Pluto Transits

Pluto transits to the natal chart signals major life changing events which last about 18 months. As Robert Hand says “Pluto is not a mild or even very subtle planetary influence. You can always see its effects very clearly.” [Planets in Transit, p.477.]

Along with Eclipses, Pluto transits are the best way to understand the major changes going on in your life. They mark major turning points and you can gain understanding of the past by looking back, and learn to deal with what is happening now. Looking ahead can give you clues to your future.

48 thoughts on “Pluto Transits

  1. I have been reading and looking into pluto transits because I am currently facing many years of it to come! I have a capricorn stellium in my 8th house. Right now pluto is going back and forth over my natal Venus 8 deg of Cap then on to north node at 14deg then mercury and Jupiter at 23 deg and finally (if I survive) my sun at 29 degrees! I have had major financial issues which r slowly resolving (Venus) so now with my north node I am wondering what next?

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