Pluto transits to the natal chart signals major life changing events which last about 18 months. As Robert Hand says “Pluto is not a mild or even very subtle planetary influence. You can always see its effects very clearly.” [Planets in Transit, p.477.]

Along with Eclipses, Pluto transits are the best way to understand the major changes going on in your life. They mark major turning points and you can gain understanding of the past by looking back, and learn to deal with what is happening now. Looking ahead can give you clues to your future.

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  1. That’s very helpful Craig. In fact…it’s so “spot on” for what I’m currently dealing with (re a difficult relationship with a work colleague), that I’m slightly aghast.

    I instinctively have known that the issue really lies with “me” at my core Self and the old habits that were formed when I was a child and bullied mercilessly. Now when I even feel a hint of the pattern, I revert into that cocoon of self protection instead of resolving to find a better way.

    I’m on the path to that better way I think. Facing this challenge won’t be comfortable (and I am sooo all about comfortable with strong Libra Asc) but it will be necessary if I can indeed break this pattern to shreds.

    Thanks heaps for the heads up.

  2. Transiting Pluto is almost conjunct my natal Neptune/Ascendant 9Cap and sextile my natal Pluto/MC/southnode (tightly conjunct) in Scorpio. My life is in shambles. I was homeless for a few months this past winter, fired from jobs for refusing to submit to sexual advances and refusing to be treated like a slave.I tried tapping into the higher expression of Pluto, (intense focus on work) only to be betrayed and used by people. I’ve been robbed, lied to, lied about, physically attacked twice in the past few months. All by people who I’ve been sincere and caring to. I’m quickly losing my once so bright faith in humanity. On the financial front, I can’t save a penny even though I work six days a week. I’ve now turned to drugs & empty sex in order to cope and I don’t really care about the consequences anymore because I think about ending it all every day. Pluto isn’t always there to empowe and rebuild. Sometimes it just wants to cOmpletely destroy. Thanks Pluto.

    • Sorry you are having such a rough time. Your list of issues is uncanny in resmblance to keywords regarding Pluto — sex, slavery,lies and betrayal. That’s Pluto stuff. Right now, Uranus is in Aries and this is playing havoc on you as well, not all Pluto’s “fault”.

      And “intense focus on work” is not the answer to Pluto problems. It requires a lot more inner work, not busy work. They are talking about unwavering dedication to something meaningful.

      Pluto is about letting go of that which does not serve your new self — the person you have become — any more. Sometimes it is like being peeled away to our core so that we can begin again.

      Because of all your misfortune, I can only guess that the Neptune in the first is afflicted to begin with and that you have difficulty expressing yourself in a clear way. You may try to be who you are not, someone who is like an ideal person that the “other” would love to be with.

      The difficulties are also tied to the Uranian infulence that is giving you issues or surprises periodically to try to shift you into a new way of being, one where you can be youreslf and be accepted as such on your own terms.

      I could go on, but just wanted to say — Pluto is about acceptance and surrender of what is happening and trying to determine how to begin again at 0.There needs to be faith and inner awareness of how your choices, attitudes and actions have brought you to where you to are now. You are begin held accoutnable. This is a great opening for you, a portal. Allow the old to die and embrace the new. Stay with it, it will work out and — what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger.

      • Well said Craig. I understand the dark side of Pluto too, the drugs, crime, violence, betrayal. The only answer when you’re under the hammer like that is to forget about hippie ideals and get ruthless yourself. Once the transit passes then things do rise from the ashes.

  3. Is the meeting of Elisa, birth date 30.12.1955 at 12.25 (Midday) in geneva Switzerland and Johannes, born August 17th 1946 at 8h40 at Hilversum Netherland a soul mate encounter ? What can this bring to them and is it true love ?

  4. Hello Jamie and Marina. I am a Capricorn sun/Aries ascendant/Cancer moon. I am wondering if you know anything about Pluto crossing the MC? This is going to happen in 2013 for me. I have been very focused on career all my life and am in my first Saturn return. I have been successful but not to the extent which I crave. Would this aspect change things for the better? I’m in the arts/violinist. Also, what I have read about this transit sounds scary regarding family. I’m just not sure how to interpret it and it scares me a little. Any insight would be appreciated :) Thank you in advance

    • Hi Cadence. Just throwing some thoughts out for you. I would be more interested to know when Pluto is going to hit your Sun (if it has not already)as there will be your main issue, especially if the Moon is in fairly close aspect to the Sun, and again if it is in close aspect to the ASC.

      Pluto on the MC could mean that you may become even more obesessed with career to the exclusion of other “cardinal” areas of life — self, other, home. The main reason for Pluto’s existence is to ferret out those parts of a persons life that no longer apply and either turn those parts into something else more usable, or let them go completely forever. There are a lot of ways this could play out.

  5. I have jupiter (R) in 12th house. Pluto hit it in december 2010 and what i’ve been experiencing is a complete destruction of my (former) spiritual beliefs. All kind of beliefs that i felt to be true are just texts that i read somewhere- and i am quite knowledgeable about spirituality. I now have no interest in anything spiritual whatsoever, no mystical perception of things, or feelings. I began to believe that everything only and solely depends on me, nothing divine helping me or giving me what I ‘deserve’. That anything “divine” exists or not is irrelevant to me. I really don’t care about it. You know, i had that feeling, of classical views or esoteric views of “being connected with divine”- it is completely gone.

    And nothing outside of me happened -in a physical sense- to trigger this. It was a gradual change inside of me.

    • Hi Kiel, it seems like there might have been more happening in your chart than Pluto on Jupiter in order to create such a fundamental change.

      I just wanted to say that in my opinion, I believe that we all are connected (of the same Source) but we all must do our own work. Whether we “believe” or not is irrelevant in the end, because it is all cause and effect — we are responsable for all the energy that we put out, and what we put out comes back, period. That said, this is all an experiment anyway and people get hung up about all sorts of things (not meaning you). In the end it’s just a learning experience for the soul, our true self, which we are unaware of most of the time due to 3D constraints on our senses.

      • Hmm, my new mind (!) absolutely does not believe that we are here to experience anything at all. The thing is i’m not unhappy about all this, it was just something i did not expect. The thing is nothing is mystical to me and i perceive things as very physical. The concept “divine” is like some concept from Stone Age to me presently. For instance, astrology is nothing mystical or divine to me, because i perceive my natal chart as a software. Something mechanic. We might well be created by some beings just a little superior than us, and this is the way we are programmed. So-we are being USED. No experience. You don’t need such a long experience of anything. If you need to, for instance, experience a war; it’s enough you experience it for a month. You don’t need to experience being in jail for 10 years to learn about it, or for the sake of experiencing such a thing. To experience prostitution, it must be prtetty enough being a prostitute for 1 week. I don’t believe in a good-willed universe, or universal intelligence whatsoever.

        Also, I’m psychic, and I have great deal of telepathic or remote viewing etc. abilities. These abilities stay with me, but the way I perceive them changed. There is nothing mystical or divine in my having such capabilities. I’m not gifted or i’m not spiritually evolving. Any thing could have them, it probably has a very physical/mechanic dynamic behind it. I’m like a robot, nothing much. That’s what I mean when i say that nothing is mystical, enigmatic or divine to me.

  6. Can you comment on transiting Pluto square the moon? This transit to my Libra moon in my fourth house has resulted in my mother’s final illness and eventual death but there is a final exact square due in December. I think this will be the time when I get rid of all of her things and finally put my troubled childhood full of control issues and power games to rest. What do you think?

    • Yes, that sounds likely. You seem to be seeing things well. I really struggled with this transit years ago. Same time as a divorse and some health issues for myself.

  7. Right now the transiting Pluto conjuct my natal mercury 8 degree Capricorn (mercury – the ruler of the 7 and 9 house). 11 months ago, several days before the first Pluto conjuction, I sent an artistic project abroad. Interesting, the artist got only one part of the project, the other and the most important is obviously and intentionaly hidden by the people around the artist. I m looking forward to send it again by the end of the year looking for other people to help me doing it. I was talking about that with an astrologer and he told me I won’t make it out because of the Pluto influence. I wonder, how it’s possible if Pluto passes over my mercury by the end of the current year? I had so many problems during 2012 with firstly secret and now open enemies (regarding the project) and my question is, does Pluto conjuctions necesarry bring failures? I must remind that the ruler of my Ascedent, Jupiter goes direct next year entering my 7 house in March. Please if you can answer me, thise project is so important…thanks

  8. Hey there Jamie, my 23 y/o daughter is currently having an extremely tough time she is very hard working in fact would keep working till she drops, but is an extremely anxious soul also and very artistic, which is obvious to me as she has saturn conj neptune natally in her 2nd house, and yep this natal conjunction is at 11 cap, pluto giving her a beating.

    If you get a chance to comment on any positive potential this transit may reveal for those going thru this diabolical mess of a transit, once she survives it (yes she is feeling somewhat dramatic just now) I may be able to guide her to see what she may be able to work with in mind as encouragement. Yep us mums, especially the cancerian ones never stop being mum lol!

    • Hello Jamie!

      Your daughter can be a very talented music- man if she is nataly inclined to have a career in the artistic, this could be her chance to grow potentials in a career. She may be a great dancer if Neptune or either Saturn is lord of 1st house, Sun or Moon house or sign. There is also a practical side of the conjunction, that is the meaning of the useful sacrifice, she can better her material values of life. This transit is important for her future material well and i think it will finally lead to a good end for her future, Pluto is the providential will, God is never negative result oriented in His will. Also this may indicate that her friends can be deceiving and she suffers the lost of her financial aid, in order to discover her true material values.

  9. My dad died when Pluto finished the transit over his Ascendant, he had a natal Scorpio Mars over the 12th house that mean accidental, in total isolation, helpless and unexpected death but fortunately without long painful illness.

  10. Hello Steve. After lookinng at some of the questions and comments I am assuming this site is more inter-active than those I have visited so far which is different in a good way. I was looking to get insight into thhe up coming transiting Pluto opposition to my natal Uranus which will happen around may through july of this year. Although it does look like it will be exact due to thhe station/direct, station/retrogradation of the two planets the aspect will come within one degree of orb. I see by your replies you don’t intend to comment on these aspects until having dealt with others like Pluto-Sun, Pluto-ASC and Pluto-Moon. So I would like to be informed when you are going to comment on Pluto-Uranus especially the square and the opposition. Obviously the transiting square which hits exactitiude five times between 2011 and 2016 with two of those times coming later this year will have global/generational effects however within thhis context it seems to me certain segements of the aggregate will be required to react or more consciously respond to the energies availiable when these two do their dance as they are going to in my chart later this year. I would like to say what I think is possible under this configration which for me involves Capricorn/Cancer and the 10th/4th house dynamic (with Uranus being retrograde at birth) and I would be willing to provide birth-data if it would be helpful but as I said I am looking for other insight besides my own. James Page

  11. Can you comment on Pluto conjuncting Venus? I am two thirds of the way through this transit, but what puzzles me is all the stuff I read about how Pluto intensifies things. I have been single for years, and must admit I had been looking forward to this transit (!) as an astrologer had told me it would transform my life! But so far there is no change in my life at all; I have not got involved in any new relationship, nor have I even felt attracted to anyone. None of the intense, Plutonic, compulsive stuff that I keep reading about. No sex whatsoever! I worry that I am so screwed up that even Pluto cannot help me! What is going on??

    • There could be a time delay. I use precession correction for transits and that can push Pluto transits forward more than 6 months. Otherwise, the DC or even Moon in your chart might have more influence over relationships. Is your Venus aspectsed strongly compared to DC or Moon?

      • Jamie, thanks for your reply.

        My moon is in Leo (6th house) conjunct my DC. Venus is quite poorly aspected, I think – it’s in Capricorn (11th house) square Pluto and square Chiron.
        I really feel I need ‘unlocking.’ Was hoping Pluto would help! Is it possible that my Pluto conjunct Venus transit might have more to do with trying to transform self-worth issues – the inner life – than with relationships in the external world?

  12. I have been reading and looking into pluto transits because I am currently facing many years of it to come! I have a capricorn stellium in my 8th house. Right now pluto is going back and forth over my natal Venus 8 deg of Cap then on to north node at 14deg then mercury and Jupiter at 23 deg and finally (if I survive) my sun at 29 degrees! I have had major financial issues which r slowly resolving (Venus) so now with my north node I am wondering what next?

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