Pluto Transits

Pluto transits to the natal chart signals major life changing events which last about 18 months. As Robert Hand says “Pluto is not a mild or even very subtle planetary influence. You can always see its effects very clearly.” [Planets in Transit, p.477.]

Along with Eclipses, Pluto transits are the best way to understand the major changes going on in your life. They mark major turning points and you can gain understanding of the past by looking back, and learn to deal with what is happening now. Looking ahead can give you clues to your future.

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63 thoughts on “Pluto Transits

  1. mine is libra ascendent it has sun and mars combusted and mercury conjuct pluto 0 orbit, neptune uranus rahu in saggitarius and jupiter and venus in leo, satrun in capricon and moon ketu in gemini,is mercury conjuct pluto is dangerous…………..please help me

  2. 28-10-1991,07.22Am,rajahmundry,andhrapradesh,india, INDIANSTANDARDTIME- +5HOURS.30MINUTES

  3. Can I get some answer on: What are the ramifications of Transiting Pluto opposed to Natal Pluto? Which at the same time will be squaring Uranus and my Asc.?

    • I expect this will indicate a really big change in life direction which could involve your personality, relationships and spiritual outlook.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Hope you are recovering well.
    Transiting Pluto is almost opposed to natal Venus (19.12 on 12th house), what kind of major life changing events should I expect? When do you usually start to notice this transit?
    As Pluto is know to dig into the hidden and Venus is on 12th would it be a bad transit? … I am already having the Uranus transit opposition Pluto (19.56) coming right now and it’s the second hit ….
    Any insight on this would be very much appreciated!!

    • Hi Meli. I don’t think Uranus opposite Pluto will b e felt too strongly as it is a generational transit.

      The closest I have to a description of your Pluto transit is Venus square Pluto.

      Houses make no difference, only AC, MC etc.

      Allow one degree orb for Pluto transits, but you will be starting to feel it coming on now. Any major events will happen very close to the exact opposition. Do you use precession correction? It can make a big difference in time with Pluto transits.

  5. Transiting Pluto is retrograding on my natal Venus in September (trining my natal Saturn retro). Thoughts on what might happen. I’m in kind of a one-sided love situation me being more in love lol

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