Miranda Barbour Horoscope

Miranda Barbour Horoscope

Miranda Barbour

Miranda Barbour, the ‘Craigslist killer’, is charged with murdering one person, and claims to have killed over 20 others. Some detective work by astrologer friend Tera Maria Major has given us a birth date to use for the Miranda Barbour horoscope. Born 14 December, 1994, North Pole, Alaska. *

As you will see when I start interpreting the horoscope, that even without a time of birth, this is a perfect example of how the fixed stars, not star signs, mark the nature and life of a person, and their rise and fall. Another thing that becomes obvious, is that moon phases, especially eclipses, are a vital but sadly underused method of understanding the astrological chart.

40 days before Miranda Barbour was born, there was a solar eclipse at 10 degrees Scorpio, on the same degree as her Venus. This explain her modus operandi, alluring her victims. In the case she is charged with, advertising love for money. The pre-natal solar eclipse and Venus are in constellation Crux. The Southern Cross is associated with magic, the occult, suffering and sacrifice. The star in the Cross is Mimosa, a Latin word for ‘Mimic’. Was she mimicking her Satanic mentors? Perhaps it was Sarah Aldrete, the Head Priestess in the horrific Matamoros cult murders. Sarah did state, “I don’t think the religion will end with us…It will continue.”

The sacrificial occult Venus eclipse in Miranda’s horoscope was activated by the November 2013 Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio:  “Debts have to be paid, wrongdoers punished.”  When taking into account precession correction, as we should when using transits, this recent solar eclipse is only 5 minutes orb from Miranda’s pre-natal solar eclipse. The January 30 New Moon at 10 degrees Aquarius, was square Miranda’s Venus eclipse, representing “a major turning point” in her life.

26 days before Miranda Barbour was born, there was a lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Taurus, conjunct Black Moon Lilith in her horoscope. This omen of witchcraft is on the fixed star Algol, “the most evil star in the heavens.”  This star was prominent in the horoscope of fellow occult serial killer Sarah Aldrete, as was Black Moon Lilith. The Full Moon on February 14, 2014, “spiritual warfare, with the immoral and deceitful on the defensive”, was square her Miranda’s Lilith Eclipse.

Miranda Barbour Horoscope

Miranda Barbour Horoscope

12 days before Miranda Barbour was born, there was a New Moon at 10 degrees Sagittarius, in the Heart of the Scorpion. The fixed star Antares gives “evil presages, a violent death, either in battle or by process of law.”  So that is a brief run-down of things many astrologers fail to take notice of, merely by forgetting about the critical importance of Moon phases in natal chart analysis and forecasting.

What are the two most important things up there when you have a look? The Sun and the Moon! What are the two most important aspects in astrology? The conjunction and opposition! What does that add up to? New Moons, Full Moons and eclipses! The old timers knew it, all those massive rocks they heaved around the countryside where aligned to foretell moon phases.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the horoscope is an indicator of a clever, tricky mind, with the ability to convince or coerce through words. With this conjunction on the fixed star Ras Alhague, her mentality becomes “perverted and depraved”. It also suggests the use of hallucinatory drugs.

Like Sarah Aldrete, Miranda will no doubt claim she was brainwashed or forced to murder people. But like Aldrete, this one is keen on power. She has Jupiter conjunct Pluto, big power tripper. I have highlighted this in the horoscope as part of a T-Square configuration. Without knowing her time of birth yet, this T-square is the most significant indicator of her murderous nature. Pluto is destructive, cold-hearted and ruthless with challenging aspects. Jupiter amplifies the dark nature of Pluto. Opposite the Lilith Eclipse this becomes a big struggle to overcome the darkest of forces.

Mars at the focal point of the T-Square, is where this sinister energy is expressed, through acts of violence. Mars on the fixed star Regulus increases the already strong urge for power and control. Regulus also gives “violence, destructiveness, imprisonment and a violent death”. Even closer to her Mars at 6 minutes orb is the more lethal fixed star Phecda, cause of “a great blood bath”.

* ujsportal.pacourts.us

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  1. That Saturn/Mars/Jupiter + Pluto looks like a nasty T-square. Moon on south node can’t be very pleasant either.

  2. Miranda also has an “out of bounds” Mercury that will make her quite the talker, apart from the already combust Sun conjunct Mercury that you already explained…

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