie, thank you for the link to Liz Greene’s article. It fits neatly with some concepts in my “life story” that I’m currently exploring at some depth. It has given me a new perspective that I SORELY needed.
        The eclipse today closely aligns with my natal Sun. Reading your post was the first positive change.
        The second good thing that happened, was the message that the huge hole in my roof / ceiling is FINALLY at the top of the “to be fixed” list.
        But transiting Chiron is exactly opposite my natal Jupiter…

        Beautiful Hummingbird, my thoughts and good wishes are with you.

  19. Hi Jamie! How may this eclipse affect me if I have Capricorn rising @ 15°, Aquarius moon @ 9°, and Gemini sun @ 29°? I know I’m having Pluto opposition to venus transit and but I also read something about a north node transit since I have the NN at 2° Leo. Any clues as far as relationship?

  20. It is my birthday Jan 31. I am 60. Born at 8:48 am . You guys all seem so negative. I’m excited.

    • I know right?! ???? take it like a grain of salt hun! Astrology is not always 100% accurate. Happy birthday!

    • Happy birthday, Charlotte Toth!
      If we’re negative, it’s probably because our circumstances are different? You are bound to be feeling positive – did you notice that a current Solar Arc chart for you makes all the “current” planets sextile to your natal planets?
      This year, all MY Solar Arc planets are quincunx to my natal planets. Haven’t explored that yet, because it only occurred to me this morning, as I was mentally planning my reply to your post…

  21. Are any exact planetary transits that you have on the same day as the eclipse amplified by the eclipse and the transits effects last longer because of this? My mars conjunct saturn transit was exact the same day as the eclipse.

  22. Darn! Quintile, not quincunx. There’s no way I want to live till I’m 150! 72 degrees IS quintile, right?

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