The 2020s – Uncertain Times

The 2020sThe 2020s have been a struggle for most of us so far. The pandemic, inflation, war, and natural disasters have left people feeling scared, worn out and worried about the future.

When we face the most significant challenges, we often turn to the stars for understanding. The unprecedented shocks of the last two years coincide with some severely challenging planetary aspects. There are no long-lasting aspects ahead for the coming three years. But then, a series of fortunate aspects between the outer planets make the second half of this decade most auspicious.

A Difficult Start

The 2020s got off to a most challenging start with Saturn conjunct Pluto on January 10, 2020. The severe hardship associated with this alignment coincided with the beginning of the COVID Pandemic.

The next significant planetary aspect was Saturn square Uranus. Lasting from January 2021 to November 2022, it has coincided with millions of deaths, curtailment of freedom, and political and financial instability because of the pandemic. The war in Ukraine and even the death of a queen has left many feeling scared and uncertain about the future.

A recent United Nations report titled “Uncertain Times, Unsettled Lives” [1] perfectly sums up Saturn square Uranus’s disruptive influence. It argues that an unprecedented array of crises have set human progress back five years and fuelled a global wave of uncertainty. “It means we die earlier, we are less well educated, our incomes are going down… so many people are beginning to feel desperate, frustrated, worried about the future”.

The report also describes how transformational forces, such as climate change, globalization and political polarisation, present humanity with a complex level of uncertainty “never seen in human history,” leading to rising feelings of insecurity. “People have lost trust in one another.”

The last two years have been draining for sure. But Saturn square Uranus is almost gone, and there are no significant planetary aspects for the next three years.

A Bright Future

From 2025 to 2029, all three outer planets, or spiritual planets, are in harmonious aspect with each other. Uranus is trine Pluto, with Neptune at the midpoint. This exciting Minor Grand Trine gets off to a strong start with Saturn joining Neptune from June 2025 to February 2026.

Saturn Sextile Uranus 2025

Saturn Sextile Uranus 2025

The long-lasting influence of the harmonious triangle between Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will bring amazing discoveries, inventions and breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine. Saturn, at the apex point early on, should materialize mass-conscious concepts into practical form.

I am particularly optimistic about new solutions and rapid progress related to climate change. I am also hopeful for a more understanding and universal approach to social, cultural, and human rights issues like food security, gender equality, immigration, and freedom of speech.

The Aspects

The most significant planetary aspects for this decade are listed below. Nearly all aspects occur numerous times. For example, Uranus trine Pluto occurs five times between 2026 and 2028. So the dates listed below are for the Heliocentric aspects. When viewed from the Sun, there is no retrograde motion of the planets.

  1. UN report says human development was set back 5 years by COVID-19 and other crises.

53 thoughts on “The 2020s – Uncertain Times

  1. Very interesting perspective of future influences and consequent events. However, the Wrong that was done and costed lives and livings, must be looked inside…
    Thank you for your article, it brought me some hope.

  2. Excellent post, Jamie, as usual
    On a day-to-day basis, life is still going to be hard for quite a while to come.
    The news as per your chart is certainly good – but it’s still 3 LONG years away.
    I would like to see you post about shorter term hopeful aspects that can help us on a day-to-day basis.
    Gotta run, power outage immanent…

  3. Actually, Saturn square Pluto is coming back again by the 2030s to mid 2040s again for me. after consulting my astromatrix app on my smartphone I’ve come to the forgone conclusion that my life has gone to hell in this Saturn Pluto square era that started in the Arab revolution leading to the rise of third wave fascism in the form of global corporations in the west and totalitarianism in the Asian nations of Iran Russia and China before the next world war happens as the Uranus Pluto sqaure is in repeat as those 3 nations in Asia to me represent the resurrected Mongol empire of the late khanates mainly Kublai Khan before they also fall due to bickering like we in the west are doing right now only they reign will be shorter than that of the American imperium but longer than that of Nazi Germany mainly 30 years give or take a few before it also falls apart by the mid to late 2060s.

  4. Power outage over… should have said imminent, of course…
    As I mentioned, we will be going through three long, difficult years before Saturn sextile Uranus arrives.
    I would love to see what you make of a few notable charts for occurrences during that time, involving more personal planets.
    For example, Mars is in Gemini right now and will be there for an unusual length of time. I have managed to stay more or less on an even keel by closely watching Mars, because he is very prominent in my natal chart (leading planet, in Gemini in my 7th house). Others will experience this long transit in totally different but equally notable ways too.
    There will be many Mercury retrogrades in the three years, each with its own flavour and some will be difficult.
    Countries’ charts might show something interesting when progressed…
    What about Libra – with planets and their aspects reflecting balance and / or the lack of it?
    What about the personal plants’ transits to the outer planets for nuances and foretelling changes of flavour?
    No doubt you will be addressing a lot of this in the three years of posts preceding 2025. What I’m asking for, is a little bit of hope right now – and maybe a few warnings if apposite too.
    No one can do it like you, Jamie!

    • then here’s the earth shifting. i’ve recently notice the sun not being where it should be.

  5. I agree, excellent post and some light at the end of the tunnel. But the tunnel is long until 2025, and much of consequence can happen in three years when situations are so challenging and even desperate for so many. Would love to see a post on the next three years, and your interpretation of the minor aspects in play and how you see them potentially unfolding in the real world.

    • it IS the end times! or the beginning times, depending on point of view. jessica davidson has some good stuff on this too.

  6. This article is awesome.Thank you for hope! I think. My NN, Chiron and sun are all conjunct at 0-3 degrees Aries, where this all culminates. Is this good, or bad? Don’t think I can handle much more bad…

    • i’ve con sun too, though a little wider, different signs [ c in aqua/7, sun in pis/8] and houses. fun times . it’s always chiron, sun, then pluto, every few days with the moon, and a little less frequently with other planet. i used to wonder why i got so depressed near my bd. i have now. chiron sq saturn/trine asc, pluto sq mc/con mars, uranus sq uranus/trine asc. transits. such upheavels.
      my natal sun is op pluto in 8, as is mercury.
      i’ve finally found god. reconnected with ACIM ,i’d given up on that , and spirituality in the early 90s.i’ve been suicidality depressed for years. i finally get it thanks to michael mirdad.

  7. I’m a 0° Libra rising with 1° Cancer Midheaven so this August 11th 2025 chart is very interesting to me 👀

  8. my natal mars has been incapacitated since forever, or since i paid attention. i’m kinda hoping the coming pluto con transit will help. mars is going to be sex my asc till feb, in 11.

  9. Great post, Jamie. It set me to wondering about the end of the Age of Pisces and the start of the Age of Aquarius. The world is at a point of maximum deceit and illusion by those in power, and Toto is tugging on that curtain to expose the lies and misdirection.

    So, are we already on the cusp, or is 2038 still the official beginning of the Aquarian Age? Maybe that’s a yes yes kind of question. Thanks again!

  10. What needs to be taken into account here for the future, regardless of the planetary angles that might help or hinder us, is how we have used these energies. Are we victims of hard times or do we have the character to assimilate and learn the lessons brought forth? The future planetary motions can help us advance and grow but not without the intent and direction of our higher selves. These bad times may weaken and even break some but the hope is in those who have assimilated the energies, learned and grown through them.
    Saturn/Pluto was extremely personally significant for me as Saturn is my chart ruler and Pluto is a very significant influence were both going through my first house and over my moon. Many very difficult challenges. I am still working my way through this with a hard pressed positive outlook. Any outcome to our world is dependent on the wisdom and morality of those in leadership. The question begs, will they be enlightened ?

  11. I like your perspective. But it is strange not taking to account Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries. I know you are not using the signs, but I really don’t understand how can You think that these ingresses doesn’t matter. Thank You!

    • Hi Fenix.

      Ingresses don’t matter because there is nothing different from 29 Capricorn to 0 Aquarius. Those degrees are man-made to help accurately describe the position of the planets. The zodiac was invented as a measuring device, totally unrelated to astrological interpretation. See Precession of the Equinoxes.

  12. Interesting, thank you Jamie. I agree, I sense there are some pleasant surprises ahead, and yes we do need to be moving on from this, hopefully armed with a lot more wisdom than we had before this hugely revealing past 30+ years, culminating in the last 12 years of more final endings, and the past 3 years of final exams. Perhaps, what am I, who am I and where am I now, in relation to myself, my past, and others, the yard stick available to us all when Saturn is rx will help to provide quite an accurate historical account if we embrace the present rather than try to fiddle the books or records. No point putting the cart before the horse, or shutting the gate after the horse has bolted really, it will change nothing. The 5th Dimensional age of Aquarius awaits our presence. Hopefully we each managed to have, or find someone with sound intuition to guide & finely tuned instincts to act in the best timing and direction possible, who has the added knack of being able to handle that highly sensitive state of heightened awareness without going into panic or catastrophising the situation, in shining a light through and out of these proverbial mine field, we have found ourselves in. We really cannot afford to trust those who are so dense and mundane they cannot tell the woods from the trees now, can we (rhetorical questions are always good to begin a new philosophical journey and line of questions of ourselves, or at least, that is what I have learned & experienced). Not so sure about the repetitive in going forward mantra, because it really does depend on what direction anyone is facing, but moving on is a good idea, ensuring that there is an enquiry into the handling of this global adverse event, to uncover both the curses and blessings not only on the surface, but hidden with in it. There are always a few more gems in there if we bother to dig a little deeper 😉 I hope we all fare well now, blessings for the coming equinox Jamie & everyone else who enjoys your astrological take on things!

  13. I’ve got to this point,that i have to downsize further.

    My heart and soul is longing for connection with other like minded people.

    I had that in ‘The Dandenongs’.

    I lived in harmony with my surrounds and the people.

    Next plan of attack is to find a transition house.

    A place to clear my thoughts and see where it takes me.

    Next sell the house asap and take only what i need.

    Thankyou,it’s been a torn process to find my heart and soul again.

  14. Lord you are every where and I know that you will never leave me.You are my lord and my Lord my Saviour my protector always watching me and you keep me safe and no evil can come near me .Lord you are the light of this world always watching over me my refuge my armour you make me strong and secure. Whatever life may bring you are my God. King of Heaven ruler of this earth You are my God
    my comfort, my healer.whatever I may feel no matter how sad you will
    put a smile on my face. You are my God ever lasting King of Heaven ruler of this earth .and it will always be.amen

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    • “….and by the Star Wars logo which recedes toward a central point on the screen before disappearing”

      “It is one of the most immediately recognizable elements of the franchise and has been frequently parodied”

  16. Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution – Tracey Chapman

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    Power to the People – John Lennon

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  18. George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, and the famous opening credit Crawl; headline image parody here at Astrologyking.

    March 11, 1971, release of THX 1138

    A full Moon. At 6:37 pm PST, the cardinal points were angular, Libra ascendant.

    Quite a bit movie THX 1138 shows up in the Artwork. The mind control, reproduction behaviours. For instance: Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, a 13 year cycle, next one (1984) Orwell. We had the same conjunction earlier in 2022.

    • FBI Raid on Mark Houck’s house, 23 Sept. 7:05 am EST

      similar to the George Lucas movie release THX 1138, cardinal points are angular with a prominant T-square and 6/12 house Opposition.

      why was this guys house raided? Kingsmen were an early 1960s band with a hit song Loui Loui. Controversial lyrics that suggested mind control and reproductive behaviour? Houlks mens organization is called Kings Men.

      so either someones having a lot of fun with the artwork or there just isnt enough for these agents to do these days… Or more like: a rising Consciousness that astrology can be done with Time Out Of Order?

  19. First of all there never has been a pandemic, secondly as well as the fake pandemic the inflation the war all is manufactured plus the so called climate change….I leave it at that do your own research , even or especially an astrologer should do proper research on all of this otherwise it is all fake what he or she is publishing as well……..stop taking these fuckzines, stop watching tv so you start to think again for yourself if still possible….good luck everyone with proper research…….

  20. So is the role reversal when the Know-nothings take over comment sections with sappy pop lyrics from the 1970’s? What will you do when no one can fix your PC because they don’t believe in software?

      • “You say you’ll change the constitution
        Well, you know
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        Well, you know
        You better free your mind instead
        But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
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        Don’t you know it’s gonna be (all right)…”

        So much for your phony philosophy.
        Q koo ca choo, you’re the walrus!
        Ha ha…

        • School hours are 9am to 3pm.

          Institutionalized-they gradually become less able to think and act independently, because of having lived for a long time under the rules of an institution.

          Homework after hours.

  21. American politicians looking at the semantics of the Houck house raid this week. Chip Roy, Jim Jordon, FBI Chris Wray.

    The theme is uncertainty, and better to refrain from speculation. A variation is Zelensky singled out and shunned for doing just that. Also the latest BBC Huw, and a few weeks prior, the PMO Canada, warning on speculating on Nuclear issues in Eastern Europe.

    the aspect pattern, in my humble opinion, one people.are watching, a progressed Moon sextile Pluto, Saturn Apex yod. Saturn in 5th house. Moon the fast mover in exact sextile to Pluto the upcoming New Moon phase.

  22. Seems fitting to mention this fresh article, Feb 2024, given recent hacks, media black swan, comparative event astrology with February’s past, pi pineal art and other art, like oscillation, solar flare and Saturn Pluto synthesis.

    in the Cosmogenesis chart with Virgo full moon synastry, one can see the Saturn trine Uranus aspect becoming more exact, until 0 orb 26 Feb Monday evening, Saturn 09Pis30.

    This chart is located in Egypt. In addition to Jupiter-Pluto conj Part of Fortune, note the Saturn conj Pluto synthesis, and the aforementioned Saturn sextile Uranus.

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