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Weekly Horoscope August 2 to 8, 2021

The planetary aspects listed below are set for New York time.

Monday, August 2

  • 02:14 am – Sun opposite Saturn from Saturday to Wednesday can bring restrictions and hardship that makes it harder to express yourself. To get what normally comes easy, you may have to become more demanding, or more patient. Hard work, patience, and persistence can lead to achievement, recognition, and respect.
  • 04:46 am – Moon enters Gemini.

Tuesday, August 3

  • 02:53 am – Venus trine Uranus from Sunday to Wednesday makes you morey affectionate and an exciting new romance is possible. Expect the unexpected, even with routine activities like shopping. There is also the chance of a financial bonus or windfall.
  • 09:56 pm – Mercury square Uranus from Monday to Wednesday brings excitement and change that can cause upsets and nervous tension. Unexpected news may force you to change plans. Viewing things from a different perspective can lead to original ideas and creative breakthroughs.

Wednesday, August 4

  • 05:16 pm – Moon enters Cancer.

Thursday, August 5

  • 00:43 am – Mercury semisextile Venus from Tuesday to Friday enhances your communication and social skills. You can bring people together and encourage cooperation. Creative skills are enhanced, especially with your hands and your voice.

Friday, August 6

  • 07:57 pm – Sun square Uranus from Wednesday to Sunday brings unexpected change and uncertaintly to your weekly horoscope. A buildup of nervous tension can result in unpredictable behavior, abruptness or rapid changes in direction. Open-mindedness and flexibility will help you adapt to changing circumstances.

Saturday, August 7

  • 03:31 am – Moon enters Leo.
  • 10:24 pm – Mercury quincunx Neptune from Friday to Sunday increases your imagination and sensitivity. But this can influence your rational thought processes in ways that are difficult to understand. Daydreaming or fantasizing can confusing communications.
Weekly Horoscope

New Moon August 2021

Sunday, August 8

  • 09:49 am – New Moon August 2021 at 16♌14 brings the potential for sudden, unexpected change, impulsiveness, and rebellion. But it also give courage to face changing circumstances in an original, tolerant, and very progressive way.

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